Introducing Christelyn Karazin…The Rise and Fall of a Negro Bedwench! OMG!

Whoo, Chile…I watched this crazy video while surfing YouTube and I just couldn’t. OMG!

Ladies and gentleman, meet, Chrystelyn Karazin. Head Negro Bedwench.  This Black woman hates Black men and has become a sensation on the channel for her rantings against them.

The narrator you here, goes by the name of The Black Authority.  And he saw this video by Christelyn.

Well, in this commentary breakdown of one of her videos, apparently, she’s upset because a white man that she flirted with on her channel, who goes by the name of The Vegenator, spoke honestly about why he’s just not interested in swirling.  He made a video about it and guess what?  He got a lot of likes—from Black men too, who supported his choice.  Ok. Life goes on.  Chrystelin saw the video and went nuts because of it.  She went Scarlet O’Hara and her performance should be nominated for an Academy award.  Her response is crazy.

Is there a psychiatrist on this channel? This woman is married to a white man. And she just felt, after being rejected by a white man on YouTube named the Vegenator (whom she doesn’t know) who isn’t attracted to Black women; now, she’s personally responsible for the hatred against Black women?

Personally, I’m not looking for the Great White Hope nor do I find white men the correct genetic choice for any conscious, intelligent Sista. Black people are 100% HUE-man (as in color) and are the original people of this earth. Why would any sane Black woman choose a low, bestial, reptilian brain, fragmented thinking, genetic defect, over a BLACK MAN? OMG!

I’m sorry, intelligent Black men aren’t defending stupid Black women who contribute to white supremacy; and then try to pull an Erica Cain emotional hustle on Black folks because some white dude managed to damage her sociopathy with one damn comment.

Is there a Hollywood producer on here?


I’m doin’ just fine, THANK YOU….


29 comments on “Introducing Christelyn Karazin…The Rise and Fall of a Negro Bedwench! OMG!

  1. angelaroselle says:

    I used to look at Christelyn Kazarin and the so called Black Empowerment spaces when my self esteem was at it’s lowest. Trust me, much of the BWE doctrine and many of Christelyn’s articles on her website, Beyond Black and White, is anti Black woman and anti Black in general. Much of the women in those space have low self esteem and issues with themselves. I know because I used to be one of those women. It made me feel better about myself, bashing other Black people. And I felt that anything not related to the Black collective was better. What made me wake up was the way many women in those spaces treated each other. It woke me up, because it made me realize that the Black collective wasn’t my enemy or against me and that I need to work on myself. Though I still have alot to work on emotionally and psychologically, I find myself in a much better place than when I frequented such spaces.

    I really hope that the incident with the White Youtuber, The Vegainator helps Christelyn wake up. Though there has been a small increase in Black American women dating and marrying outside of their race, White American men aren’t dating and marrying Black women en mass. Majority of White American men prefer White American women for marriage and mating. If they do decide to date or marry interracially, they usually go for a East Asian woman, a Hispanic woman especially a South American woman or South Asian woman. White American men tend to choose Black American women last for romantic companionship. Part of this is due to the fact that Black American men prefer Black American men. Another reason is due to the social and historical barriers that prevent such unions from ever being implemented despite any attraction between the individual White man and the individual Black woman. Regardless of whether a White American man, Hispanic man, Asian man etc dates or marries a Black American woman, he will always be loyal to his race and culture first.

    At the end of the day, the likes of Kazarin and Tommy Sotomayor only exacerbate the problem in the Black collective regarding gender relations. As I realize, bashing other Black people isn’t the way to gain favor with your oppressors. Loving yourself, knowing your history and where you are going in life is the way to go.

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    • Truthangel07 says:

      Angela, there is no greater joy than that to witness a person’s consciousness evolving. And that is what has happened to you. The people that you once followed, are products of ignorance, self-hatred, and willful segregation. Their intra-bigotry is typically the product of abuse or abandonment. Black people are the Original People of this planet. The Black man and woman are the first parents and rulers of this earth. Africa is the birthplace of civilization. People who walk in that knowledge aren’t looking to marry white people. They are a genetically weak and defected people. Our genes are dominant–we are 100% HUE-man (as hue means color). Learn your history. The majority of Black men and women, marry each other. The only man that is genetically equal to a Black woman is a Black MAN. I’m proud of you.

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      • angelaroselle says:

        I even ended my blog, Black Feminist Haven, because I want to expand my mind and look for answers. But I will try to research my history and try to work on myself instead.

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      • Truthangel07 says:

        Well, I highly recommend you work on yourself-expand your mind through reading. I can recommend some books for you to get you started: The Destruction of Black Civilizations by Dr. Chancellor Williams, The Autobiography of Malcolm X; and The Autobiography of Frederick Douglass. There are many more than I can add but you’re a neophyte. I encourage you to re-start your blog as you feel more confident in your learning.

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  2. Well Truth,I saw Christelyn new video, and as this black woman told her,you will never get kudos for bashing bm for something wm do everyday,while giving them a pass.But as Alfre Woodward told Sanaa Lathan, you can’t get happiness by bringing misery to somebody else.GOD BLESS

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  3. qnubian528 says:

    One things these self-hatred negros that don’t understand the difference between admiration and obsession are two different things, you do not admire someone because you’re obsessed!
    They think only because a white person decides to marry you or have a child with you, does not mean that that person admires you, indeed that person is obsessed with your people!
    I know this lady, she has her own website where she promotes interracial marriages!
    One thing I can’t stand with these self-hatred negros that they use as an excuse to date whites to justify their hatred for black people! They want date whites, they love whites culture and they like stay with whites just do it, but leave alone other black people, it’s their choice nobody forced them to do so! I stay away as possible from these couples,because they are carcinogenic!
    Most of these negros sound ridiculous when they talk about racism, you can’t talk about racism when you have a white partner!
    They are pathetic when they publish video or on their sites, how they have been discriminated against for their skin color,how whites treated them badly!
    One more things white men don’t treat black women better than black men,the major of white men see BW as whores!
    Whites care only about themselves,they don’t give a shit about blacks,they married black person for only their own sake,bo because they love you!

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    • Truthangel07 says:

      Really, to be having this conversation, decades after the Black Power movement is just backward scholarship. It means that we’ve descended into something opposite of self-love. I guess you really can’t deal with loving yourself completely until you face that demon in the mirror who keeps telling you that “you’re not worthy…” This is where low self-esteem comes from. It’s triggered by self-loathing, implanted in one’s subconscious through negative imagery or what one was taught in the home; and one’s environment.

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  4. @ Truth

    I saw this video and was like what the hell happened so I went around Youtube and the Blogsphere trying to find out what happened.

    My research led me to some bit of information that I found out from various BW on Youtube and the blogoshere about this debacle with Christelyn that ya’ll need to know. The group of self-hating anti-black woman Black Men on Youtube (you know who they are, the usual suspects, if you frequent Youtube a bit) PAID $15K that they raised with the help of OTHER BLACK PEOPLE for that white man to come on and diss Christelyn. Christelyn unknowingly invited him (the white boy) on the show without screening him, which led to her apologizing to her followers.

    We don’t agree with Christelyn’s platform, but I will NEVER EVER condone these black males paying a white male $15k just to “bring a bedwench down” (they’re words). If we want to deal with the IR agenda it should be dealt with ONLY amongsts Black People. Black people SHOULD NOT BE funding white supremacist to “teach” another black person a lesson. What makes it even more hypocritical (on these particular black males part) is that these same males advocate IR dating, marriage, and procreation for Black Men.

    In addition, I’m reading and hearing that Christelyn and her platform is stronger than ever; more subscribers and still married to her white husband while black people are reveling in her “downfall” (it wasn’t successful). So much for teaching her “a lesson.”


  5. Mizz Karazin also throw Black women, esp. ones who prefer Black men, under the bus.
    By the way, here’s an essay by Kristen Maye regarding Black women/White men relationships:

    Why I Don’t Date White Men by Kristen Maye(2013)

    Why I Don’t Date White Men

    A few weeks ago, on my lunch­break at work, I posted up on a vacant stool at the dollar slice place down the street from my office and began munching on a garlic and red pepper­sprinkled cheese slice. A few bites in, I heard a voice next to me say, ‘you work at that publishing office right?’ I pivoted slightly on my stool, recognizing the guy speaking to me as a subtenant in one the rental spaces my office leases out. I was a bit embarrassed that I hadn’t recognized him sitting right next to me, but we chatted briefly as we finished up our pizza. Oddly, our short conversation centered on southern fundamentalist evangelism, despite neither of us (presumably) subscribing to that particular brand of belief. Still, it was a pleasant and humorous exchange, after which we casually departed and I headed back to work.

    Since then, I’ve bumped into this same guy around the office a couple of times and it has seemed like he’s been locking me in these awkwardly prolonged conversations. At first I dismissed it as that sort of uncomfortably extended small talk in which so many people inexplicably feel obliged to engage. Now, however, I’m beginning to think this may be something else… dare I say it, flirting.

    I’m a 22-year-old woman, so the concept isn’t exactly foreign to me. What is foreign to me however is the skin color of my partner in these flirtations – he’s a white guy. In order to put the peculiarity of that detail in context, I must confess that I am Black.

    As a Black woman, not only have I never dated a white guy but, admittedly, I tend to have a rather entrenched policy against dating them. That decision has a lot to do with how I understand my identity as a Black woman. For one, I am not one of those Black people who ever self­identifies as one whojust happens to be Black. That’s a thoughtless description tossed around a lot, which implicitly translates to ‘I’m Black by happenstance. I distance myself from what is conventionally (read, negatively) understood as Black. Everything I do, I do not as a Black person, but as an individual. I can and do happily blend in with the norm.’ Now we all know that whiteness predominates what defines the norm in our society. So when people elect to describe themselves as folks who ‘just happen to be black,’ it’s a deliberate signal to society that they are Black only to the extent that the have to be (visibly). They are saying that their Blackness is not the sort that rocks the boat — that in fact, their identity could be readily swiped with any other random (read white) person’s in the world. In so doing, these folks, however unintentionally, are diminishing the value of their Blackness.

    To be clear, I am not one of those people.
    My Black identity is affirmative and willful, and traces, if not big ass messy footprints of my Black identity can be found in just about everything I say and do.

    This pro­-Black lifestyle, as my mother calls it (a gross oversimplification to be sure), is really just my embrace of, and clear reckoning with, the reality that the life I’ve lived has been one colored with experience based on the color of my skin and the kinkiness of my hair. But this rather obvious fact tends to be off­-putting to many white people, and tends not to be particularly alluring to white men interested in stepping outside of the color box when it comes to dating. Rather irrationally I would judge, it’s perceived as a confrontation when most white people I encounter are reminded of racial difference between themselves and others. They get really defensive. I would imagine the defensiveness and resentment to be especially acute in a space as intimate as dating, wherein people ideally expect to be able to strip themselves of all identity tags and simply exist as souls in love. But I believe that no one at any time in their life is ever not who they are. And the choice to ignore a difference as obvious and magnificently unique as one’s racial/ethnic background constitutes an investment in the blindness that privilege conditions in white people.
    My policy against dating white men exists in part because I’m not in the business of coddling privilege. Rather, I’m in the business of unsettling privilege ­– of waking it up in the middle of the night by dumping a bucket of water on it, and telling it to run five miles before dawn. That business also entails checking my own privileges. In my mind, that means that the hypothetical relationship I imagine between myself and a white man wouldn’t go very far. I would be compelled to hold this man accountable to recognizing his white male privilege, while he would likely resist the discomfort of learning that his actions and words reinforce pernicious systems of oppression which oppress masses of people everywhere. So I err towards circumventing the tension by writing the possibility of dating white men out of the realm of possibility altogether.

    Personally, I have also had trouble imagining intimate relationships with white men. This is because the history of oppression, exploitation, and dehumanization of Black women’s bodies by white men is searingly painful and enraging for me. Too often, vestiges of that uneven historical relationship are present in my mind and invariably color my observations of contemporary black woman/white man interactions. I don’t necessarily feel that Black women in these situations are disempowered to the extent that say, an enslaved woman was, but I do imagine that their white partner’s unconsciously conditioned expectations of privilege compromises their own free exercise of will on some level in their relationship. And that’s not fair. Beyond simply not being fair, curbing someone’s exercise of human agency, whether intentional or not, is in my book is a small form of violence. Challenging that unfairness and that violence is hard as the person affected by it. It is made a thousand times more difficult and unfair when one is burdened with the charge to challenge their partner ­– a partner obliviously exacting that restraint as a result of their privilege. I don’t pretend that on the whole, racialized inequality in relationships goes uncontested by the black women affected, but I know that a thorough understanding of privilege evades more people than it should, so I can assume that inequality in relationships persists more often than it is addressed. Because I’d rather spare myself the complicated confusion of loving someone who oppresses me, (an oppression compounded by race and gender inequality) and the headache induced by hitting fortified walls of privilege when attempting to challenge that oppression, I steer clear of white men as romantic partners.

    My outlook may not be particularly fair to individuals. For the subtenant guy from my office, it may suck a little bit that I’m not particularly responsive to his woos. He’s a conventionally attractive white man who seems cool, and I think hanging out with him platonically would be fun. However, I’m more interested in protecting myself, and preserving the integrity of my personal politics than I am in indulging this man in his arbitrarily piqued interest in me. My singular rejection of this guy is just one loss for him in the arsenal of many wins afforded him at birth for no reason other than the fact that he was born a white guy. His expectation of universal access to all colors of women is just another of his privileges that I, in this instance, am disrupting. And it doesn’t bother me that I am the one doling out that one minor upset.

    Kristen Maye

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  6. Is the end of swirling??? GOD I hope so! The sooner the better. Stop laying with these cave beasts! Hopefully Chrystelyn Karazin has seen her mistake…but I doubt it.

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  7. Realimode says:

    Same thing happened to me. I was just surfing YouTube and came upon one of her videos. Watched a few minutes of it, and then sent her a response voicing my displeasure with her mindset. As you correctly stated, she’s the other side of the swirl foolishness. I understand that Sistas are fed up with the Coon Squad, but, this isn’t any better. Black people who get caught up in this madness are a sad bunch of negros, they really are. All they’re doing is keeping white supremacy alive by boosting their gene pool via their mulatto offspring…Utter Madness!

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  8. Truth, more news sister, I would say that Colin Kaepernick did the right thing in not standing for the National Anthem. Since Francis Scott Key and others who supported the National Anthem also supported slavery. Malcolm X,you said all the lies that the US calls sacred will be exposed for what they are.Georgetown University is now having blacks have first privilege in attending the school,since Georgetown sold almost 300 slaves to not go into bankruptcy. Truth ,I suggest we look at every major school in the South,only GOD knows what we’ll find.GOD BLESS

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  9. Cara Blu says:

    CK has a large following and unfortunately she leads bw with low self esteem straight into hell. Her and her followers are soooo brainwashed, its scary. She advocates for her followers to give any white man a chance. Years ago she had a piece where she explained why BW should date an unemployed wm, she stated BW should abort black boys and that BW need to leave “blackistan”. Shes a crazy self hater. What im most concerned about is this Swirl movements affect on teen aged black girls. I have seen countless teenage black girls with nasty old WM who are well into their 50s/60s

    Check this video out….This is a black girl who started dating this 55 year old wm when she was 18 allegedly. Hes uneducated, broke and a convicted woman beater. His ex wife was a BW.

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    • Truthangel07 says:

      I’ll pass on that video but I will not watch it. I’m glad I stumbled upon this information because quite frankly; I feel that it is a negative response to a larger issue, which is, the high percentage of Black men who have flaunted white women as the “choice mate” to this generation of young Black women, and Christelyn is the distorted counter. The Black family is sacred. And this type of sickness among us must be purged. No mercy whatsoever. It simply can’t be tolerated any longer. It’s dangerous!

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      • Truth,I saw Tariq Nasheed response on this,I totally agree.Christelyn has bw thinking that if bw don’t marry wm,there life is over.Christelyn has even stated that bw should have an abortion if the child is a male.Like the Hispanics who got their wake up call from Donald,Christelyn got hers.This is what you get,when you elevate the white race above your own.Black women need to understand that wm has never elevated bw above his race.If wm can pimp out ww to black men,then pimping his black wives to bm is next on the list.What is even funnier,that none of the wm who dates bw came to her defense. I’m with Tariq on this,for Christelyn to blame bm for not protecting her from white racism,while still raking bm over the coals for issues she continues to give wm a pass for is laughable.I for one have no problem with Christelyn.Since their is a new drug called Spice that has wm addicted by the millions,along with the new report that wm from Eastern Europe is leading in new HIV cases,I would say that Christelyn has her work cut out for her.BLACK FAMILY :This is something that we should never forget, as Cicely Tyson says in “Diary of a Mad Black WOMAN”GOD is your everything. Do not think for one moment that we’re immune from his judgement.GOD BLESS

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      • Truthangel07 says:

        I just watched Hidden Colors 4.

        I totally agree with you.

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  10. I have been hearing about Christelyn for quite sometime. This woman is a serious nutcase like Shonda Rimes on canabis. It’s good that she got her negro wake up call…. These bedwench heffas make me wanna hurl

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