Guns Are US! Get Strapped, Black Man!


Good Morning Conscious family.

Today, I have been wrestling with some things regarding our safety as a people.

It is well known that white men run around this country with high powered weapons, armed to the teeth, and backed up by white privilege as they espouse the second amendment and THEIR RIGHTS to bear arms.

Then you juxtapose that with Black folks marching down this street, avenue, block or bridge, shouting, BLACK LIVES MATTER, all the while, craKKKas are buying up more and more guns for the impending race war they’ve been imagining since before emancipation of slavery.

The Huey P, Newton Gun Clubs and New Black Panther Party are just a few of the groups within our culture that are countering the attitudes that seem to be pervasive among white males: “Kill anything not white.” They’re not having it. And rightly so.

Black people in this country have been led to believe that if they pray for their enemies, fast, and protest, our enemies will get scared off and leave us alone. That is naive, simple-minded and foolish.

Not everyone was taught the Golden Rule and I don’t know of anyone who gets knocked up side the head; their response would be to start quoting Bible scriptures.

Righteous indignation is not a crime–it is intelligent and says that you are most aware of your environment.

We’re living at a time when white men are feeling aggressive because their lives are not what they used to be. Some are trying to hang onto the vestibules of White Supremacy of the past and this new offensive against men of color–particularly Black men; is the backlash of white male inferiority and their demise in a world that is getting browner and BLACKER. They are losing their minds and are acting out their fantasies of revenge for their genetic inferiority.

Black men better be taking notes. Lives are being lost at the hand of these psychopaths; and as a Black woman, who has been on the front lines, having to endure the subliminal battle that wages itself against our people on a daily basis, I am hereby giving you permission to DO WHATEVER IT TAKES to protect me and our people.




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15 comments on “Guns Are US! Get Strapped, Black Man!

  1. Yes,the race war has started,and the funny thing is that the planet is getting blacker.Minister Farrakhan once said that black men will take over everything that white men hold dear.Black men won’t start any wars,enslave no one,spend any money or pass one law.Black family, as you are seeing,the more wp do to us,the more GOD make them suffer.As I said,GOD’S judgement is going to be more brutal than any weapon they get.I’ll actually buy them some weapons.Look around, they are so concerned about how black people protest,that ISIS is tearing up the US and Europe.White men are raping ww at epidemic proportions and they actually are admitting to raping their women,and the judges are giving wm a free pass,which I love,because it’s be bringing further judgement.Truth,I saw that Bible verse.Only one race on this planet put themselves above GOD’S KINGDOM.Truth,don’t forget to tell wp to buy as many guns as they can,not knowing it will lead to their demise.GOD BLESS


    • Truthangel07 says:

      A lot of people have felt this way, including myself. Something is coming for them. I don’t know what; but it is from the pit of Hell. God has already condemned them. Those white men of the last few centuries have literally sold their children, children’s children, and so forth to Satan for wealth and power. And he is coming to collect that debt.


  2. White people are enemy of their own race, you don’t believe me? Show me in a his-story, or in a melaninated cultures historical black genocidal figure who murdered millions of his/her own people! The results will be shocking you won’t find one! White people are lying, theiving, criminal, vermin, they are carnal. They’re not hue-mans! It’s in their genes to lie, cheat, steal, murder! Let’s take a look in his-story and see white genocidal figures who murdered their own people just to remain in power! Vlad the impaler, Elizabeth Bathory the blood countess, Ivan the terrible, Mary 1st the queen of england dubbed “Bloody mary”, The spanish inqusition, The salem witch trails, Hitler who purportedly murdered 6 million jews.

    As for other white genocidal figures who murdered black people. Let’s start with Cecil rhodes whose troops colonized Africa, and slaughtered 5000 Africans just to plunder Africa of its diamonds. We have the german shark islands concentration camps in Nambia before the holohoax. Oh last but not least King Leopold of Belguim massacred 10 millions of Africans, and amputated their hands so he can extract rubber! Now we understand that white people are incompetent to be the inheritors of this earth because of their ancestor’s generational murderous crimes they don’t belong to this universe their sole exsistence is a sin! I hope we get to live in a world full of melaninated people, without the exsistance of this recessive pale cave beast race!

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    • Truthangel07 says:

      Well, nature doesn’t forget. They are at negative birthrate for a reason. Their crimes on this planet against HUE-manity are abominable; and they must replace those lives with their own. God rules this universe; not white men!

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  3. This race war started centuries ago and it’s now reaching a fever pitch… I for one can’t wait to start wrecking some serious shop when the battle of Armageddon comes.


  4. I agree, I think more than anything we should take advantage of the laws in this country too. We should exercise our rights as citizens, whether we’re considered equal or not. I hope there’s never a race war though because we’ll lose. We don’t manufacture any weapons or ammunition. All of it comes from white people. So if it ever came to that, they’d siege us, choke our supply lines then it’s open season.

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