The Black Experience Is Not A Game You Play On Xbox!



I’m very quick when I get irritated but this young cat gets my RESPECT!

Ah, Hotep.  Not being comical but as you progress in the post, you’ll over-stand the greeting.

To set the preface, he’s talking to the ethics of certain people out here reppin’ Black empowerment, i.e., The Scribes, Black Hebrew Israelites, Dr. Umar Johnson, Irritated Genie, Red Pill and Blue Pill,et al; and the motivation of this video, one David Banner. He’s now joined the organized cabal of street, so called, “enlightened” hustlers out there using Black history as a come-up to wealth that either they don’t have the education or talent to make for themselves.  So their strategy has now become to pimp poor Black people with information that many could find on their own if they would just pay a visit to their local library.

When I listened to this…I was blown away.  Check it out for your selves and leave your comments below.

Was he right?

15 comments on “The Black Experience Is Not A Game You Play On Xbox!

  1. I actually like David Banner. I’ve listened to a few of his speeches before. I think he can really teach black people something. I wish more black entertainers would follow in his footsteps. A lot of people tend to not take him seriously because he used to rap about negative things. But I think people wake up at many different times in their lives and can change completely and I think that’s what David Banner has done. I think sometimes we can tell ourselves excuses to not listen to people who are trying to tell us the truth for some reason.

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  2. ScejaMan says:

    It’s still your Bro Sicebise, @TruthAngel

    I always test a leader in consistency — Does he walk the talk or just a handpicked negro pet to put Africans to sleep? Overall we as Black people don’t have leaders because we don’t train them. We rely on the same system of EXPLOITATION and SOCIAL DEGRADATION to pick leaders for us.

    I’m a Socialist, and the number one rule is DO NOT underestimate your opponent.
    The Chinese Communist Mao said ” Over a long period, we have developed this concept for the struggle against the enemy: strategically we should despise all our enemies, but tactically we should take them all seriously.

    White people are smart to a great extent because they have been ruling over us for over 500 years and our people have not yet used their own MINDS to FREE THEMSELVES. Black people are intelligent, but they don’t use that brain power to ADVANCE and GROW the African race, my dear.

    What invention have we developed over the past 50 years? Do we have a 5, 10 or 20 year plan to measure our progress? We are in urgent need for African engineers, astronomers, astrophysicists, biochemists, doctors, scientists, philosophers (thinkers) etc. We need a car designed and built by Africans. We need a HIV/AIDS cure, space exploration agencies– to take African astronauts to outer space and explore the galaxy.


    • Truthangel07 says:

      I totally agree. We also must be stealth. Black people talk too much. But we have to be strategic and methodical about what we do and what our group politics are.


      • ScejaMan says:

        A lot of us are fed up with white and Asian people and desperately need ALL DEBTS TO BE PAID IN BLOOD! I’m fed up seeing Black women being treated as trash in a white supremacy society. I’m fed up seeing Black men starving to death while White and Asian males fattening themselves with the wealth stolen from Africa.

        VIOLENCE is the only way to fight for a REAL REVOLUTION based on land and freedom. A revolution is for land and without land Black women will never be respected and Black men will never be recognised as Men.

        To quote Frantz Fanon “Violence is a cleansing force. It frees the native from his inferiority complex and from his despair and inaction; it makes him fearless and restores his self-respect.”

        Using nonviolent philosophies espoused by MLK and Gandhi or begging for token civil rights to sleep with our European and Asian oppressors, shop in their Malls and eat their restaurants won’t DIGNIFY nor LIBERATE us.

        We need to be CONSUMERS as well as PRODUCERS.

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      • Truthangel07 says:

        I totally agree. You will never be respected until you DEMAND RESPECT or else!


  3. Truth, I told my mother about a video by Cynthia G where she stated that wp are smarter than bp.My mother preceeded to tell me that Cynthia G is right.She said that wp are so smart that they are about to outsmart themselves.My mother also told me that wp are going to destroy themselves when GOD gives Trump everything he asks for,wp don’t see this yet.Like my mother said, I study black history and work on my salvation with GOD.I will leave you with this “GOD let’s you hit rock bottom to show you he is the rock at the bottom”. Tony Evans GOD BLESS

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    • Truthangel07 says:

      White people aren’t smarter than Black people. They are absolutely so arrogant that they delude themselves into thinking there are no consequences for their behavior and actions. Black people are natural geniuses. We see this in many forms every single day. We are also very spiritual people, believing in the existence of God and we recognize his power and authority. White people have put themselves in the place of God; and God is showing them who rules this universe.


  4. Truth, I just told Kushite, that I found out that the Abram Gavinn was Russia’s best military leader,he was born in Africa and is black. Like my mother said,black people have to want to find out the information. GOD BLESS

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  5. kelley says:

    I love it! I don’t follow these HOteps, so I appreciate him scanning the feeds and exposing the nonsense. A lot of the “conscious” still have that patriarchal, white supremacist mentality.

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