We Were The Beginning…And We Are The Future!


Today, I listed to The Honorable Minister Farrakhan’s Savior’s Day Message message in Detroit, Michigan, entitled, Have No Fear For The Future: The Future is Ours!  It’s long (over 4 hours) but I watched all of it. The minister talked about the state of America but he talked about Donald Trump and what our future will be in America.  It’s not one of his best but he spoke with a lot of temperance for Black people to take heed about what we allow to persuade us.

I truly understand.

We should be very discerning right now.

The minister believes that Donald Trump was put in office by God.  He was put there to dismantle the plans of very wicked men who sit in high places in our government.  This is not conventional presumption.  For the past couple of years, even Christians have been posting messages on YouTube of this very belief as well, as far back as 2011.

Now it’s happened.

Frankly, I really don’t know what to expect from Donald Trump’s presidency but I do know what I envision: I see Black people rising.  We are being transformed.  Everything that has been happening to us is by design.  We are going to explode in this century as never before. Our power will be felt around the globe. The white man is being destroyed for his evil; and the population deficiency of whites is divine retribution for their deplorable treatment and behavior toward Black people and other people of color. When he falls, who will pity him? Who will offer him sympathy?  Who will shield him from rightful retribution of those whom his forefathers violated and killed?  WHO?  Is there any who will stand up for his character?  Those whom he maligned and manipulated, will they show mercy upon this infidel?  It’s a harsh reality and violent in fantasy for we all know the price that must be paid when you violate any life on this earth.  If one takes life; he must replace it with his own and the white man’s spiritual debt is in the red–blood red, of innocent life lost because of the SATANIC WICKEDNESS within his mind and heart.  He has no conscience and no soul.  Black people will not pray for his redemption any longer for he does not belong to God.   We are the apple of God’s eyes and were made to communicate with him.  The enemy hates us for this. But his hatred has now become a weapon of destruction against him; killing him off genetically.  Nature has already dismissed him.

Oh, brothers and sisters, do not be sad for our God has come to deliver us; as his Word prophesied. He has been showing us through signs.   Have you been paying attention?

The time has come for Black people to shift our consciousness and become who God designed us to be.  We are his chosen people.  We are the Original People of this planet. We existed long before the white man. We thrived and advanced.  Everything we did was GREAT.  We are an extension of the divine–the first people God communicated with; and his creativity is deep within us.  That is why we excel at whatever we put our minds to. THe Caucasoid envied us for that! When they lived in caves, we were building pyramids! And frankly, having contact with the white man, made us retarded.  We became like him. Before we knew him, our minds were so superior, the mysteries of the heavens were over-stood to perfection.  God spoke his secrets to African men–his TRUTH was deep within our souls; but the white man has no soul.  It is his nature  to lie, and so it is, that in order to stop us, he had to contain our intelligence.  For at its peak, we truly lived and acted as gods.  Our history speaks for itself.

I thought to myself the other day just how ridiculous the whole premise of white supremacy is. Something that burped, farted and defecated in the very caves where it lived and breathed! This backward thing that grunted when African were speaking in over 2000 languages.  Didn’t even know the meaning of civilization, yet had the temerity to call us inferior?


Brothers and sisters, ARISE!  Stop seeking the company of white people.  They are beneath us.  Their lies have all been exposed and there is nothing supreme about them for if they were supreme; they could have built their own civilizations without enslaving another people.

The greatest tragedy of this dysfunctional relationship, is that the white man taught us to love him and hate ourselves.  It created chaos in the minds of those Africans and twisted the identity of our natural origin and purpose.

This is our dilemma.

But God is destroying this relationship.  He’s creating enmity between us that will become a chasm; forever separating us from this creature made in the image of Lucifer; parading around in human flesh but doing the bidding of its real Father.  The earth  is tired of you! You are no longer relevant to life, so therefore, YOU MUST DIE!

God is turning over the keys of this earth to its rightful owners.

To ALL TROGLODYTES!  White Supremacy is over!  You are hereby evicted and will never be allowed to rule again. Your time is up!


WE ARE THE ONLY ONES THAT WERE MEANT TO RULE!  Thus, as we were in the beginning, so shall we be in the future!

Amani Iwe Kwenu



16 comments on “We Were The Beginning…And We Are The Future!

  1. Heavy read. Nonetheless, Before we separate. They will have to pay us 1.2 trillion dollars in retribution, put us back in the treaty where we get benefits, pay us rent and taxes for living on stolen land, re pay us all our IRS money, pay us back from these fancy universities we built for them. give up the neighborhoods and communities they red lined us from and pay us for that. Also, They will need to pay all of the parents whose kids were/are victims of organ harvesting. I want them in gold and silver. I’m trying to think which heroic black face I want on my gold coins. I will put Harriet Tubman on there and Robert Smalls. Trying to think of who else t we can netork and negotiate.


    • Truthangel07 says:

      Sabrina, slavery netted profits in excess of 800 Trillion dollars! It will take God to break-up this white supremacist system and give us all you say. We’d all be rich!


      • Wow. 800 trillion then and that’s how you know how lazy they were.

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      • Truthangel07 says:

        Exactly. It would be very easy to destroy white people; and they know this. That’s why they’ve gone to so much trouble to oppress us. Their time is up. And the Biblical prophecy will be fulfilled in 2019. That’s why you see the rise in racial violence. They think that racism can save them. It can’t. THEY ARE OVER! This is the JUDGEMENT OF GOD!!!


  2. Truth, let me tell you about this phenomenal black woman.Nzinga Mbande was a queen of Angola, who forged an alliance with Portugal. Later ,she personally led her troops against Portugal ,after Portugal broke the agreement.She fought Portugal for 30 years,with some help from the Dutch. After her death, the Dutch broke agreement with Angola along with a lot of African countries.Truth,those betrayals by Portugal and the Netherlands will cost them.Truth I never been there,but soon GOD is going to deliver Lisbon and Amsterdam into our hands.GOD BLESS


  3. Truth, I just found out that NASA top scientist that is a 22 you black female that is a student MIT.I didn’t know a black man developed a patent for The Fire Extinguisher. You learn some thing new everyday.GOD BLESS


  4. Truth, there is a black investment group in Miami, they are the Miami Millennial Investment Firm.They are investing and is responsible for gentrification in Liberty City,Overton and Little Haiti which are black neighborhoods in Miami. I will be opening up an account in a black owned bank here in LA next week.I see black getting good together and refurbishing our own neighborhoods in every city in America. GOD BLESS

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    • Truthangel07 says:

      Everyone agrees that Economic evolution in the Black community is the remedy for our problems–not racial equality. We have to BECOME our own advocates and stop waiting on the redemption of white folks to save us. Not going to happen. WE have to BECOME the CHANGE we want to see.


  5. Truth, I see it now.Have you heard that African immigrants are developing neighborhoods in Marseille and Dublin.The city councils in those cities are appropriating funds for jobs that go to minorities and immigrants only.What I see Truth is that white people King Saul moment is at hand.GOD is going to take from them and give to another.The only thing I worry about is,when the European continent falls,I don’t want to see wp trying to migrate to Africa to save themselves. GOD BLESS

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  6. While personally I could care less about Farrakhan, he does have a point. For a long time I’ve always felt creeper out and uncomfortable when in the presence of white people. It’s like evil just oozes from them.

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    • Truthangel07 says:

      That’s G0d’s discernment within you. They are evil personified. The presence of God is among us. He’s been showing us that for a long time. He’s carrying out the justice that His Word says: Whatsoever a man seweth; that shall he also reap. White people are being destroyed by the very evil they used against us and other people of color on this earth. There will be no way for them to escape it.


  7. ScejaMan says:

    You remind me of my mother who is a very SPIRITUAL woman. But ever since I showed interest in SCIENCE and MATHEMATICS; I never bothered to check the SCIENTIFIC argument for the existence of God.

    As a Xhosa man, I believe in the religion of my KhoiSan ancestors who have been around Southern Africa for over 40, 000 years and even the “clicks” in our language bears testimony to the this fact.

    My KhoiSan and BaNTU (Kemet/Ethiopia) ancestors intermarried more than 2000 years ago and created a new people who called themselves as “Xhosa.” The Zulus, are our distant cousins, our language is similar. But Xhosa carry the oldest gene in in world since our ancestors intermarried considerably with the KhoiSan people and vice versa.

    My point is that if God is the creator of human life, then he created us first–undiluted and fullbloodied Afrikans! We created the first religion–Afrikan spirituality. “We are the Original People of this planet. We existed long before the white man. We thrived and advanced. Everything we did was GREAT. We are an extension of the divine–the first people God communicated with; and his creativity is deep within us. That is why we excel at whatever we put our minds to… .”–You couldn’t have said it better!

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