Hot Shit!


I’m sitting here looking out the window, listening to Common’s Like Water For Chocolate, and this track (title) is playing.  It got me to thinking about a lot of things; and the title has me feeling some kind of way.  Remember the days when Black music made you get amped?  I’m not feeling this current state of negativity and fear right now.  I’m a warrior and I’m looking for the battle–not running from it. I’m just that kind of chick.

Where are the warriors!  Where?  Where are those dudes that walked down the street in the neighborhood who walked in a squad–like African lions, fearless, strong, no equal in sight?  Their presence was bold; and no one dared challenge them.  Cold Blooded. Ruthless.  Kings!

There was a time when Black folks walked like the kings and queens we called ourselves. We were uppity.  Proud.  Unapologetic.


Black culture has been on a respirator and so has the country.  Our spirit has been weakened and this country it seems is on life support.  When our fire rises.  America soars. It is our energy that makes everything move with rhythm.  From music to fashion, everything we touched was more creative.  Like the sun brightens and nourishes; so did our culture do the same for this country we call America.

Love and Happiness.  Will it return?  Will we dance again?  Will the funk revive the Funkateers who have been hibernating, in distress from so much gloom?

I wonder.

So I listen to Common.  And I hunger for something different to revive us.  Something that will make the light shine again.  I miss good times.

And so I fantasize we’ll be happy again.  Making this place pop!  Elevating everything around us!  It’s time to push evolution through our consciousness.  Create from the divinity within each of us.  Find out identity again.

It’s time to flip this script!

Time to start a new thing!  Afrofuturism please!  Take us away…to another galaxy.  Our existence here has been compromised.

The world is waiting for Black People to return!



8 comments on “Hot Shit!

  1. nidotopianwarrior says:

    Black America has been dying a slow death since the 1960s when integration happened… I am thankful though that there is a remnant who sees and understands that this system is ready for a mighty tumble. Did you hear what is happening in South Africa? One of the political figures over there is threatening to slaughter white people if they don’t return the lands to the Africans

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    • Truthangel07 says:

      Yeah. I’ve been aware of the African hostility to the whites that invaded various parts of Africa. It’s not just there. President Mugabe is well know for his anti-white hatred and does not apologize for his attitude. White people have violated our people for centuries! What the hell do they expect us to do? Just smile, bend over, and allow them to keep kicking you in the ass? Hell No. This is the metaphysical response to their behavior. It’s not a coincidence. These are the consequences of their treatment toward God’s people. THIS IS JUDGEMENT!


      • Truth, South African President Zumba is trying to put in a measure to confiscate wp land. European countries like Sweden are putting in measures to help African immigrants like housing and jobs. In 2016,the census said that Nigeria had made more babies than the entire European continent.Btw,white men unemployment rates in Europe since 2011 is reaching epidemic proportions. GOD is not only to give us back our lands,he’s going to give us theirs.I’m going to enjoy every bit of it .GOD BLESS

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      • Truthangel07 says:

        Yes. That’s what is happening. What they did to our ancestors had already been done to them. Now they are feeling the metaphysics of the evil of their forefathers. I have NO MERCY for them.


  2. Truth, I’m very optimistic about our people, 48% of white men with no college degree are unemployed ,Europe collapse is coming.GOD BLESS

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  3. Truth, I agree somewhat.GOD is exposing the lies.PBS just did a documentary that Africans built the first skyscrapers in the world. Black men being lynched to bm making up the largest segment of the private prison system pays for Georgetown University. Black museums are at record attendance ,black businesses here and abroad are growing. Blacks are the driving force behind the travel industry (Remember Trump’s ban).Black festivals around the globe are setting records,even a black dance group from South Africa was the #1 cultural events in Russia. I just want our people to keep our eyes on GOD.White people are telling us we contribute very little, but when we tell them we will take money out of their community and put it in our communities, we are now labeled separatists.GOD is about to give wp our reply to being called separatists.GOD BLESS


    • Truthangel07 says:

      Nature is at work, Seven. God is taking back what was stolen from us; and what you see happening is all part of that. Everything is being restored to order. We must endure this disturbance for a time; but when it is over, we shall once again rule this earth! WATCH!


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