Cross Me!…I’ll Smile, As I Watch You Fall!


Yesterday, I was reminded very subtly, that we must always be clear headed and prepared for the enemy.  For a snake maneuvers quietly, then waits in silence to strike.

That is how things are in nature.

One is always being reminded daily of our enemy’s plans and true intentions.  But let me just be blunt.  White people love to smile whenever they are doing evil.  For some reason, the sight of a Black person causes the casual Caucasian to respond with this mysterious arride that conjures images of white men looking satisfied as a dead Negro hangs from a tree.

I want to spit.

Don’t you ever dare think you can act on such prepositional bias!  Yes.  This Negress uses big words, craKKKas.  I see with sharp eyes–aiming a concealed weapon at your head.  I dare you to make my trigger finger itch!

How is it that we’ve lived in this country all of this time, yet we keep begging white folks to like us, validate us, bless us, LOVE US–yes!  Weak Negroes with too much pride in their talents and gifts but lacking the ability to connect with their own; seek the attention and favor of a suicidal, homicidal abuser.  It’s sick.

God knows that I’m not a hate-filled person but I have been forced to become a person that must respond to her environment, minus the religiosity that was conditioned into me.  Oh.  I love God.  I believe his Word.  And I want to do good.  But I can’t turn the other cheek right now.  The urgency of a proper offensive against this malevolent miscreant possesses my soul!

The time has come for a bold response.  NO MORE whining about what the enemy is doing.  White males are a problem!  And being nice is no longer an option.

So, what’s it going to be?

As for this decision, I will wait.

But for those who make the mistake of thinking that I’m a nice lady and I won’t mind if you insult her.  You don’t know me at all.  And as a snake finds out after eating a porcupine; the damage that you will incur from such an encounter, will most assuredly bring me joy.

12 comments on “Cross Me!…I’ll Smile, As I Watch You Fall!

  1. Lakesha Morris says:

    Can a white devil rid himself of evil if he uses a tanning bed long enough?

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  2. Wow,Truth ,new education numbers out Blacks & Asians are practically tied at getting college degrees.While wp are barely at 25% at getting college degrees. Furthers studies show white men becoming less educated every 5 years. Btw,I need you to grow & send some food to Russia, your friend Vladimir Putin is starving Russians over there.I relayed Putin issues to your friend Diaryofnegress & she replied that Karma is a beautiful thing. Black on black crime decreasing, white on white crime increasing. Black & Hispanics businesses are improving & blacks are now stemming the tide of wp buying houses in historical black neighborhoods. Blacks will surpass whites in starting new businesses & buying new homes by 2020-2025. Truth I tell all black people to be careful, everytime I see a Republican Town Hall , wp are screaming & hollering at their political leaders. Bill O’Reilly fired,Tomi Lahren fired.White people are walking on egg shells ,because they are now for the first time, BEING HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR BEHAVIOR. GOD’S JUDGEMENT. GOD BLESS

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  3. ScejaMan says:

    Is this the real angel?! I think I should focus on becoming a billionaire. So that visiting America every weekend would be easy like buying bread. lol.

    You’re gorgeous, sister. I hope American brothas are treating you well 😊.

    “God knows that I’m not a hate-filled person but I have been forced to become a person that must respond to her environment, minus the religiosity that was conditioned into me.”

    -So true. We are simply reacting to the aggression, hate and oppression, we face in everyday life. And Black people should do something to protect themselves. I’ve gonna past caring about the feelings of these European/Asian freaks of nature.

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    • Truthangel07 says:

      Yes. This is THE REAL ANGEL. I’ve just branched out from my days at BlackVoices. I’m trying to over-stand everything that is happening to us. And right now, I just feel we have to keep our focus; and we must raise not only our consciousness but reconnect with our God-power within us. We are not battling flesh and blood.


  4. Truth, I meant to say Obama ,not Obamacare. Just remember the Donald screamed & hollered every time Obama took a trip.Laughable GOD BLESS

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  5. Truth, I’m smiling all the way.I see Bill O’Reilly lost a lot of his sponsors. All these political pundits are on notice now. I just hope wp are stupid enough to give Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity & Chris Matthews all their money. I laugh at wp ,because the Donald who they elected has spent almost more money on travel in 2 months than Obamacare did in 8 years.As my mother said ,tell wp to give Donald some more money. Tony Evans says that GOD is our only true resource. GOD BLESS

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  6. You are so devious!lol

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