What Is Your Position?

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There seems to be a fear in Black people to speak the truth on Facebook  and other places in social media for fear of either alienating your non-Black friends or possibly, getting in trouble with your coworkers or bosses. First and foremost, on the latter: It’s your choice and business who you allow on your timeline but you’re not being smart if you have any manager on your timeline–and even some coworkers. Number one: They’re not your friends. They critique you. And even what you do on Facebook could be put under scrutiny. We’ve seen this many times how some of the things people post could literally be reported to the News or their jobs. Number two: Never trust anyone where the common denominator of your relationship is making money. Do you really like this person or are you just trying to win favor? True friends can’t be bribed. Either they like you or they don’t. I don’t play. You violate just once–and YOU’RE GONE. Period.

A coworker is simple someone you’re associated with through work. The relationships you build at your job can be very enriching–just KNOW who you’re friending. Now on the subject of race. There is a lot happening. And there are many issues that come up daily that inspire passionate debate, opinions and stance positions about serious issues. I’ve been very blessed to be able to communicate my points in a straightforward way. I do not shy away from controversial topics because that is just boring and also cowardly.

There are some realities I go through as a Black woman living in America that no white person would ever understand. And I’m not going to filter that for fear of offense or fragility. I deal with offenses subliminally and overtly every single day. I represent two minorities: I’m Black and female.. But the time has come when people are going to have to stop walking the fence and take a position. A line has been drawn in the sand. Either you are on one side or the other. The masks are being ripped off.

Face your opponent. STAND for what you really believe in.

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  1. True. I wouldn’t add my co workers on Google plus. I don’t want them confronting me at work. I don’t want to hear it.

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