When Black People Forget Who The Real Enemy Is…


*Didn’t know I had to be so sensitive about what I said in another Black group. This post was deleted from a discussion, mind you, about a white woman writing a book about former President, Barack Obama. She stated in the book that he had proposed to her twice; and she turned him down. She also stated that the President only married Michelle because he had to be accepted by African Americans. I posted this comment in response but it was deleted. I’d like you to critique what I said. Was I wrong?

Here’s the link to the story: 

Barack Obama Proposed to Another Woman Before Meeting Michelle, a New Biography Says

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Here’s my comment:

Black women are superior to white women genetically. As with the Black man; our genes are dominant. The Black woman holds two titles: First MOTHERS and QUEENS of this planet. We are the personification of the divine. Where did white people originate? They are not indigenous to Africa. They are not indigenous to America. They are not indigenous to Asia. They aren’t even indigenous to Europe. White people are from the Caucus Mountains of Eurasia. Essentially, they dwelled in caves.

White women are genetic defects. White women are the personification of weakness and fragility. White men historically, have despised them. They only used them for procreation purposes. Just reference European history. Hell! White men burned white women at the stake! White women are the most infertile women in the world. And…What is the result of her contributions? The white race is now at NEGATIVE BIRTHRATE. What a legacy.

We survived slavery and Jim Crow. We managed to keep our families and culture intact. Our accomplishments define GREATNESS. Everything we do, we take it to another level. White women can’t compete with us. The only thing white women do better than Black women, is the ability to manipulate some Black males into believing; that having sex with them is compensation for slavery; and being called Niggers. Those who bought it, GOT PLAYED!

Confusion is the weapon of progress.

Black men who marry these troglodytes, have inherent inferiority complexes.  Black men who marry them truly do wish they were white men.  And if they feel that white women are superior to Black women in their minds; then by default, white men are superior to Black men, as well.

How does this benefit the Black community?  This is not a solution.  Marriage is about finances.  What are they dividing up in divorce court?  Not love.  What you give to this white woman will not empower anyone in the Black community.  You don’t invest in your enemy’s woman; you invest in the woman that is your genetic equal–The Black Woman!  This is why interracial marriage is considered betrayal.  Marriage is an economic arrangement.  When you die, your estate goes right back to those who enslaved your people.  Essentially, you have strengthened the empire of White Supremacy.

The smartest Black men marry Black women.  Black women are the most educated sector of the country! We didn’t rely upon a white supremacist system nor could we benefit from white privilege.

Whatever motivated this nobody to try and insult the First Lady with this subliminal, is only going to infuse the negative perception of white women more profoundly.

I look at it very simply: She had her chance but chose to reject his offer.  He moved on. So should she.


Dr. Umar Johnson’s latest lecture speaks volumes to this blog entry:  I’ve posted some videos.

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