When Black People Forget Who The Real Enemy Is…


*Didn’t know I had to be so sensitive about what I said in another Black group. This post was deleted from a discussion, mind you, about a white woman writing a book about former President, Barack Obama. She stated in the book that he had proposed to her twice; and she turned him down. She also stated that the President only married Michelle because he had to be accepted by African Americans. I posted this comment in response but it was deleted. I’d like you to critique what I said. Was I wrong?

Here’s the link to the story: 

Barack Obama Proposed to Another Woman Before Meeting Michelle, a New Biography Says

Image result for Woman says Barack proposed to her first

Here’s my comment:

Black women are superior to white women genetically. As with the Black man; our genes are dominant. The Black woman holds two titles: First MOTHERS and QUEENS of this planet. We are the personification of the divine. Where did white people originate? They are not indigenous to Africa. They are not indigenous to America. They are not indigenous to Asia. They aren’t even indigenous to Europe. White people are from the Caucus Mountains of Eurasia. Essentially, they dwelled in caves.

White women are genetic defects. White women are the personification of weakness and fragility. White men historically, have despised them. They only used them for procreation purposes. Just reference European history. Hell! White men burned white women at the stake! White women are the most infertile women in the world. And…What is the result of her contributions? The white race is now at NEGATIVE BIRTHRATE. What a legacy.

We survived slavery and Jim Crow. We managed to keep our families and culture intact. Our accomplishments define GREATNESS. Everything we do, we take it to another level. White women can’t compete with us. The only thing white women do better than Black women, is the ability to manipulate some Black males into believing; that having sex with them is compensation for slavery; and being called Niggers. Those who bought it, GOT PLAYED!

Confusion is the weapon of progress.

Black men who marry these troglodytes, have inherent inferiority complexes.  Black men who marry them truly do wish they were white men.  And if they feel that white women are superior to Black women in their minds; then by default, white men are superior to Black men, as well.

How does this benefit the Black community?  This is not a solution.  Marriage is about finances.  What are they dividing up in divorce court?  Not love.  What you give to this white woman will not empower anyone in the Black community.  You don’t invest in your enemy’s woman; you invest in the woman that is your genetic equal–The Black Woman!  This is why interracial marriage is considered betrayal.  Marriage is an economic arrangement.  When you die, your estate goes right back to those who enslaved your people.  Essentially, you have strengthened the empire of White Supremacy.

The smartest Black men marry Black women.  Black women are the most educated sector of the country! We didn’t rely upon a white supremacist system nor could we benefit from white privilege.

Whatever motivated this nobody to try and insult the First Lady with this subliminal, is only going to infuse the negative perception of white women more profoundly.

I look at it very simply: She had her chance but chose to reject his offer.  He moved on. So should she.


Dr. Umar Johnson’s latest lecture speaks volumes to this blog entry:  I’ve posted some videos.

The cost of Interracial Marriage
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34 comments on “When Black People Forget Who The Real Enemy Is…

  1. Jon says:

    I’m for unity in the black community but to say white women are genetically inferior is just turning white supremacy on its head. I will marry black, it only makes sense. That, or I will never marry; but saying white women are INFERIOR? Sounds oddly like the rhetoric we hate hearing so much from whites.

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  2. Okay,let’s be honest How many black people really know about the boule- advisors to the king and their real overall purpose when it comes to black people in this country.
    I bring this up because far as I know the first black president is a member of this organization.So to me they have a shakey background in the first place for some white woman to be protecting him.
    I stopped paying attention to most of their comments and other political activity soon as they put a bounty on Assata Shakur.


  3. ScejaMan says:

    Indeed, my Angeltruth. I wish Black/African women had the same sentiments aa you! I love you because you are intelligent enough to see through this con game. Continue Angel to spread this message. You have the support of African men!

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    • Truthangel07 says:

      I love my heritage. And I have been learning about Africa for a very long time but there is no ONE TRUTH on this planet. The only objective of any type of exploration is TRUTH!


  4. Not sure if it’s true. But I heard that Michelle was the first black woman he had dated. So it’s no surprise that he once asked a white woman to marry him.

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  5. Truth, did you hear that a black construction company will be replacing the lead pipes in Flint Michigan. GOD IS AWESOME GOD BLESS

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  6. Truth, I got to do this, May 19,1925 Happy birthday Malik El Hajj Shabazz : Malcolm X. Thanks Dr.Cornel West for reminding me. Brother Minister Malcolm: After the aquittal of cop that shot Terrence Crutcher, you and Dr.King said something that will have you words come to pass. “The United States will never become a great country until the Constitution means what it suppose to mean for everybody”. Brother Minister Malcolm ,those words ring true after the aquittal of Terrence Crutcher’s murderer. GOD once again will put the evils of the United States on front street for all to see & he will use your most famous words to do it. “The chickens are now coming home to roost”. Brother Minister Malcolm, it pains me to no end that white people who despise you & Dr.King actually make more money off you & Dr.King than your families & your people. RIP Brother Minister Malcolm X Your people severely miss you. GOD BLESS

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  7. ScejaMan says:

    Great post! My loyalties only lay with Black women and I’m not ashamed of that. I’m pro-black women. Because the Black woman is only female in this ECONOMIC and POLITICAL system that will support Black men and defend the image of the Black man.

    Let’s not forget about non-african females like Arab, Indian and Chinese females that have no loyalties to the Black community and have historically sided with their men to assist in the OPPRESSION and DEGRADATION of African people.

    Weak minded black men like Obama, Nate Parker, Ice T etc. are race traitors that have betrayed the interests of African globally, in favour of trinkets such as 20 minutes of sex and being sperm donors to support the dominant system.

    I think that any Black/African man who uplifts the women of his enemies is a traitor to his people. No African man should be allowed to have sex or babies with non-african females! To hell with colourblindbness and that “preference” crap.

    The African man should only UPLIFT and BUILD with a sister, plain and simple. The African community is in desperate need of African men who will practice Marcus Garvey’s principle of “RACE FIRST” above all things.


    • Truthangel07 says:

      “Weak minded black men like Obama, Nate Parker, Ice T etc. are race traitors that have betrayed the interests of African globally, in favour of trinkets such as 20 minutes of sex and being sperm donors to support the dominant system.”

      A light went off from this paragraph. When a Black man has sex and a child with a white woman, in particular. He is in effect, putting his life generator, into the incubator of a a “thing” that is not even HUE-man. White women are the most infertile women in the world. Their lack of fertility also can extend to their lack of spirit. They are vapid, consciousless, empty, people. But this creature is the matriarchal symbol of white supremacy. In effect, when a Black man impregnates this female, he is given life support to that system.


  8. Truth have you noticed in the elections of the Netherlands & France, the white supremacists white Nationalists candidate lost. This will continue to happen while GOD dismantles the European continent. GOD BLESS

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    • Truthangel07 says:

      There are a lot of things happening around the Globe–in our favor. God is fulfilling his word. He is dismantling the Satanic system of White Supremacy and preparing his firstborn to TAKE BACK ALL THE WEALTH that was stolen from these demonic people.


  9. As far as our people when it comes down to interracial dating, I always go back to the question that Cynthia G asks Christelyn Karazin, “if interracial dating is so great why does racism & more importantly white supremacy still exist “.According to Cynthia G, Christelyn Karazin hasn’t answered that question. Even more than that,the black spouse will get the short end of the stick. GOD BLESS

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  10. Truth, Malcolm X & Dr.King warned White America about the hypocrisy of the Constitution . The US will continue to fall until the Constitution means what it says for all people. GOD BLESS

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  11. Well,Truth as you see, just about every state is at state of emergency when it comes down to the opioid epidemic. As Minister Farrakhan said,if it’s a epidemic that the US Government has to deal with, it shows you who is abusing opioids & it isn’t black people. I’m just counting down to the day where the Donald has to raise taxes to deal with white people addiction. As my mother said,Donald can put rehab centers on every corner in the white community & they will still abuse opioids. GOD BLESS


  12. qnubian528 says:

    I always knew the Obama married Michelle only for convenience no because he really loved her or he was care about black problems!
    No anyone shouldn’t be surprise about that,it’s just another a “Tragic mulatto” who he wanted only be accept by white community but this white woman dumped him,because she was loyal to white supremacy!
    Michelle is very educate,strong,gorgeous and talent black woman,he doesn’t deserve her!
    They always insulted Michelle,because she is very talent and smart,and white supremacy,especially white male can’t stand about that!
    Backy are only here to save WM asses because they are genetic in trouble,only them can give birth to WM! That’s why we see all over the globe WW stuck with BM,no because they superior to us,no because they need black seed!
    WW hate BW because when we see them,we don’t bow our head for them,that’s they want from us!!

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    • Truthangel07 says:

      No proud Black woman will aquiesce nor capitulate to a genetic defect. Where did the Caucasoid come from? Caves! We are not of them–WE ARE 100% HUE-man! They are beneath us; and our alpha status makes it absolutely illogical for us to validate them in any way. We know who we are!

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  13. nidotopianwarrior says:

    Well isn’t this interesting, then again we shouldn’t be surprised, after all Barry is half troglodyte

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  14. kelley says:

    It’s only wrong to those who don’t want to hear the truth. I though it was an insightful response.

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  15. While visiting my family in Cleveland ,I found out that the most visited landmark in San Juan Puerto Rico the El Morro Fortress was built by black slaves. White people day is coming ,I’m going to get me a lawn chair, some popcorn & a couple of coolers & enjoy the show. GOD BLESS

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    • Truthangel07 says:

      “White people day is coming ,I’m going to get me a lawn chair, some popcorn & a couple of coolers & enjoy the show.”

      Ha! I’m going to use this one…


    • philomage says:

      This is a pipe dream. White peoples day is coming? What does that even mean? And why do you think you’re going to be relaxing on a lawn chair when it happens? No disrespect but if white peoples day is coming, then you can bet your bottom dollar they’re coming FOR YOU.

      Nothing but our own sheer force will end the problem with No Name. There is no extinction event on the horizon. No holy judgment. And it’s this thinking that’s allowed them their pedestal for so long.

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  16. Well Truth, some black men & women are breaking their necks to be with whitey. I will wait when the Donald has to raise our taxes to pay for white people opioid use. We black men have taken care of white men before, during & after slavery. Now what I will implore black men to do is let white men hatred for us choke the life out of them. GOD BLESS

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