The Picture That Destroys Racism…



So the caption read on a post I read this morning on Facebook.  It was this interracial couple, both smiling, as a meme of sorts, being used to push the agenda of self-hatred onto the Black community.

This is a false premise.

First of all, interracial marriage is not the cure for racism. Most end in divorce. If it were the solution, why do we still live in a divided country? And to further…why would any intelligent Black person who understands genetics, marry a genetic recessive troglodyte? The truth of the matter is that the white population is at negative birthrate. They have come to their end as a species; and can’t regenerate themselves, thus, they have to rely on the Black race, The Original Man and Woman of this planet, to help them preserve their genes.

This is the whole scheme behind the interracial marriage agenda. The very purpose of it is rooted in White Supremacy!

It’s very interesting that they used a Black woman in that picture–and a very dark one. The Black WOMB-man is the genetic portal of HUE-manity.  And that white man in the picture is the symbol of superiority.  White men know inherently that the stronger the genes in the Black woman; the more it benefits his offspring.

This is about white genetic survival.

So where does this leave Black America?

Let me tell you, I have never been stupid–even when I had an excuse to be.  I see things clearly, objectively; and I am not naive about anything in life.  And what I see is the glaring reality of just how much white people insult the intelligence of Black people.  This photo is promoting anti-Blackness!

How so?

Black people have nothing to gain from interracial unions.  We are inherently genetically dominant. What this is promoting is our enemy’s way to weaken and eliminate the Black family through genetic manipulation.

Not falling for it.  Not eating the apple.  Don’t want to drink from this bar.

We are not designed to be weak, Black people.  White people are WEAK!  And they know it. How else can they destroy us?  They’ve tried everything; but they are the ones who ended up in crisis.  They are at negative birthrate.  And I find it almost to be a divine sentence on them for their behavior and hatred on this planet.

At this time, we have to analyze everything that is being promoted in our community. Not all of our people are alert, wise or conscious.  Therefore, those of us who truly do see the BIG PICTURE, we have to check our enemy.

At all times.  By Any Means Necessary!

32 comments on “The Picture That Destroys Racism…

  1. I fumbled across her channel on YouTube one day and decided to start watching because she is a very attractive black women. Then I seen this nonsense relationship and haven’t been back since.

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  2. philomage says:

    Here is my take on this: the rawer something is the more effective it is.

    The feeling of wanting to procreate with your own is a raw emotion. It’s not politically correct and at this point I hate anything and all things deemed politically correct.

    It’s politically incorrect to say love DOES see color. But the raw truth is that love does see color. No black male or female sees a non black person and says to themselves “there is no difference between this person and a black person of the same body structure.” That is a lie, a bold faced snake-like fork tongued lie.

    Feel sorry for the sister in the photo. But hey, at least she isn’t aware of it.

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  3. qnubian528 says:

    She is Nikki Perkins,one the most gorgeous black woman,I never see before!
    She is Sudanese,that fact always they choose to mate with the very dark skinned one,now I have the answer about my questions!
    They despite the very dark skinned black people,but it’s funny you always see them hand in hand with the same people they hate!
    She is friend with Patricia bright,Adanna and Gabebabe all swirling YouTube profile bloggers!
    They are promoting false and offensive myths that black people and wp,in their world of disillusion they can live in peace way,but fiction can’t survive in reality!
    When I see these couples,it looks like I am watching reality show,where everything are lies and fake!

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    • Truthangel07 says:

      When I see IR couples of Black and white men or women; it’s like a nice suit destroyed by the wrong pair of shoes. White men and their women are genetic parasites and Black people should not be mating with them. It’s backwards and works against what God already gave us naturally.

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  4. Cara Blu says:

    The funny thing is that post is directed towards Black people. They never post photos like that for white people. IR actually makes racism worse.

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  5. I see that Vanessa Wildwood is still a fan of you & The Diaryofnegress. GOD BLESS

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  6. Truth, I keep up with the Black News Outlet on twitter, because it focuses on the positives of the black community, blacks were 2nd in the country in starting businesses in 2016, in 5 years blacks will be keeping our money in our communities, but my day was made when I read that the cities of OsloNorway,Marseille France & Munich Germany are no longer white majority. My mother said it’s payback time.Wp invaded Africa & the Arab world ,now it’s full circle. GOD BLESS

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  7. Truth I’m still happy where we are headed as a people, white on white crime has long surpassed black on black crime, white people are up in arms over OJ getting paroled. A lot of ww got mad at Beyonce posting pictures of her twins, but as my mother said, that was a shot at Jay Z more than Beyonce. I know Jay Z 4:44 cd is pissing off wp & I know it’s good, because my mother wants to buy it & she hates rap. GOD BLESS

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  8. Truth people who are promoting this is laughable to me, I hope they do know that police departments from Chicago to Baltimore & down to Mississippi are under investigation for either planting drugs on black people or suppressing evidence when they shoot black people. GOD is exposing it all. GOD BLESS

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  9. Truth, your girl Christelyn Karazin put up a story about interracial marriage can wipe out racism. Well after what happened to Blac Chyna & the murder of Bakari Henderson in Greece , I will let those people destroy themselves. Christelyn Karazin says she worships wm,but if I remember correctly, GOD is a jealous God. What I have a problem with is,everytime wm commit racist acts, she tries to minimize it’s impact. GOD BLESS

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  10. Truth where you been,I was about to call Kushite & put out a AMBER out on you. Glad you back GOD BLESS

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  11. Thank you! I saw this stupid post on Facebook, too. I’m starting to notice that their media is promoting interracial marriages & relationships a lot more now than I’ve ever seen before. It looks weird & I know this is the reason.

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  12. Thank you. I saw this stupid post on Facebook, too. I’m really starting to notice that their media is promoting interracial marriages & relationships a lot more now. I do find that weird & I know this is the reason.

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  13. Everything that is mentioned in this post is true, white supremacist men have been raping black women on the plantation, to preserve their white supremacy and genetics to ensure their survival for centuries. Black people think when they race mix, or swirl with caucasoids they are breeding them out, while vice versa on the contrary whites and their biracial children are breeding the black race out!

    There is a reason biracials also race mix and intermarry to graft back to the white race, because the biracials want to win white acceptance in this white supremacist world. Truth angel I urge to watch this long video from the anti white supremacist; Cynthia G YouTube channel, it may be long but it’s worth to watch, Cynthia speaks about a document that mentions the breeding out of the black race in the future.

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    • Truthangel07 says:

      I’m already aware of it. And have been so for many years.


    • Truth,I’m very aware of Cynthia G videos. Even though I agree with some of the things that she & Umar Johnson says,I still see con artists in both of them. A lot of blacks believe Cynthia G is that way ,because she didn’t get the white guy she wanted.I do know that her 2 sisters married white & one of them got divorced. My advice is that we as blacks need to keep Cynthia G & Umar Johnson at arms lenght. GOD BLESS

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      • Truthangel07 says:

        Whatever your first instincts are, usually is correct. I’m not a fan of Cynthia–she tends to drag on in her videos and I find her boring. Dr. Umar is a gifted speaker. There’s no doubt about it…But I do believe he is hustling people at the same time.


  14. Scejaman says:

    Only a brainwashed fool would believe sleeping with white people would put an end to racism / white supremacy.

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  15. No it doesn’t END racism. It ends beautiful black genetics and dilutes your bloodline. That is a gorgeous black women. But she diluted her superior melanin and carried a genetic recessive Neanderthal seed! One day she will realize error of her ways. What a damn shame!

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