How To End Racism…

As a man thinketh; so is he.  Proverbs 23:7

How to End Racism?

White Supremacy can only exist through Black Inferiority. Raise your Consciousness not your fists!

I don’t care anything about racism. I WANT POWER! It would be a mistake for anyone to think their affection equals that. What am I saying?  My thirst for power won’t end. Power is attained only through steady focus and successful maneuvering. Arrogance is the enemy of those in power.  White people are beyond it.

Many Black people are too forgiving and too spiritual to over-stand what I’m saying. You have to crush an enemy. I’m not praying for anyone who is threatening my life. Our speech is always in a mentoring tone in response to their hatred. That is not intelligent at all. Would you try to motivate a psychopath? That would imply that a psychopath has a conscience. They do not. Thus, how do you stop one? We are where we are because of our inability to understand the nature of our enemy. They can’t be redeemed and thus, deserve no empathy, prayer or forgiveness. This is a matter of life or death. Period. When we shift our thinking; there won’t be anymore use for marching or begging for we will do what must be done without apology.

80% of warfare is mental. Wars are won before they’re fought.

When I thought of posting this, I thought of my innate perceptions toward WP. Honestly, I don’t have anything to do with them except at work or through indirect social interactions. I have no desire for their company otherwise. I don’t fear them and I’m not passive when I encounter them. With that being said, I am not impressed with them very much in general. Many Black people have the opposite perceptions; and I think this is why they have been in power for so long. When you have been raised to know your history, cultural heritage; and have been raised among very strong people that look like you; your view of the world is very different.

I have been telling people that for ages. The way the media and movies displays us and makes people feel. When they see us they see gang bangers and hoes, when they see them they see wealth, power, good, trust worthy, etc… They portray us as evil and no good in every situation they can. They have created false stereotypes … We also still suffer from after effects of slavery .

Exactly! And this is where the battle is. The late Dr. Amos Wilson stated in one of his lectures decades ago that when those first Africans encountered WP; they were stripped of their identity of themselves. Through mental enslavement–which is truly witchcraft; they were robbed of the knowledge of their own culture and heritage and given false doctrines. These incantations were ritualized visually as well as through speech. In effect, being Pagan by nature, WP were using demonic influences of domination and oppression to kill the consciousness of the Africans in order to have complete control of them mentally, spiritually, as well as physically.  Day by day, those poor souls were taught to hate and loathe themselves.  Not even over-standing how important they were to creation.  And being made to feel worthless by a genetic recessive parasite nonetheless.

Thus, the counter must be for us to reclaim our full identity and not concern ourselves with the reaction of our Oppressor.

The time has come for Black people to free themselves from the mental enslavement that still holds many captive today.  We must EXPOSE OUR ENEMY!  Have NO MERCY!  And know the absolute TRUTH of who were are as a people; and reclaim our narrative.

We can’t control how someone thinks but we have absolute control on what we react to.


11 comments on “How To End Racism…

  1. “We are where we are because of our inability to understand the nature of our enemy.” The majority of black people don’t think that they have an enemy (white people) in the first place.

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  2. philomage says:

    I like that video a lot. You know what he is saying is true. And I love it! Reason being is we can’t control what the whites do, but we can control what WE do. We have that power, and it’s only in US that we can effect change.

    I like how he put it. “a revolution in ourselves is a revolution in America” Wow! You know, that was the greatest part of it. We always talk or at least think about revolution but we associate it with militancy I think. But that’s just one kind of revolution. Internal, social revolutions can be just as if not more powerful still! Thanks for that Sister Truth. You’re saving more people than you know by sharing these posts with us. Peace out.

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  3. lion says:

    keep in mind that other races can be just as racist as whites-Although I agree with some of this article, a lot of this article is b’s. Racism will end through classes on the issue without political correctness.

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  4. kowaba says:

    Hi Truthangel07! I just wanted to share with you this book, As You Think, So Shall You Become by James Allen. The biblical scripture that you provided reminded me of this book. I have yet to finish it, but hope to do so before the summer is over.

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  5. Power is all that Matter and Power exist in a Vacuum. therefore we must obtain power over ourselves and our own environment first and far most. We can no longer engage in this war of public opinion to a populous that own identity depends on us being subhuman. Great Post!!

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  6. I love that video! Wilson was on point!

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    • Truthangel07 says:

      Yes he was. And he’s totally correct. As the Bible says: As a Man Thinketh; so is he. Proverbs 23:7. Very true. We are the cure to our own problems. White people have controlled how we think; and when an enemy can control how you think, they can control you!

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