The Return of Black Gods

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Black people!!! It’s time for a new revolution. The old is passing away; and things are stagnant because no one is being creative or bold. People of African blood are CREATORS! American culture is rooted in Black progenitors of style and ingenuity. From art to fashion; academia, science, mathematics, poetry, music, dance, literature, cinema, sports, et al. We MADE our mark–and set records. Black culture has been the heartbeat of this country. Its rhythm, the pulse that gives it life. I don’t know about any of you, but it’s time to stop living other people’s despair.

We are the Illuminated Ones.  The first people who knew and talked to God.  We must get back to our true selves.

If you have been following this Caucasoid, parasite, you are living backwards.  You’re seeing a devalued view of your innate state.  We are not like them and should not be mixing our genetics with them.

For those who over-stand breeding, you can change the genetic structure of a species, simply by interfering with it’s reproductive system.  You don’t breed a thoroughbred with a donkey.  This would completely degrade the offspring of the thoroughbred.  You don’t mix dominant with recessive.  But that is exactly what has happened to many Black people in this oppressive and abusive relationship with the white man.

God made us to be his crown jewel.  Everything began with US.  He gave us strength, knowledge, talent, spirituality, and wisdom. Our consciousness operates at a high frequency, allowing for us to communicate with Him.  But many of you lost contact with the Creator–and that’s why your lives have been disconnected.

The white man has plotted to kill you.  And everything that you’ve been through was designed to destroy the God-MAN inside of–YOU; and cut off your relationship with our Father in Heaven.  He is the power source; and it’s time to allow him back into your life if you want to BE the Men you were designed to be.

The greatest revolution that could change everything…Is to have the audacity to force society to stop living a false narrative that had been scripted for us to lose!

We already won! Start living and acting like it!

I’m gonna feel good regardless.

13 comments on “The Return of Black Gods

  1. nidotopianwarrior says:

    Amen sis. The only way that we’ll over come this world and reclaim our royalty is through the divine intervention of Yahuah (whom most refer to as simply God). No amount of knee bending is going to change this system because it wasn’t designed for our benefit… We have to overstand that there are greater things in store for us. This present world as we see it is these heathens’ heaven, this is as good as it’ll get for them.. This present world is not for us.

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  2. toliver55 says:

    Ariel Toliver: God’s chosen people are not prepared to embrace they’re true selves. They will have to give up what those around them grew to become familiar with. The social circle will shrink and the loneliness that comes with knowledge of self will pull the back into the fray of ignorance. The responsibility that comes with practicing our God quality is to much when the very system you’re trying to awaken from has so many threads tied to who you are when it comes to personality and ego. It’s like detaching the umbilical cord all over again. That was only for 9 months and we came out crying at the sight of new light for a new existence. Can you imagine the disassociation from years of relationships formed once you start to realize everything is a lie that most of your lifestyle is based on? This is why I no longer have any friends. Sure I can connect with some on social media. But the moment you ask them to call or hang out you are met with a dial tone unanswered. I understand the intimidation that comes with knowledge of self or enlightenment.

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  3. Truth it’s amazing how many of our people don’t believe in GOD. Oh well GOD BLESS

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  4. 👏👏👏👏 is all I can do. Speechless.

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