Who Killed Kenneka Jenkins?


On Sunday, September 10, 2017, I got up early to cook Sunday dinner, as I always do.  In the meantime, thinking about the coming Hurricane that was ensuing.  It was eerily still that morning.  But having been in a Hurricane (Matthew) earlier in the year; this was typical.

Later, I got on Facebook and checked my messages.  About an hour into talking back and forth between friends, there was a story trending.  Someone had placed a video from Facebook live of some girls in a hotel outside of Chicago, IL.  I saw the name Kenneka Jenkins, found dead in freezer, in a newsfeed post, multi-window attached.  I was intrigued and went to check out the video.  Honestly, I couldn’t gather anything from it but apparently, Kenneka had went out with these friends and went to a party at the Rosemont Hotel outside of Chicago, IL.  During the video, a girl with red hair extensions, later identified as Irene Roberts, was going live while in the room on Kenneka’s best friend, Monifah Sheldon’s phone.  She put this on her Facebook page.  Later on she deleted it.  Like everyone else, I was trying to decipher what was happening.  Within hours, the video went viral; and a host of internet detectives began to weigh in.

Was Kenneka set-up?

I’ll post the videos for you to analyze below.

Original video:




Guy From Hotel Tells What Happened:


Audio Breakdown of Video:


Whatever happened to Kenneka, her best friend let her down.  She was just 19.  The sad part of this was the fact that she thought her friends had her back.  They failed her.  All of the people that were in that hotel–and knew what was happening, need to be tried as adults and imprisoned.


This child deserves justice!!!




9 comments on “Who Killed Kenneka Jenkins?

  1. Well Truth, the firestorm that is going to bring the US to it’s knees is here. I think these black athletes snapping back at Trump is about to make the US more ugly than it already is. Malcolm X & MLK both said the day will come when that flag & Constitution will have to mean what it’s supposed to mean for everybody. Keep kneeling fellas. GOD BLESS

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  2. philomage says:

    They have launched their all out assault. We will keep seeing more of this. Wonder if my number will get called?

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  3. This story is very fishy! I need to do a little more investigativing. Thanks for the post Angel.

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  4. This is so sad, it’s very disheartening the youth of the black community die and their lives are loitered and no one seeks justice.


  5. Peace we need to set a trap


  6. Truth, what needs to be done is that the black community needs to come up with a way to police our neighborhoods. Black women & black children are not safe. Malcolm X once said until we as blacks treats ourselves better, everything thing that comes up against us is moot. There are a lot of bw that are missing that the media don’t talk about, I think it’s about time to wake up the nation, including the black media. GOD BLESS


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