My Blackness….


From the waking sun to the setting of the moon.  I am cognizant of my existence on this plain.  My ancestors are alive in me and whisper in my ear.  “Do not ever forget.” I can’t.  Every time I look in my mirror.  I’m well aware of my blackness.  It’s not just a skin color; it’s the essence of knowing where time began.  It’s acknowledging that thought, language and innovation began with those who were born from the darkness. Sculpted by God.  The stars know our name.  Galaxy children.  Born to fly with the angels.  We are divinity in the flesh.


A song echoes through my soul.  Music is life.  It gives me joy.  And never ending hope.

I lost a really good friend last week.  I was sad.  He knew me from way back when.  Memories of grade school go through my mind.  Not many of us are blessed to have friends who knew us before we “became” who we think we are.  They knew us before we started living to other folk’s expectations.

That’s why I stayed away from the “special folk.”  You gotta sell your soul just to get through the door.  There’s nothing on this earth that could afford to me.  God’s price of my existence can’t be measured by man’s feeble definition of worth.  I am a King’s child.

When you vibe from the universe and your mind takes you beyond the Milky Way.  What else is there than can surpass the heavens? I think of the speciality that is within me.  Really, how do you define uniqueness wrapped in the extraordinary? I’m not from here.

And Erykah Badu sings about an orange moon, I’m wondering if it’s really blue.

What is Blackness?  What really is it?  It’s not just a skin color.  No.  It’s space.  It’s beyond the galaxy.  It’s deepness.  It’s mystery.  It’s undefinable.  The sun is the only thing that is close to its power.

Whatever it IS. I am it.




10 comments on “My Blackness….

  1. Truth, where you been? I hope everything is good. When I saw your post, it brought me back to the last scene of “Schools Daze”. We are a beautiful people & we come in all shades. I see a lot of misconduct by the Chicago police department. The hammer is about to come down by GOD. Well have to run, glad you’re back GOD BLESS

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    • Truthangel07 says:

      Hi, Seven…I’m good. Glad to hear from you. I’ve just been taking a little break. I’ve been doing this for so long…sometimes you just don’t realize how much energy you’re expending. I’ll be posting more soon…but you have a great holiday season, my friend.


  2. Wonderful post Angel!👍🏿

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  3. Hello truth angel I had left you a note/comment but It did not post..basically I had said that I had been following your blog for past 2years .your a lioness of the most high. What you just said on this post was very powerful.our people as a collective dont know how strong we are. But best believe yurugu does..thats why there recessive Gene asses do the Shit that they do to us..i cant stand there ass smh..i am Derrick “D rock” martinez I’m a Black Cuban and a original founding member of the legendary rock steady crew formed in the summer of hell in the burning fires of the South Bronx by our poor and amazing black and brown Rican bros..angel my Cuban grandmadre who raised me told me this when I was young about our people..she said “before there was we were”..very powerful indeed just like you and your posts.. All power to god’s true chosen people.. US! ..we shall rise again! Shalom Angel…D.martinez original rock steady crew 1977.

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    • Truthangel07 says:

      Hi, D. Martinez. I’m sorry I’m so late responding to you. Thank you so very much for your kind words. We are a very power people. I have never for one second believed anything white people have tried to condition Black people to think about themselves. I grew up in a middle class community in Chicago. It was a mixed community racially but the Black people there were some of the strongest, most organized, PROUD, empowered and wise people that I’ve ever known. I had great teachers. Everything that I publish on my blog, comes from that nationalism that most Black Chicagoans have. Be blessed, D. Our people are rising. Keep the faith!


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