My Blackness….


From the waking sun to the setting of the moon.  I am cognizant of my existence on this plain.  My ancestors are alive in me and whisper in my ear.  “Do not ever forget.” I can’t.  Every time I look in my mirror.  I’m well aware of my blackness.  It’s not just a skin color; it’s the essence of knowing where time began.  It’s acknowledging that thought, language and innovation began with those who were born from the darkness. Sculpted by God.  The stars know our name.  Galaxy children.  Born to fly with the angels.  We are divinity in the flesh.


A song echoes through my soul.  Music is life.  It gives me joy.  And never ending hope.

I lost a really good friend last week.  I was sad.  He knew me from way back when.  Memories of grade school go through my mind.  Not many of us are blessed to have friends who knew us before we “became” who we think we are.  They knew us before we started living to other folk’s expectations.

That’s why I stayed away from the “special folk.”  You gotta sell your soul just to get through the door.  There’s nothing on this earth that could afford to me.  God’s price of my existence can’t be measured by man’s feeble definition of worth.  I am a King’s child.

When you vibe from the universe and your mind takes you beyond the Milky Way.  What else is there than can surpass the heavens? I think of the speciality that is within me.  Really, how do you define uniqueness wrapped in the extraordinary? I’m not from here.

And Erykah Badu sings about an orange moon, I’m wondering if it’s really blue.

What is Blackness?  What really is it?  It’s not just a skin color.  No.  It’s space.  It’s beyond the galaxy.  It’s deepness.  It’s mystery.  It’s undefinable.  The sun is the only thing that is close to its power.

Whatever it IS. I am it.




The Picture That Destroys Racism…



So the caption read on a post I read this morning on Facebook.  It was this interracial couple, both smiling, as a meme of sorts, being used to push the agenda of self-hatred onto the Black community.

This is a false premise.

First of all, interracial marriage is not the cure for racism. Most end in divorce. If it were the solution, why do we still live in a divided country? And to further…why would any intelligent Black person who understands genetics, marry a genetic recessive troglodyte? The truth of the matter is that the white population is at negative birthrate. They have come to their end as a species; and can’t regenerate themselves, thus, they have to rely on the Black race, The Original Man and Woman of this planet, to help them preserve their genes.

This is the whole scheme behind the interracial marriage agenda. The very purpose of it is rooted in White Supremacy!

It’s very interesting that they used a Black woman in that picture–and a very dark one. The Black WOMB-man is the genetic portal of HUE-manity.  And that white man in the picture is the symbol of superiority.  White men know inherently that the stronger the genes in the Black woman; the more it benefits his offspring.

This is about white genetic survival.

So where does this leave Black America?

Let me tell you, I have never been stupid–even when I had an excuse to be.  I see things clearly, objectively; and I am not naive about anything in life.  And what I see is the glaring reality of just how much white people insult the intelligence of Black people.  This photo is promoting anti-Blackness!

How so?

Black people have nothing to gain from interracial unions.  We are inherently genetically dominant. What this is promoting is our enemy’s way to weaken and eliminate the Black family through genetic manipulation.

Not falling for it.  Not eating the apple.  Don’t want to drink from this bar.

We are not designed to be weak, Black people.  White people are WEAK!  And they know it. How else can they destroy us?  They’ve tried everything; but they are the ones who ended up in crisis.  They are at negative birthrate.  And I find it almost to be a divine sentence on them for their behavior and hatred on this planet.

At this time, we have to analyze everything that is being promoted in our community. Not all of our people are alert, wise or conscious.  Therefore, those of us who truly do see the BIG PICTURE, we have to check our enemy.

At all times.  By Any Means Necessary!

When Your Dark Skin Bothers Others…

As a child growing up in the suburbs of Chicago, I remember much about my childhood.  One of the things that I remember is how Black people in my community treated dark skinned people.

If you called someone Black back in those days, some people would punch you in the mouth.

There was a girl named Jennifer in my 6th grade class who distinctly remember.  She was a nice girl.  Had the smoothest, chocolate, blemish free skin that I’ve ever seen.  Always had a beautiful smile.  However, she had one flaw: her skin tone.  It was too dark.  This kid named Mark Jenkins used to harass this poor child every day about it.  He called her Spook!  Tar Baby! Mark was the ugliest kid that I’ve ever known and I guess in order to feel better about himself, he had to pick on poor Jennifer.

All these years later, I’ve wondered where she is.  I hope she’s ok.  I have a vision that she’s successful, married and a mother.  But I wonder if she was scarred.

People like Mark ,never think about how their words and actions impact others.  They are the everyday sociopaths among us who kill the spirit of innocent people with their inner hatred.

As I watched the above video, thoughts circulated through my mind of other incidents of this type of bigotry is played out.

It is well known in the south, dark skinned Black people are typically mistreated more and harassed more than light-skinned Black people.  I see this even in 2016 in Georgia.  Colorism is still a problem among southern folk and the Field Nigger vs House Nigger syndrome is alive and well.

How do we heal from this?

Something was programmed into Black people and it seems to refuse to die.

It’s time for us to kill it.

We can’t preach Black Lives Matter when we still have this skeleton in the closet.

Zoe Saldana: AA’s say…HELL NO! You Are Not The Right Choice To Play Nina Simone!



This is the poster for the upcoming biopic on the life of Nina Simone.

As many of you have probably already heard, Zoe Saldana has been chosen to play the legendary singer/activist.  In the movie, Zoe wears a prosthetic nose and dark make-up. Which has upset many in the African American community.

This is just bad politics as far as many in the African American community.  It would be an absolute understatement to say how much this movie has angered many in the African American community, many of whom feel absolutely insulted culturally.

Much of the criticism stems on the reality of Zoe Saldana not being African American–she’s Dominican and Puerto Rican. Also the sting of having a woman of color having to put on dark make-up to play a role of a dark-skinned Black woman, is simply galling.

Zoe Saldana is a light-skinned actress.  And it just seemed ridiculous to pick a woman who needed to be put in dark make-up, when there was an abundance of dark skinned actresses who were available and more than qualified to play the role.  Oh.  I did I mention…that Zoe Saldana’s husband is—ta…da…A WHITE MAN?!?

Many questioned why they couldn’t choose dark-skinned Black actresses to play the role? Kimberly Elise and Viola Davis were the top two choices.  And would have surely gave stand-out performance.


The typical aversion of Hollywood to avoid dark-skinned Black women, opened up a lot of wounds: the typical choice to favor light-skinned actresses, just popped open that cultural can of worms that won’t go away.

The casting controversy was just one.  The second issue that many took to task was the fact of Nina Simone being very proud of her dark-skin, promoting the beauty of dark women like herself; it was just simply wrong and disrespectful to her legacy to have a light-skinned actress play her.

You can’t understand Nina Simone’s life and legacy, unless you take a step back to understand her stance as a dark skinned Black woman.  This fact was inexplicably linked to her life’s projectory, her art, and her politics–and to every single thing that made her bold and fearless to be who she was without apology.

Her daughter, Lisa Simone Kelly, gave an interview to the Los Angeles Times and explained how Nina had been treated all of her life because of her dark skin.  Even as a child, she was told that her nose was too big, her skin too dark, and her lips to wide.  She stated that it was important for the world to acknowledge her mother as a classical artist whose dreams weren’t realized because of racism.

Zoe Saldana donning blackface to play a Black woman, is just as insulting as a white person doing it.  Period.

Frankly, ever since the movie was cast, Black people were defiant and resistant to Saldana playing the part.  Although,lauding her talent; some just felt she was the wrong choice. Including, the late singer’s only child, Lisa Simone Kelly.

I don’t want her to play her because of the identity issues that many Black Latino people have…they took colorism to higher levels.

To get into this issue, in and of itself, would be a collegiate discourse indeed.  However, to simplify it, basically, colorism is the preference for lighter skin.  Colorism is a hybrid of racism.  Colorism can happen to people of different races but it can also occur to people of the same race.  Its origins is rooted in White Supremacy, and the hatred inflicted on people of color to the degree, many adopted the sick, pathological behaviors of their masters.

It’s a global problem.

The movie is scheduled for release on April 22, 2016.

It will be interesting indeed to see how the public at large responds.


Here is a French film on the life of Nina Simone:

The Black Woman


Whether her hair is curly or straight, it’s the meaning of why she chooses to BE who she is; and represent her majesty within her creation, that defines the divinity of her being, which matters.

The Black Woman has a natural air of regal and ethereal aura about them.  It’s evident no matter where she goes.

Sometimes, when watching some sisters walk; they appear to glide–movements smooth, light and free as the wind.

I’m listening to Erykah Badu as I type this.

The title was inspired by her new mix-tape, Caint Use My Phone coming out…and then the words flowed.  Then the bass really amped up and like a song, I began to spit verse.

Black women are divine beings in flesh.  We are not to be compared to other women because we are the first creation of femininity.  Everything about us is to inspire and set the example.  That’s why when we wear our clothes, it’s not just cloth and colors and patters, it’s a mosaic of expression matched by the individual expression of the woman styling it.

Black women are nature trend setters.  A true work of art.  God’s masterpiece in human form.  He chose the womb of a Black woman(Lucy) to birth all races on this earth.  Why?  Her genes are in every single human on this planet.  To disparage the Black woman is to dishonor your original parent.  The Black woman is God?  No.  She’s his vision of womanhood.  Dr. Runoko Rashidi put into words when he said: “In the Black woman I see divinity. If I was going to portray and depict God in human form, the Black woman would be the model.”

I totally concur!

Our curves and sensuality can leave men helpless.  We own a man’s imagination.  Men love watching us when we saunter down the street. Seeing a Black women walk is literally watching poetry in motion.  Black women are fun.  We bring excitement and spirit to any environment we’re in.

Loving a Black woman is the highest form of love for a Black man for in doing so; he is acknowledging not only the Creator through her but participating in extending his own genetics through the womb of the only woman that is his genetic equal.


When a Black man begins to truly understand God, he can’t abuse a Black woman.

Black men who are mature, understand fully that the greatest compliment to him as a man is when his woman–A BLACK WOMAN, looks into his eyes and validates his entire existence through her love for him.

The Black women came into existence for a reason; and that is to justify the love and truth of God.

This is perfection.

Lauryn Hill Wanted To Sing to God; And the Illuminati Crucified Her Career!


Remember her? A Jersey native. She embodied cool from jump. The essence of Black beauty, talent, and a seer-like wisdom way beyond her years.  She is naturally beautiful, photogenic, interesting, and the camera loves her.  Even Dr. Dre wanted to work with her in the beginning of her career–he saw it too.

We were first introduced to Lauren Hill, via The Fugees, and she killed us softly. We were never the same.  She then furthered the punch with The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill and 10 million copies later; Ms. Lauryn Hill became her generations Nina Simone.  Singing about every social issue affecting the new millennium, her album pulled no punches. She stood for the truth and would not compromise that.

The record executives at all of the record labels are all part of a cabal that is backed by the elilte and its sole purpose is to make money from the talent of the young, hungry, naive artists, who are literally forced to sign contracts that enslaved and controlled them.

For the last 7 years, there has been a lot of talk about the Illuminati’s takeover of the music industry–Hip Hop in particular. It’s been talked about in barber shops, beauty shops, chat rooms, Youtube, Twitter, facebook; even DVD’s created discussing it.  The countless famous names that have been dropped as either being part of or damaged by the Illuminati reads like a Who’s Who. Whatever the arguments, there’s no denying that this corruption or takeover literally played a part in the downfall in one of Hip Hop’s brightest and gifted artists.

When Lauryn started with the Fugees, she stood out as the talent of the group.  People knew she was a star that was meant to shine.  Their first album, Blunted on Reality, was a nice debut of the group but it wasn’t until they released the smash album, The Score (selling over 2 million copies worldwide) giving them superstar status.  Back to back popular singles, Fugee-lah and Killing Me Softly (radio couldn’t get enough) that took the group to the next level but the primary focus was on Lauryn, given her natural presence being the attraction of the group.  The Score would reach multi-platinum status, becoming one of the highest selling albums of 1996–even earning the group a Grammy nomination, but this would mark the end of the group and the beginning of their solo careers.

The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill 1998


Lauryn was working on her solo album around this time.  She was taking a different direct for her music.  There was tension between the Fugees crew, mainly between Wyclef and Lauryn.  He was noticeably absent from her new album.  Some of the songs on the album obviously hinted at the tension.  In addition, Lauryn was battling her label over her new sound and where she wanted to take her album. They wanted her to to take another route but Lauren had a vision for her album and wanted it another way.  She felt the label’s idea would throw off the concept of her album so she stuck to her guns.  The album went on to becoming a critical and commercial success. Lauryn had won.  She became a mega solo act overnight. Big doors were opening up for her; larger ones than with the Fugees. She became the first woman to be nominated for 10 Grammy’s in one year and win 5 in one night.  The album would remain as one of the greatest albums to come out in a decade.  Had everything worked right, Lauryn would have become a successful artist but a positive spokesperson for young Black women and sex symbol in her own right.  Agreed.

So what happened?

The first issue was being sued by the group New Ark who claimed to have written over 95% of her album.  This was a serious accusation, giving the impression that Lauryn was a fraud and was not writing her songs.  The label settled for 5 million.  Fame started to become too much  for her.  She despised having to maintain a “perfect” image all the time.
She felt that label heads had too much power over her.  Then her relationship with Rohan Marley was on the rocks.  She had to make some changes.  She fired her entire management team.  Stopped watching television, doing interviews, and became a mystery all together and vanishing from the industry all together.  In her own words: “I had to step away when I realized that for the sake of the machine, I was being way too compromised. I felt uncomfortable about having to smile in someone’s face when I really didn’t like them or even know them well enough to like them.”

The rumors would swarm of her going crazy, doing drugs, joining a cult and having a nervous breakdown.  The answers to those question would be revealed in an MTV unplugged special where Lauryn made her first appearance in years.  This was a different Lauryn.  She sat on a stool with a guitar, no make-up, her trademark locks gone–replaced with a baseball cap and headband.  She seemed depressed, looking for a way out of the life she had chosen.

To this day, I refuse to watch that performance.

She would vanish again only to appear in the 2004 Dave Chappelle Block Party, reuniting with Clef and Pras, fueling rumors of a reunion, but that would not be.  As before, egos would clash.  Wyclef accused Lauryn of diva tactics, claiming her insistence on being called, “Ms. Hill.”  Her behavior would extend also in not showing up for rehearsals or showing up late for performances.  Her erratic behavior would continue over the years, wearing bizarre costumes when performing shows. Her fans would become extremely angry at her behavior, particularly showing up almost an hour late for shows.  Going as far as to show up in clown wigs, bad make-up, and circus outfits. The memes were unforgivable.


Lauryn was clearly battling something or just trying to figure out how to get out of the rabbit hole.  This would seem to end when she had to do 3 months for tax evasion in 2013.


Entering Into The Light

Looking at the Big Picture, perhaps everything that happened to Lauryn was her way of not selling her soul to the record labels that wanted to control her.  She found out the truth and like Dave Chappelle, she walked away, rather than end up like Whitney Houston.

Today, people like Jay-Z, Swizz Beats, and Beyonce have reached out but some see it as a trick of the elite to use these known Illuminati pawns to draw her back to the evil.  They hate it when people reject them or leave (they won’t let you leave).

She’s made surprise appearance on albums by Kanye West, Method Man and had a song dedicated to her from Talib Kweli.  In May of this year, The Fugees front-woman received the Golden Note Award at ASCAP’s 28th annual Rhythm & Soul Music Awards.

Lauryn Hill has been through a lot in the course of 20 years, including birthing 5 children.  She is a magnificent artist and deserves to be happy. I can only wish her the best.

One of her best performances (2013)

Well, My Birthday Is Coming Up…And I’m Just Peachy!


A generation ago, a child was born to Ms. Annie P.and Mr. Isaiah E. in the wonderful Peach state of Georgia.  I was born at 10:20 a.m. on a Friday.

Yes, ladies and gentleman, I have a birthday coming up in 4 days, and you know what?  I’m not even stressed about getting older.  It’s just never been my bag.  OK.  I’m not 24 any longer, but I’ve taken good care of myself and could hang with many.  When I was a young thing, I was a shop-till-you-drop, type of chick.  I lived to be fashionable–the ultimate Fashionista to the bone, but I didn’t have a clue of my destiny yet.  No, I’m not bragging, just stating the truth.  I’m not one of those women who’s shy about how I feel–uh, the blog…ha.  You know it.  But anyhoot, I’ve been thinking about a lot these days and I have to tell you, I’m just grateful to be alive and vigorous.  As you all remember, I had gotten sick earlier in the year and came very close to death. But God said, “Girl, really…you ain’t ready for that, yet.” So, he gave me another shot at living–and I’m not even feeling sick.  For that, I’m eternally grateful to the creator for his benevolence and mercy in my life.  I’m nowhere near perfect, but I haven’t killed anyone–well, maybe with my sharp tongue and mouse, but hence, I digress…

Life is a precious thing and I don’t take it for granted at all.

Listening to Ms. Anita Baker right now…”I’m giving you the best I got…baby.”  Hey.  *Snapping fingers*  Y’all wanna jam with me?

I was thinking about birthday parties.  You know, I really don’t celebrate a lot but I remember having a birthday party when I was 7, and one of my God sister accidentally put salt in my birthday cake.  All I can say, it was truly a sweet and sour surprise when I bit into my cake.  And then, there was my 23rd birthday party that my mother threw for me, uhm, with a slight caveat: next to some relatives, my grandparents and cousins, most of the guests in attendance were HER FRIENDS. The food was spectacular though.

I put on my facebook timeline what I wanted.  I can’t wait for the responses.  My short list for birthday wishes could only be met by a real baller or a generous donor.  I’ll wait…you never know. Hey!  IT’S MY BIRTHDAY.  And I’m totally open for surprises.  I love books, shoes, fashion, hair adornments, make-up artistry,food, cooking, art, oh, let me just stop, we’ll be here forever.

Most important, I love life and I’m so grateful that I can reach all of you….as I do.  It means the world to me.

So, as I await my birthday, I’ll just settle for being so happy and blessed  as I age.


The countdown begins…July 8th, here I come!!!