Do You Over-Stand The Importance of Your Melanin?

One of the greatest areas of irritation for me has been the coming out of white racists because of the motivation of one of our presidential candidates.  White power organizations have been having one of the greatest reasons to find new relevancy after Donald Trump’s racist invocations against Mexican people.  And then it was on.

White racism was thought to be dormant–even by some Black people.  But those of us who are conscious, knew this day would come.  White people have been bold in their hatred and bias; even in social media, they have been feeling embolden to speak what’s really in their hearts.

Well, racism aside, this past week, I read an article about comments from Donald Trump’s running mate, Mike Pence, said some very derogatory things about Michelle Obama.  What captured my attention were the hate-filled, racist comments of the majority white respondents.  I couldn’t help but to give a rebuttal.  And trust me, it was a “mouse-ful.”  My words were tactful but went to the jugular of the pathology of white hate.

DeMint, Pence Holds Press Conference On Tax Relief Legislation

There is a deeper component of what is really wrong with white people and that is the purpose of this blog topic.

Melanin is one of the most important biochemicals in our bodies.

“Melanin is important because it’s the most primitive and universal pigment in living organisms. Melanin is produced in the pineal gland. Abundantly found in primitive organisms such as fungi, as well as advanced primates. Furthermore, within each living organism, melanin appears to be located in the major functional sites. For example, in vertebrates, melanin is not only present in the skin, eyes, ears, central nervous system, it can also be found in the pineal gland, pituitary gland, thyroid gland, thymus gland, adrenal gland, and the barathary gland. Melanin is abundantly present in the viscera, including the heart, liver, arteries, the muscles, and the gastrointestinal tract; thus, within each and every living organ which aids the human body melanin appears. Regardless of what color your skin appears to be all genes in all creatures on this planet are black because they are coated with melanin.

The amount of melanin in the skin is one of the most variable of human traits, and many polygenes are involved. Groups of people or the population of the world were once classified according to the skin shade: Black (Nubians), White (Caucasians), Yellow (Orientals) and Red (Native Americans) etc… We must realize that just because this is the way they have classified people does not mean this is the way it should be. The hues of color of your skin depend on several factors. First is the amount of melanin in the outer layers of the skin. Melanin acts as a filter to prevent damage to the delicate deeper layers of the skin, by penetration of ultraviolet light.”

As it relates to Black people, it gives our entire existence profound relevance to this entire planet.  Melanin gives Black people superior mental, physical and mental abilities.

“Melanin refines the nervous system in such a way that messages from the
brain reach other areas of the body most rapidly in Black people, the
Original People. Black infants sit, stand, crawl and walk sooner than
whites, and demonstarte more advanced cognitive skills than their white
counterparts because of their abundance of Melanin. Carol Barnes writes
“…your mental processes (brain power) are controlled by the same
chemical that gives Black humans their superior physical (atheltics,
rhythmic dancing) abilities. This chemical… is Melanin!” The
abundance of Melanin in Black humans produces a superior organism
physically, mentally and spiritiually. This why all the founders of the
world’s great religions are Black. Melanin is the neuro-chemical basis
for what is called SOUL in Black people. In the same way Blacks excel in
athletics, they can excel in all other areas as well (like they did in
the past!) once the road blocks are removed!”

We all should be studying this in depth.

I posted the above video because it is going deeper into the subject of melanin.

Black people represent the divine.  We are the first people of this planet–The Original Man.  God made us in HIS IMAGE.

That is why we are so connected to the spiritual realm.

We are gods.

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A deeper lecture on the subject:

When You Show White People How Depraved They Are…


Ever since I posted the pictures of the white woman having sex with the dog; white people who were offended, have, per usual, tried to tell me that many Black women “do it to.”  No they don’t.  Black women are not crazy and many can’t stand the smell of dogs, much less to have one fuck them in the vagina.

Now, as for prostitutes, there’s not telling what they may do for clients, but I’ll tell you…the men who want that are always, WHITE MALES.

Bestiality’s origin is completely European in origin.  White people are always depicted in scenes involving “zoo sex” as it’s called.

Black people don’t fuck dogs.  Not that I know about.  It’s not practiced.  Black people know that animals are not human and they are not to be used for sex. You don’t see Black men and women writing about having sex with dogs in either fiction or non-fiction.  There are no art illustrations of people of African descent engaging in oral, anal, or vaginal sex with animals. We don’t fantasize about it or make jokes about it.  Basically, it’s something “white folks do.”  And we are not wrong are we?

So, again, white people try to project their depravity onto Black people, instead of facing the truth about the abominations that Europeans have practiced for centuries.  Check Greek and Roman history.

White people, by their very nature, are depraved, and it’s high time that many face the truth about the sickness that is deep within them.

I won’t apologize for the post.

The white folks were upset–even trying to elude to the fact that I was a racist and completely out of line for saying such things about them.  Oh, how they get pissed when their sick asses are exposed.  I banned every one of them–I don’t want to hear it.

Anyone can research what I posted.

Bestiality has and is still practiced in much of Europe. Germany (the most depraved), Norway, Denmark, all over the United Kingdom.


There are many more, all authored by white men and women.

What kind of mind fantasizes about this shit?

White people are imploding and their entire race is being exposed for just how sick and deeply entrenched in lasciviousness they are.

No one made any of those women have sex with dogs.  They wanted to.  White men are just as guilty.  His bitch is just as disturbed as he is.  Put a leash on her and WALK her to the park for all I care.

Black people, it’s time to make the white man and his bitch get the hell out of our communities and eradicate this bacteria in our culture.

It’s one of the reasons why interracial relationships with white people should be stopped.  To think that a child being birthed from the womb of women who had a dog penis in it.

Bobbi Kristina…The Signs Were Already There!


You know February 11th will be the 3rd anniversary of Whitney’s death. How strange that this happens at this time–literally, the same manner. I prayed for her this morning. It’s in God’s hands now.

The eeriness of the events in which surround this situation are heartbreaking.

However, like many of you, I pose the same questions: Why in the hell is this child living alone, given her vulnerability?  It’s bad enough to have one parent on drugs, but both, Bobby and Whitney were on drugs.  Steps should have been taken to ensure that proactive measures were implemented to assist Bobbi Kristina.

They knew that this was coming.  I thought Aunt Pat was supposed to be looking out for this child.   She was “supposed” to be looking out for Whitney too.”   This woman only seems to come into the picture after the fact. Bobbi Kristina was 19 when her mother died, but the history of the family made her so vulnerable. She needs to be around family–not left to her own devices. This girl truly was conditioned to be what she is. There were drugs found in the home; and she is using. I usually can be hard on drug/alcohol addicts, but this child doesn’t have a “normal”. Drugs were so constant around her; it’s the only norm she knows. Bobby Brown shouldn’t be made out as the scapegoat, but at the same time, he most certainly is the reason his daughter is like this, and I hold him totally accountable.

From what is being reported now, She has been moved to Emory Hospital in Atlanta, which is the best hospital in the city for neurological conditions.

Friends and I have been talking about this and the only thing most of us can come up with is that this child’s life has been injured for life.  She’s the product of dysfunction.  There is no such thing as innocence, as hers was stolen in having 2 parents who abused drugs.

We can’t judge her.

They named the guy on the local news where I am in Georgia.  His name is Maxwell Byron Lomas and he was recently arrested on drug charges.  He was a friend of Bobbi and Nicks, we can only assume as to why, given his choice of profession.

The latest news is that Tyler Perry has offered his home for Bobbi to recuperate–given she survives this.

Doctors have not been very positive as relates to her general psychical recovery, however, they can only give a prognosis–they’re saying she may not walk or be the same.  Doctors are limited in what they can do, God is not. Bobby Kristina needs to find Jesus–or suffer the consequences. Life is not promised to anyone–and it’s important to make the right choices each and every single day. I don’t know what the outcome will be for this child, but we can only pray that if God delivers her from this; she owes it to him to live better and serve him.

I will continue to pray for her.

9 Reasons Why You Should Fire Your Doctor!



There is nothing worse than a bad doctor.  You know the kind: they want your money, but don’t have time for you.

My mother recently began seeing a doctor that I recommended based on the recommendation of some friends.  Thought I’d tell her about him.  On her first visit, she loved him.  But on the second one: He was very impatient with her, somewhat condescending, didn’t listen, and we didn’t like his staff.

My mother is 74 years old and it’s very important for doctors to take time with the elderly.  Mama didn’t want to go back to him after the second visit and I told her after a third appointment was scheduled that if he hadn’t changed in his doctor-to-patient manners; then she should seek another doctor.

While thinking about this, I just happened to look online about reporting a bad doctor.  You report them to the state medical board.  And also, you can post on WebMD as well.

I found this article in U.S. News that opened my eyes and would you know…my mother’s current doctor has over half of these traits.

*Calling mama*