The Return of Black Gods

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Black people!!! It’s time for a new revolution. The old is passing away; and things are stagnant because no one is being creative or bold. People of African blood are CREATORS! American culture is rooted in Black progenitors of style and ingenuity. From art to fashion; academia, science, mathematics, poetry, music, dance, literature, cinema, sports, et al. We MADE our mark–and set records. Black culture has been the heartbeat of this country. Its rhythm, the pulse that gives it life. I don’t know about any of you, but it’s time to stop living other people’s despair.

We are the Illuminated Ones.  The first people who knew and talked to God.  We must get back to our true selves.

If you have been following this Caucasoid, parasite, you are living backwards.  You’re seeing a devalued view of your innate state.  We are not like them and should not be mixing our genetics with them.

For those who over-stand breeding, you can change the genetic structure of a species, simply by interfering with it’s reproductive system.  You don’t breed a thoroughbred with a donkey.  This would completely degrade the offspring of the thoroughbred.  You don’t mix dominant with recessive.  But that is exactly what has happened to many Black people in this oppressive and abusive relationship with the white man.

God made us to be his crown jewel.  Everything began with US.  He gave us strength, knowledge, talent, spirituality, and wisdom. Our consciousness operates at a high frequency, allowing for us to communicate with Him.  But many of you lost contact with the Creator–and that’s why your lives have been disconnected.

The white man has plotted to kill you.  And everything that you’ve been through was designed to destroy the God-MAN inside of–YOU; and cut off your relationship with our Father in Heaven.  He is the power source; and it’s time to allow him back into your life if you want to BE the Men you were designed to be.

The greatest revolution that could change everything…Is to have the audacity to force society to stop living a false narrative that had been scripted for us to lose!

We already won! Start living and acting like it!

I’m gonna feel good regardless.

The Picture That Destroys Racism…



So the caption read on a post I read this morning on Facebook.  It was this interracial couple, both smiling, as a meme of sorts, being used to push the agenda of self-hatred onto the Black community.

This is a false premise.

First of all, interracial marriage is not the cure for racism. Most end in divorce. If it were the solution, why do we still live in a divided country? And to further…why would any intelligent Black person who understands genetics, marry a genetic recessive troglodyte? The truth of the matter is that the white population is at negative birthrate. They have come to their end as a species; and can’t regenerate themselves, thus, they have to rely on the Black race, The Original Man and Woman of this planet, to help them preserve their genes.

This is the whole scheme behind the interracial marriage agenda. The very purpose of it is rooted in White Supremacy!

It’s very interesting that they used a Black woman in that picture–and a very dark one. The Black WOMB-man is the genetic portal of HUE-manity.  And that white man in the picture is the symbol of superiority.  White men know inherently that the stronger the genes in the Black woman; the more it benefits his offspring.

This is about white genetic survival.

So where does this leave Black America?

Let me tell you, I have never been stupid–even when I had an excuse to be.  I see things clearly, objectively; and I am not naive about anything in life.  And what I see is the glaring reality of just how much white people insult the intelligence of Black people.  This photo is promoting anti-Blackness!

How so?

Black people have nothing to gain from interracial unions.  We are inherently genetically dominant. What this is promoting is our enemy’s way to weaken and eliminate the Black family through genetic manipulation.

Not falling for it.  Not eating the apple.  Don’t want to drink from this bar.

We are not designed to be weak, Black people.  White people are WEAK!  And they know it. How else can they destroy us?  They’ve tried everything; but they are the ones who ended up in crisis.  They are at negative birthrate.  And I find it almost to be a divine sentence on them for their behavior and hatred on this planet.

At this time, we have to analyze everything that is being promoted in our community. Not all of our people are alert, wise or conscious.  Therefore, those of us who truly do see the BIG PICTURE, we have to check our enemy.

At all times.  By Any Means Necessary!

Do You Over-Stand The Importance of Your Melanin?

One of the greatest areas of irritation for me has been the coming out of white racists because of the motivation of one of our presidential candidates.  White power organizations have been having one of the greatest reasons to find new relevancy after Donald Trump’s racist invocations against Mexican people.  And then it was on.

White racism was thought to be dormant–even by some Black people.  But those of us who are conscious, knew this day would come.  White people have been bold in their hatred and bias; even in social media, they have been feeling embolden to speak what’s really in their hearts.

Well, racism aside, this past week, I read an article about comments from Donald Trump’s running mate, Mike Pence, said some very derogatory things about Michelle Obama.  What captured my attention were the hate-filled, racist comments of the majority white respondents.  I couldn’t help but to give a rebuttal.  And trust me, it was a “mouse-ful.”  My words were tactful but went to the jugular of the pathology of white hate.

DeMint, Pence Holds Press Conference On Tax Relief Legislation

There is a deeper component of what is really wrong with white people and that is the purpose of this blog topic.

Melanin is one of the most important biochemicals in our bodies.

“Melanin is important because it’s the most primitive and universal pigment in living organisms. Melanin is produced in the pineal gland. Abundantly found in primitive organisms such as fungi, as well as advanced primates. Furthermore, within each living organism, melanin appears to be located in the major functional sites. For example, in vertebrates, melanin is not only present in the skin, eyes, ears, central nervous system, it can also be found in the pineal gland, pituitary gland, thyroid gland, thymus gland, adrenal gland, and the barathary gland. Melanin is abundantly present in the viscera, including the heart, liver, arteries, the muscles, and the gastrointestinal tract; thus, within each and every living organ which aids the human body melanin appears. Regardless of what color your skin appears to be all genes in all creatures on this planet are black because they are coated with melanin.

The amount of melanin in the skin is one of the most variable of human traits, and many polygenes are involved. Groups of people or the population of the world were once classified according to the skin shade: Black (Nubians), White (Caucasians), Yellow (Orientals) and Red (Native Americans) etc… We must realize that just because this is the way they have classified people does not mean this is the way it should be. The hues of color of your skin depend on several factors. First is the amount of melanin in the outer layers of the skin. Melanin acts as a filter to prevent damage to the delicate deeper layers of the skin, by penetration of ultraviolet light.”

As it relates to Black people, it gives our entire existence profound relevance to this entire planet.  Melanin gives Black people superior mental, physical and mental abilities.

“Melanin refines the nervous system in such a way that messages from the
brain reach other areas of the body most rapidly in Black people, the
Original People. Black infants sit, stand, crawl and walk sooner than
whites, and demonstarte more advanced cognitive skills than their white
counterparts because of their abundance of Melanin. Carol Barnes writes
“…your mental processes (brain power) are controlled by the same
chemical that gives Black humans their superior physical (atheltics,
rhythmic dancing) abilities. This chemical… is Melanin!” The
abundance of Melanin in Black humans produces a superior organism
physically, mentally and spiritiually. This why all the founders of the
world’s great religions are Black. Melanin is the neuro-chemical basis
for what is called SOUL in Black people. In the same way Blacks excel in
athletics, they can excel in all other areas as well (like they did in
the past!) once the road blocks are removed!”

We all should be studying this in depth.

I posted the above video because it is going deeper into the subject of melanin.

Black people represent the divine.  We are the first people of this planet–The Original Man.  God made us in HIS IMAGE.

That is why we are so connected to the spiritual realm.

We are gods.

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A deeper lecture on the subject:

The Dallas Shooting: Vengeance or A Warning From God?


What happened on Thursday night this past week  in Dallas, was a shock and a tragedy, yes.  But let’s get real.  Everything that has happened in succession after the death of Trayvon Martin, provoked this event.

The imbalance of justice is blatant.

Dylan Roof killed 9 BP and was taken to Burger King by cops. Micah Johnson was blown up by a robot.

Divine Reciprocity is real.  The universe is only giving back to humanity what is put out by human beings–and that also includes white people. The 5 police officers that were killed, are merely collateral damage of a greater spiritual war.  Everyone on the news have been trying to talk neutrally in order to provoke thought and introspection of our nation to “heal the racial tensions” in this country.  And as I sat there analyzing what was said, the prevailing thought for me was the real issue in this county are RACIST WHITE MALES.  Yeah, that’s right. All of this was provoked by the actions of these type of men and the hypocrisy that keeps masking the real truth of injustice in this country is casually being swept under the carpet because our society just doesn’t give a damn.

Our enemy practices The Art of War.  Many of us don’t realize how powerful this book is within the halls of the elites.  It’s mantras have become quoted as much as biblical scriptures among the powerful.


“If your enemy is stronger than you, he must be infiltrated and destroyed from within by getting him to turn his lethal might upon himself…”

That particular statement is very poignant in review of everything that is being promoted by the media of late regarding the violence against African Americans.

This afternoon, I received this message on facebook from Dr. Phil Valentine regarding the current state of our people and events impacting our lives:

Black Lives Matter was formed by 3 Black females … Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors and Opal Tometi (alleged to be ardent supporters of the Gay/Transgender alliance, members of the socialist/communist-oriented “Democracy Alliance” organization, and lesbians as well – having already defined themselves as “Queer Black Women”). How did this organization suddenly become so UNQUESTIONABLY “relevant” to us? More importantly, where did this organization get its funding, and why does the media exclusively turn to ITS “leaders” to get the Black community’s narrative for “social justice”?

Well Fam; here’s the list of “backers” funding YOUR ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement. (See pics below)

(1) Rob McKay, heir to Taco Bell, is said to be the main funding conduit to the Black Lives Matter movement through his “Democracy Alliance” (DA) organization (alleged to be a communist/socialist inspired front). Combined donations to the groups from the DA organization now exceed $500 million…
(2) Multi-billionaire George Soros contributed over $30 million in seed money.
(2) According to Essence magazine, Google gave $2.35 million in grants to activist organizations addressing the “racial injustices that have swept the nation.”
(4) Hedge fund billionaire Tom Steyer—who raised hundreds-of-millions of dollars for the presidential campaigns of both President Obama, and now Hillary Clinton. Total: 78 million
(5) Billionaire Michael Bloomberg – 27.7 million
(6) Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook erected a huge “Black Lives Matter” sign at its Menlo Park headquarters on the 8th, just hours after the Dallas “shootout”. Hmmm… 

All of these people are white.Are you getting the picture yet? If not, I’d normally say give it time and it will all eventually come “into focus”. But you DON’T have time. There are forces embedded within your community, along with the media images that favorably support their tactics and goals; forces that you have UN-critically accepted as being “on your side”.

What I’m saying is that these people have infiltrated our community with the intent of doing harm, under the guise of “being our ally”.

Micah Johnson was formerly an Army Reservist.  But he had grown angry over the violence that has been killing so many innocent Black males. The deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile were added to the list of the fallen innocent of victims who were guilty of being Black in the wrong place.  He had a right to be angry.  But something deeper in him stirred him to action.  And then it happened: 12 people got shot at a peaceful protest against the deaths of the two men this past week, and now, 4 white men and 1 Hispanic man are dead.

Micah was angry with white people and specifically acted out his rage on them.

Some would say, what goes around comes around.

But what I say is that violence against Black people will not change the white man’s fate. He is being eliminated from this planet and rightly so.

It’s sad that 5 cops died but how many lives were taken by cops?

That’s what needs to be the control thought.

And again, Micah Johnson is just collateral damage of this war.

God is talking.

We better start listening.

I’m On The Verge of Starting A Race War…


Well, in my mind anyway.

Frankly, a plethora of thoughts go through my mind from day to day.  They encompass every realm of passions that I have.

However, as relates to race, I’m having inner visions of being the catalyst or figure-head of some great mental expansion that provokes one of the greatest spiritual and ground wars on white people that the world has ever seen.

The hatred they have spread on this planet has made the whole earth sick.

Satan created them for this purpose.  His hatred is in them. Every thing they do goes against the laws of God and nature.  Nature is God’s right hand and any attack on it will be met with violence.

NO ONE is above the laws of this universe.  There is a spiritual intelligence and divine hand that is holding all of this together.

The earth is ridding itself of everything that is creating imbalance and impurity.

Many Black people sit and wonder…praying to God and asking why white people have been allowed to do so much evil on this planet. Where do they get their power?

The weather and events that have been occurring are not by accident.  They are responses from nature in conjunction to our actions on this planet.  We are being given signs from the Creator and he’s not playing.

Witchcraft, racism, pedophilia, freemasonry/Illuminati, television, texting, video games, sex,  et al.  We’ve become so distracted in this society by what is fake and unreal, the truth actually bothers people.  Hate has become the new gospel of the elites and their agenda to engross us is serious.  They seriously want to mind-control the entire population.  If you think that these people are not serious–the TRUTH would scare you.

But do not fear.

God is going to bring judgement on these people.  They are arrogant and believe they are invincible.  They feel they can do what they want with impunity.  That’s because they have not seen God’s power.  The Bible states clearly God’s hatred of the wicked.

Revelation 21:8 “But cowards, unbelievers, the corrupt, murderers, the immoral, those who practice witchcraft, idol worshipers, and all liars–their fate is in the fiery lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death.”

Galatians 5:19-21 Now the actions of the flesh are obvious: sexual immorality, impurity, promiscuity, idolatry,witchcraft, hatred, rivalry, jealously, outbursts of anger, quarrels, conflicts, factions, envy, murder, drunkenness, wild partying, and things like that. I am telling you now, as I have told you in the past, that people who practice such things will not inherit the kingdom of God.

This is an abomination to God. And those who practice the occult are going to see God’s power on a level that will bring many to their knees.

The power that white people have come from the darkness.  Many of the wealthiest white people in this country are all tied to the Illuminati.  Their behavior is indicative of those involved in the occult.  Racism is evil.  It is all about domination and control–it’s WITCHCRAFT!  It is demonic!  No one who practices witchcraft will enter into Heaven.

Thus, we must put on the whole armor of God and stand strong!

As I ponder many things…I don’t really know how God will use me in this upcoming battle but from what I envision; my role will be at the forefront.  And I will trust him no matter what.

Our enemy’s fall is at hand!

This battle will be fought and we shall be victorious!

God is on our side.



My diary: Been on a Roll Checking White Racists!!!

images (9)
At the beginning of this year, I kept a year-end promise to hand down the almighty SMACKDOWN on anyone that vexed me in the new year.  Be it family, friend, enemy or the typical idiot who thinks that everyone is clueless, doesn’t read, and has the intellect of a gnat. I’m in full Ninja-mode and I’m not playing with folks right now.  Especially white folks who insist on playing ignorant on their racist behavior these days.  I pity the fool that has to be educated…THE HARD WAY!!!
Such was the case this past Friday (4/15/16) on a naive supervisor who made the mistake of thinking that I would cower when being a given a mid-term performance review, in which I questioned her on one of her observations. Like Beyonce did with her Formation video, I completely caught her off-guard and slayed.  I spoke bluntly to my supervisor about the racist behavior I’ve witnessed at my company in the 10 years I’ve been there. She told me that some of my clients think I’m not “friendly” because I look stern and “don’t smile” enough. When she said that to me, it was like a bomb went off and I looked her straight in the eyes and told her point blank: When white people say things like that about Black people; it’s like talking code: as with white police officers saying, “I feared for my life” in reference to a Black person to justify shooting them. Just because I’m not smiling does not indicate I’m not friendly, it simply means I’m focused on what I’m doing.  I went in. The look on her face was priceless. I wouldn’t let up. I told her point blank how white customers disrespect the Black agents and you know what happened next. *The fumble speech* “Well, I don’t tolerate that sort of thing…ya-da–ya-da-yada.” Bitch, save it!  I cornered her. Don’t ever try a Black woman on that shit!
Anyway, I’ve also been very busy online in other discussions and I took some time to also educate some people on Youtube, many of who are white, who like to drop the occasional race bomb on Black folk.
I wasn’t having it.
April 16, 2016
Commented on video:
 Sorry, you’re not new to this. Been talking about this for a long time–even talked about it in depth in my 2011 novel, A Journey Into The Mind of a Black Woman: In Search of Black Men Who Live With Purpose (On Amazon). Frankly, I really feel that white women are a product of white sociopathy. White men have used white women as pawns–even in Europe. They hate their own women because her womb is dead. Black women have never been asleep to this she-wolf. It’s from the womb of a white woman that the worst serial killers, rapists, terrorists, and sexual deviants in history. Let’s just tell it like it is. Where do all white people come from? CAVES. Her depravity is innate. They are not human–they are sub-human. Black WOMB-man BIRTHED ALL LIFE. And don’t expect any Black Queen to ever show deference to a thing that would have sex with a dog. Stop talking about these women as though they deserve any level of respect. The joke is on ALL of them. The vagina of the white woman has become the Apocalypse–the greatest genocidal weapon for ALL WHITE PEOPLE that has ever been used on Caucasians throughout history. Nature is a mutha. The Bible said it best: Whatsoever a man soweth (does), that shall he also reap (divine reciprocity). It’s name: Negative Birthrate. All thanks to the white woman!!!


April 20, 2016

*In response to: Ricky Pastille

Stupidity seems to be a trait or white racists.  First and foremost, nimrod, it’s very clear that not only are you informed of rational truths; it would also seem to be…yet another example of just how fucking ignorant you people are.  Arrogance is not a sign of intelligence.  Had you really investigated, you’d know that WHITE WOMEN are on welfare more than minorities, sweetie.  Also, WHITE PEOPLE abuse welfare more.  I’d like to also add as an aside: Currently, the white race is at negative birthrate.  It is so severe, not only will you be the minority in this country; but the entire European continent will also undergo a major birth depopulation.  Count this as the divine hand of God paying back the evil and hatred that “your race” have perpetrated on this planet.  When you take life; you must replace it with your own.  You’re a genetic defect, and simply put: Your genes are your biggest enemy.  Black people have the strongest genes on earth and every time I look at a white man, the Law of Nature is the ultimate payback for everything white people have done to people of color on this planet.  YOU DESERVE TO DIE!!!

April 17, 2016

*In response to racist narrator, Nationalism4Life

You people are at Negative Birthrate. Stupidity seems to be a common trait among white bigots, so let me school you! First and foremost, white people didn’t create Black people, Motherfucker! Your asses have recessive genes. You appeared on this planet 100,000 years after civilization began–and just what do you think happened before you got here? Caucasians lived in caves in the mountains of Eurasia, sweetie. You’re not human–You’re Neanderthals genetically. Black people are 100% HUE-MAN. That’s what “human” means, miscreant. HUE–as in color. There is no race on this planet that comes close to that, which means, BLACK PEOPLE ARE THE PARENT RACE. You know, it’s so hard to do actual research, thus, a “monkey-brain” has to educate a meat-head who hasn’t mastered the ability to conquer his ignorance through reading. You are not a superior race. What you are is a low, reptilian brain, fragmented thinking, bestial, soul-less, neurotic, pathologically depraved, suicidal, genetic defect!!! BTW: What is a monkey brain, Caucasoid?

August 20, 2016

*In response to this video

White people share genes with the Rhesus Monkey. How interesting, given their inclination to refer to Black people as monkeys. Another TRUTH about these genetic recessive defects being exposed!

Commented to: Dave Matthew

You know something, I am always amazed how white motherfuckers find their way to niche channels like, Dahwah’s, yet, profess white supremacy. If your women look so good, why the hell are so many of them getting face lifts before the age of 35? Redundant idiots. Every one of you must read from the same handbook. Typing the same foolishness. Whose fault is it why white people are at negative birthrate. Seems like like those supposed good looking white woman wanna be with every thing, including dogs, but not with a white man. Ahh…damn. *And the guitar keeps playing*

Commented to: Michael Carr

Tell me something? Why are over 30, 000 white men killing themselves every year? Why are middle class white men and women killing themselves? Why is the white population at negative birthrate? How do you make a race, craKKKa? Can you tell me? European CAVE MEN appeared on the earth 100,000 years after civilization. Where did you get knowledge from? There are more white woman on welfare and white people abuse welfare more but yet, you continue to believe stereotypes about Black people to make your sorry ass feel better. And my last question, craKKKa: Why are white women fucking dogs? Can you tell me? *And the guitar keeps playing*

It’s quite clear…I don’t hold back.

I urge all here to do the same when faced with this type of ignorance.

Silence is unacceptable.

White People are Scared To Death!

Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.  Galatians 6:7

Today is a beautiful day and I am busy handling some business but in between my chores, I went on Youtube and ran across this video.  As I listened to it, I could not help but to smirk at the fear, arrogance, and self-pity of the narrators, talking as if POC’s, as all minorities are called today, are the enemy and are conquering them like invaders.


Am I missing something?

Do white people remember how they treated people of color on this globe?  For that matter, do they remember how European countries warred against each other century after century.

One of my followers said it best:

“Truth,I was watching The Color Purple the other day.  Ms.Celie said it best.”What you done to me,I’ve already done to you”.No good will come to white people until they do right by us.Well here is the results of their evil deeds,despite taking money out of public schools, Blacks are enrolling in college at a higher rate.The CIA brought drugs into black communities to destroy it.As we speak white people do drugs at 5 times the rate of black people. White people are using prescription medicine and over medicating themselves on pain killers at a 10-1 ratio vs blacks.White people alcohol and suicide rates are at a 7-1 ratio vs blacks.Their drug use is going to leave their women with a low egg count and white men impotent.Do black men and women who are going out of their way to date white people know these things.What I find funny,is that the Justice system still wants to lock black people for drug use,while this government wants to use our tax dollars to build jails for black people and rehab centers for white people. Another judgement is coming to this country and I won’t shed a tear when it gets here.”

What you do to others comes back to you in equal measure.  Everyone understands this except white people.

Well, when God has tried to get your attention through various teachers, messengers, prophets, and ministers, and you still refuse to stop your behavior, nature will then enforce God’s laws.

What’s going on? Nature is handing out JUSTICE for all of the evil white men have perpetrated on this earth on people of color. You reap what you sew. There is a cosmic intelligence in this universe and you are receiving what you’ve caused to happen to others. Stop acting as if you don’t understand your own history and behavior toward people of color on this planet. Anyone that participates in genocide–when you take life; you must pay with your own. Poor white people. Your genes are the cause. Stop crying. It was inevitable.

Extra:  People are rejoicing over this news…