So. What Will Happen Next?


This morning, I woke up as usual.  I prayed to God–giving thanks.  Then I went into the bathroom.  The hot water spigot is stripped–and the water is not feeding through when trying to shower.  My blood pressure went up a bit but mainly I just took it in stride and accepted that this is just another issue to put on the block.

Nonetheless, I’m not yet ready to blog any pieces about anything yet.  As most of you, I am waiting till after the Inauguration.

Obama gave his last speech in Chicago last night.  That’s my hometown.  I wish I could have been there.  I was laying down when it came on and only heard about 10 minutes of it before dozing off.  I checked it out again on the news-feed and I was struck by how unmoved I was.  Honestly, I haven’t been that impressed with Obama.  He’s done some things but I feel that African Americans didn’t hold him accountable.  His capitulation to the Republican Party and to White America’s Fear of a Black President, literally set the tone for the election of Donald Trump.

Here is the full speech for those who missed it:

9 days from now, a new man will sit in the seat being vacated by President Barack Hussein Obama.

What kind of transition will this be?

I am actually not ready to make any kind of speculation because frankly, I just can’t call it right now.

Today, I’m focused on getting myself in a position where I won’t have to work.  I really am thinking about retiring young.  There is a lot I want to do.  And I am going to put more energy in becoming THE OWNER of what I do.  Entrepreneurship is the best route for African Americans in my opinion.  I got plans.  BIG PLANS.

As for the rest, I’m sure there will be a lot to talk about in 2017.  But…as of yet, we’ll all just have to wait and see what will unfold.

Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump: There is No Difference!

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When I look into the eyes of our two presidential candidates, honestly, I see the same evil staring out of both of their eyes. They are the female and male symbols of white supremacy.  Regardless of which we choose, we’re just selecting a new overseer–not a savior.

The mandate that we have as a people is to select which one who is going to manage the aftermath of our First Black President, who did nothing for US; and that reality is what African American people must realize.

It’s been a battle for me deciding whether or not I’m going to vote.  I’m leaning to sitting this one out.  Everyone I talk with have been trying to convince me to go to the polls but for what?  I don’t like either candidate.

So what don’t I like about them?

Hillary Rhodam Clinton

When I look into the eyes of Hillary Clinton, immediately, the impression is that she is detached.  There is no emotion in this woman.  She is dead.  I don’t trust anything that comes out of her mouth and frankly, I feel that she is an inveterate liar and all of a sudden, she “knows Trayvon Martin?”  She’s met with the mothers of Black sons who’ve been murdered by racist police.  Putting on a show.  When the hell has she ever cared for Black people?  Under the Clinton administration, it was President Bill Clinton policies that brought about mass incarceration of Black men.  Called Black men “Super Predators” to set the tone and brainwashing in the media to dissensitize  the public–criminalizing Black life.  Now, she’s sorry.   On a moral basis, As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton was the biggest advocate for the assassination of Muammar Gaddafi.  She lied.  Saying that he was going to kill all of his people. No he wasn’t.   She personally orchestrated the destruction of Libya and the killing of Muammar Gaddafi.   She is a proponent of eugenics and is a big fan of Margaret Sanger.  That sent alarm bells through many in the African American community.  Margaret Sanger was a racist.  Her words exposed that.  Planned Parenthood has killed over 50 million African American babies and you have to wonder what kind of human being esteems such a person.

Donald “Da Donald” Trump

Well, let me get right to the point: I don’t dislike Donald Trump.  He’s very honest.  I can’t hate anyone for that.  And let me be clear, it’s not what Donald Trump said at the beginning of his campaign about Mexicans that opened up the hatred in this country; his brutal candor exposed what “we know” white folks say about people of color when they are among themselves.  And then…Pandora’s Box was opened.  White men in this country came alive.  They’ve been having a field day at Donald Trump rallies–feeling free to express all of the pent up bitterness, resentment, hatred and violence that lurks just beneath the surface of most of them.

Nature has been handing it to white people.  Currently at negative birthrate and growing, then, to top it off, there is a suicide rate of white males and females, high addiction to prescription drugs, heroin addiction and a decline of the white middle class has provoked an inner Neanderthal who’s had his feelings hurt, thus, giving rise to the subconscious psychopath that is now among us, stalking, provoking and killing our melanated brothers.

And Donald Trump is not trying to stop them.  Earlier in the year, he began to chant at his rallies:  “Make America Great Again.”  This was code-speak.  You know what he was really saying, family.  This was the command to white males in America to take this country back–no matter what.

There is a disturbing video by the New York Times that show Donald Trump supporters hurling profanities, violent threats, racist, sexist and ethnic slurs.

Donald Trump has also incited physical violence at many of his rallies.

Image result for Donald Trump racist rallies

What has been unleashed in this country?

How many more Black lives will be lost because of this type of hatred that we haven’t seen in this country since the last century.

Given all that is going on, for some reason, I’m not fearing anything because I believe in God.  I know that he is a God of justice and he is not pleased.  When God is not pleased, people and places start disappearing.

White America is cursed.   They are being exposed by the Creator and their evil is being viewed around the world.

You can’t keep doing these type of things to innocent people just to justify your existence on this planet. Nature has the final say in that.

Judgement is on White America.

This election will be the final outcome.

The Music of Bob Marley is The Remedy For Our Trying Times…

This weekend, one of my aunts was laid to rest after an unexpected illness.  I’ve been thinking about a lot of things lately and today, Bob Marley came to mind.  His music means so much to so many people around the world.

Redemption song was based on slavery in the new world.

Does this not sound like what we’re feeling subliminally?

Bob Marley was a unique individual as well as an inspired artist.  He used his music to educate, empower, and protest the powers that be.

In light of everything happening, I chose to post one of his last concerts before he passed away in 1982.

Watch, grow and listen.


Zoe Saldana: AA’s say…HELL NO! You Are Not The Right Choice To Play Nina Simone!



This is the poster for the upcoming biopic on the life of Nina Simone.

As many of you have probably already heard, Zoe Saldana has been chosen to play the legendary singer/activist.  In the movie, Zoe wears a prosthetic nose and dark make-up. Which has upset many in the African American community.

This is just bad politics as far as many in the African American community.  It would be an absolute understatement to say how much this movie has angered many in the African American community, many of whom feel absolutely insulted culturally.

Much of the criticism stems on the reality of Zoe Saldana not being African American–she’s Dominican and Puerto Rican. Also the sting of having a woman of color having to put on dark make-up to play a role of a dark-skinned Black woman, is simply galling.

Zoe Saldana is a light-skinned actress.  And it just seemed ridiculous to pick a woman who needed to be put in dark make-up, when there was an abundance of dark skinned actresses who were available and more than qualified to play the role.  Oh.  I did I mention…that Zoe Saldana’s husband is—ta…da…A WHITE MAN?!?

Many questioned why they couldn’t choose dark-skinned Black actresses to play the role? Kimberly Elise and Viola Davis were the top two choices.  And would have surely gave stand-out performance.


The typical aversion of Hollywood to avoid dark-skinned Black women, opened up a lot of wounds: the typical choice to favor light-skinned actresses, just popped open that cultural can of worms that won’t go away.

The casting controversy was just one.  The second issue that many took to task was the fact of Nina Simone being very proud of her dark-skin, promoting the beauty of dark women like herself; it was just simply wrong and disrespectful to her legacy to have a light-skinned actress play her.

You can’t understand Nina Simone’s life and legacy, unless you take a step back to understand her stance as a dark skinned Black woman.  This fact was inexplicably linked to her life’s projectory, her art, and her politics–and to every single thing that made her bold and fearless to be who she was without apology.

Her daughter, Lisa Simone Kelly, gave an interview to the Los Angeles Times and explained how Nina had been treated all of her life because of her dark skin.  Even as a child, she was told that her nose was too big, her skin too dark, and her lips to wide.  She stated that it was important for the world to acknowledge her mother as a classical artist whose dreams weren’t realized because of racism.

Zoe Saldana donning blackface to play a Black woman, is just as insulting as a white person doing it.  Period.

Frankly, ever since the movie was cast, Black people were defiant and resistant to Saldana playing the part.  Although,lauding her talent; some just felt she was the wrong choice. Including, the late singer’s only child, Lisa Simone Kelly.

I don’t want her to play her because of the identity issues that many Black Latino people have…they took colorism to higher levels.

To get into this issue, in and of itself, would be a collegiate discourse indeed.  However, to simplify it, basically, colorism is the preference for lighter skin.  Colorism is a hybrid of racism.  Colorism can happen to people of different races but it can also occur to people of the same race.  Its origins is rooted in White Supremacy, and the hatred inflicted on people of color to the degree, many adopted the sick, pathological behaviors of their masters.

It’s a global problem.

The movie is scheduled for release on April 22, 2016.

It will be interesting indeed to see how the public at large responds.


Here is a French film on the life of Nina Simone:

Waiting To Exhale…All These Years Later!


Remember Waiting to Exhale.  It was a highly anticipated movie that would go on to become a social phenomenon.

Last night, I watched it.  I hadn’t seen it in years. As I watched it, I remembered a different time in my life, being so young, waiting on that “right guy” to convince me to be his forever.  But then, the next day, thinking, really?  What if I get tired of him tomorrow? Our friends go through ups and down with men and we’re there for them when it falls flat.  We all want to be happy.  But the trick is to remain that way after the euphoria dies down and you have to look at the real person.

Love is quirky.  Relationships take work.  Cliquing with the right person, seems as difficult as some of us thinking we can build a rocket by just reading a book or watching a video on Youtube.

To this day, we haven’t seen a movie with as many Black actresses achieve so much commercial success.

But I remember going to the movies to see this and it was so refreshing to me visually. All of the actors were not only attractive but the scenery of Phoenix, Arizona was different and refreshing for a Black movie setting.  Visually, it was a beautiful movie–no question, and then…the soundtrack.  Everyone from Mary J. Blige, Chante Moore to Chaka Khan, brought such life to the scenes in the movie.  And we can’t forget them can we?

We love these women from the start.  They remind us of people that we know.  Everything about them is relatable, yet, not stereotypical.  As the movie tagline goes: “Friends are the people who let your be yourself–and never let you forget it.”  So true.  However, what translates most profound about these 4 friends is that they love each other, and are there for each other through thick and thin–with a glass of wine nearby of course for the deep stuff.

Who can’t remember the classic scene of Angela Bassett’s character, Bernadine, taking a torch to her husband’s ish; after leaving her for a white woman:


Sisters across the country howled at this scene.  It just embodied so much frustration that many felt at that time.  Many had been through the same thing.

What Waiting to Exhale truly transmits is the necessity of female friendships.  It’s absolutely necessary to be there for each other.  No matter who we are or what we do, we all got stuff to figure out.

Within the last 6 years, I’ve been reunited with so many childhood friends and my best friends, who’ve known me since early childhood.  It’s been refreshing reminiscing and talking about old times.  Like the ladies in Waiting to Exhale, we’ve all been through our fair share of drama, but we’re still here.

One of my facebook friends, posted this on her timeline today: “People look at me and think I’ve got it all together, when deep down inside my shoe is eating my sock.”  She looked very sad in the photo.  I don’t know what is going on, but I posted this as my response to her: Girl, I’m stealing this for my latest novel. Seriously, Sharmin–it’s gonna be ok. I watched Waiting to Exhale last night for the first time in years. That movie is still so relatable today. No matter who we are, we all got stuff to figure out. It will be ok. Pray about it…and keep it moving, girl. Don’t allow anything negative to live in your life or mind–rent-free.

And on that note, I leave that as a message to all here who are going through anything that you think is insurmountable.  Don’t let it be your kryptonite.  You are more than your circumstances.

The sad passing of Whitney Houston in 2011; the message of the movie just seems even more profound of not taking our friendships for granted.

With the closing scene of them being in the car together, as the movie ended, the ladies all took every thing in stride; and at the end of it all, it’s their friendship that truly was the hallmark of everything they each had been through.

hqdefault (13)

Remember that.

What Will 2016 Bring For Black America?


As I contemplate many things, per usual, I do so while listening to music. At this very moment, I’m listening to R. Kelly’s new album, The Buffet. It’s a good album.  A thought occurred to me as I enjoy the tracks: what’s going to happen in 2016 for Black folks?

2015 has been a most violent year, indeed.  We’ve seen so much bloodshed in various parts of the Black community by law enforcement; one can only wonder if some government order has been initiated against our  people.

As the music grooves, I’m casually wondering what issues will be on the forefront.  2016 is an election year and African Americans could most definitely impact in a major way.  We turned out in a major way during the 2004 and 2008 elections for Barack Obama, but can either a Republican or Democratic candidate motivate the community?  Many are skeptical of Hillary Clinton’s candidacy.

And what about the police violence. There must me a national response. There have been too many incidents and silence is acceptance.  We can protest and march but there must be structured implementation and sanctions on those who abuse their power.

The lives of  Freddie Gray, Walter Thomas, Sandra Bland, Sam DaBose, et al, ended because of white police officers attitudes of “fearing for their lives”.  However, each of these people were not threatening them at all.  There were many more cases that didn’t make the news, but the threat of death hung large in every community from New York to Los Angeles.

Because of the police violence, a young guy from South Carolina named Dylan Roof, walked into a historic African American church and killed 9 worshipers who were all in prayer at the time he came in.  It was blatant, premeditated and sent a subliminal message from White America: “We’ve had enough of Black people telling us what to do; and we’re taking back power–anyway we can.

With this one audacious act, it motivated the Black Lives Matter movement even more.  They have a prolific presences, but can we take it higher and mobilize this collective participation into something even more constructive and permanent.  So far, it’s been subliminal.


Our politics must engage a mission of changing laws, participating more in our neighborhoods, taking initiatives of economic change and investing in our own lives more.  WE can become the change we want to see, but there has to be a unilateral understanding and compliance for this.

To borrow a thought from Anthony Assadullah Samad, “Central to solving any problems in the collective black community is correcting the mental and physical state of Black America. The figurative state of Black America is reflective of the literal state of Black America’s health and mindset, both of which that causes us to think and act in ways that are counterproductive, at best, or destructive to the notion of unity in our communities. It is time for us to admit the black people, in their current condition, are every bit as sick, physically and mentality, as the forces that created our societal circumstances.”

I totally agree with that.

We have value and it’s high time we start acting like it.



I’m So Tired of “Mixed” People! What’s Confusing You?


Last week, while on Facebook, there was an article by Bossip regarding how some Black celebrities deny their blackness.


You know, I’m so tired of the low self-esteem in some Black people who seem to think by denying their African roots, this will ingratiate them to white folks, who frankly, wouldn’t hesitate to put a bullet in any one of them, granted, we all look alike and are considered guilty before proven innocent, even while out shopping.

As many of you here, I have had the displeasure of encountering these type of people. It’s always very interesting how even white people or those guilty of this behavior, try to deflect responsibility–throwing the ball back into the court at Black people, but their statements, typically, are always ignorant and presumptive. As well as their condescending attitude to infer that number one, Black people are not educated about what I’m speaking of. This is what Black people talk about when in discussions about white people: it’s their ARROGANCE and ATTITUDE to assess that because we are speaking about things we have experienced, of course, we have to be hallucinating, as if, per usual, they, wouldn’t dare act in such a way. This is what’s called, Cognitive Dissonance. And at my age,  I’m quite sure by now, I know what I’m experiencing and can translate those interactions intellectually, particularly to those, who insist on looking at life through rose-colored glasses.

African Americans with mono-racial parents aren’t concerned with people who can’t make up their mind about their identity. Frankly, I’ve always felt superior to white people–as most of the African Americans I grew up around. Africans have the purest Homo-Sapien genes (Modern Humans) than all other races. Thus, those who do not understand genetics; literally, are embracing the sad fact of being genetic defects when you claim to be “mixed”. There are only 3 distinct races on this earth. Most humans have what is called multi-cultural ancestry, but if 75-80% of you is African, you look like a fool, when you can’t understand that what you claim is not going to free you from the sting of racism. The bottom line: it’s just a chic way to hide your blackness (from which all races emanated).

White Power is real and don’t act like you can’t see that.

This topic was started to generate responses. And as I scanned some, it is clear who is guilty of the behavior. Denying one’s self is the ultimate betrayal of your humanity. To be dehuminized to the point; one has to list the ingredients of their ancestry, as is done on a cereal box, is just absolute lunacy. No one cares if you’re mixed with Irish, Italian, Greek, Russian, et al!  The bottom line is that for those who have a Negro/Black parent; and know it, trying to claim a heritage that you have not been socialized into, is just a clever way some biracials play the race card: they’re not really Black, however, claiming the status of a minority, ensures them certain benefits; but conveniently, they aren’t giving up the White Privilege they’ve inherited by proxy either.

As a proud African American woman, I am giving my blessing to these type of people–and holding the door to the nearest>>>>>EXIT! You are welcome to be what your are–keep us out of it!