White Men Are Coming For Black Queens!



Are Black men really woke in this current generation?  Are you really?  Well, you better start thinking about something that many of you have probably never considered: White men are trying to conquer Africa again but not with war, through marriage.  Sound familiar?  It is the same way Africa was conquered in ancient times.  Being a matriarchal society, power transcended to the Queens.  Well, given the status of many Black woman–being the most educated in the country, by gender and race; white men have figured out a way to destroy Black male power–THROUGH HIS WOMAN!

The current white population is at negative birthrate.  They are dying as a species–around the world.  It is only natural for any dying species to mate with another species in order to preserve its genes.

Black women are the first mothers of the earth.  To have a baby with a Black woman is equal to being close to God.  So it is out of self-preservation that the white man is seeking out the Black woman’s womb!  Only SHE can revive him.

But this is bigger than Black and white.  It’s metaphysical; and judgement has been made! The white man MUST GO!  And the process has begun:

This topic was inspired, actually, in a piece I read online about a white guy who only dated Black women but hated Black men.

Here is the actual article:


Hhhmmm..could this be the apricot of what is driving their hatred for Black males?

A few days ago on Facebook, a topic was posted regarding Halle Berry being in a relationship with another white man.  The comments were pro and con but got heated when a white male began making comments that white men, like him, were taking all of the good Black women from Black men.  He further stated that Black women find white men a great catch–as if we aren’t selective.  Now I interjected my comments, as well, in support of Black marriage and love.  Other sisters were also coming against this demon with a quickness.  But his arrogance and insistence was truly a reflection of the privilege these people are infected with.  He truly felt he was entitled to the best Black women available and that he had never been turned down by a Black woman–Ever.

Contrary to popular belief of some Black males, Black women do have good sense and when it comes to family and community, we don’t play!

For many decades, Black men have insulted, disrespected, taken for granted, dishonored, and abandoned Black women.  Yet, Black women have pleaded their undying love for the Black man–as they should. For intrinsically, we know that only the Black man is our genetic equal–and he was made FOR US exclusively.  We are unapologetic if we confront anything that denigrates our genetic royalty.

White people are not human.  And if anyone understands genetics, Black men nor Black women should be laying up with them–and certainly not having children with them! But!!!  Interracial marriage is up over 400%.  It’s widespread.  But it’s not the answer for racism.  Nor compensation for generations of oppression and inequality.

One of the things I’ve noticed, and it just came to me as an epiphany…But whenever Black people have lowered their standards; they seem to attract white people.

To over-stand what that means, one only has to examine the negativity that being in relationships with white people provoke in Black people.

I’m praying for Black people to get over their Stockholm Syndrome.  Only then will this cord be cut.

The Black family is the highest symbol of Black Love.  And when Black men and women demonstrate that love; it is this energy that heals the community!


This truly is…BLACK POWER!


Judgement soon comes:


God is Warning This World!


“In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams.”  Acts: 2:17

Currently, as I’m typing this blog entry, I’m listening to a video on YouTube.  It is about people who’ve actually been to Hell.  God has been pouring out his spirit on the earth and if you go to the site, you will see many videos loaded up regarding frightening visions that God has been giving to regular people around the world–many of whom were not Believers.

I’ve been listening to many of these videos for about 3 years, doing research.  What I learned is that yet again, Biblical prophecy is being fulfilled.

Many people don’t believe in Hell.  Even some people in the church.  For God to have to pour out his spirit in this manner, means that we are in deep spiritual peril. This generation does not know HIM.  Everything that is being marketed to people on this planet,is the complete antithesis of what the Bible teaches.  But God is merciful and although many of these visions show the true horror of Hell; in his love, Our Heavenly Father is trying to save our lives.

I have an Atheist cop friend who is also a narcissist. He mocks Christ on his Facebook timeline and other Christians.  I’ve reached out to him but he is stubborn.  He has an older brother that is also Atheist.  Neither have any knowledge or understanding of Christ.  They are spiritually dead.  My heart grieves; and I pray for both of them.  I’ve asked God to intervene in both of their lives so that they will know HIM.  My  heart is heavy but I am also vigilant to pray for both.  Neither even know it.  God has moved me to do so.  And I obey. Wouldn’t you do this for your friend if they didn’t believe?

What are we to do when we see a generation of people who are going to Hell?  Young people are dying at record rates.  From drug overdoses, suicide, murder–even sickness that they shouldn’t even be afflicted with but they are not covered by God.

I am sad.  But I am more vigilant and I am asking those here, if you do not know Christ, to accept him in your heart and in your life.  Ask him to Cover you with his blood as well as your family and friends.  BELIEVE that HE IS!  It is your only protection and salvation.

But many of you reject salvation. You want your sin.  He offers you eternal life is you serve him…BUT YOU WANT THE LIFESTYLE OF THE RICH AND FAMOUS.  But!  This comes at a price.  Are  you willing to pay it?  With your life?

Who are the wealthy that you seek to emulate.  Do you know where they get their power?

The Elite are Luciferians.  They are controlling everything going on in this world.  We are yet again, being manipulated by evil men who are intent on destroying mankind for their own gain.  They are Satan’s disciples.  We absolutely must take them seriously. They are making plans to bring forth a new time in which all human beings will be enslaved to the wealthy people of this world who have sworn to carry out Satan’s agenda.  And to eat, you must take the mark of the Beast, 666. They want you to fear them.  DO NOT.  Fear only God.  For He is The Creator of You an all things and worthy to be praised.  He is mighty and knows all things. And He wants you to FEAR NO MAN! Keep your eyes on Him!

Powerful Testimony of Dr. Earthquake Kelley

Pray for your children!

For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?” Mark 8:36


When Black People Forget Who The Real Enemy Is…


*Didn’t know I had to be so sensitive about what I said in another Black group. This post was deleted from a discussion, mind you, about a white woman writing a book about former President, Barack Obama. She stated in the book that he had proposed to her twice; and she turned him down. She also stated that the President only married Michelle because he had to be accepted by African Americans. I posted this comment in response but it was deleted. I’d like you to critique what I said. Was I wrong?

Here’s the link to the story: 

Barack Obama Proposed to Another Woman Before Meeting Michelle, a New Biography Says

Image result for Woman says Barack proposed to her first

Here’s my comment:

Black women are superior to white women genetically. As with the Black man; our genes are dominant. The Black woman holds two titles: First MOTHERS and QUEENS of this planet. We are the personification of the divine. Where did white people originate? They are not indigenous to Africa. They are not indigenous to America. They are not indigenous to Asia. They aren’t even indigenous to Europe. White people are from the Caucus Mountains of Eurasia. Essentially, they dwelled in caves.

White women are genetic defects. White women are the personification of weakness and fragility. White men historically, have despised them. They only used them for procreation purposes. Just reference European history. Hell! White men burned white women at the stake! White women are the most infertile women in the world. And…What is the result of her contributions? The white race is now at NEGATIVE BIRTHRATE. What a legacy.

We survived slavery and Jim Crow. We managed to keep our families and culture intact. Our accomplishments define GREATNESS. Everything we do, we take it to another level. White women can’t compete with us. The only thing white women do better than Black women, is the ability to manipulate some Black males into believing; that having sex with them is compensation for slavery; and being called Niggers. Those who bought it, GOT PLAYED!

Confusion is the weapon of progress.

Black men who marry these troglodytes, have inherent inferiority complexes.  Black men who marry them truly do wish they were white men.  And if they feel that white women are superior to Black women in their minds; then by default, white men are superior to Black men, as well.

How does this benefit the Black community?  This is not a solution.  Marriage is about finances.  What are they dividing up in divorce court?  Not love.  What you give to this white woman will not empower anyone in the Black community.  You don’t invest in your enemy’s woman; you invest in the woman that is your genetic equal–The Black Woman!  This is why interracial marriage is considered betrayal.  Marriage is an economic arrangement.  When you die, your estate goes right back to those who enslaved your people.  Essentially, you have strengthened the empire of White Supremacy.

The smartest Black men marry Black women.  Black women are the most educated sector of the country! We didn’t rely upon a white supremacist system nor could we benefit from white privilege.

Whatever motivated this nobody to try and insult the First Lady with this subliminal, is only going to infuse the negative perception of white women more profoundly.

I look at it very simply: She had her chance but chose to reject his offer.  He moved on. So should she.


Dr. Umar Johnson’s latest lecture speaks volumes to this blog entry:  I’ve posted some videos.

The cost of Interracial Marriage

What Is Your Position?

download (1)


There seems to be a fear in Black people to speak the truth on Facebook  and other places in social media for fear of either alienating your non-Black friends or possibly, getting in trouble with your coworkers or bosses. First and foremost, on the latter: It’s your choice and business who you allow on your timeline but you’re not being smart if you have any manager on your timeline–and even some coworkers. Number one: They’re not your friends. They critique you. And even what you do on Facebook could be put under scrutiny. We’ve seen this many times how some of the things people post could literally be reported to the News or their jobs. Number two: Never trust anyone where the common denominator of your relationship is making money. Do you really like this person or are you just trying to win favor? True friends can’t be bribed. Either they like you or they don’t. I don’t play. You violate just once–and YOU’RE GONE. Period.

A coworker is simple someone you’re associated with through work. The relationships you build at your job can be very enriching–just KNOW who you’re friending. Now on the subject of race. There is a lot happening. And there are many issues that come up daily that inspire passionate debate, opinions and stance positions about serious issues. I’ve been very blessed to be able to communicate my points in a straightforward way. I do not shy away from controversial topics because that is just boring and also cowardly.

There are some realities I go through as a Black woman living in America that no white person would ever understand. And I’m not going to filter that for fear of offense or fragility. I deal with offenses subliminally and overtly every single day. I represent two minorities: I’m Black and female.. But the time has come when people are going to have to stop walking the fence and take a position. A line has been drawn in the sand. Either you are on one side or the other. The masks are being ripped off.

Face your opponent. STAND for what you really believe in.

WTF?! Kendrick Lamar Has Arrived!


Good Afternoon.  Or whenever you read this.  Today…I am in a state of “awe.”  Yes.  By now.  You’ve already heard about and listened to this album.  Aptly entitled, DAMN.  It’s Kendrick’s Lamar’s latest release.  And I have to say, as a new fan, this young man has earned his spot as the G.O.A.T.  No argument.

As an artist, it is one thing to have a hit album.  But when you keep topping yourself, you’re not just another entertainer, you are a genius.  And Kendrick Lamar has a vision and purpose with his music.  His passion and his love for what he does spills into every track on this album.

I have to be honest, my first introduction to Kung Fu Kenny, came by accident in overhearing a discussion about the Grammy’s.  This person was awestruck by Kendrick’s performance.  Honestly, I really wasn’t expecting much.  Given that I had stopped listening to rap after Tupac and Biggie died.  Curious, I decided to Google it anyway,  although that I didn’t watch any awards shows any longer.  I checked it out, and I have to tell you, it blew my mind.  Needless to say, I watched it many times.  It moved me on that level.  The last time that happen was when I watched Michael Jackson’ Emmy nominated performance of Billy Jean and Prince’s performance of Purple Rain on The American Music Awards.  Kendrick was in a different league, forcing EVERYONE IN HIP HOP to raise their game.

That’s what true artistry does.

I’m listening to DAMN as I write this. And I’ll listen to it some more.  It’s that good.

If you haven’t listened to this album, MAKE SOME TIME to do so.

You’re listening to a legend in the making.  Saying that, I wonder what Tupac Shakur would say…


Cross Me!…I’ll Smile, As I Watch You Fall!


Yesterday, I was reminded very subtly, that we must always be clear headed and prepared for the enemy.  For a snake maneuvers quietly, then waits in silence to strike.

That is how things are in nature.

One is always being reminded daily of our enemy’s plans and true intentions.  But let me just be blunt.  White people love to smile whenever they are doing evil.  For some reason, the sight of a Black person causes the casual Caucasian to respond with this mysterious arride that conjures images of white men looking satisfied as a dead Negro hangs from a tree.

I want to spit.

Don’t you ever dare think you can act on such prepositional bias!  Yes.  This Negress uses big words, craKKKas.  I see with sharp eyes–aiming a concealed weapon at your head.  I dare you to make my trigger finger itch!

How is it that we’ve lived in this country all of this time, yet we keep begging white folks to like us, validate us, bless us, LOVE US–yes!  Weak Negroes with too much pride in their talents and gifts but lacking the ability to connect with their own; seek the attention and favor of a suicidal, homicidal abuser.  It’s sick.

God knows that I’m not a hate-filled person but I have been forced to become a person that must respond to her environment, minus the religiosity that was conditioned into me.  Oh.  I love God.  I believe his Word.  And I want to do good.  But I can’t turn the other cheek right now.  The urgency of a proper offensive against this malevolent miscreant possesses my soul!

The time has come for a bold response.  NO MORE whining about what the enemy is doing.  White males are a problem!  And being nice is no longer an option.

So, what’s it going to be?

As for this decision, I will wait.

But for those who make the mistake of thinking that I’m a nice lady and I won’t mind if you insult her.  You don’t know me at all.  And as a snake finds out after eating a porcupine; the damage that you will incur from such an encounter, will most assuredly bring me joy.

White People DO NOT Have a Voice on My Blog!


Greetings, dear followers.

It’s been a long time since I did one of these posts but honestly, I’ve noticed that the trolls are trying to make a comeback; and I’m going to put up the warning sign so they know who’s boss around here.

First and foremost, I will not tolerate white bigots!  Your nationalist views have nothing to do with reality or my life.  And I will not waste time going back and forth with people whose only focus and motivation is to perpetrate a virtual war against those who do not share their recessive genetic deficiency.  There is nothing supreme about whiteness in nature.

Image result for White nationalists are stupid

Oh! But, what does truth matter to these people?  Their mental sickness make them fodder for ridicule.  Trying so desperately to brainwash intelligent people that white people created the world. They want us to believe that something genetic recessive created the Dominant>>>US!

Ha!  Puhlease…

Revisit Mendel’s Law, Miscreants!  You are a parasite to nature.  Everything you are is depraved.  You don’t have the ability to feel.  And your behavior is reflective of you innate sense of insecurity and weakness.

The only thing white people invented was the United States Patent Office.  The truth is coming out about what they didn’t do on a daily basis.  The lies are being uncovered in all areas; and the deeper they dig; the BLACKER it gets.

There is a decline among the white population.  It was reported in 1996 that they are at negative birthrate.  Literally, nature is destroying them.  White women are the most infertile in the world.  White people have the oldest population.  But it gets even worse. There is an addiction to prescription drugs that has literally killed over 60,000 white people in the past year.  Percocet, Oxycontin, heroin, and Fentanyl, have claimed many.  Among middle class whites, the addiction is so bad, 1 out of 4 whites are dying from it.  Heroin addiction is rampant.  Suicide epidemic–30,000 white males kill themselves every year. The mortality rate for whites with no high school education has risen 23%.

White America is imploding.

And I am not the least bit sad.

This is judgement!  Yes.  There is a God.  And he has watched the behavior of white men on this planet.  He sent warnings each generation but they were not heeded.  Many white people openly hated and mocked God.  No one mocks God.  Everything that is happening to White America is a result of the hatred and evil white men have committed against Black people and other people of color on this planet.

As the Bible says, you reap what you sew.  What goes around comes around.

My views on this blog are observations and interactions that I’ve experienced.  I care and LOVE my culture and community.  That is the purpose of this blog.

The opinions of white people are not wanted nor will be allowed here.  The only opinion that matters is MINE!