I’m A Ruthless…@$&F! And I’ll Prove It!


No.  This isn’t me.  But the attitude conveyed in the pic, fits.  Yeah.  I’m feeling some kind of way today.  I’m unapologetic and dare anyone to try me–just once.

Had a nice talk this morning with a friend.  We were discussing nosy, aggravating MUTHAS who don’t know how to mind their own business but have enough time to try and manage your life.  This really was just venting for me.  One of my aunts had called me the previous night–and upon answering the phone, the woman didn’t even say hello but proceeded to tell me what to do about a matter in which she, number one, had no input financially or spiritually, and two, it was NONE OF HER DAMN BUSINESS.  This particular aunt is very proactive in trying to dictate what others should do in situations but she is also the aunt who spent years in an abusive marriage, was a co-dependent, never went to college, never worked, was an alcoholic, drug addict, chronic smoker, LOVED TO PARTY, et al, but yet, she now thinks that because she finally started going to church; it is her duty to handle everyone else’s affairs.  But here’s the kicker: I NEVER ASKED FOR HER HELP OR ADVICE. Of course, I told her off.  She couldn’t handle my truth, thus, she hung up in my face.  Oh! I don’t play that!  Immediately, I blocked her number.

I’m not in the mood for this.

The audacity of this woman.  I guess she forgot where she came from. I had to remind her: Just because you stopped getting high, doesn’t mean you’re clean. Anything can trigger your addiction again. The sky is too high to be sitting on a pedestal, looking down at those who are still crawling. Don’t fall and break your neck.

Have you ever just not cared?  I mean…you really, really, REALLY, don’t care and you actually fantasize about some unsuspecting nimrod who becomes foolishly bold, and decides to try you, simply based on their presumption that “you won’t do anything to them…” So they think.  But they don’t know you, do they?  They…DON’T.  And like any cat, you have to discipline the little mouse who didn’t realize the power it was tempting.

This morning, my aunt called…very early.  It was 6:00 a.m.  My mother, who lives with me, answered the phone.  I was getting reading for work.  I don’t talk on the phone that early in the morning if it isn’t an emergency. They spoke briefly.  When she got off the phone, she mentioned my aunt said she loved me.


My eyebrow raised.  Oh, she had a touch of conscience? Woman, please…I know your ass, ok.

Yeah. Whatever…

Family, right.

 *Rolling eyes*

Black Soul….2017!



My politics haven’t changed.

The year just begun and I’m still checking out everything; and studying even more.

I’m still trying to figure out what will be the position of our new leaders.

Regardless of what they do, Black America must make its own determination as to where its headed.

Everyone is on edge.  Many are angry. Some are hurt.  Others are completely clueless. People are marching, holding up signs of their rage, expectations or just wanting to vent personal insults at people they don’t have the skill to defeat.  But what good is this supposed to do if there is no agenda to begin with?  Where is all this energy going to go?

We are at a crossroads in this society.  What have we become, Black people?

Right now, I’m watching a video from The Honorable Louis Farrakhan.  He’s speaking to a group of young Black males–laying it down as he does; and telling them point blank what’s up.

The journey that I have been on has been lifelong but within the last 20 years; my intelligence, soul and instincts, have been magnified.  I feel everything.  And what I”m feeling right now is that we are being judged by God.  All of these signs that are before us are literally God speaking to humanity.  He is telling us all that whether we believe in him or not; HE IS REAL!  And his wrath is upon ALL NATIONS!  We have forgotten him and this generation is one of the most wicked in modern times.

Before there is resurrection; there must be death.  And that is the reason why so much bloodshed has been taking place.

Whether some of you want to believe it or not…we have an enemy!  That enemy has already positioned this world for its personal use and destruction if need be.  We are powerless to stop them.

It’s time to WAKE UP!

Don’t Tell Me My Business…MIND YOURS!

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I called my mother this morning and after brief pleasantries, she begins to tell me how people keep talking about this or that about her…and I’m puzzled as to why at her age, she even cares.  I told her to stop giving power to such trivial mess, but she went on…and on.

Why do people allow the opinions of others to matter in their lives?  Why are we so focused on being actors in life; trying to impress people that honestly, don’t deserve our attention, time, or favor?

When I wake up, I give thanks to God, ask him for protection, then start my day.  At no time do I begin with hurt prayers about folks talking about me.

Let me tell you something, right here…and right now, anyone who thinks that their words will penetrate my psyche and begin to take a stronghold in my life, you’d be better served to ending the struggle in the middle east than waiting for that to happen.  I’m as sassy as a want to be right now…and I will tell you with a quickness what you can do with your opinion about my life…or what I choose to do in my life.

People are a trip sometimes.

My mother objected to my defiance, but I’m not interested in listening to people who have nothing better to do but give un-invited commentary on other people’s lives.  Who asked them?  And why do they always have somebody else’s business on their mind.  Sounds to me like not much is going on in their own lives, thus, the need for drama to fill up all of that emptiness.

If they aren’t paying my bills…nor responsible for my well being; what they think does not even merit a response. I just don’t have time to manage other people’s lives and my own.

My advice to people is that if you are so concerned about what someone is doing, ask WHAT CAN YOU DO to help either better their life or empower them.

If you didn’t offer me any assistance when I needed help–then do me a favor and STFU.

This is one of my greatest pet peeves and if you wan’t to get along with me, don’t put your nose up in my business.  I promise you, I will start digging dirt in your backyard and see what you’re hiding.

Don’t tell me my business–MIND YOURS!

And everything will be copacetic.

If you’re feeling this…HOLLER BACK!!!