PIZZAGATE! The Scandal That Could Be Bigger Than Watergate!

I spoke about this during the election. It’s very disturbing. But if you haven’t heard of Pizzagate and how sick and sordid this is, you really need to check your priorities.

It’s so sordid, Facebook, Google, Twitter and other social media outlets, literally were blocking people’s accounts who dared even talk about it.  Mainstream media won’t even report it out of fear.  The powers that be are blocking all TRUTH TELLERS!

This is why Hillary Clinton didn’t get elected!!!

Research it on Google to get caught up. But here is Professor Griff speaking on it.

It’s so despicable; it could make Watergate look like a trite misunderstanding.

People need to start PAYING ATTENTION to what is going on in this world.

These things are happening right up under our noses.

The Bible Says that ALL secrets shall be revealed.  “For nothing is hidden that will not become evident, nor anything secret that will not be known and come to light.’  Luke 8:17


*Spread This News!!!*


We Will Kick Your Ass, CraKKKa!

Family, first and foremost, I’d like to give God the credit for giving me the gift of speech and the written word.  His power and wisdom is what guides me through most of what I write.  Although I do not wish to cause pain to anyone with careless words, it is with absolute conviction that I use words as a weapon against those who are sociopathic in their speech and actions against my people.

Black people are the salt of this earth.  We are the glue that binds all humanity.  Our indignation is not that we are to be worshiped but that we are the creation of the most high who is worthy to be praised.  If you hate our Blackness; than you have a problem with God.

I’m tired of Black people apologizing, rationalizing, and galvanizing reasons to capitulate to an enemy who quite frankly, doesn’t mind using violence on our people.  Yes.  I’m talking about white people.  They think they can do whatever they want and then tip-toe away, facing no retribution for their harassment and hatred.

That is going to end TODAY!

Once upon a time, I remarked to a friend: The day you stop fearing your enemy, will be the day you defeat your enemy.  That’s real talk.  I’m tired of Black people acting like wimps whenever they are in the presence or are confronted with blatant racist actions from white people.  It’s ridiculous.

There has to be a code of righteous conduct.  Do white people exemplify that?  Even using the word, righteous, connotes Love.  Do white folks love us?

The very nature of the question is preposterous, given light of today’s behavior, exhibited with abandon by white males.  THEY ARE EVIL!!!  They don’t change!!!

This is just crazy. All of it. I’m just tired of white folks and their “ish. Seriously. Living in Georgia has literally turned me into some kind of gangsta activist. These people are beyond loony. Most white people are one egg short of a dozen. Just about every single craKKKa you meet down here is on some kind of medication for either a psychological, mental, emotional, or multiple personality disorder. INSANITY! Completely. I’m literally at the tipping point of knocking the hell out of one. When you go to a Wal-Mart, and feel like you have to move about the store as you grocery shop, like a Ninja in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, it’s about time to get out of dodge.

This is not a joke, family.

The audacity of white folks to presume after all of the violence they’ve inflicted on us, that we are to be good “Knee-grows”, smile for the camera, pray and acquiesce to their abuse.


You can pray.  You can march.  You can protest to the high hills but the only thing white supremacy fears: is the loss of finance or the loss of life.

Being nice to them is not a remedy.

Put a hand on me, I’ll crack your skull open like a cantaloupe. Family, my mama taught me that manners will take you further than money, but these craKKKas in Georgia will make you forget you had home training. I’m all for transcending Niggah tendencies in the metaphysical sense, but if one of them puts a hand on me; so help me God, a S.W.A.T team will have to be called to get me off their ass.

And this better be the attitude that Black people have.

When I was growing up in Chicago, the first thing you learned was to defend yourself–you better.  Even the perception of weakness could be dangerous.  One didn’t live in fear, you walked as FEAR.  People don’t respond to flaccid edicts that promote civility.  When you’re in a jungle, your ass better be ready to face whatever the environment dictates.

STAND UP like men and women and DEMAND RESPECT!

It’s about time to get serious about fighting white people!

When people see that we are not going to tolerate their behavior and will do what needs to be done…By Any Means Necessary; it will stop!

Barack Obama: He Was Not The Dream!

This morning when I signed onto facebook.  Two friends of mine commented on a post I created a few days ago in my group Pandora’s Box regarding Barack Obama’s indifference toward the Black community.  Per usual, they were cheering.  One of them had the nerve to tell me that I am entitled to my opinion (You damn right!) but that she concurred with the other one.  Got an attitude about what I said–tried to talk down to me.  Handled that real quick and unfriended her ass.  You don’t belittle the host of any group and expect not to get checked. I bluntly told them both what I thought…and here is what I said:

The view I have on Barack Obama is because I feel that many Black people hook on to negative cliche’s and then accept them subconsciously. I also have information about Obama that many BP aren’t privy to. He’s not who you think he is–and as I said, I’m not a fan and I’m looking at him objectively.

First and foremost, if you look at his record, he’s done absolutely nothing for the Black community. Who was impacted the most economically during his tenure as POTUS? The middle class has almost disappeared. Who lost the most jobs? Who lost the most homes? Who’s dying in the streets right now. And what did we get for our votes? The chasm between rich and power is growing wider and wider. Who’s being affected more?

You can keep taking on this attitude of “deference” when people criticize Obama. I won’t back down from my stance. You like the polish. You like the jazz. You like the GQ facade but underneath that is a man who obviously is not hearing or caring about Black people, our issues and uses the default of: “I’m not just the President of Black America.” Oh, who implied that? Not us. I certainly didn’t expect him to morph into a modern day Malcolm X. But we sure as hell have a right to demand our piece of this pie.

Such behavior is called risk aversion.

We contribute to this country like every other group. And quite frankly, this man has some explaining to do. I’ll even go further: Barack Obama doesn’t care about Black people. And I’ll tell him that to his face. This is not about the tired cliches about his “blackness” per se, but it has everything to do with the aspect of his leadership. He has POWER but he’s not using it. That is stupid!

After this many years in the white house, we should expect more. I voted for him and a few years ago, I introduced myself to him when I took issue with the manner in which he spoke to the Morehouse class of 2013. It appeared as though he was talking down to them instead of speaking with affirmation and encouraging as one man to other young men who will be entering various levels of power.

Like many, I grew tired of these lectures.  And I told him about it.

I’m an intelligent woman and I can tell the difference between someone talking “to” me as opposed to one “talking at” me. Obama is a coward to me because he refused to work for change within the institutionalized racist systems.

As far as I”m concerned, Obama is nothing more than just a brown front for White Supremacy. He ain’t done a damn thing. And the change I can believe in has not become a reality under this administration. The only thing that really has happened is that he gave a pass to white folks for changing enough to put him in office but as for Black America, we can kiss his black ass.

We got played.

And that is my opinion, indeed.

Was that clear enough?


They Killed Our Brothers; And Now It’s Blowing Up!

Black ferguson revolts

Our history in this country is one of hardship and triumph.  Black Americans were birthed from African people who were kidnapped and herded like cattle onto ships; taken to foreign lands and enslaved–forced to build empires, paid no wages, brutally treated; but taught to worship a white Jesus as a mental enslavement buffer to ease the pain of watching white children who never worked for the wealth they inherited from Black labor.

This is the story of Black people.

It makes one angry, yes.  We have a right to be angry.

I’m sitting near a window typing on my computer; the sun is bright, I’m surrounded by beauty but there are complex, multi-dimensional images going through my head.

The bodies of Black people were chatteled.  They were beaten, maimed, even killed.  Evil permeated those plantations, binding God’s first people.  The abuse inflicted on the bodies of Black men and women, angered our creator, but he allowed it in order to fulfill his will.  We persevered through it all. Our ancestors were forbidden to read.  Some more clever slaves would sneak books and learn how to read through strategic manipulation at times.  One of my favorite stories is that of Frederick Douglass who would trick the white boys into teaching him to read if he would win at the childhood games.  His story is legend.  He was one of the first pioneers that ushered in the Black Nationalist era that would soon come.  For those of you who have never read the autobiographies of Frederick Douglass, I urge you to do so.  Powerful reading and so many lessons for Black men to learn.  His life has inspired millions.

Then came Jim Crow.  White folks were so scared of Black economic power after the slaves were freed.  That first generation birthed the first Black middle class in less than 50 years.  It scared white folks. They had to do something, thus, they created laws that stopped that progress.  Racism became structured–infused into the channels of justice; creating injustice on a people, simply because of their skin tone.

Alas, the Civil Rights movement, made Jim Crow null and void–the illusion infused.  But the reality is slowly creeping back into consciousness and what do we see?

We have paid the price in blood, sweat and tears.

In 2015, we have witnessed a new lynch mob being mobilized to get us back in check after the election of a Black president in 2008.  And what has Obama done for us.  Absolutely nothing.

The domino effect of young Black men being killed by the police has become a weekly scene on the news.  But now, one of their own was brutally cut down. A deputy from Texas was pumping gas and a Black man by the name of Shannon J. Miles, walked up to him and shot him 15 times.  Of course this was reported by the white media as a tragedy; quickly demonizing the shooter.  But was this Karma reaching back on the police who’ve taken as many Black lives in recent months?


White people are so scared right now.  So scared, their fear is what is fueling the rise of Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential race.  He’s saying what many white folks, particularly white males, think.

As the late Tupac Shakur rapped over 20 years ago: “I see death around the corner”.  The days of the white man are numbered.  Their demise is already set in place.  Nature has selected them.

It’s starting.

You take a life; you must replace it with your own.  This is Cosmic Order.

Integration Was a Mistake!


“I Fear I May Have Integrated My People Into a Burning House” – Martin Luther King Jr.

This notable quote got me to thinking some years back.  Around the early part of the millennium, I actually challenged some people on Blackvoices with my stance of integration being a great big fail.  Oh, the comments were so predictable, but a few over-stood my point.  That was a long time ago.

Now, looking back, and examining our country and the violence that has literally echoed images of the sixties; people being targeted by the police, and the murders of innocent Black men–does this sound like white folks trying to reign us in? Excited that Obama is leaving office and they can now take off their masks.

My epiphany came actually in a comment that I made to someone who had commented on one of my articles on this blog. It was to a white girl who said she felt bad about how Black people had been treated and how appalled she was. That was all good, but I challenged her with my rebuttal. Basically, I felt that white people can feel bad all they want, hold hands, sing songs, and wish us all the best, but the truth of the matter about race, racism, and global white supremacy is that white people really don’t want things to change because if so; than the fight really was about equality and not race. White people are not going to fight for the equality for Black people because that would mean their economic end.  And that’s what this war is really about–who controls the wealth. And right now, white folks have the upper-hand.  Does anyone truly think they are going to do something to shake the apples off of that tree?  Of course not.

Depending on white folks to change in order to free us was ridiculous and chaotic.  It split our community and weakened our ability to do for ourselves.   Yes. We have many Black entrepreneurs, but this should have been the model from the beginning. From Booker T. Washington to the late Elijah Muhammad, all stated that our greatest efforts should be in building wealth in our own communities.  Integration destroyed Black economic independence.  We were doing just fine before this became the directive of civil rights leaders, but in reality; it’s just stupid.  Was it all vanity?  Did many desire acceptance of the white man rather than RESPECT for our own ingenuity?

So what did Martin mean by the above statement? He felt that America wasn’t living up to its creed and values. Even he knew that this was an economic fight.  He made that comment to Harry Belafonte before he was assassinated.

In 2015, The Black Buying Power reached 1 Trillion dollars.  But if we aren’t harnessing that money into our own communities; the wealth that could be generated is only keeping our oppressor richer, and us, dependent on goods and services form others, but never benefiting from our economic power.


A few days ago, someone made a very insightful comment: this person stated that a degree was only a VIP pass for many of us to work for our oppressor. Black folks have always valued education but we are the only race of people who obtain mountains of education, only to work for someone else.The irony of this is that many of us are being educated by people who don’t give a damn about us.

Why not create new markets with those brains and control them, as the Asians have done that with Black hair care. The irony and ignorance of that is just impugning.

Integration is like moving into a house, but you are only renting. The money you pay will not benefit you and certainly not empower your children; it will only enable the owner of that home to pass along that home to their children–that you helped pay for.  What will you children inherit?

In truth, Black people have become an occupied state.  Who are the people making money from our people?  And back to those Asians.  Just how many Asian shop owners are sending their children to college because of our lack of economic intelligence?

If this were a true partnership; we wouldn’t be dependent on our oppressor and our lack of understanding of this, puts us at true socio-economic risk and security.

Like An Eagle Stirring Up Its Nest…Is God Trying To Tell Us Something?



“A great eagle with powerful wings sits besides you. He’s always seemed grand as you’ve watched him soar over you. He’s lovingly provided for your needs and tenderly cradled you under his wings. Today, he has a different agenda.

Suddenly, with his powerful talons, he begins digging, dislodging all that made your life comfortable. “Ouch!” you exclaim, as newly exposed thorns prick you. Then with ease, he rises straight above, furiously beating his wings. The raw power stirs everything around you— and sheer chaos erupts. You hold on for dear life, watching as all that comforted you flies away. “Why are you doing this?” you cry.”

The title of this thread speaks to my belief that there has been a spiritual component behind everything that has happened to us of late.  From the Trayvon Martin tragedy, Zimmerman acquittal, Jordan Davis, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Walter Thomas, Freddie Gray–sparking the Baltimore riots, The pool party incident in McKinney,Texas, the strange case of Racheal Dolezal; and more recently, the Charleston Massacre, do you think God is trying to tell us something?


There’s a reason for these things happening at this time.

For years, Black people have been asleep at the wheel; and even though people were blowing horns to get our attention, you didn’t realize you were about to crash until you saw the oncoming truck coming straight at you.

Let’s be real, there’s been a lot that the Black community have allowed to happen to our communities and we must take responsibility for it.

That’s how I feel things are right now.

When I started on Blackvoices in 1999, many of the issues that are in discussion today, I was talking about then, but no one wanted to hear it back then.  Everyone was caught up in celebrities and bling-bling, intellect was dead, people were money hungry and spiritual-less–they didn’t want to hear anything about God and as far as race goes, remember multiculturalism? Ha.  I laugh now, but back then, interracial dating and marriage were being touted as the new normal–racism was dead, blah-blah-blah.  Even Black people were saying that it wasn’t the sixties no more–put down the signs.  And the self-hatred was off the chain.

When an eagle stirs up the nest; it’s telling its young: Things have been comfortable for a time, but you have powerful wings, and the time has come for you to use them, little ones.  And literally, a mother eagle will topple their young out of the nest if necessary for over-standing of this point.  However, as they drop, the mother eagle swoops down under them and carries them back up with those powerful wings, only to repeat the process until that baby eaglet starts flying on its own.

There’s a new thing that we must do, Black People.  As I said before, Black people are the gatekeepers of this universe. Our spirit can change nations and the world.  It’s time for us to MOVE to a higher light.

We are being urged by events because for many,it’s been hard to get our attention, thus, it took certain types of stimulus to make us see the BIG PICTURE.  It’s Time for change.

Take That Damn Flag Down!


Once upon a time, I heard a preacher say that there are 3 types of people in this world: Those who make things happen. Those who watch things happen. And those who wonder…what happened?

As you all know, the recent Charleston Massacre has lead to a movement to have the Confederate flag taken down.

The debate has garnered much protest and activism and is now up to the legislature to make it a state wide decision to take down the flag permanently.

Well, Saturday morning, a group of concerned activists took matters into their own hands.

“The Confederate flag was removed from a pole on the South Carolina capitol grounds early Saturday morning by activists, but state employees returned the flag to its position not long after the incident.

An activist group claimed responsibility for taking the flag down. Witnesses said two people were arrested by authorities almost immediately after one of them scaled the flag pole on the north side of the State House grounds and pulled the Confederate banner down.

The Confederate flag has been at the center of a debate in Columbia for the past week in the wake of the racially motivated massacre of nine African-Americans in a Charleston church.

Activists calling themselves “concerned citizens” said in a news release that they removed the flag about 5:30 a.m. Saturday. A woman identified by the group as “Bree” climbed the pole and pulled the flag down, the group said.

“Deciding to do what the SC Legislature has thus far neglected to do, the group took down the symbol of white supremacy that inspired the massacre, continued to fly at full mast in defiance of South Carolina’s grief, and flew in defiance of everyone working to actualize a more equitable Carolinian future,” the group said in a news release distributed to the media about 6:30 a.m.

The Confederate flag was removed from a pole on the South Carolina capitol grounds early Saturday morning by activists, but state employees returned the flag to its position not long after the incident.

An activist group claimed responsibility for taking the flag down. Witnesses said two people were arrested by authorities almost immediately after one of them scaled the flag pole on the north side of the State House grounds and pulled the Confederate banner down.”

Bree has become somewhat of a superhero of sorts, even inspiring many celebrities to tweet about her bold act.
All I can say is that this is the kind of change I can believe in; and I had to let you guys know about it.