The Return of Black Gods

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Black people!!! It’s time for a new revolution. The old is passing away; and things are stagnant because no one is being creative or bold. People of African blood are CREATORS! American culture is rooted in Black progenitors of style and ingenuity. From art to fashion; academia, science, mathematics, poetry, music, dance, literature, cinema, sports, et al. We MADE our mark–and set records. Black culture has been the heartbeat of this country. Its rhythm, the pulse that gives it life. I don’t know about any of you, but it’s time to stop living other people’s despair.

We are the Illuminated Ones.  The first people who knew and talked to God.  We must get back to our true selves.

If you have been following this Caucasoid, parasite, you are living backwards.  You’re seeing a devalued view of your innate state.  We are not like them and should not be mixing our genetics with them.

For those who over-stand breeding, you can change the genetic structure of a species, simply by interfering with it’s reproductive system.  You don’t breed a thoroughbred with a donkey.  This would completely degrade the offspring of the thoroughbred.  You don’t mix dominant with recessive.  But that is exactly what has happened to many Black people in this oppressive and abusive relationship with the white man.

God made us to be his crown jewel.  Everything began with US.  He gave us strength, knowledge, talent, spirituality, and wisdom. Our consciousness operates at a high frequency, allowing for us to communicate with Him.  But many of you lost contact with the Creator–and that’s why your lives have been disconnected.

The white man has plotted to kill you.  And everything that you’ve been through was designed to destroy the God-MAN inside of–YOU; and cut off your relationship with our Father in Heaven.  He is the power source; and it’s time to allow him back into your life if you want to BE the Men you were designed to be.

The greatest revolution that could change everything…Is to have the audacity to force society to stop living a false narrative that had been scripted for us to lose!

We already won! Start living and acting like it!

I’m gonna feel good regardless.

Chyna Fox vs Rubia Garcia!!!

The Fued!

China Fox:

Rubia Garcia:


Many of you may have seen this video by Chyna Fox on Facebook or Twitter.  It is in response to Rubia Garcia a popular vlogger from NOLA who gained prominence for speaking on “Black issues.”  But Chyna Fox questioned her motives and made a video confronting the many Black men that have been proclaiming Pro Black platforms, yet, have nicknamed this woman, White Bae. This enraged, Chyna.  She called them hypocrites!  Her video has been playing all over social media and many people are debating what she said.  She’s definitely got the ears of a lot of people.

I took the liberty of posting Chyna’s video then Rubia’s reponse.  After viewing both, I commented on Chyna’s channel but also left some interesting words for Ms. Rubia’s comments.

My response:

“Oh, Scarlet O’Hara! Hydrate us all with your with your “white woman tears.” Don’t call for you? Are you talking to a slave? Rubia Garcia! You are out of your jurisdiction! Your rage is reflective of the arrogance that is typical of Neader-thots, like yourself, who are not educated about what you are advocating; and the first thing that you do, is expose the fragility that is within.  Just like a typical white woman! You do not raise your voice in a debate; you improve your argument. And that is? First and foremost, Chyna had every right to address you on your videos. No one is above reproach. You do not ordain yourself as some type of White Savior, then do a 360, and begin dictating and trying to silence the very people you speak for when they react to what you say. You’ve been called out. You’ve been checked, hunty! You’re a white woman treating Black culture as if it’s an All You Can Eat Buffet. But the owner has just stepped out from the back and have instructed that you have abused the service; and now has asked you to leave! We are not listening to any white woman trying to justify her privilege, in such a way, as if, we ought to apologize for saying what many people should have checked you on in the first place: YOUR WHITENESS being the object of your platform, not your message. You have not suffered anything! What you are is a typical white troglodyte feeling slighted because people aren’t validating your appropriation! And for the record, Black women are the FIRST MOTHERS AND QUEENS of this planet. Africa is the birthplace of civilization. The Black Man and Black Woman are the Original People of this earth.  The African is 100% HUE-man!  We are the parents of ALL HUE-manity! Egypt is in Africa! Black Egyptians built the pyramids when your ancestors were dwelling in caves in Eurasia, Caucasoid! Cornrow braiding–micro braids, et al, originated from Africa. Its purpose not only signified what tribe one came from; the intricate braiding patterns distinguished what the person’s position was within the tribe. Chyna Fox is within her cultural and territorial rights to speak about what she lives–NOT WHAT SHE OBSERVES!!! You’re a street reporter using social media as a platform to market Black Oppression as if it’s a product you invented! Sit your ass down! We’re not having it. Face this fact: You are not US! Know your place! And I highly suggest you watch this video, sweetie: The entire community is weighing in! Your ghetto pass is about to be revoked!”

And there it is…it’s time for the Black community to start checking these so called, “allies.”  Please…isn’t this what happens before they invade?

Not falling for this s###!

Black people, it’s time to start serving these craKKKas with trespassing violations and MAKE THEM PAY the fine!


Chyna responds to Rubia Garcia’s video:

Hot Shit!


I’m sitting here looking out the window, listening to Common’s Like Water For Chocolate, and this track (title) is playing.  It got me to thinking about a lot of things; and the title has me feeling some kind of way.  Remember the days when Black music made you get amped?  I’m not feeling this current state of negativity and fear right now.  I’m a warrior and I’m looking for the battle–not running from it. I’m just that kind of chick.

Where are the warriors!  Where?  Where are those dudes that walked down the street in the neighborhood who walked in a squad–like African lions, fearless, strong, no equal in sight?  Their presence was bold; and no one dared challenge them.  Cold Blooded. Ruthless.  Kings!

There was a time when Black folks walked like the kings and queens we called ourselves. We were uppity.  Proud.  Unapologetic.


Black culture has been on a respirator and so has the country.  Our spirit has been weakened and this country it seems is on life support.  When our fire rises.  America soars. It is our energy that makes everything move with rhythm.  From music to fashion, everything we touched was more creative.  Like the sun brightens and nourishes; so did our culture do the same for this country we call America.

Love and Happiness.  Will it return?  Will we dance again?  Will the funk revive the Funkateers who have been hibernating, in distress from so much gloom?

I wonder.

So I listen to Common.  And I hunger for something different to revive us.  Something that will make the light shine again.  I miss good times.

And so I fantasize we’ll be happy again.  Making this place pop!  Elevating everything around us!  It’s time to push evolution through our consciousness.  Create from the divinity within each of us.  Find out identity again.

It’s time to flip this script!

Time to start a new thing!  Afrofuturism please!  Take us away…to another galaxy.  Our existence here has been compromised.

The world is waiting for Black People to return!



Dear White Chicks!

So sorry that when you come to this blog, you get the shock of your lives in not seeing yourselves admired, esteemed, emulated, or imitated.  This is not White America, dear  hearts.  Are you confused as to where you are?

You’ve entered the domain of a sharp thinking African American woman who is so high and mighty; if you looked at me too long, you’d need to ask me permission to breathe.  Yes, I highly value myself, and other Black women.  And I don’t have to qualify as to why, but if you’re curious, I’ll tell you bluntly: Black women are not your doormats, maids, psychiatrists, girlfriends, best friends or confidants.  WE ARE DESCENDANTS OF THE FIRST WOMAN–THE BLACK WOMAN WHOSE WOMB SPURNED ALL LIFE, THUS, WE ESTEEM NO OTHER WOMEN ABOVE US–WE ARE THE BEGINNING, AND WALK IN THAT KNOWLEDGE EVERY SINGLE DAY.

That’s why you fear us.

We still walk with dignity, even though we have to deal with inequality and prejudice, and oh! Don’t let me forget, feminism too.  We walk with the power of the universe inside of us and the most intelligent of us, allow it to be our guide.  And you just can’t figure out where we get all of that cool.  Yes, we have to dodge these bullets every single day, but still be wives, mothers, teachers, activists, inspiration, and spiritual representatives to our families, still smiling, although tired, but having the audacity to rock Prada while being tested by the media, society, and racists, who are impassioned in telling us subliminally that we don’t matter.


Like hell.

You see, your image…was constructed in the sick mind of white males, who lied to you and hypnotized you in believing that you were the feminine goddess to be marketed to the world.  But what most of you are:   is an emotional vulnerable mess, who don’t have a clue of what real womanhood is beyond boob jobs, lip injections, butt implants, facial cosmetic surgery, and hyper-sexualized imagery.  Tragically born with pale skin, you spend countless time, energy, and money–even risking your lives, to be brown–like us.  You’re a piece of fiction, and the Black woman is the representative of what you can’t be: She’s strong on her own, and even more with the Black man.  The features you want and have to pay for,  are those of the Black woman: full lips, hips, naturally voluptuous, and ageless, toned skin, in all the colors of gold, tan, brown, bronze, copper, as well as about 30 other color spectrums of the rainbow.

The media tells you that you’re special, but those who’ve been around you, particularly Black women, know you’re a pathetic mess.  You cry over the dumbest shit.  You’re always scared and insecure.  You are vindictive, spite-filled and deceitful. Many of you seem to think it’s perfectly natural to seduce young teenage boys (recent news), even while teaching in the classroom.  You’re nasty, as in disgusting, not washing your hands after using the bathroom (WE SEE YOU), and most obvious: you don’t know how to make white men respect you or stay interested in you after you hit 30.

To us, you’re over-hyped fantasia.  No substance.  Pure apparition.

Just by chance, I Googled the word Bimbo, and guess what, every single time, a white chick was depicted in various poses.  Imagine that.  Then, something told me to put the word, tramp in the search box.  Oh, my…the same thing happened.  White chicks all over the place.  Then I Googled the word, witch.  Lord!  White women pictured.  Is there something about witches that make you feel wholesome?  Guess that’s why so many of you love Halloween: you can take off the L’Oreal and become your natural selves.

Oh, sure, there are good white women, but what pisses Black women off, the bad ones seem to get the benefit of the doubt along with the Joan of Arcs.

We don’t get that consideration.  We’re always angry, unloved, something to be feared or condescended to.  If you listen to the hype behind the movie, The Help, you’d think all Black women saw themselves as nothing more than housemaids for lazy white bitches who couldn’t tell you the difference between a bottle of dish soap or Tide.  Everything that the media depicts of Black women is negative. We’re even hated when we achieve–as most of us do, while working two jobs–mind you, and still getting the degree, the job, the promotion, and sometimes when we’re alone.

When a women as accomplished and intelligent as Michelle Obama, gets picked apart, for of all things, wanting to go abroad and take her girls along for the tour; “How dare she do such a thing.”  The disparity of how Black women and white women have been depicted in the media; white women have been afforded the advantage simply based on her proximity to the white male who controls the media.

Basically, the difference in Black women and white women is simple: MARKETING.

You will probably never see a positive thing about white women on my blog. Not because I can’t say anything nice–I WON’T.  Yes!  I’m prejudiced, discriminatory, biased, and quite unapologetic, and uncompromising in my views.  This is not racism.  It’s constructive empowerment for those who have been victimized too often by global white supremacy, either subliminally or directly.  It’s our spot to edify our own values, culture, beauty, uniqueness, creativity, intelligence, and point of view.

Black women are getting hatred shoved in their faces, even when we are no threat to anyone.  We are constantly being criticized, even when we deserve to be praised.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m just telling the truth.

Because most of the time, we don’t have the luxury of having our version of the story being told.

White Privilege, like the American Express card,  affords white women access to things that they don’t deserve.

But here on this blog, your credit has been denied.

Who’s Really Our Brother’s Keeper?

The above photo comes from the Bronx, NY.  The little boy holding the poster is one of about 200 people who demonstrated there after the shooting of Remarley Graham in March of 2012.  He was just yet another Black young man killed in the prime of life by a New York City police officer.

How many times does this happen in this country?  Does America have a vendetta against the Black male–and for what?  Black men have been targeted for well over 200 years and their lives not valued for much.  When a Black man was killed in the past; this had devastating impact on his family, community, and the psyche of the entire race.

Trayvon Martin’s case just got headlines, but this happens every single day somewhere in America.

There are things that you demonstrate for.  There may be things that you march for.  But it’s high time for the Black community to stop being so diplomatic–and FIGHT for what we love and care about–literally!  We don’t have to be nice.  Why should we be?

There are some days when I just sit and think about a lot of things that I want to write about on this blog and can’t wait to log on to do so.  However, I don’t want to write anything just to be yet another invisible voice in the land of the internet.  No.  I want to move people to DO SOMETHING wherever they are in order to bring about change.

Late last night, I was watching Jet Li’s Fearless.  Fearless, also known as Huo Yuanjia in Chinese, and as Jet Li’s Fearless in the United Kingdom and in the United States, is a 2006 film directed by Ronny Yu and starring Jet Li. It is loosely based on the life of Huo Yuanjia, a Chinese martial artist who challenged foreign fighters in highly publicised events, restoring pride and nationalism to China at a time when Western imperialism and Japanese manipulation were eroding the country in the final years of the Qing Dynasty before the birth of the Republic of China.  In the movie, the character made a comment about unity: he said that the reason why the people were treated so badly by the foreigners is because they were not together as a people.  They disrespected each other–and they were hated because of that ignorance.  He acknowledged that this was a sickness in his people.  His response was for them to unify and have mutual respect for each other as countrymen.  This would give them power.

And I say to Black people, we too must stop allowing ourselves from being exploited by our enemy.  Because of our disunity; this gives our oppressor power over us–even when we have the power to control out destiny; we allow those who hate us to continue to oppress our people, simply because we don’t know how to treat each other.

An enemy will always attack you where you’re weak and the Black family is the weakest link in our community.  The Black male is targeted because it is the male who heads the family.  When you take away the head; you destroy the family.  This is precisely what is happening to our people.

Whenever I see Black celebrities or Blacks who have definite power economically, politically, socially, etc., and these people speak for the community in the media; I always wonder, just who do they know and are they really speaking for us?  Many don’t even live among us.  How do you speak for a people that many try to avoid?  Some could be considered as co-conspirators with our oppressor.  And just let me be very clear what I’m saying when I use the word: O-P-P-R-E-S-S-O-R.  I’m talking about WHITE PEOPLE.  They are our enemy.  Period.

And it’s high time Black folks wake the hell up and realize that.

White people will always involve themselves in movements, activities, philosophies, ideologies, and with people who they consider downtrodden–but make now mistake; this is just a way for them to aid and assist in order to control, manipulate, dominate and annihilate.  Ask the American Indian.

A strong people EMPOWERS THEIR OWN.  And this is where Black people need to strengthen in order to be the powerful people we know that we can be.