The Last Lie Ever Told…


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Yesterday, along with millions of people in this country, I was stunned by the Today Show having some white man on live television, revealing the above image on the left, as being the image of Nefertiti–mother of King Tutankhamen. Immediately, social media erupted.  The bust looked like some white woman from Maine who was used in an art class.  They choose Black History Month to do this?  Oh.  There is an agenda here.

White people are a pathetic race. Their redundancy is an indicator that they have come to their end. What an indictment on a race to be so mentally inferior, they have to steal the identity of another people, in order to justify their existence.

5000 years ago, when white people were wandering around in animal skins, the ancient Egyptians were building the pyramids.  With absolute precision–earthquake proof; and lined up precisely with magnetic north, getting the whole job done in 20 years.

What mighty people were these?

It completely debunks white supremacy.  Which is why the LIE of who the ancient Egyptians were, have been co-opted by racist white archaeologists and scholars within the last century.

But why?

I guess, when you’re at negative birthrate.  Are genetic recessive; and your origins are from the caves of Eurasia, I guess one could look at this as a twisted kind of self preservation through identity theft. But! The ancient Egyptians were not European!

White people are an insecure people.  They have an innate need to place themselves in history at its greatest periods in order to justify their proclamations of superiority.  But wanting to be “important” versus being relevant to facts, hints at a deep level of group sociopathy and and insanity, more so than actual clarity.

Simply put, white people were not the architects of civilization.  BLACK PEOPLE WERE!  If white people descended from Egyptians, don’t you think it would be in their DNA?

White people are natural haters.  They tried to rewrite history with lies and cover-ups.  But science is deeper than that.  And the more they dig; the BLACKER the planet gets.


There is no dispute!

Get over it!

My QUEEN SPIRIT Is Now Awakened!

At times during the day, I have visions of monarchy, of myself, standing boldly, with supreme authority, as I render justice on those who have violated my kingdom.  I show no mercy.  There will be no reprieve.

My people have been abused and violated by a mongrel, genetic mutant, that has somehow, cleverly managed to seduce the world into believing that one, it is human, and two, that it is even more superior than our Creator, God.  This beast dwelled in caves and descended from the Neanderthal man.  He is not Homo-Sapiens, as my people are descended from.  He violates my spirit, and I now must destroy this beast before he does anymore damage to us or the earth.

They dare speak to me.  I never asked for their opinion.  So devious in nature they are, they create reality, imitate what they haven’t constructed or imagined, then have the audacity to claim it as their own invention?

I’m enraged!  My anger and judgement has been stimulated.  I have not pity.

Every move I make is with swift precision, and deliberate intent, to trap this rat, that steals the valuable resources of my kingdom.  I want him badly.  He is not something to be pitied, but to be regarded as a pest, and unwanted thing, that needs to be exterminated.  I am the deliverer of the justice that my people have cried out to God for.  There is no escape for this rodent; it’s life is worth nothing.  I hate it.  There’s a malevolence in it that repels my favor.  I can’t tolerate its existence.  IT MUST GO!

The Laws of the Universe are on our side as a people.  Nature has now declared war on the rodent.  It can no longer be tolerated. For this creature has contravened God and his judgement is now upon it.  Oh, his wrath!  HIS TERRIBLE WRATH upon his enemies.  He mocks their calamity.  He ignores their cries.  HIS JUDGEMENT is terrible!

This beast dared to enslave my people.  He took our culture and language and contaminated the minds of geniuses with his primitive mind, and malevolence.  Its actions were of a bestial race with no true intelligence nor sign of any evidence of the God spirit within.

A separation must be enforced.  We have been unequally yoked.  I am giving the order to remove this smudge from the feet of the people.  For this thing has no business even trying to walk in our shoes.

This beast is evil and must now be destroyed.

The Queen has spoken.