The Last Lie Ever Told…


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Yesterday, along with millions of people in this country, I was stunned by the Today Show having some white man on live television, revealing the above image on the left, as being the image of Nefertiti–mother of King Tutankhamen. Immediately, social media erupted.  The bust looked like some white woman from Maine who was used in an art class.  They choose Black History Month to do this?  Oh.  There is an agenda here.

White people are a pathetic race. Their redundancy is an indicator that they have come to their end. What an indictment on a race to be so mentally inferior, they have to steal the identity of another people, in order to justify their existence.

5000 years ago, when white people were wandering around in animal skins, the ancient Egyptians were building the pyramids.  With absolute precision–earthquake proof; and lined up precisely with magnetic north, getting the whole job done in 20 years.

What mighty people were these?

It completely debunks white supremacy.  Which is why the LIE of who the ancient Egyptians were, have been co-opted by racist white archaeologists and scholars within the last century.

But why?

I guess, when you’re at negative birthrate.  Are genetic recessive; and your origins are from the caves of Eurasia, I guess one could look at this as a twisted kind of self preservation through identity theft. But! The ancient Egyptians were not European!

White people are an insecure people.  They have an innate need to place themselves in history at its greatest periods in order to justify their proclamations of superiority.  But wanting to be “important” versus being relevant to facts, hints at a deep level of group sociopathy and and insanity, more so than actual clarity.

Simply put, white people were not the architects of civilization.  BLACK PEOPLE WERE!  If white people descended from Egyptians, don’t you think it would be in their DNA?

White people are natural haters.  They tried to rewrite history with lies and cover-ups.  But science is deeper than that.  And the more they dig; the BLACKER the planet gets.


There is no dispute!

Get over it!

The Return of Black Gods

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Black people!!! It’s time for a new revolution. The old is passing away; and things are stagnant because no one is being creative or bold. People of African blood are CREATORS! American culture is rooted in Black progenitors of style and ingenuity. From art to fashion; academia, science, mathematics, poetry, music, dance, literature, cinema, sports, et al. We MADE our mark–and set records. Black culture has been the heartbeat of this country. Its rhythm, the pulse that gives it life. I don’t know about any of you, but it’s time to stop living other people’s despair.

We are the Illuminated Ones.  The first people who knew and talked to God.  We must get back to our true selves.

If you have been following this Caucasoid, parasite, you are living backwards.  You’re seeing a devalued view of your innate state.  We are not like them and should not be mixing our genetics with them.

For those who over-stand breeding, you can change the genetic structure of a species, simply by interfering with it’s reproductive system.  You don’t breed a thoroughbred with a donkey.  This would completely degrade the offspring of the thoroughbred.  You don’t mix dominant with recessive.  But that is exactly what has happened to many Black people in this oppressive and abusive relationship with the white man.

God made us to be his crown jewel.  Everything began with US.  He gave us strength, knowledge, talent, spirituality, and wisdom. Our consciousness operates at a high frequency, allowing for us to communicate with Him.  But many of you lost contact with the Creator–and that’s why your lives have been disconnected.

The white man has plotted to kill you.  And everything that you’ve been through was designed to destroy the God-MAN inside of–YOU; and cut off your relationship with our Father in Heaven.  He is the power source; and it’s time to allow him back into your life if you want to BE the Men you were designed to be.

The greatest revolution that could change everything…Is to have the audacity to force society to stop living a false narrative that had been scripted for us to lose!

We already won! Start living and acting like it!

I’m gonna feel good regardless.

Black Man! Wake Up And Realize Your African Power!

Africa. Birthplace of man. Land of the lion–king of all beasts. “Land of the Blacks.” A title given by the ancient Greeks, speaking in reverence of the wondrous sights they observed on the continent, prompting adulation and respect.

And God spoke: “Let There Be.” And all creation was born. When the Master of the universe thought of man–we were born in his image. And thus, when I look at myself in the mirror, naturally, I see God staring back at me.

The lion–superior to all beasts; the chosen symbol of strength, courage, and pride. Black pharaohs built their image on its body on the sphinx and great pyramids that rose to the sky. Great men of such magnitude would build greater civilizations that would astonish the earth, but one day, this magnificent history would be hidden through slavery, and thus, Black men would be conditioned to see themselves through the eyes of white men who were jealous of them and would use machination from the depths of hell to destroy what God created for perfection.

Africa did birth civilization, but slavery, bigotry, and the deliberate enforcement of systemic hatred toward Black people, caused those who would become descendants of African slaves, to be condemned to see themselves through the lens of the enemy: White Supremacy.  They could not believe the greatness that was once the inheritance of our people, and were taught to hate themselves, as their true knowledge of self was hidden from them in order to keep them in bondage.

One day, I woke up and wondered: Do Black men really know who they are? Do they know how necessary they are? Do they understand how much they matter to the Black woman–his natural ally, friend, and mate? His sister. His grandmother. His daughter. Every Black man in America has been impacted by racism, directly and indirectly; but how has this impacted them psychologically, spiritually, and mentally?

Black men must realize they are valued, and as a Black woman, I am conscious of the insidious behavior and subliminal messages that promote violence against my brothers. As a Black women, I make it my mission to empower the Black man and encourage my sisters out there to see him for his true purpose–and that is, to be the LEADER of what manhood should be.

Deconstructing The Enslaved Mind of Black People!

Africa.  The beginning of everything–the birthplace of man.  On this great continent, civilizations emerged that were so great; their majesty, ingenuity, and brilliance would influence all civilizations and cultures of the earth.

The early Greeks would refer to these civilizations with awe and admiration.  “The Land of The Blacks” would be prefaced in every recording.  They were dark, beautiful and unique people, referring to themselves as children kissed by the sun, who were envied and admired around the globe.  Nubia.  Ethiopia and Egypt spawned the most celebrated kings and queens that ever lived.  Scholars, early men of science, mathematicians, strategists, and personalities that would defy human potential, would be the success models for all the world.  Africa birthed the first genius, Imhotep  He also was the world’s first architect.  His accomplishments would make even the most scholarly person seem like a slacker.  The greatest woman pharoah–A Black woman, Queen Hatshepsut  was so great in her accomplishments, she called herself pharaoh.  Menes, Ramses, Akhenaten,Tutankhamen, Cleopatra, et al.  Their wealth and glory would capture the imaginations of men for millenniums.

In silence, I sit in my living room–envisioning such wonders of how once upon a time…Black people ruled the earth.  Their kingdoms would be admired and challenged by lesser nations; but it is very clear to all the scholars of the ages: Africa set the example of what power really looked like.

The achievements of ancient Black people were so great in their minds–they had the attention of those civilizations that would not only borrow from them culturally in every facet, but whose own civilizations would be modeled after them.

The African American only knows of himself as the descendant of slaves.  Many of those slaves were once royalty before being captured.  They were bound and chained on that first ship to the Americas–dreaming of a time when they were once free…yet traveling to worlds unknown–strangers; their past glory forgotten.

How do you make one a slave?  First, you take away their freedom, then their language, their history,  and distort the image they have of themselves.  This is what was done to those first Africans.  Their heritage was stolen from them in order to control their minds.  Anyone that can control one’s mind, can control the individual.  It was all about power.  White slave masters prohibited slaves from learning anything about their past. Reading was illegal and if a slave was caught with a book; he or she could be punished severely.

Memory replacement was used to divide and conquer Black people.  What is memory replacement.  Literally, it is when you take away someone’s identity and brainwash a false identity into their mind.    White history would be infused into the minds of these Black slaves.  All knowledge of Africa and its contributions would be deliberately covered up.  Divide and conquer was the tactic used against the helpless Black slave.  Young against old.  Male against female.  The house slave against the field slave.  And the miscegenation that took place was not only the white slave master imposing his power over a weak Black female; this was also to create an extension of slaves that could be used to infuse even a more deviant tactic; skin color differentiations that would further divide the slaves from being unified.  They were pitted against one another in order to weaken them.  You see…the greatest fear that whites had and still have is for Black people to be empowered and gain economic, political and social power.  Thus, it was necessary to use machination as this in order to create psychological impediments that would make the slave distrust his brethren, in order to retain white power.  As long as whites could control the mind of the slave–the slave would remain powerless and would not resist or challenge the authority of white supremacy.

And it is because of this very tactic, Black people around the world act as they do towards one another.  This behavior has been perpetuated in 4 generations of Black Americans and it is the very reason why self-hate is being exhibited through the behaviors and actions of Black people across the globe.  Everywhere you look, there is a legacy of slavery.  The negative associations and images that are transmitted visually about Black people are deliberate.  These distorted images are imposed on the psyches of our people.  Our fore bearers would pass on many of these mental viruses subconsciously and it is with urgency that Black people begin to re embrace with their heritage and divest itself of white culture. Because frankly, it is killing many and the damage being done is giving our enemy the upper hand.

The only way to correct this is to reconnect to our African past and link up with Africa today.  We must relearn our history and teach our young about their people and where they come from. The contributions of African Americans/Africans are immense.  Success runs in our race.  It is our responsibility to claim our heritage–own our history and control our own image.  Never again should we allow the lies, hatred and ignorance of our enemy to become our reality.

BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL!!!   When we begin to walk in that knowledge, we can hold our heads up high and be bold in our glory without apology.