Who Killed Kenneka Jenkins?


On Sunday, September 10, 2017, I got up early to cook Sunday dinner, as I always do.  In the meantime, thinking about the coming Hurricane that was ensuing.  It was eerily still that morning.  But having been in a Hurricane (Matthew) earlier in the year; this was typical.

Later, I got on Facebook and checked my messages.  About an hour into talking back and forth between friends, there was a story trending.  Someone had placed a video from Facebook live of some girls in a hotel outside of Chicago, IL.  I saw the name Kenneka Jenkins, found dead in freezer, in a newsfeed post, multi-window attached.  I was intrigued and went to check out the video.  Honestly, I couldn’t gather anything from it but apparently, Kenneka had went out with these friends and went to a party at the Rosemont Hotel outside of Chicago, IL.  During the video, a girl with red hair extensions, later identified as Irene Roberts, was going live while in the room on Kenneka’s best friend, Monifah Sheldon’s phone.  She put this on her Facebook page.  Later on she deleted it.  Like everyone else, I was trying to decipher what was happening.  Within hours, the video went viral; and a host of internet detectives began to weigh in.

Was Kenneka set-up?

I’ll post the videos for you to analyze below.

Original video:




Guy From Hotel Tells What Happened:


Audio Breakdown of Video:


Whatever happened to Kenneka, her best friend let her down.  She was just 19.  The sad part of this was the fact that she thought her friends had her back.  They failed her.  All of the people that were in that hotel–and knew what was happening, need to be tried as adults and imprisoned.


This child deserves justice!!!





The TRUTH Behind Chicago’s Violence!

For years now, the violence in Chicago has been discussed in the mainstream media.  And I’ve spoken about it on my blog several times.  I stated how violence was not anything irregular in Chicago, as relates to history.  It was once run by Gangsters.  There were public officials, including the late Richard J. Daley Sr. who was once in an Irish Gang; and the late Harold Washington was also in a gang.

Numerous reports of violent murders were being channeled on CNN and other news stations every single day under the Obama administration.  Well, the President found his calling in Chicago and met his wife–who grew up on the south side; it was intriguing.

But did anyone really KNOW what was really going on?

A little bit of research can OPEN UP THE REAL TRUTH! I grew up in Chicago. And I know its history through and through. Everyone has been talking about violence in Chicago but NO ONE has been questioning if what they’ve been hearing is factual. I can tell you…Chicago has been gentrifying for decades. Actually, this has been a plan since Daley Sr. was mayor. What people don’t know is just how dirty Chicago is–and I do mean, it’s political officials and law enforcement. I’m gonna get right to the point: WHITE PEOPLE WANT THE CITY BACK! The violence that is being reported is fabricated. And to go even further–the murders? They’re being carried out by outside agents to provoke Black people and other minorities to leave the city.

That’s the plan!

So please, TELL THAT to the people!

The Legacy of White Women Lying On Black Men! The Woman Who Got Emmett Till Killed, Said, “It Was A Lie”.


Last night, while on Facebook, a story came through on The Root news-feed that ran this story.  I read it.  And literally almost lost it.  In 1955 on a hot day in August; a young boy went to the store with his cousin to buy some $2.00 bubble gum and a young 21 year old Carolyn Bryant was at the store as well.  She accused Emmett of coming on to her–while he and his cousin came into the store, whistling at her as she walked by.  As was typical, her husband became enraged.  Later that night, he and his half brother, went to the house where Emmett was staying while visiting Mississippi from Chicago; drug him out of the house, took him to an undisclosed location, beat, raped and sodomized him–pulled out his teeth, and cut of his genitals and stuffed them in his mouth.His body was found on August 31, 1955.  He was only 14.  His mother, Mamie Till, although grieved, when she retrieved the body, her decision literally would change America.  Mamie, with absolute courage, told the undertaker to have an open casket funeral.  Why?  Because she wanted the world to see the evil that was truly in America.  Jet magazine ran these photos.  It stunned the nation.


Oh, Emmett! You poor baby! How you suffered. We have cried for you for 62 years!


This old LYING BITCH, lived out her life, knowing full well Emmett had not whistled at her! I WANT HER CHARGED! Carolyn Bryant lied on this child! That LIE caused his death at the hands of Grown WHITE MEN. He was only 14. JUSTICE cries out! God HATES LIARS, Carolyn Bryant. You and your husband laughed after the trial. But Emmett’s blood is on your head, witch!  You got to live your life.  But you cost the life of this poor baby!  That LIE stole his legacy.  God will charge you in the next life for this crime.  You lived a LIE, Carolyn Bryant!–knowing all along what you did got an innocent 14 year old boy killed. I HOPE YOU DIE!

Everyone is angry about this.  The story is all over social media.  But I haven’t heard a word in the mainstream about it.  Hhhhmm.  I wonder why.

Who Emmett Till could have been, we’ll never know.

But one thing is for sure, the lies of white women historically, have been the catalyst of many Black men being criminalized, imprisoned or murdered and lynched.

How much bloodshed has been spilled because of these troglodyte, genetic defects?

Whatever the fallout will be from this admission by this woman is all up in the air.

Personally, I feel that she should be charged and her family forced to pay restitution to the Till Estate.  Will this happen?  You know the answer.


So. What Will Happen Next?


This morning, I woke up as usual.  I prayed to God–giving thanks.  Then I went into the bathroom.  The hot water spigot is stripped–and the water is not feeding through when trying to shower.  My blood pressure went up a bit but mainly I just took it in stride and accepted that this is just another issue to put on the block.

Nonetheless, I’m not yet ready to blog any pieces about anything yet.  As most of you, I am waiting till after the Inauguration.

Obama gave his last speech in Chicago last night.  That’s my hometown.  I wish I could have been there.  I was laying down when it came on and only heard about 10 minutes of it before dozing off.  I checked it out again on the news-feed and I was struck by how unmoved I was.  Honestly, I haven’t been that impressed with Obama.  He’s done some things but I feel that African Americans didn’t hold him accountable.  His capitulation to the Republican Party and to White America’s Fear of a Black President, literally set the tone for the election of Donald Trump.

Here is the full speech for those who missed it:

9 days from now, a new man will sit in the seat being vacated by President Barack Hussein Obama.

What kind of transition will this be?

I am actually not ready to make any kind of speculation because frankly, I just can’t call it right now.

Today, I’m focused on getting myself in a position where I won’t have to work.  I really am thinking about retiring young.  There is a lot I want to do.  And I am going to put more energy in becoming THE OWNER of what I do.  Entrepreneurship is the best route for African Americans in my opinion.  I got plans.  BIG PLANS.

As for the rest, I’m sure there will be a lot to talk about in 2017.  But…as of yet, we’ll all just have to wait and see what will unfold.


Image result for Cubs Win


Oh, My God. All I can say is…WOW!  When I woke up this morning, all I was thinking about was if I wanted to go out today–and cook dinner. Around 7:08 a.m. I slowly arose and went into the kitchen to begin what was to become Sunday dinner. At about 8:00 a.m., I turned on the television to watch Good Morning America, and to my shock, amazement, and complete exhilaration, the announcers, both of whom were Cubs fans, were so excited to announce that the Cubs won the National League Championship.

I screamed.

My mother, who lives with me, was completely ambivalent. She wanted to talk about God.

Ok. I screamed again.

This is one of the best surprises that I have had in a long time.

Image result for Cubs Win

I grew up in Chicago on the North Shore, and it was a yearly saga to see the Cubs struggle during the year. Fans were loyal though. They never turned their backs on their beloved Cubbies.

The Cubs are 100 years old and they actually have won the World Series in 1907 and 1908. But they haven’t won a pennant since 1945.
But boy oh, boy…it’s on now!

The past is the past!

Honestly, I thought of the late Harry Carey. The late Ernie Banks. I wish they could have lived to see their team win. I know that both would have been beyond excited.\
All the old Cubs players now retired, I know that they are celebrating like never before.

I’m so excited about the Cubs–and I don’t even like baseball. But this is history in the making…and I am so proud for the Cubs and I wish them all the best.

Crazed White BITCH, Calls Black Couple Nigger at Chicago Festival!

Here’s the full story: 


Yesterday, I was checking my Facebook notifications and there was a link from the Rickey Smiley sight that caught my eye: There was a link to a video that was posted by a Black man who had attended a Margarita festival in Chicago with his wife. Both are teachers.  As I ran the video, a skinny white female was verbally accosting the man as he filmed her. Her name is Jessica Lynn Sanders. She then slapped the camera out of his hand.  He picked it up.  Then she called him Nigger.  Saying it over and over and over.  Goading him to hit her.  At this point, the cow spit on him.  Uhg!  That’s when my blood boiled.  Here’s the kicker: she was there with two BLACK FRIENDS, one of which, a female, was saying to the gentleman filming the incident, “It doesn’t bother us.”


It’s come down to this now?

Black people allowing white people to disrespect other Black people.

Growing up on Chicago’s North Shore, I can tell you…had this happened where I lived, someone would have been dialing 911 for this piece of white trash.  Personally, had she spit on me, as well as using the N-word; I swear, it would have taken a S.W.A.T team to get me off of her ass.

I believe this took place on the North Side of Chicago.  If it had occured on the south or west side; and there were a lot of Black people around, that bitch, and those two wimp-ass coons would probably be in ICU or dead.

It’s not clear what precipitated this confrontation but something did.

I don’t know who this piece of trash is but she’s got half the country out to get her and one can only speculate of the karma that is coming for her ignorant ass.

Are Black people convinced that white people, no matter how nice you are to them, are inherently racist?

Malcolm X said as much but still, so many Knee-grows just don’t get it.

There is a spirit in this country among white people that it is not acceptable to demonstrate openly how much they really hate not just us but all minorities in general. They’re coming after anyone that is not THEM.

The question here is: How should we respond to this enemy who is engaging is this kind of psychological game?

It’s a no-brainer that we must “perfect” the tactics whites have used on us; and flip the script, turning them around and having them run for their lives. I’m not playing. My mind is not designed for pity. I feel nothing for any enemy or one who I perceive as a threat. Intrinsically and naturally, I will become like the Terminator–zeroing on my target, reading them; aiming my weapon, and destroying them with no regard for their well being whatsoever.

Black people still “care” too much about our enemy. I believe this has been something passed down from slavery. This is why white people keep playing us. The lesson must be: our enemy uses military science and so must we in order to destroy him.

Real talk.


Ebony and Jet Sold To The Enemy!

Say it ain’t so…

This can’t be happening.  But sadly, it’s true.

The iconic Ebony/Jet magazine, after 71 years, has been sold to an equity firm in Texas, owned by white men.

This is a travesty!

We’re losing a very important part of our legacy as a people and achievements throughout the last century.

Everyone in the Black community read Ebony and Jet.  It’s where to went to get the real news in Black America.  Whether it was fashion, music, business, art, or powerful stories about regular people, Ebony and Jet delivered.  Who can ever forget the iconic picture of Emmett Till.  That photo shocked the world.

I remember Ebony when it was a BIG PRINT magazine.  My mother had a monthly subscription and I learned so much about Black history.  The journalism was impeccable back then.  But John H. Johnson was running the magazine and his leadership, business acumen, and standards were all over that publishing.  But when he turned over the helm to his daughter, Linda Johnson-Rice, the magazine and journalism went down.

Unfortunately, being the daughter of a maverick, does not make one qualified to run such an iconic business as Johnson Publishing based on proximity.  Quite frankly, Linda just doesn’t have the ability to re-invent the magazine, making it

And just what do they plan to do with it.

It all started with Viacom bought BET in 2000.  Then turned around and bought Essence magazine in 2005.  Now this.

What is really happening?

This sounds like a covert plan to co-op Black intelligence and all outlets of media that promote Black love, unity, community, and political and entrepreneurial spirit.

What on earth are white folks supposed to do for our community?  Just what are a group of white folks in a board room expected to say to Black people hired as managers responsible for creating issues that inform our community.  Do you really think they are motivated to inspire us?

This reaks!

More or less, it sounds like a way to promote White Supremacy through capitulating KNEE-grows who aren’t bold enough to speak their mind to white power when its in their face.

And even if the faces on the magazine remain Black, it’s WHO that controls what is projected and written that dictate the policy and agenda from now on.

Linda Johnson-Rice.

You fucked up with this one.

And Black America is going to pay the price.