I’m A Ruthless…@$&F! And I’ll Prove It!


No.  This isn’t me.  But the attitude conveyed in the pic, fits.  Yeah.  I’m feeling some kind of way today.  I’m unapologetic and dare anyone to try me–just once.

Had a nice talk this morning with a friend.  We were discussing nosy, aggravating MUTHAS who don’t know how to mind their own business but have enough time to try and manage your life.  This really was just venting for me.  One of my aunts had called me the previous night–and upon answering the phone, the woman didn’t even say hello but proceeded to tell me what to do about a matter in which she, number one, had no input financially or spiritually, and two, it was NONE OF HER DAMN BUSINESS.  This particular aunt is very proactive in trying to dictate what others should do in situations but she is also the aunt who spent years in an abusive marriage, was a co-dependent, never went to college, never worked, was an alcoholic, drug addict, chronic smoker, LOVED TO PARTY, et al, but yet, she now thinks that because she finally started going to church; it is her duty to handle everyone else’s affairs.  But here’s the kicker: I NEVER ASKED FOR HER HELP OR ADVICE. Of course, I told her off.  She couldn’t handle my truth, thus, she hung up in my face.  Oh! I don’t play that!  Immediately, I blocked her number.

I’m not in the mood for this.

The audacity of this woman.  I guess she forgot where she came from. I had to remind her: Just because you stopped getting high, doesn’t mean you’re clean. Anything can trigger your addiction again. The sky is too high to be sitting on a pedestal, looking down at those who are still crawling. Don’t fall and break your neck.

Have you ever just not cared?  I mean…you really, really, REALLY, don’t care and you actually fantasize about some unsuspecting nimrod who becomes foolishly bold, and decides to try you, simply based on their presumption that “you won’t do anything to them…” So they think.  But they don’t know you, do they?  They…DON’T.  And like any cat, you have to discipline the little mouse who didn’t realize the power it was tempting.

This morning, my aunt called…very early.  It was 6:00 a.m.  My mother, who lives with me, answered the phone.  I was getting reading for work.  I don’t talk on the phone that early in the morning if it isn’t an emergency. They spoke briefly.  When she got off the phone, she mentioned my aunt said she loved me.


My eyebrow raised.  Oh, she had a touch of conscience? Woman, please…I know your ass, ok.

Yeah. Whatever…

Family, right.

 *Rolling eyes*

Does Raven Symone Need Prayer Intervention?


Father God, You are the master of the universe, Lord of all. As a human being on this planet, I acknowledge your presence and authority over all things.

Lord, as you know, there are many attacks that have been coming at the Black community and many lives have been lost from violence, simply for being who they are.

However, we are also under attack through the media; ironically, from those who look like us.

30 years ago, America fell in love with this cute little girl who stole scenes repeatedly on the Cosby Show.

images (20)

She then gained fame and wealth through her popular Disney show, That’s so Raven.


But what happened to her?

Within the past year, actress, television host, Raven Symone’ has made some very controversial comments: http://www.hollywoodtake.com/view-cast-fired-soon-why-raven…



You know what they are. Her recent comments, again, have angered the Black community. What provokes the people is her blatant ignorance and ambivalence of what she is saying in the media. There is some kind of disconnect.

Many are tired of Raven Symone’ and want to banish her. Others could literally physically attack her for her idiocy. However, I see another issue that needs to be confronted: Raven Symone’ is lost. She has no depth of consciousness and really thinks that nothing really matters–not her heritage, her lifestyle nor her responsibility to speak with intelligence, as not to burden the Black community with her irresponsible commentary about us.

God, it is said that you have mercy for babies and fools. Well, the latter applies to Raven. This child needs some kind of intervention before she destroys her career.

And to further, when the Black community no longer tolerates you; the forces that be will be unleashed to take yet another soul.

You’re a merciful God.

Raven was created for a purpose but apparently is under some type of influence that has rendered her intellectually impaired.

Help this lost child…

God is Calling His People Back To Him!


The perimeter of truth is in what is factual.  Who are the people that are judging Black people, really?  What have they produced?  What have they changed?  I am a woman who believes in Black People, but I do not accept white people who are engaged in immoral acts–“many of them”, who think they know everything, watched a few Black shows; then, they decided, hey!  A new way to control Black people.  If I talk fast enough, sound deep enough and trick them into thinking “we care about them”; I can make some money off of fools who don’t actually read.  And that’s how I see many white folks

So many questions about Black people; but do they realize they’re talking about God’s first creation?  What temerity does something that burp, farts, and shits, have in questioning an omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent God?  Where were they when the foundations of the earth were created?  Many white folks don’t believe in God and call Black people spiritually immature for believing in God.  They have problems with a deity that is actually superior in his nature and demands accountability in his creation. He gave Black men entry into his kingdom and spoke into a Black man, giving life to us all through him.  A question for white folks: ? Do you think it is inconsistent for someone who “lacks belief” in God to work against God’s existence by attempting to show that God doesn’t exist? The Bible describes how Christ looks. And many people within the Bible are African.

Conscious Black People, It’s time to do what needs to be done. We are the gatekeepers of consciousness and it is the responsibility of ALL BLACK PEOPLE to maintain spiritual order on this planet. The cowardice that has been tolerated is no longer acceptable.  We are responsible for guarding this earth from spiritual defilement. Everything that is happening right now is a result of the war the Black man has had with himself.  His enemy is determined to steal his identity, as Jacob did to his brother Esau; claiming all rights to a birthright that doesn’t belong to him.

The enemy has tricked many to believe that we are less than he.  We are not intelligent, says he.  But who gave him knowledge? What has the Caucasoid done in relation to creation?  Where was the white man when God created the heavens?  Does he think that he can tell God about the stars?  God knows their names.  Where was the white man when the morning star sang?

As God quizzed Job in the Old Testament, speaking from a whirlwind…”And who is this that speaks words without counsel?” I pose these questions to the white man:

This is the most powerful event in the story of Job. It is often one of the most talked about books, but not many people even remember pastors talking about this part of the story. It’s a lesson to those who dare question the power and authority of God.

Get off your knees and FIGHT the enemy!  We are God’s people.  Many of us have gotten too comfortable being subservient to this low, reactive, reptilian brain, genetic defect.  God will allow what we allow.  Everything that has been happening is to MOVE US back to him so that we can restore spiritual order on this planet.

When you attack Black people, you are challenging God.  Do not make war with God.  Many men are not prepared for the confrontation.

So…Will Black Lives Matter To The Pope?


Well, Rome has invaded America–so to speak.  The Pope has decided to pay us a little visit in the grand Ole U-S-A.  The first by any pope in 7 years.  He’s been given the royal treatment alright.  All the while, not one reporter has even pondered the question of whether or not the head of the Roman Catholic Church even gives a damn about all of these Black people being killed by police within the past year.  As the supposed moral head of one of the largest religious denominations in the world, he should be obligated.  He’s spoke on everything else.

So how will this play out?

Racialized police brutality is the monster staring in the window.  Does he confront it or does he just close the window blinds and pretend it’s not there?  If he does speak out it will be unprecedented and will cement his credibility with an audience who is largely Protestant.

The Washington Post recently reported that St. Louis reverend Traci Blackmon met with the Pope’s advisers in Vatican City to discuss racial violence and unrest in Missouri and other places around the country.  Blackmon believed that based on the Pope’s tendency to speak out on various issues over the course of his appointment; he believed that it would be most competent to speak about racism on his visit as well.  “The history of Pope Francis’s remarks indicates that he wouldn’t come to the United States and not address the issue that’s most pressing,” she wrote. “And here, that’s race.

Given the protests and the intense presence of the Black Lives Matter protesters, interrupting presidential candidates stump speeches, and provoking the public to acknowledge the presence and value of Black people’s lives,systemic racism, police brutality, etc., it just would make sense.  This also would give strength to his demands for worldwide racism and discrimination to end.


In regards to American racism, Pope Francis has a large cache of historical denouncement and apology to reference.

You can’t preach the Gospel and not speak out against the violations of human dignity, life and basic right to life that the Bible teaches against.

As an individual, I really have never been motivated by any Pope.  I was a child when Pope John Paul II came to Chicago in 1978.  Like Pope Francis, he was very popular with the people.  You know what he did?  He apologized to African descented people for the Catholic Church’s role in slavery.  Yes.  The Catholic Church is guilty of this also.  He acknowledged that the church did not always act morally in regards to the issue of human slave trafficking and bondage.

If Pope Francis does speak out against it, he will continue in the tradition of papal leaders to calling for an end to racial violence and injustice.  He will thus become a natural ally with U.S. religious leaders for this continued American fight for freedom.

Only then will African Americans pay attention or even care.

White America! Your Jig is Up!


All praises to the most high God. He has been dealing with my soul for a long time.  He gave me the spirit, power, and gift of words to be able to talk to people on an emotional level, all the while, educating, empowering, and enlightening their mind.  I thank him and I’m humble for the creator to have such trust in me to be able to talk to other human beings on this level.

For those of you who are new to my blog; it would be advised to read the opening statements:

Only the TRUTH is spoken here. Get used to it!

What is this blog about? It’s very clear that I’m promoting Black love, community, and family values of the African American community. If you do not understand that and have negative attitudes, and views about my people, you are not welcome here–and will be banned immediately.”

And I mean every word.

I am not your friendly Negro.  I am not the nice Black lady that always smiles, call you suga or sweetie when I talk to you, and tell you to have a blessed day.  No. I’m that Black chick who walks like a proud lioness, observing her surroundings, alert, agile, and prepared to respond to any and all challenges that I’m confronted with.

The confrontation of today is that of race, racism, and what in the hell are Black people to do now, that we are being given a preview of the plans of White America once Obama leaves office.  He’s not a strong leader–and the Republican left is not going to allow him to be strong.  Some Black people are mad at him because he won’t stand up for us, but really…he can’t fight.  Also, he’s a Black man that is nothing but a pawn in a system run by racist white males; they’re not going to allow him to be the Shaft we want.  He’s a coward.  And I have long since stopped expecting him to show any kind of back bone to our true enemy.  A Black man in a white man’s house; can’t be a master of it!

Why are Black people still preaching unity when what we need is to sever this cord from White America?  Some Black people are praying for this demon, all the while, kneeling to a white-face Jesus on the wall.  Jesus wasn’t European.  Furthermore, white supremacy is one big lie.  Yet, they pray, and cry to God, to save him, and just be nicer to us, and let us drive our BMW’s in peace.

Now that is some weak bulls….(channeling the late Bernie Mac).

This enemy has been trying to find way to kill us since our untimely release from slavery.  Like Pharaoh in the Bible; he decided to kill us if he could no longer control us.  Then came Jim Crow.  He took away our freedom once again.  Denying our people the dignity to live in freedom with any kind of dignity, rights, and wealth building.  If he couldn’t enslave us; he damn sure wouldn’t allow the smart among us to rule over him, and thus, the plot was hatched.

I don’t want to bring up all of that–we all know the story, but what I want to inject is that it is foolish to keep wanting a relationship with a sick race of people not capable of humanity and are descended from caves.

It’s stupid.

Our ancestors built the pyramids, invented mathematics, gave birth to geniuses, that inspired white men who concocted lies about the true authors and builders of civilizations; stealing their identities through conquest; imposing their alleged accomplishments; what has been forged onto the psyche of the world, as European HIStory.

No white man is my savior. And I don’t want a relationship with a low, reptilian-brain, reactive, fragmented thinking, psychologically impaired, Caucasoid.

Your whole story is one big piece of fiction and God is exposing it.  He’d tearing the secret veils, allowing the world to see the true monster that is behind the curtain.

White America!  Your eviction notice has been notarized!  Nature has already served it on your asses!  And Karma is delivering it first class. Your jig is up!

Black America will depose you and take your land!

Very Important Lectures And Speeches from Some of Our Leaders: Dr. Umar Johnson, Dr. Phil Valentine, And Minister Louis Farrakhan

hqdefault (20)

I’ve been doing a lot of learning this past year.  Just taking time to have understanding, increase my knowledge, and also to further my activism with educating those whom I come in contact with about issues and concepts not necessarily broadcast or available through mainstream media.

Now, without further, adjure; here are three collective speeches and lectures by the honorable’s of: Dr. Umar Johnson, Dr. Phil Valentine, and Minister Louis Farrakhan:

How to End The Black Struggle in 2015 (Dr. Umar Johnson) 1:19:24

Lucifer’s Paradox (Dr. Phil Valentine) 1:06:48

Minister Louis Farrakhan Live at ITC in ATL, GA (2:05:30)

Interview with the Breakfast club (June 5, 2015)  1:01:44

My QUEEN SPIRIT Is Now Awakened!

At times during the day, I have visions of monarchy, of myself, standing boldly, with supreme authority, as I render justice on those who have violated my kingdom.  I show no mercy.  There will be no reprieve.

My people have been abused and violated by a mongrel, genetic mutant, that has somehow, cleverly managed to seduce the world into believing that one, it is human, and two, that it is even more superior than our Creator, God.  This beast dwelled in caves and descended from the Neanderthal man.  He is not Homo-Sapiens, as my people are descended from.  He violates my spirit, and I now must destroy this beast before he does anymore damage to us or the earth.

They dare speak to me.  I never asked for their opinion.  So devious in nature they are, they create reality, imitate what they haven’t constructed or imagined, then have the audacity to claim it as their own invention?

I’m enraged!  My anger and judgement has been stimulated.  I have not pity.

Every move I make is with swift precision, and deliberate intent, to trap this rat, that steals the valuable resources of my kingdom.  I want him badly.  He is not something to be pitied, but to be regarded as a pest, and unwanted thing, that needs to be exterminated.  I am the deliverer of the justice that my people have cried out to God for.  There is no escape for this rodent; it’s life is worth nothing.  I hate it.  There’s a malevolence in it that repels my favor.  I can’t tolerate its existence.  IT MUST GO!

The Laws of the Universe are on our side as a people.  Nature has now declared war on the rodent.  It can no longer be tolerated. For this creature has contravened God and his judgement is now upon it.  Oh, his wrath!  HIS TERRIBLE WRATH upon his enemies.  He mocks their calamity.  He ignores their cries.  HIS JUDGEMENT is terrible!

This beast dared to enslave my people.  He took our culture and language and contaminated the minds of geniuses with his primitive mind, and malevolence.  Its actions were of a bestial race with no true intelligence nor sign of any evidence of the God spirit within.

A separation must be enforced.  We have been unequally yoked.  I am giving the order to remove this smudge from the feet of the people.  For this thing has no business even trying to walk in our shoes.

This beast is evil and must now be destroyed.

The Queen has spoken.