Chyna Fox vs Rubia Garcia!!!

The Fued!

China Fox:

Rubia Garcia:


Many of you may have seen this video by Chyna Fox on Facebook or Twitter.  It is in response to Rubia Garcia a popular vlogger from NOLA who gained prominence for speaking on “Black issues.”  But Chyna Fox questioned her motives and made a video confronting the many Black men that have been proclaiming Pro Black platforms, yet, have nicknamed this woman, White Bae. This enraged, Chyna.  She called them hypocrites!  Her video has been playing all over social media and many people are debating what she said.  She’s definitely got the ears of a lot of people.

I took the liberty of posting Chyna’s video then Rubia’s reponse.  After viewing both, I commented on Chyna’s channel but also left some interesting words for Ms. Rubia’s comments.

My response:

“Oh, Scarlet O’Hara! Hydrate us all with your with your “white woman tears.” Don’t call for you? Are you talking to a slave? Rubia Garcia! You are out of your jurisdiction! Your rage is reflective of the arrogance that is typical of Neader-thots, like yourself, who are not educated about what you are advocating; and the first thing that you do, is expose the fragility that is within.  Just like a typical white woman! You do not raise your voice in a debate; you improve your argument. And that is? First and foremost, Chyna had every right to address you on your videos. No one is above reproach. You do not ordain yourself as some type of White Savior, then do a 360, and begin dictating and trying to silence the very people you speak for when they react to what you say. You’ve been called out. You’ve been checked, hunty! You’re a white woman treating Black culture as if it’s an All You Can Eat Buffet. But the owner has just stepped out from the back and have instructed that you have abused the service; and now has asked you to leave! We are not listening to any white woman trying to justify her privilege, in such a way, as if, we ought to apologize for saying what many people should have checked you on in the first place: YOUR WHITENESS being the object of your platform, not your message. You have not suffered anything! What you are is a typical white troglodyte feeling slighted because people aren’t validating your appropriation! And for the record, Black women are the FIRST MOTHERS AND QUEENS of this planet. Africa is the birthplace of civilization. The Black Man and Black Woman are the Original People of this earth.  The African is 100% HUE-man!  We are the parents of ALL HUE-manity! Egypt is in Africa! Black Egyptians built the pyramids when your ancestors were dwelling in caves in Eurasia, Caucasoid! Cornrow braiding–micro braids, et al, originated from Africa. Its purpose not only signified what tribe one came from; the intricate braiding patterns distinguished what the person’s position was within the tribe. Chyna Fox is within her cultural and territorial rights to speak about what she lives–NOT WHAT SHE OBSERVES!!! You’re a street reporter using social media as a platform to market Black Oppression as if it’s a product you invented! Sit your ass down! We’re not having it. Face this fact: You are not US! Know your place! And I highly suggest you watch this video, sweetie: The entire community is weighing in! Your ghetto pass is about to be revoked!”

And there it is…it’s time for the Black community to start checking these so called, “allies.”  Please…isn’t this what happens before they invade?

Not falling for this s###!

Black people, it’s time to start serving these craKKKas with trespassing violations and MAKE THEM PAY the fine!


Chyna responds to Rubia Garcia’s video:

The Inauguration of What?


If a picture is worth a thousand words; than this most definitely leaves all speechless.

My goodness.

Another change of the guard.  The transition of power began the moment the helicopter lifted and took the Obamas away into history.

The dream left the white house yesterday and a possible nightmare entered.

People are dazed and confused.  But we knew this day was coming.  However, to see the actual reality unfold has many wondering, what on earth has this country done?  Did we get snookered?

I was at work so I only caught the late night media recap of the event but I was on Facebook and it was virtually like a wake.  It’s as if everyone was in mourning.

The Obamas lived in the White House for 8 years without one scandal. Love all the photos. And there were some great ones. Everyone treated them like they were a fabulous celebrity couple.  This was a PRESIDENCY!  Not the prom king and queen living the lifestyle of the rich and famous.  We’re not electing someone we like but a leader who is going to handle our affairs at home and abroad. Whoever is put in this position, is to lead an administration that will affect your life.   It was great theater but what  will his legacy truly be?  This is serious business.  A great president is measured by what he accomplished. What did Obama really do for Black people? I highly recommend that you listen to this video for clarity:

Will Trump be able to last that long?  He’s 70.  That’s old.  And the presidency is a very physically demanding job.  But Da Donald, thinks he can do anything.

Like everyone else, I don’t know what to expect from this new administration.  But I do know we better WAKE THE HELL UP!  We need to be aware of what is going on.  And trust me, THERE IS A LOT GOING ON.

The Return of Wesley Snipes…

Wesley Snipes was released on April 2, 2013 of this year; an remained on house arrest until July 19th.

He served 28 months of a 3 year sentence for tax evasion; he denied any wrongdoing, but the government wasn’t hearing an of it.

I was and to some degree, I’m still a fan of Mr. Snipes, but he sure angered many Black women because of an interview in Ebony Magazine in which he implied that Black women were “hard to deal with.”  The Sisters were outraged and he paid for it in lackluster ticket sales by US in many of his future movies.  Lesson here: DON’T TURN OFF YOUR BASE!

However, this really wasn’t what ruined Wesley’s career.  No.  Not at all.  It was an interview he gave to Ebony in 1997 September issue.  Link:


He has work already.  He’ll be appearing in the new Expendables movie and other projects that he was working on before he went to prison.

Don’t get me wrong, Wesley is one of the best actors out there; however, he’s had a lot of negative incidents that many people felt was Karma coming back on him.  The most infamous was it was finally uncovered over a decade ago by the R & B singer Christopher Williams of Wesley being the one who hit Halle Berry so hard; it left the actress deaf in one ear.  Link:

Prison can make even the strongest men humble.  Time will only tell…but I do hope that Mr. Snipes has exorcised his inner demons and can rise from the ashes.

Other actors have made successful comebacks: ie, Harry Connick Jr.  to name a few.

He’s only human…let us all pray for him.

*And to the Sisters: He never said he didn’t like Black women in that Ebony interview.  He actually loves Black women.  It’s just what many heard.

Celebrities Are Becoming Passe!

“In the future everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.”

-Andy Warhol

The late Andy Warhol made that statement in the 60’s.  And today, his prediction has come true, but at what price?

There was a time when America loved celebrities…they had such cache’ and panache. They were the symbols of what we dreamed and desired. Their talent made us pay attention, but today, celebrities can by your next door neighbor–outed on Youtube for cleaning the house in his/her underwear. Reality shows have literally forced great soap operas to be cancelled. Everyone wants to be a a clown. And real talent these days… puuuhhhlllleeeaaassseee.

The atomic question: WHY IN THE HELL ARE KIM KARDASHIAN, PARIS HILTON AND EVEN JENNIFER LOPEZ (Arrgg…RISING FROM OBSCURITY thanks to AI ) EVEN FAMOUS?!?! Not one of them has any talent–just infamy. Paris’ hustle : Her pathological narcissism. Kim’s hustle : Her big ass(for a white chick). Jennifer’s hustle : Can’t sing…can dance a little, but her too…that ass (for a Latina). As they age, do you think it’s going to matter? Not really. Honestly. They need a reality check. But P.T. Barnum said it best: ” There’s a sucker born every minute .” So tell me…how many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll pop?


Help us, Lord…

I used to buy a lot of music, but I swear, I can count on both hands just how many cd’s I’ve actually purchased in 5 years.

Two words: Justin Bieber. Why is this boy famous? I don’t get it…and don’t want to. Usher saw something I guess when he discovered him, but for the casual realist like myself, I have to say that Mr. Usher is a pimp, and is GETTING PAID off of this white kid.  Reality bites.  And as I see it: Justin Bieber is a mediocre fluke who is only famous because: White fathers would rather their precious little white daughters screaming for him than Little Wayne.

That’s the point.

The Black musicians of yesteryear came from a legacy of “paying dues”. Many of them came up performing in live clubs before getting in the studio. They learned all the ropes about performing before touring. Older Black entertainers always helped the next generation excel to the next level–it was our culture. But during the late nineties; something happened in music. Many record companies started eliminating their Black music divisions and the mediocre talent that you see today is a result of lack of artistic development.

Ask Rhianna, Ciara, Kelly Rowland (an exception…but), none of them know how to keep an audience interested. Rhianna has had to cancel numerous tour dates due to poor ticket sales. Now when folks don’t want to hear you live–that is the ultimate insult. People got tired in the late nineties paying $19-$20 dollars for bad Cd’s. Enters Napster…and changes the game completely. The record industry got caught sleeping and it hasn’t been the same since.

Something has got to change, or the record industry is going to go the route of Enron, World Com and other businesses that forgot that “quality” matters to the consumer.

It was good while it lasted. Saw some great moments in the movies, television and in music growing up, but all good things have to come to an end and I feel that the age of the celebrity is now a thing of the past.