I’m A Ruthless…@$&F! And I’ll Prove It!


No.  This isn’t me.  But the attitude conveyed in the pic, fits.  Yeah.  I’m feeling some kind of way today.  I’m unapologetic and dare anyone to try me–just once.

Had a nice talk this morning with a friend.  We were discussing nosy, aggravating MUTHAS who don’t know how to mind their own business but have enough time to try and manage your life.  This really was just venting for me.  One of my aunts had called me the previous night–and upon answering the phone, the woman didn’t even say hello but proceeded to tell me what to do about a matter in which she, number one, had no input financially or spiritually, and two, it was NONE OF HER DAMN BUSINESS.  This particular aunt is very proactive in trying to dictate what others should do in situations but she is also the aunt who spent years in an abusive marriage, was a co-dependent, never went to college, never worked, was an alcoholic, drug addict, chronic smoker, LOVED TO PARTY, et al, but yet, she now thinks that because she finally started going to church; it is her duty to handle everyone else’s affairs.  But here’s the kicker: I NEVER ASKED FOR HER HELP OR ADVICE. Of course, I told her off.  She couldn’t handle my truth, thus, she hung up in my face.  Oh! I don’t play that!  Immediately, I blocked her number.

I’m not in the mood for this.

The audacity of this woman.  I guess she forgot where she came from. I had to remind her: Just because you stopped getting high, doesn’t mean you’re clean. Anything can trigger your addiction again. The sky is too high to be sitting on a pedestal, looking down at those who are still crawling. Don’t fall and break your neck.

Have you ever just not cared?  I mean…you really, really, REALLY, don’t care and you actually fantasize about some unsuspecting nimrod who becomes foolishly bold, and decides to try you, simply based on their presumption that “you won’t do anything to them…” So they think.  But they don’t know you, do they?  They…DON’T.  And like any cat, you have to discipline the little mouse who didn’t realize the power it was tempting.

This morning, my aunt called…very early.  It was 6:00 a.m.  My mother, who lives with me, answered the phone.  I was getting reading for work.  I don’t talk on the phone that early in the morning if it isn’t an emergency. They spoke briefly.  When she got off the phone, she mentioned my aunt said she loved me.


My eyebrow raised.  Oh, she had a touch of conscience? Woman, please…I know your ass, ok.

Yeah. Whatever…

Family, right.

 *Rolling eyes*

The Dallas Shooting: Vengeance or A Warning From God?


What happened on Thursday night this past week  in Dallas, was a shock and a tragedy, yes.  But let’s get real.  Everything that has happened in succession after the death of Trayvon Martin, provoked this event.

The imbalance of justice is blatant.

Dylan Roof killed 9 BP and was taken to Burger King by cops. Micah Johnson was blown up by a robot.

Divine Reciprocity is real.  The universe is only giving back to humanity what is put out by human beings–and that also includes white people. The 5 police officers that were killed, are merely collateral damage of a greater spiritual war.  Everyone on the news have been trying to talk neutrally in order to provoke thought and introspection of our nation to “heal the racial tensions” in this country.  And as I sat there analyzing what was said, the prevailing thought for me was the real issue in this county are RACIST WHITE MALES.  Yeah, that’s right. All of this was provoked by the actions of these type of men and the hypocrisy that keeps masking the real truth of injustice in this country is casually being swept under the carpet because our society just doesn’t give a damn.

Our enemy practices The Art of War.  Many of us don’t realize how powerful this book is within the halls of the elites.  It’s mantras have become quoted as much as biblical scriptures among the powerful.


“If your enemy is stronger than you, he must be infiltrated and destroyed from within by getting him to turn his lethal might upon himself…”

That particular statement is very poignant in review of everything that is being promoted by the media of late regarding the violence against African Americans.

This afternoon, I received this message on facebook from Dr. Phil Valentine regarding the current state of our people and events impacting our lives:

Black Lives Matter was formed by 3 Black females … Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors and Opal Tometi (alleged to be ardent supporters of the Gay/Transgender alliance, members of the socialist/communist-oriented “Democracy Alliance” organization, and lesbians as well – having already defined themselves as “Queer Black Women”). How did this organization suddenly become so UNQUESTIONABLY “relevant” to us? More importantly, where did this organization get its funding, and why does the media exclusively turn to ITS “leaders” to get the Black community’s narrative for “social justice”?

Well Fam; here’s the list of “backers” funding YOUR ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement. (See pics below)

(1) Rob McKay, heir to Taco Bell, is said to be the main funding conduit to the Black Lives Matter movement through his “Democracy Alliance” (DA) organization (alleged to be a communist/socialist inspired front). Combined donations to the groups from the DA organization now exceed $500 million…
(2) Multi-billionaire George Soros contributed over $30 million in seed money.
(2) According to Essence magazine, Google gave $2.35 million in grants to activist organizations addressing the “racial injustices that have swept the nation.”
(4) Hedge fund billionaire Tom Steyer—who raised hundreds-of-millions of dollars for the presidential campaigns of both President Obama, and now Hillary Clinton. Total: 78 million
(5) Billionaire Michael Bloomberg – 27.7 million
(6) Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook erected a huge “Black Lives Matter” sign at its Menlo Park headquarters on the 8th, just hours after the Dallas “shootout”. Hmmm… 

All of these people are white.Are you getting the picture yet? If not, I’d normally say give it time and it will all eventually come “into focus”. But you DON’T have time. There are forces embedded within your community, along with the media images that favorably support their tactics and goals; forces that you have UN-critically accepted as being “on your side”.

What I’m saying is that these people have infiltrated our community with the intent of doing harm, under the guise of “being our ally”.

Micah Johnson was formerly an Army Reservist.  But he had grown angry over the violence that has been killing so many innocent Black males. The deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile were added to the list of the fallen innocent of victims who were guilty of being Black in the wrong place.  He had a right to be angry.  But something deeper in him stirred him to action.  And then it happened: 12 people got shot at a peaceful protest against the deaths of the two men this past week, and now, 4 white men and 1 Hispanic man are dead.

Micah was angry with white people and specifically acted out his rage on them.

Some would say, what goes around comes around.

But what I say is that violence against Black people will not change the white man’s fate. He is being eliminated from this planet and rightly so.

It’s sad that 5 cops died but how many lives were taken by cops?

That’s what needs to be the control thought.

And again, Micah Johnson is just collateral damage of this war.

God is talking.

We better start listening.


Watch speech: http://www.tmitchtv.com/r/4qyyT

Wow.  It’s all I can say after watching the BET awards clip of Grey’s Anatomy actor, Jesse Williams.  Now, I gotta be honest.  I really don’t watch the BET awards but over the years, they’ve had some great moments in performances.  However, this year, BET sho’ nuff caught the spirit.

I happened to catch news clips on Monday night of the show and saw nuances of this man’s speech.  Today, I looked for it…and all can really say is DAYUM!  He just put the nail in the coffin of the vampire!  Powerful speech and fearless.  He just killed it. It always comes in 3’s: First Beyonce shocked America and the world with Formation, then Kendrick Shut it down at the Grammy’s. And this right here: PURE TRUTH spoken in the face to White Supremacy! Bravo!  He shook up the world with that speech.  The earth shook!

And before people start commenting, I’m just going to say something, exposing the elephant in the room.  Jesse Williams is biracial.  His parents were in the audience when he gave this speech.  Many Black people in the conscious community are rejecting the messenger because they don’t like his packaging.

Let me tell you this: I’m not a big fan of biracials who try to play both sides; using Black victim-ism when it suits them, but not denouncing the white privilege they are extended by proxy, via having a white parent.

I’ve seen that…however, what Jesse did was one of the boldest moves I’ve seen in a long time from an artist in the entertainment industry.  Yes, he’s biracial, but he spoke bluntly to a systemic oppression that all of us know all too well.

There are many Black entertainers with mono-racial parents who could have done what he did; but sadly, many in the industry find coonin’ more profitable and turn a blind-eye to the pain of their people.

Jesse could be blackballed in Hollywood for speaking this boldly.  He’s only a television actor but the bottom line here: he spoke the absolute TRUTH to White Supremacy. His skin color is a product of nature. His passion for what he spoke about, is a product of character.

So, what does this all mean?

It has been a remarkable time in Black history.  We’ve lost great musical icons, most noteworthy, Prince,  but we’ve gained a new consciousness awakening in our young artists, like Beyonce and Kendrick Lamar.

The BET awards opened with Beyonce and Kendrick.  Bey came in, Queen style, electrifying the crowd, then…Kendrick Lamar appeared to just bring the fire down, as the two performed Freedom on stage.  The crowd went wild.

Here is a clip of the performance:


Just gives you goosebumps watching the two of them linking up like that; sending an even more powerful message to the powers that be of a people who is WAKING UP and JUDGEMENT IS AT HAND!!!

God has been warning white people in America for a long time….his children are no longer asleep.

I’m so proud at this time.  My  hope has been restored.

Musical artists have great power in that they can stir the masses.  This right here is the catalyst to THE GREAT REBIRTH of our people.

Its time has come!

Is Lee Daniels Helping or Aiding Black Gendercide in the Black Community?


When Empire first aired, creator, Lee Daniels, stated openly in an interview, that he wanted to blow the lid off the issue of Black homophobia in the Black community.

I read the article and I juxtaposed this with the lectures I had been listening to from Dr. Umar Johnson, Dr. Phil Valentine, and other conscious teachers, about how their has been an attack on Black manhood these days by the white power structure.

So, I had to ask: How is Lee Daniels helping or possibly aiding and abetting this?

I’m nowhere close to being naive about sexuality and relationship issues in the Black community: the DL issue is not that far long gone but really…what side is Lee Daniels on?  Yes.  He’s a man.  Yes.  He’s Black.  However, he is an over homosexual who seems to think that the only think that matter to Black people are who’s sticking his dick in another man’s ass.

Gender doesn’t matter to him. Nor does anatomy. It took a man and a woman to create him.  Yet, he acts like this is an optional reality.

Black people have a lot of issues currently that are far more important: the economy.  Jobs.  Education. Debt. Unemployment.  Politics. And most important>>>SURVIVAL!  Yes.  Just staying alive.

Lee Daniels believes that homophobia in the Black community is the culprit for DL men and men who hide their homosexuality.

I don’t think he sees the big picture:

The term, “gendercide” actually refers to the systematic assault and murder against victims due to their gender identity. And this is the reality of life after feminism.  So, how does feminism play into gendercide?  Basically, crazy white women, particularly, lesbian white women, began to promote misandry as a response to their anger and rage at white males.  Yes. The hatred of males became the backbone of the feminist movement.  And white women began to promote this message by employing Black women.  Why us?  Because we had always been the backbone of social and civil rights in our community.  Some naive sisters really bought into feminism; and I’ve spoken about it on this blog, however, the joke was on us.  These crazy white women convinced some Black women they didn’t need Black men anymore–they chose welfare and kicked their man out of the house to collect a check.  Next>>>they decided they didn’t need to get married any longer, but still have children.  Some of those children were Black male children.  What male standard was there for them to follow? There was no one but mama and other single women.  Thus, the effemanization of young Black males began.   As long as that welfare check came, who needed a daddy or husband. Well, a generation later, those unwed mothers are now grandmothers to grandchildren who have no family values, no fathers, no security, and NO JOBS.

How can those with daughters, expect a son-in-law, when this is what is becoming of Black manhood?


You got played, sisters.

These crazy white bitches used you to further their agenda and all you got was a community empty of strong Black men.

And this in and of itself, works in tandem with White Supremacy.  How, because it weakens the greatest threat of a white male patriarchy, BLACK MEN!!!

What happened to the white feminists? Many are grandmothers–they never left their husbands. They are securely retired, living in paid off mansions, and going to college graduations and tea parties, laughing about how crazy they were when they were young.

This is not about what  I think; it’s a collective message and perception that is being packaged, priced, and sold,but to what consumer? What is Black culture? Answer me that. What are the foundations and basic beliefs of our people?

Black church, Black pride, family structure and strength has always been part of our roots and that won’t change. If something is being packaged and sold doesn’t mean that a real consumer will buy into it. “Buyer Beware

Lee Daniels needs to get served!

The New Black? An Examination of Ignorance Being Marketed As Consciousness…

images (16)

“The New Black doesn’t blame other races for our problems.”

These stupid words were spoken by the alien, androgynous looking, male, known as Pharrell on Oprah as his response to the current racial climate in America.  His song, “Happy” has become the anthem of escapist white folks and Negropeans who seem to have been hypnotized by the lie of the Illusion of Inclusion. In the months following that song, the country was rocked with a string of tragedies and high profile cases of innocent Black people being killed by police.  And Pharrell’s solution for all of this? “The New Black dreams and realizes that it’s not pigmentation: it’s a mentality, and it’s either going to work for you or it’s going to work against you. And you’ve got to pick the side you’re going to be on,” Pharrell said.

What kind of bullshit is that?

These people really do believe that its their success and ability to market themselves, avoid confrontation with whites; their obsequious associations with the majority and arrogance of presumption in thinking that White Privilege is extended to them by simple proximity to White America.  Folks were rightly upset with his stupidity in light of the Trayvon Martin tragedy. Was he blaming white folks when he went to the store that fateful night that took racial profiling to another level?

Rightly so, the reaction he received from US was apropos.  His response was immature, laughable, and insulting, in regards to all of the issues that we are and have been dealing with in this country, as well as acknowledging Black ambition and achievement in the wake of much cultural oppression; and the reality of institutionalized racism.  Basically, Pharell’s attitude represents a current state of ignorance being perpetrated by many Black celebs that is calling for the Black community to just get over it.

To add to this, a couple of weeks later, rapper Common who won an Oscar for his theme song, Glory in the movie MLK biopic, Selma, appeared on the The Daily Show to promote his new film, Run All Night.  He appeared alongside singer-songwriter, John Legend.

While discussing the legacy of the 1960s Civil Rights Movement and the current tensions, Stewart expressed what he’s seen from white people who are resistant to discussing structural racism.

“I mean we know that that existed. I don’t even have to keep bringing that up. It’s like being in a relationship and continuing to bring up the person’s issues.”

“There’s a real vein of anger, like ‘Hey, man—I didn’t have slaves!’” Stewart stated. “But they’re not talking about that, they’re talking about a power structure.”

Common, while not countering Stewart’s statement, offered his perspective on the way to heal wounds that have existed on American soil for centuries.

“We all know there’s been some bad history in our country. We know that racism exists,” the star conceded, before adding, “I’m…extending a hand. And I think a lot of generations and different cultures are saying ‘Hey, we want to get past this. We’ve been bullied and we’ve been beat down, but we don’t want it anymore. We’re not extending a fist and saying, ‘Hey, you did us wrong.’ It’s more like ‘Hey, I’m extending my hand in love. Let’s forget about the past as much as we can, and let’s move from where we are now. How can we help each other? Can you try to help us because we’re going to help ourselves, too.’ That’s really where we are right now.”

“Me as a black man, I’m not sitting there like, ‘White people—y’all did us wrong,’” Common continued. “I mean we know that that existed. I don’t even have to keep bringing that up. It’s like being in a relationship and continuing to bring up the person’s issues.”

Well, I guess it took Kean University to wake Common’s ass up. They nixed him as their commencement speaker–just hours after making it.  It was objected to by state police when lines from an old rap song praising Assatta Shakur (accused of killing a police officer) surfaced on the Dean’s desk one fateful morning.  Uhm-huh.  Yup, Common, just smile and BE HAPPY…right?


What bothered me and other Black people is his attitude was more like a couple having a bad romantic relationship.  It sounds almost juvenile, but he basically wants all of us to just “love one another and get along…”

This is complete superficial bullshit.  It tugs at the heartstrings but doesn’t force anyone to think deeper about serious issues of racial prejudice and hatred or specifics as relates to the conflict.

Around this same time, Raven Symone found herself under fire for her defending the racist remarks of Univision host Rodner Figueroa that he made against First Lady, Michelle Obama while appearing on The View.  Even Co-host Rosie Perez, blasted Figueroa for his comments and went on to speak about racism in the Latino community.

“There is a secret in the Latin community—specifically the Caribbean, Central American Latin community—they are very racist,” said the Puerto Rican actress. “They never want to be in the same group as black people. And it’s sad. It’s very, very sad. And he did say that Michelle Obama looked like a cast member of Planet of the Apes.”

Symone objected, however.

“Was he saying it racist-like?” she asked. “He said he voted for her later, and I don’t think he was saying it racist.”

“This is a problem in the Latin community. We do not talk about that,” Perez stated, emphasizing her disgust that a racist joke would be made about the First Lady of the United States.

But Symone defended her position.

“Not Michelle Obama—Michelle, don’t fire me for this, but—some people look like animals. Is that rude?” she cracked. “I look like a bird… so can I be mad at somebody that calls me ‘Toucan Sam’?”

Raven Symone had already been under fire for her comments on Oprah, as we all remember.  “I’m an American. I’m not African American.”

These people are in the limelight.  Their comments travel around the world in seconds.  What they say has an impact on us because for most of the world, many don’t interact at all with Black people and only know us by what they see on television.

Something interesting was noted in several articles about this New Black nonsense.  “It’s the premise of the idea that black people’s reaction to racism—and not the racism itself—is what must be addressed as an effective distraction that decenters the struggle of black people. It centers the comfort of white people, absolving white supremacy and indicting black rage as “the problem.”

Their attitude is one of “I am Black. I achieved–you can too.”  Sounds like a bit of romanticism, perhaps as a counter to the constant negativity that many Black people must endure in their pursuit of the American Dream.  It’s like they told themselves that they achieved their success through personal drive and ambition that is unique to their experience.  They achieved in spite of racism–not because it doesn’t exist.

Being exceptional is nothing new to Black people.  We’ve always mastered opportunity and achievement in light of the oppression that many of us have had to face in this country.  White Supremacy demands that we become excellent in order to sit at the table with white mediocrity.  The audacity of that.  But that’s the truth of this relationship with White America.

These celebrities are disconnected from the very community they pose as speaking for.  They spend most of their time trying to imitate life through their associations with whites in the elite classes.  Of course they don’t want to damage their relationships to money, power, and fame.  Thus, their attitudes begin to reflect and empty and distorted view of the very people that made them who they are.

From Bill Cosby to the annoying Don Lemon, this act is old.  We don’t need Black celebrities speaking for us when they aren’t involved with us.

Personally, I would appreciate it very much for The New Black celebrities to shut the F### up!  You don’t speak for me and it is further ordered to discontinue speaking with condescending rhetoric and smug denials when confronted with the realities of race and racism.

Your act is old and tired.


Reference: The Daily Beast; article 3/05/2015

How the CIA Changed black Music; And the Way Black People Think!


Music is the most powerful form of communication in the world.  Those who perform the various genres of sound, have a gift to sway the masses; and the government is very concerned about that.  So much so, they have gone out of their way to control not only artists; but also to infiltrate all aspects of media.

To understand this, we have to go back, again, to slavery.  During slavery, it was common practice for slave masters to outlaw the use and practice of the African drum on plantations.  Why?  Because they were aware of the drum–its  mystique and power.  As well as its many uses. They were very concerned about this.  Truthfully, they were afraid of the ability of our music to empower and mobilize the people.  And this is the reason why rap music was really targeted.

How did we go from Fight The power to Fuck Bitches and Get Money?

The White Oligarchy has tremendous power and along with U.S. Intelligence as well as the CIA; they all want to control the Black masses because we are the biggest threat to them.

The largest opponent of these tactics are socially and politically conscious musicians.  These type of artists can get to people’s minds with their lyrics and their hearts with their music.  Marvin Gaye’s, What’s Goin’ On is a great example of that. Powerful album–even to this day.  This is what makes the ruling classes nervous:if we start thinking too much; we’ll interfere with their control over us.  These type of artists can affect people’s opinions and stimulate ideas.

Rap artists, such as Tupac Shakur, were considered a serious threat.  Tupac by far was one of the most prolific artists of his time.  His Black Panther roots most definitely had the government worried. So much so, they started using the same tactics that were used against the Panthers and other Black Nationalist groups and leaders.  Many remember the shooting of Tupac at the Quad Studios in New York.  When Tupac went to prison, he began getting anonymous letters stating that it was Biggie and Sean Puffy Combs who orchestrated the shooting at the studio.  Prison guards and inmates were telling him the same thing–total strangers.  Tupac didn’t know who to believe.  Honestly, he really didn’t know what was going on.  And then…the East Coast/West Coast feud started.  Escalating to the deaths of two of the most gifted musicians of our time.

“The reason U.S. intelligence was doing this was because Tupac Shakur was already a national Black leader. He was head of the New African Panthers at the age of 17 and 18 years old. That group was active in 8 cities nationwide. They were replicating what the Black Panther Party for Self Defense was doing. His mother, Afeni Shakur was a Harlem Panther leader.”  So when Tupac got a record deal, they began to watch him very closely.

There were other artists that were also targeted: Bob Marley, Jimmy Hendrix, Nina Simone and Sam Cooke were all targeted as well.  The CIA were responsible for the attempt on Bob Marley’s life in 1976.  Read the article below for more information on that.

Many of you remember when NWA were sent that infamous letter by the FBI after they released, F*ck The Police. They were talking about what was really happening to young Black males.

The power of Black music was such; it had to be contained.  During the rise of Hip Hop, corporations saw its power and began to buy out all of the rap labels. They started signing rap artists that weren’t political.  That’s when rap stopped being socially conscious and turned into what it is today: A MESS of self-hatred, ignorance, and gross promotion of violence.  These corporations literally began to control who could get rap deals and who could not.  This was all done to control the way people think.

I’m sorry to burst the bubble of some, but honestly, there is an attempt by those in power to keep their power by any means necessary.

What is sad here is that it’s becoming quite clear to assess that the real culprit behind the deaths of Tupac Shakur and The Notorious BIG actually was instigated by the CIA/FBI.

The most dangerous thing about Black people is the ability of those who make music to influence the world consciously.  To a people with no conscience; this is a weapon of mass destruction.

Reference article: 


Maybe Black Men Should Wear Lions Skins So They Won’t Get Shot!


On July 31, 2015, there were two stories trending: The shooting death of Sam DaBose in Cleveland by a Cleveland police officer and then another: The killing of a beloved lion named Cecil in Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park by a Minnesota Dentist after being lured out of his protective habitat by him, then shot, and beheaded (for trophy).  White people have literally been in an uproar over this, but not such reaction to the countless stories of innocent Black males who’ve been killed by white police officers.  This story broke on the same day that the Cincinnati police officer was indicted for the shooting death of Sam DaBose.

There is currently legislation being enacted by the United States Senate that is going to be presented to the United Nations. The United Nations?

Apparently, there has been global outrage over the senseless killing of African wild life.  I can understand that, but there has been senseless killing of Black people in America for over 400 years that hasn’t sparked this kind of outrage.

As a Black woman that has been observing the current events that have been impacting Black lives, first, while growing up in Chicago, and the systematic murders of young Black males since the casual and senseless slaying of Trayvon Martin in 2012; I have to question, what the hell is wrong with white folks?  I mean really?


These people get all up in arms over the killing and abuse of animals, but say nothing, even with proof, of innocent Black lives taken.



I love animals. The lion is the symbol of the motherland.  However, it is circumspect to see this type of misplaced outrage over a creature (who is not the first lion killed for sport) literally being immortalized with memorials and pictures all over the media about the value of its life.

Are not Black lives valuable?

Many politicians and celebrities are quick to denounce the dentist and pay reverence to the dead lion.  Not many are willing to speak out against the senseless violence and killings of young Black men and women at the hands of mostly white police officers.  Clearly, a sick double-standard exists.  Another glaring example of the strange duplicity in the minds of white people.

“I hope that #WalterPalmer loses his home, his practice & his money. He has already lost his soul…” tweeted Sharon Osbourne on Wednesday.

Even late night host, Jimmy Kimmel choked up at the discussion Cecil death on his show and described it as, “a disgusting tragedy.”

There truly is some kind of strange disconnect.

Writer Roxane Gay asked on Twitter to ask if black people would get more concern if they dressed like lions.

“I’m personally going to start wearing a lion costume when I leave my house so if I get shot, people will care,” she posted.

You know, maybe she has a point.