The Picture That Destroys Racism…



So the caption read on a post I read this morning on Facebook.  It was this interracial couple, both smiling, as a meme of sorts, being used to push the agenda of self-hatred onto the Black community.

This is a false premise.

First of all, interracial marriage is not the cure for racism. Most end in divorce. If it were the solution, why do we still live in a divided country? And to further…why would any intelligent Black person who understands genetics, marry a genetic recessive troglodyte? The truth of the matter is that the white population is at negative birthrate. They have come to their end as a species; and can’t regenerate themselves, thus, they have to rely on the Black race, The Original Man and Woman of this planet, to help them preserve their genes.

This is the whole scheme behind the interracial marriage agenda. The very purpose of it is rooted in White Supremacy!

It’s very interesting that they used a Black woman in that picture–and a very dark one. The Black WOMB-man is the genetic portal of HUE-manity.  And that white man in the picture is the symbol of superiority.  White men know inherently that the stronger the genes in the Black woman; the more it benefits his offspring.

This is about white genetic survival.

So where does this leave Black America?

Let me tell you, I have never been stupid–even when I had an excuse to be.  I see things clearly, objectively; and I am not naive about anything in life.  And what I see is the glaring reality of just how much white people insult the intelligence of Black people.  This photo is promoting anti-Blackness!

How so?

Black people have nothing to gain from interracial unions.  We are inherently genetically dominant. What this is promoting is our enemy’s way to weaken and eliminate the Black family through genetic manipulation.

Not falling for it.  Not eating the apple.  Don’t want to drink from this bar.

We are not designed to be weak, Black people.  White people are WEAK!  And they know it. How else can they destroy us?  They’ve tried everything; but they are the ones who ended up in crisis.  They are at negative birthrate.  And I find it almost to be a divine sentence on them for their behavior and hatred on this planet.

At this time, we have to analyze everything that is being promoted in our community. Not all of our people are alert, wise or conscious.  Therefore, those of us who truly do see the BIG PICTURE, we have to check our enemy.

At all times.  By Any Means Necessary!

The Very Nature of White People is Pure Evil!

Why are white people always looking to Black people for knowledge?  Why are you always following us?  What is it you are trying to figure out about Black people?  Do any of you know?  Because for Black people, you are all lost; and can’t find your way to what many Black people intrinsically know (spiritual enlightenment).  You’re a dead race–and nature is annihilating you every single second.  The Laws of Karma are demanding some serious payback for the evil of white men–and their women and children are going to pay the ultimate price.  You all deserve it.

What is evil?  Evil is when someone knows what is good and chooses to act polar opposite of that which is pure and right.

These days, I, like many of you, have lost my patience with our un-melinated, hueless-man.  He thinks that he is God.  He is above reproach, and we dare not think anything less.

Well, based on history, and countless actions in our own lifespans would indicate just how “sick” white people really are.  In my honest opinion, I feel that they are truly the most psychologically, mentally, and spiritually disturbed people on this planet.

We’ve been seeing a lot of violence in the media of young Black men being killed by white police.  And the reactions from whites, typically, is very self-righteous in defense of the police, and demonizing the Black victim–even when innocent of any crime or action. Why?

What is this in these people that casually dismiss their own historical violence against people of color? When have Black people caused wars?  When have Black people instigated hatred and division among people?  When have Black people tried to suppress religious expression?  Every damn week, there is a white man or woman guilty of killing either their spouse, having them killed, or outright, killing their own families.  It seems to be normal for white kids to kill their parents. White teachers, especially white women are constantly guilty of pedophilia. What color and gender are most serial killers?  How many people have died because of crazed white men and young white kids going crazy and acting out their problems in mass shootings? And don’t even get me started on racial profiling. Black people can’t even go into a department store without some white M’fucka “assuming” they are going to steal; even when using their own debit card to purchase items, they’re guilty of it because in their minds: How can a Black person afford to buy all of this?  This card has to be stolen!

They are so busy watching Black people…but mind you, even when the signs were obvious, they couldn’t catch the 911 terrorists and stop one of the worst atrocities since Pearl Harbor on our society. Black people are tired of the casual and convenient psychopathic dismissals that white people defer to when challenged on their behavior vs OUR COLLECTIVE ACTIONS.  They are allowed to be individuals, we on the other hand, have to keep it in check–we’re not allowed to misbehave.

White privilege gives is the card that ALL white people carry and like American Express, they never leave home without it. It gives them entitlements that open doors and give them protection that most people of color don’t have when going up against certain realities.

They love to say we’re whining…it annoys them when we speak out about what they do…and it angers them that we know so much, so, it’s like talking code. In a nutshell, Malcolm X said it best: “All White people are racist and their vary nature is depraved.”  Yes. That’s true.

To be quite blunt, to solve racism, there is only one solution: White men must be eliminated. White men are the architects, marketers, exporters, importers, and perpetrators of all racism.  Their behavior is out of balance with nature and I truly feel deep within myself that white people are truly evil and incapable of acting humanely.  With them gone, it will be a very different world,  indeed.

And now, nature seems to agree.  Literally, white people are at negative birthrate.  White males have lost 65% of their reproduction ability.  White females make up only 2% of the world birthing population; and are the most infertile.  Cosmic Order dictates: that when you take a life force; you must replace it with your own. Nature will act as a vacuum to annihilate genetic weakness or disturbances on this earth.

I cheered when this news was released and all I can say: They deserve it!