PIZZAGATE! The Scandal That Could Be Bigger Than Watergate!

I spoke about this during the election. It’s very disturbing. But if you haven’t heard of Pizzagate and how sick and sordid this is, you really need to check your priorities.

It’s so sordid, Facebook, Google, Twitter and other social media outlets, literally were blocking people’s accounts who dared even talk about it.  Mainstream media won’t even report it out of fear.  The powers that be are blocking all TRUTH TELLERS!

This is why Hillary Clinton didn’t get elected!!!

Research it on Google to get caught up. But here is Professor Griff speaking on it.

It’s so despicable; it could make Watergate look like a trite misunderstanding.

People need to start PAYING ATTENTION to what is going on in this world.

These things are happening right up under our noses.

The Bible Says that ALL secrets shall be revealed.  “For nothing is hidden that will not become evident, nor anything secret that will not be known and come to light.’  Luke 8:17


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Donald J. Trump Is The Next President of The United States! God Let It Happen…


Last night when I got home from work, I heated up dinner, then took my shower, and went on Facebook after getting ready for bed.  I was thinking of the election while surfing the news feed, still assuming that Hillary Rodham Clinton would be the next President of the United States and make history as the first woman elected to that office.  That’s what I thought.  My mother turned on the news before I fell asleep; I listened a bit as I was drifting into slumber state.  Then I fell asleep.  I woke up around 11:34 p.m.  And I heard the local news.  I listened a bit for any results.  The precincts were still reporting in.  I drifted off to sleep shortly thereafter.  When I awoke again, it was now 12:34 pm; and I heard George Stephanopoulos’s voice and other political commentators reporting on the precincts.  At first, Hillary was in the lead then…it turned.  The commentators were speculating among themselves what Donald Trump would have to do to pull and upset over Clinton.  At around 1:10 am, someone said that Trump was in the lead.  I was stunned.  I checked the poll results on my Facebook news feed, then posted posted on my timeline the results at that time: with 70:46% of the precincts reporting, it had Clinton at 209 electoral votes and trump at 238.  No one was prepared for what happened next>>>At around 3:30 am, they called it: Donald J. Trump had been elected President of the United States of America.

People are waking up stunned.  In shock.  Disbelief.  And many are fearful of what is going to happen.

I have no fear. My faith in God is just too strong but I am challenging everyone to look at the BIG PICTURE.  How did we allow this to happen in the first place?

History was made last night–but not the history that was expected.  In a shocking victory that stunned even political projectionists, what was thought to be improbable is now a reality.  Who put him in office? Well, I think it’s clear: rural, uneducated white males and females who felt locked out of the political system. Adding to that, 90 Million people chose not to vote. Do the math. I don’t know what to expect from his presidency but I will pray that God will lead him to do what is right for the American people. And maybe he actually might Make America Great Again. *Shrugs*

This is just yet another lesson learned.

Sidebar:  Hillary Clinton is a very evil woman.  People really don’t know the depths of malevolence in this woman.  Trump was perhaps the lesser of two evils.

***THIS IS DAMING***People do not realize just how much evil is in the people that run this counry!

Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump: There is No Difference!

Image result for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump

When I look into the eyes of our two presidential candidates, honestly, I see the same evil staring out of both of their eyes. They are the female and male symbols of white supremacy.  Regardless of which we choose, we’re just selecting a new overseer–not a savior.

The mandate that we have as a people is to select which one who is going to manage the aftermath of our First Black President, who did nothing for US; and that reality is what African American people must realize.

It’s been a battle for me deciding whether or not I’m going to vote.  I’m leaning to sitting this one out.  Everyone I talk with have been trying to convince me to go to the polls but for what?  I don’t like either candidate.

So what don’t I like about them?

Hillary Rhodam Clinton

When I look into the eyes of Hillary Clinton, immediately, the impression is that she is detached.  There is no emotion in this woman.  She is dead.  I don’t trust anything that comes out of her mouth and frankly, I feel that she is an inveterate liar and all of a sudden, she “knows Trayvon Martin?”  She’s met with the mothers of Black sons who’ve been murdered by racist police.  Putting on a show.  When the hell has she ever cared for Black people?  Under the Clinton administration, it was President Bill Clinton policies that brought about mass incarceration of Black men.  Called Black men “Super Predators” to set the tone and brainwashing in the media to dissensitize  the public–criminalizing Black life.  Now, she’s sorry.   On a moral basis, As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton was the biggest advocate for the assassination of Muammar Gaddafi.  She lied.  Saying that he was going to kill all of his people. No he wasn’t.   She personally orchestrated the destruction of Libya and the killing of Muammar Gaddafi.   She is a proponent of eugenics and is a big fan of Margaret Sanger.  That sent alarm bells through many in the African American community.  Margaret Sanger was a racist.  Her words exposed that.  Planned Parenthood has killed over 50 million African American babies and you have to wonder what kind of human being esteems such a person.

Donald “Da Donald” Trump

Well, let me get right to the point: I don’t dislike Donald Trump.  He’s very honest.  I can’t hate anyone for that.  And let me be clear, it’s not what Donald Trump said at the beginning of his campaign about Mexicans that opened up the hatred in this country; his brutal candor exposed what “we know” white folks say about people of color when they are among themselves.  And then…Pandora’s Box was opened.  White men in this country came alive.  They’ve been having a field day at Donald Trump rallies–feeling free to express all of the pent up bitterness, resentment, hatred and violence that lurks just beneath the surface of most of them.

Nature has been handing it to white people.  Currently at negative birthrate and growing, then, to top it off, there is a suicide rate of white males and females, high addiction to prescription drugs, heroin addiction and a decline of the white middle class has provoked an inner Neanderthal who’s had his feelings hurt, thus, giving rise to the subconscious psychopath that is now among us, stalking, provoking and killing our melanated brothers.

And Donald Trump is not trying to stop them.  Earlier in the year, he began to chant at his rallies:  “Make America Great Again.”  This was code-speak.  You know what he was really saying, family.  This was the command to white males in America to take this country back–no matter what.

There is a disturbing video by the New York Times that show Donald Trump supporters hurling profanities, violent threats, racist, sexist and ethnic slurs.

Donald Trump has also incited physical violence at many of his rallies.

Image result for Donald Trump racist rallies

What has been unleashed in this country?

How many more Black lives will be lost because of this type of hatred that we haven’t seen in this country since the last century.

Given all that is going on, for some reason, I’m not fearing anything because I believe in God.  I know that he is a God of justice and he is not pleased.  When God is not pleased, people and places start disappearing.

White America is cursed.   They are being exposed by the Creator and their evil is being viewed around the world.

You can’t keep doing these type of things to innocent people just to justify your existence on this planet. Nature has the final say in that.

Judgement is on White America.

This election will be the final outcome.

What’s On My Mind for 2016?

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Well, it’s a new year, folks…and I’m listening to R. Kelly’s The Buffet.  I like it.  The guy just can’t miss.

And please, HATERS–I don’t want to hear it.  Put it in your closet and build a fence around it–don’t bring any dead talk here.

My first official blog of the new year and there’s a lot I want to talk about and debate.

There’s been so much going through my mind of late but I truly feel positive about the new year.  However, as relates to the blog; you can say…what I topic, will most certainly be like a buffet for sure.

So much is trending and right now, we have an election to think about. Who is going to win the Black vote?  Hillary Clinton had a case of entitlement and thought the 2016 was hers for the taking–that is: until Mr. Donald Trump stepped into the ring.  And he came out swinging.  Scared the living hell out of the Republican base and just won’t quit. The Donald ain’t playin’.

donald trump make america great

As for the beleaguered Bill Cosby, could someone please tell me why in the hell are mostly white women (*wink*) accusing this man of drugging and raping them after decades.  Uh, one would think that if someone offers you a “blue” pill at his house; even Stevie Wonder would give them the side eye at that one.  The man is 78. Really?  I’m totally suspect.  He made someone powerful very angry…that’s what it sounds like and they’re trying to destroy him.  Sound Familiar (MJ).


2015 was a very violent year–from beginning to end.  Started out with a riot and ended with terrorists killing 14 people in San Bernardino.


There were many people who shed tears for loved ones who were just in the wrong place at the wrong time.  It could have been one of us.

Yes.  Of course, I will keep it raw and just bring the TRUTH.  Uncut. Unedited.  And with bold discourse that provokes real thought.

We have to support each other, Black people.  We haven’t been doing this and that’s why our community has been under attack.  Our economics have been backwards; we’re making people who hate us rich, ironically, from selling us our culture, then taking the money and sending their children to college while many Black children, particularly Black males, end up in prison or dead.  There’s something wrong with that picture.  The Black buying power currently is over 1 Trillion dollars and if we aren’t putting that money back into our communities then we’re financing our own demise.

This blog was inspired by the love I have for my culture and people.  I want us all to soar like eagles.

So, ladies and gentleman, that is what is on my mind…for 2016.  I promise…it will be an interesting year.

Extra:  For your listening pleasure, here is the full album that I eluded to about The Buffet:



What Will 2016 Bring For Black America?


As I contemplate many things, per usual, I do so while listening to music. At this very moment, I’m listening to R. Kelly’s new album, The Buffet. It’s a good album.  A thought occurred to me as I enjoy the tracks: what’s going to happen in 2016 for Black folks?

2015 has been a most violent year, indeed.  We’ve seen so much bloodshed in various parts of the Black community by law enforcement; one can only wonder if some government order has been initiated against our  people.

As the music grooves, I’m casually wondering what issues will be on the forefront.  2016 is an election year and African Americans could most definitely impact in a major way.  We turned out in a major way during the 2004 and 2008 elections for Barack Obama, but can either a Republican or Democratic candidate motivate the community?  Many are skeptical of Hillary Clinton’s candidacy.

And what about the police violence. There must me a national response. There have been too many incidents and silence is acceptance.  We can protest and march but there must be structured implementation and sanctions on those who abuse their power.

The lives of  Freddie Gray, Walter Thomas, Sandra Bland, Sam DaBose, et al, ended because of white police officers attitudes of “fearing for their lives”.  However, each of these people were not threatening them at all.  There were many more cases that didn’t make the news, but the threat of death hung large in every community from New York to Los Angeles.

Because of the police violence, a young guy from South Carolina named Dylan Roof, walked into a historic African American church and killed 9 worshipers who were all in prayer at the time he came in.  It was blatant, premeditated and sent a subliminal message from White America: “We’ve had enough of Black people telling us what to do; and we’re taking back power–anyway we can.

With this one audacious act, it motivated the Black Lives Matter movement even more.  They have a prolific presences, but can we take it higher and mobilize this collective participation into something even more constructive and permanent.  So far, it’s been subliminal.


Our politics must engage a mission of changing laws, participating more in our neighborhoods, taking initiatives of economic change and investing in our own lives more.  WE can become the change we want to see, but there has to be a unilateral understanding and compliance for this.

To borrow a thought from Anthony Assadullah Samad, “Central to solving any problems in the collective black community is correcting the mental and physical state of Black America. The figurative state of Black America is reflective of the literal state of Black America’s health and mindset, both of which that causes us to think and act in ways that are counterproductive, at best, or destructive to the notion of unity in our communities. It is time for us to admit the black people, in their current condition, are every bit as sick, physically and mentality, as the forces that created our societal circumstances.”

I totally agree with that.

We have value and it’s high time we start acting like it.



Hillary Clinton Will Not Get My Vote!

For the past few months, Hillary Clinton’s name has been vetted for the 2016 Presidential nomination and as I sip my coke, munch my chips, and then think: who in the hell said she would get the nomination?

White folks are so scared and fed up with Obama’s Black ass; they are traveling to the future–at least to appease their fear a bit, just literally giving the Presidency to this woman and I’m like WAIT JUST ONE DAMN MINUTE!

Just because she’s a woman doesn’t mean that WE are going to vote for her. And what has she done for Black women anyway?

She’s a very ambitious woman and has proven that she has very strong administrative skills; that alone is not enough.

Many Black people, particularly Black women, have not how she ran her Presidential campaign in 2008.  She purposely appealed to white voters–and hinted that she was not above “dirty” politics, at the other candidates expense…if necessary.  She is from Chicago originally.

So…the prevailing question remains: Why Should African American Women Support Hillary Clinton?

It’s true that before Barack Obama won the Iowa caucus, Hillary was “their girl”.  And let us not forget the emotional high some Black people had  because of her last name; for those who were tired of the Bush years, somehow, a win would actually bring back the “good ole days” of the Clinton’s.

I’m not sure about who is going to win the 2016 Presidential bid, but I’m stating bluntly that there are many more powerful names that are going to be in that race, Republican (Chris Christie); and Democrat(Corey Booker, Deval Patrick) just to name a few.

And I’ll tell you the truth, I might actually vote across party lines if I like the other candidate.

It’s not a cut deal yet.

My advice to Hillary Clinton is not to get comfortable yet.

Some people are tired of the Clinton’s…and won’t hesitate to remind her of that.