Chyna Fox vs Rubia Garcia!!!

The Fued!

China Fox:

Rubia Garcia:


Many of you may have seen this video by Chyna Fox on Facebook or Twitter.  It is in response to Rubia Garcia a popular vlogger from NOLA who gained prominence for speaking on “Black issues.”  But Chyna Fox questioned her motives and made a video confronting the many Black men that have been proclaiming Pro Black platforms, yet, have nicknamed this woman, White Bae. This enraged, Chyna.  She called them hypocrites!  Her video has been playing all over social media and many people are debating what she said.  She’s definitely got the ears of a lot of people.

I took the liberty of posting Chyna’s video then Rubia’s reponse.  After viewing both, I commented on Chyna’s channel but also left some interesting words for Ms. Rubia’s comments.

My response:

“Oh, Scarlet O’Hara! Hydrate us all with your with your “white woman tears.” Don’t call for you? Are you talking to a slave? Rubia Garcia! You are out of your jurisdiction! Your rage is reflective of the arrogance that is typical of Neader-thots, like yourself, who are not educated about what you are advocating; and the first thing that you do, is expose the fragility that is within.  Just like a typical white woman! You do not raise your voice in a debate; you improve your argument. And that is? First and foremost, Chyna had every right to address you on your videos. No one is above reproach. You do not ordain yourself as some type of White Savior, then do a 360, and begin dictating and trying to silence the very people you speak for when they react to what you say. You’ve been called out. You’ve been checked, hunty! You’re a white woman treating Black culture as if it’s an All You Can Eat Buffet. But the owner has just stepped out from the back and have instructed that you have abused the service; and now has asked you to leave! We are not listening to any white woman trying to justify her privilege, in such a way, as if, we ought to apologize for saying what many people should have checked you on in the first place: YOUR WHITENESS being the object of your platform, not your message. You have not suffered anything! What you are is a typical white troglodyte feeling slighted because people aren’t validating your appropriation! And for the record, Black women are the FIRST MOTHERS AND QUEENS of this planet. Africa is the birthplace of civilization. The Black Man and Black Woman are the Original People of this earth.  The African is 100% HUE-man!  We are the parents of ALL HUE-manity! Egypt is in Africa! Black Egyptians built the pyramids when your ancestors were dwelling in caves in Eurasia, Caucasoid! Cornrow braiding–micro braids, et al, originated from Africa. Its purpose not only signified what tribe one came from; the intricate braiding patterns distinguished what the person’s position was within the tribe. Chyna Fox is within her cultural and territorial rights to speak about what she lives–NOT WHAT SHE OBSERVES!!! You’re a street reporter using social media as a platform to market Black Oppression as if it’s a product you invented! Sit your ass down! We’re not having it. Face this fact: You are not US! Know your place! And I highly suggest you watch this video, sweetie: The entire community is weighing in! Your ghetto pass is about to be revoked!”

And there it is…it’s time for the Black community to start checking these so called, “allies.”  Please…isn’t this what happens before they invade?

Not falling for this s###!

Black people, it’s time to start serving these craKKKas with trespassing violations and MAKE THEM PAY the fine!


Chyna responds to Rubia Garcia’s video:

The Thoughts Come As I Jam To My Music….

No. This isn’t me…

For the casual curious that come to the blog, I just bet some of you are wondering, ‘Where does she get her inspiration?’ Well, truthfully, my mind is a constant leaderboard when it comes to topics to discuss, but honestly, a lot of the time, I’m jamming to my playlist as I post–as in RIGHT NOW.

*Boogey-Oogey-Oogey…* A Taste of Honey is playing right now.  

And as I type the words to this piece, I’m eating a little breakfast.  Just finished my sausage/bacon croissanwich and hashrounds from Burger King.

I’m thinking about this guy from my old neighborhood in Chicago.  His name was Scott Foster.  One of the finest guys I’ve ever seen.  Had a big crush on him.  I wonder what he’s doing now…I wish I had did him.  Oops.  Sorry.  TOL (TalkingOutLoud).

Oh, and did I mention that some crazy white dude has been following me all over the internet lately, broadcasting that I’m a racist.  He’s apparently upset because I’m not afraid to tell it like it is about the covert nature of white supremacy and how most white folks are in denial about their racism, so they surf the net, ease-dropping on Black talk forums, monitoring Black people, and having the audacity to tell Black folks they are reverse-racists for speaking the truth about the racism they experience from nice white people who think they are not racist because Beyonce is in their playlist and they voted for Obama.

*I Need A Ride or Die Bitch..*  The Lox,  y’all.  

I don’t really know what I’m going to say to Mr. Mann.  He even tried to friend me on facebook.  Should I call Anderson Cooper.  You think he might want to scoop this.  I can just see the lead-in: Black blogger stalked by unknown white man on the internet.  Thinks she’s a racist for telling the truth about racism.  Her truth.  His fear. Love it!  The dude then went as far as to trash my 2011  book publication, A Journey Into The Mind of a Black Woman: In Search of Black Men Who Live With Purpose.  Now, it’s official. My book has pissed a white man off.  Thank You, Mr. Mann…what you meant for evil will provoke good.

*One in a Million…* HEY!!!  My jam!  Aaliyah…we still miss you, girl.   Bobbing head.

It’s a pretty day.  The weather is good and I’m always looking forward to tomorrow.

*Play That Funky Music…* Wild Cherry.

And sticky note to the mad white dude: Don’t ever call Black People racist for speaking the truth about the racism they’ve experienced from racists who deny racism exists.

*Fade out*

…As I ponder of yet another topic to make your minds flip.


Who Dares Challenge My Wonderful Self?


*Warning*  This morning after I said my prayers; suddenly…I had a sense of fabulousness take over me.  It engulfed my senses.  Everything and anything that didn’t remind me of just how great I am–HAD TO GO!  Thus, I’m basking in absolute narcissism right now.  And I don’t have time for any haters (GO AWAY!).  It’s all about me, but I feel generous–and I want all those who read my words to experience the wonderful in me in all of its glory.

And now…my soliloquy:

God was in a great mood when he made me.  The angels all rejoiced at my birth.  The earth welcomed me–glad for the gift of joy in me.


Listening to Raashaan Patterson.  He just gets me in the mood.

Now, what I’m thinking….just how wonderful the world is that I’m here.  Oh, yes…and if I were a song…doo-be-doo-be-doo…everyone would feel so high and groovy.  We’d be driving down the road in a convertible with the rooftop down; and if you didn’t want to have fun–you couldn’t come.  No.  It’s all about feeling the flow. I gotta get you to know…when I’m around–it’s alright.   Yeah.  It’s ok.

When people see me–they smile at me.  No matter where I go.  It’s like…they feel better just seeing me.  Their world becomes better.  Because they can feel the music flowing through me…it makes them wanna dance–and they can’t stop the feeling.  It’s infectious–like the flu.  They are now part of an epidemic.  Another one under the potency of my spell.  I’m so classy.  Yeah.  I am. Even little girls notice and want to be like me.

And the music plays…it makes the body feel good all over.  ME.  First cord. OoooooohhhhME…Yeah–yeah.   Suddenly, you hear yourself singing: MEMEME!  In ME is the place where you find happiness.  Forgive me….but I just had to say it.

Being super-fabulous is not easy.  But I give it my best shot each and everyday.

Who dares challenge my wonderful self?  Who?

Heaven must be like this….yeah–yeah.

Fabulous people keep the world turnin’, baby.”

*And the groove keeps on

Bad Cooking Is OFFENSIVE To Me!


And I’m not playing either.

Tis the season…and it is on the mind of every Cook: to prepare a wonderful meal that everyone loves and brags about forever.

That is…if you come from a family of good cooks.

I’m a southerner.  And I’m going to let some of you in on a little secret: southern people will forgive you for every sin a man/woman can commit, but Lord have mercy on your soul! if you mess up a meal.  We don’t play that!  Trust me on this.  We will talk about you like a dog, and you will never be allowed within a foot of anyone’s kitchen or barbecue ever in life.  That’s a promise.  You see; cooking is how we socialize in the south.  It’s our heritage.  Our culture–a means of communication and expression of love.

People who can’t cook are a pariah here.  There’s no place for them in anyone’s home or community.  They must be purged before they do real harm.

I know that some of you are snickering.  Go head and laugh…but the joke will be on you if you ever make the mistake of bringing burnt food or food that a dog would sniff and literally choke from the whiff of your culinary catastrophe.

Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away and although it’s a joy for most people; many are dreading having to be subjected to yet another bad meal.  Why even go?  Because…it’s family. That’s what we’ve been told all of our lives, but how many of you even think of the many people who’ve been shot because of bad food?  People go crazy when they’re hungry.  How many think of the homes that have burned down because some loony didn’t read the directions of how long you keep the damn turkey in the oven?

True story: About 12 years ago, I actually had to spend 3 days in the hospital after Thanksgiving.  When I arrived, I overheard two nurses talking about a man and a woman who had been admitted Thanksgiving night because the husband became irate with his wife over her bad cooking.

The nightmare.  Dear God!  Save us All!

Another secret: Children will love you if you prepare good meals.  They’ll talk about it all of their lives.  Family and friends will always welcome you when they know that you are a food master or sort of there, but regardless; the bottom line is that good cooking is the key to great relationships, people.

So as I prepare my Thanksgiving menu…I just wanted to take some time from choosing what desserts I’m adding along with the rest of the meal; to stress those of you who have the audacity to try and do a great big dinner this year; think hard about what I’m saying because…quite frankly, many hospital emergency rooms will thank you.