WTF?! Kendrick Lamar Has Arrived!


Good Afternoon.  Or whenever you read this.  Today…I am in a state of “awe.”  Yes.  By now.  You’ve already heard about and listened to this album.  Aptly entitled, DAMN.  It’s Kendrick’s Lamar’s latest release.  And I have to say, as a new fan, this young man has earned his spot as the G.O.A.T.  No argument.

As an artist, it is one thing to have a hit album.  But when you keep topping yourself, you’re not just another entertainer, you are a genius.  And Kendrick Lamar has a vision and purpose with his music.  His passion and his love for what he does spills into every track on this album.

I have to be honest, my first introduction to Kung Fu Kenny, came by accident in overhearing a discussion about the Grammy’s.  This person was awestruck by Kendrick’s performance.  Honestly, I really wasn’t expecting much.  Given that I had stopped listening to rap after Tupac and Biggie died.  Curious, I decided to Google it anyway,  although that I didn’t watch any awards shows any longer.  I checked it out, and I have to tell you, it blew my mind.  Needless to say, I watched it many times.  It moved me on that level.  The last time that happen was when I watched Michael Jackson’ Emmy nominated performance of Billy Jean and Prince’s performance of Purple Rain on The American Music Awards.  Kendrick was in a different league, forcing EVERYONE IN HIP HOP to raise their game.

That’s what true artistry does.

I’m listening to DAMN as I write this. And I’ll listen to it some more.  It’s that good.

If you haven’t listened to this album, MAKE SOME TIME to do so.

You’re listening to a legend in the making.  Saying that, I wonder what Tupac Shakur would say…


Ms. Janet Jackson is Set to Go On Tour…After 7 Year Hiatus…


Here are the tour dates:

Well, well, well, at 49 (and still looking good) Ms. Jackson is going to show Miss Beyonce, Rihanna, Ciara, Katy Perry, et al, of WHO is the real superstar.

When she set out on her own and got Control of her life and music; she went on to make history with her albums, videos, singles, and dance moves.  Her influence is phenomenal.  There simply is no one in pop music that can’t give Janet jackson credit for her musical and artist impression for over 30 years.  At the height of her career, there were many in the business who kept our booties shakin’ in the clubs, and Janet’s music definitely helped more than most.

Today’s artists are lazy and just seem to lack real talent, skill, and creativity.  They lack true star power and can’t seem to hold the attention of a gnat much less a constant, restless music buying market.

I wish Janet well and I hope this tour will be a success for her.

What Happened To Good Black Music?

Good music has always been a part of my life, but I’ve noticed within the past decade a serious downgrade in the artists that are getting signed to major labels.  To be frank; there simply is no GREAT TALENT out there.  Just average singers with more gimmick than substance.  There are a few notables, but when was the last time you felt AWE–like back in the day?

There was a time when singers, particularly the super talented superstars like Prince,Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Sade, Babyface, TLC, Toni Braxton, En Vogue, Brownstone, Boyz II Men, Tupac, Ice Cube, NWA, Geto Boyz, Public Enemy, Eric B. & Rakim, Gang Starr, A Tribe Called Quest, Queen Latifah, Mint Conditioned, R. Kelly, Notorious B.I.G., Lauren Hill, Mary J. Blige, Busta Rhymes, EPMD, Wu Tang Clan, Guy, et al., Black music was relentless and dominated 20 years ago.  But not anymore.

The people that were in the business back in the nineties have now either left or ventured into other areas of the business.

Napster changed the game.  It truly did.  Music has not been the same since.  Can’t blame the fans.  They had been telling the music industry through slow sales that they needed to “up” their game.  They were slow to respond; Napster woke them up. Link:  And downloading music soon became the norm.  It literally killed the CD market and forced music stores to shut down.  Then came Itunes.  But as with all technology, this too is on its way out because of music playlist sites like Pandora and Iheartradio.  Sirius will probably soon replace traditional radio stations in the near future. Honestly, there are many different ways to listen to music these days.  But nothing can replace quality music–no matter how its played.

But how can we demand better talent if so many people keep buying bad music by mediocre artists?

I chuckle as I think back to when I was young and my parent’s generation hated my generation’s music.  After all, they grew up with the Motown sound, James Brown, Aretha Franklin, Sam Cooke, to name a few…and that music inspired music for the seventies generation, which inspired mine.  All without a doubt GREAT MUSIC.

However, if music reflects the culture, then this generation is dead.  The music being put out absolutely is forgettable.

There are many underground artists that don’t get any recognition, but fans that are tuned in know about them.  Like Kindred The Family Soul, Anthony Hamilton, David Alexander, and Raashan Patterson to name a few.

Music gives us joy and improves the environment.  I just can’t fathom that one day, this may be a thing of the past if things don’t change.


Snoop Dogg: Doggystyle!

Alright, Party People.

We’re traveling back to the nineties where it all began for this artist.

Arsenio Hall brought Snoop to America’s attention and the rest is history. I remember it well. I watched it. *Smile*

This album ushered in the dominance of the G-funk rap style of the West Coast. And we loved it!

Love the Dog man? Well going all the way back with this one.

Had to listen to Doggystyle this afternoon–brings back a lot of memories.

Where were you when this album came out.



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