My Blackness….


From the waking sun to the setting of the moon.  I am cognizant of my existence on this plain.  My ancestors are alive in me and whisper in my ear.  “Do not ever forget.” I can’t.  Every time I look in my mirror.  I’m well aware of my blackness.  It’s not just a skin color; it’s the essence of knowing where time began.  It’s acknowledging that thought, language and innovation began with those who were born from the darkness. Sculpted by God.  The stars know our name.  Galaxy children.  Born to fly with the angels.  We are divinity in the flesh.


A song echoes through my soul.  Music is life.  It gives me joy.  And never ending hope.

I lost a really good friend last week.  I was sad.  He knew me from way back when.  Memories of grade school go through my mind.  Not many of us are blessed to have friends who knew us before we “became” who we think we are.  They knew us before we started living to other folk’s expectations.

That’s why I stayed away from the “special folk.”  You gotta sell your soul just to get through the door.  There’s nothing on this earth that could afford to me.  God’s price of my existence can’t be measured by man’s feeble definition of worth.  I am a King’s child.

When you vibe from the universe and your mind takes you beyond the Milky Way.  What else is there than can surpass the heavens? I think of the speciality that is within me.  Really, how do you define uniqueness wrapped in the extraordinary? I’m not from here.

And Erykah Badu sings about an orange moon, I’m wondering if it’s really blue.

What is Blackness?  What really is it?  It’s not just a skin color.  No.  It’s space.  It’s beyond the galaxy.  It’s deepness.  It’s mystery.  It’s undefinable.  The sun is the only thing that is close to its power.

Whatever it IS. I am it.




How Do I Slay?

What does slay mean?  It means that one absolutely, positively, most profoundly, executed something beyond the measure of greatness or perfection.

Think about that.

Are we living our best life? Are we giving our best?  Do we do what we say? Or is there a contradiction to the person you are versus the person you think you are?

You grow up thinking you know who you are.  All of my life, I had been told: “Be who your are“. For a time, I was in search of that person. Who was she?  The journey began at the tender age of 16–and 20 years later, the author of this blog was birthed.  The road was bumpy at times, and I didn’t always know which way to go, but a little voice inside me told me where to walk.  I listened.  The things I learned.  The adventures I had.  All educated me about my–SELF.  The REAL ME that was inside of me, waiting for an invitation to BE.  It wasn’t an easy journey.  At times, I felt lost, confused–even trapped.  But something kept telling me to walk.  I obeyed.  Through this journey, I discovered  who I was born to be.  What my purpose was; and that I had value.  I had never felt that before.

I discovered my Blues. And I lived to tell my story to people around the world who were looking for their true selves.

I AM A REVOLUTION! Loving yourself in this world today, truly is a powerful statement, considering everything that tries to convince you of the contrary.

Self discovery does not come from buying designer clothes.  It is a process of elimination of false imagery, vincible ignorance, arrogance, fear, and facing the real hypocrite–YOU. Yes.  When we embrace the superficial, we are accepting lies as truth.  That thread must be broken.  God hates liars.  We were made in his image.  And he ain’t havin’ it.

Thus, I embraced TRUTH.  And I’ve never regretted it.

How do I slay? My life backs up my words. And the reflection in my mirror doesn’t snicker when I turn my back.

I have declared 2016 to be: MY YEAR.  And thus, I believe it to be so, thus, IT SHALL BE!

And this is how I slay…