How To End Racism…

As a man thinketh; so is he.  Proverbs 23:7

How to End Racism?

White Supremacy can only exist through Black Inferiority. Raise your Consciousness not your fists!

I don’t care anything about racism. I WANT POWER! It would be a mistake for anyone to think their affection equals that. What am I saying?  My thirst for power won’t end. Power is attained only through steady focus and successful maneuvering. Arrogance is the enemy of those in power.  White people are beyond it.

Many Black people are too forgiving and too spiritual to over-stand what I’m saying. You have to crush an enemy. I’m not praying for anyone who is threatening my life. Our speech is always in a mentoring tone in response to their hatred. That is not intelligent at all. Would you try to motivate a psychopath? That would imply that a psychopath has a conscience. They do not. Thus, how do you stop one? We are where we are because of our inability to understand the nature of our enemy. They can’t be redeemed and thus, deserve no empathy, prayer or forgiveness. This is a matter of life or death. Period. When we shift our thinking; there won’t be anymore use for marching or begging for we will do what must be done without apology.

80% of warfare is mental. Wars are won before they’re fought.

When I thought of posting this, I thought of my innate perceptions toward WP. Honestly, I don’t have anything to do with them except at work or through indirect social interactions. I have no desire for their company otherwise. I don’t fear them and I’m not passive when I encounter them. With that being said, I am not impressed with them very much in general. Many Black people have the opposite perceptions; and I think this is why they have been in power for so long. When you have been raised to know your history, cultural heritage; and have been raised among very strong people that look like you; your view of the world is very different.

I have been telling people that for ages. The way the media and movies displays us and makes people feel. When they see us they see gang bangers and hoes, when they see them they see wealth, power, good, trust worthy, etc… They portray us as evil and no good in every situation they can. They have created false stereotypes … We also still suffer from after effects of slavery .

Exactly! And this is where the battle is. The late Dr. Amos Wilson stated in one of his lectures decades ago that when those first Africans encountered WP; they were stripped of their identity of themselves. Through mental enslavement–which is truly witchcraft; they were robbed of the knowledge of their own culture and heritage and given false doctrines. These incantations were ritualized visually as well as through speech. In effect, being Pagan by nature, WP were using demonic influences of domination and oppression to kill the consciousness of the Africans in order to have complete control of them mentally, spiritually, as well as physically.  Day by day, those poor souls were taught to hate and loathe themselves.  Not even over-standing how important they were to creation.  And being made to feel worthless by a genetic recessive parasite nonetheless.

Thus, the counter must be for us to reclaim our full identity and not concern ourselves with the reaction of our Oppressor.

The time has come for Black people to free themselves from the mental enslavement that still holds many captive today.  We must EXPOSE OUR ENEMY!  Have NO MERCY!  And know the absolute TRUTH of who were are as a people; and reclaim our narrative.

We can’t control how someone thinks but we have absolute control on what we react to.


The Illusion of the White “TRICK”, Oops, I meant Chick!


Many Black men today have or will be approached by white women these days. There is a prevailing attitude among many white females that every Black man on earth wants and desired them.  Thanks to the construct of mental images throughout the world, created from the racist minds of white males of the white female being the most desirable above all women; a lot of attitudes toward Black men and women are merely white people projecting their arrogance and fear onto our people, as a means to divide and conquer the two most powerful people on this earth: The Black man and Black Woman.

Interracial marriage and couplings are being promoted by the white media as just another ploy in that tactic in order to stop Black men and women from creating Black babies.  They hate seeing a happy Black man with a Black woman.

Over the years, I’ve seen many IR couples and I don’t become disrespectful toward them, however, I want to be truthful. Intrinsically, I lose respect for any Black man or woman who lays up with a white man or in particular, a white woman.  Why? Because it means that such people have bought into white supremacy.  It also promotes a different kind of hate: The Hate of Self.

Whenever you scan the topic of IR relationships between Black and white people; it’s never about love, but the infusion of hatred.  Just go to YouTube and check some of the various video titles: White women hate black men!White Men Who Date Black Women But HATE BLACK MENWhy white men hate Black men with Asian women or non black women, etc. Nothing promoting love of himself or his woman; just provoking him/her to choose a white man or woman as an initiate to white supremacy; life over death so to speak.

The late Elijah Muhammad once said that “The white woman would be the last trick the white men would play on the Black man.”


We are living in those days.

The white female is the prize trophy.  She embodies the symbolism of everything minorities have been conditioned to covet. To reject her means that a Black man sees clearly how the white woman and her body is being used and exploited as bait to lead Black men to destruction. He is not blinded by the Illusion.  Nor does he desire the symbol of death that white women truly represent.  Many Black men were killed because of the lies of white women.  And the U.S. Government allowed it.


To compete with Black women; many WW get bust and hip implants. As example, the infamous wife of Ice T is a good example.  This degenerate of a man allows this woman to look like a whore–and behave like one, as he smiles into the camera, and says, “cheese.” What a buffoon.  A real woman should never be discarded for white trash!  I never liked Ice T and frankly, I always felt he was a wack rapper. However, the man represents strongly how some Black men in this country continue to be deluded into thinking that a white woman is his equal.  Quite the opposite.  She is a genetic downgrade.  The Black woman is the only woman who is genetically compatible with the Black man; Black people have the strongest genes on earth.


This woman, Coco, is surgically enhanced.  She’s also had numerous sexual affairs with other Black men. Yet, this MF just holds onto this slut as if she’s some prize he can’t let go of.  Ice T is sick man and I for one am tired of his kind.  You know the ones, the guys in the club, the thugs, criminals, sexually deviant, and psychologically impaired black males who always have attitude towards Black women who have a problem with them dating or marrying white females who enable them.

I’m so glad I never had to look like a Ho in order to keep a man interested in me.

Black women have the edge over white women image wise in some degrees.  We are considered strong, bold, sassy, sexy, articulate, smart, and fearless.  However, these qualities have brought on labels such as, “The Angry Black Woman“.  No. we’re not angry; we just know that white women are not our equals and should not be esteemed in any way, shape or fashion.  We recognize them as bottom feeders. Black women are within their territorial and cultural rights to challenge, confront, and expose white women for what they are: Their image is the creation of the white male who is the promulgator of white supremacy. And the white female has benefited from that system at our expense. In essence, how dare anyone think a Black queen would bow down to a cave bitch! They have and are being used as psychological warfare against our people to infuse cultural discord between Black men and women in order to destroy the Black family.  You want to know why some white women raise their black children as biracial?  Because many can’t admit to themselves they bed a Ni##er and gave birth to a non-white child.  White women have done nothing to esteem the Black community.  We’re not impressed and as anything that is dominant, we are merely attacking something that is inferior and is a genetic defect.

The greatest response to White Supremacy is BLACK LOVE.  Put it in practice; and there will be no need to have to defend our lives or qualify our humanity to a low, reptilian-brain, reactionary, genetic flaw.