The Picture That Destroys Racism…



So the caption read on a post I read this morning on Facebook.  It was this interracial couple, both smiling, as a meme of sorts, being used to push the agenda of self-hatred onto the Black community.

This is a false premise.

First of all, interracial marriage is not the cure for racism. Most end in divorce. If it were the solution, why do we still live in a divided country? And to further…why would any intelligent Black person who understands genetics, marry a genetic recessive troglodyte? The truth of the matter is that the white population is at negative birthrate. They have come to their end as a species; and can’t regenerate themselves, thus, they have to rely on the Black race, The Original Man and Woman of this planet, to help them preserve their genes.

This is the whole scheme behind the interracial marriage agenda. The very purpose of it is rooted in White Supremacy!

It’s very interesting that they used a Black woman in that picture–and a very dark one. The Black WOMB-man is the genetic portal of HUE-manity.  And that white man in the picture is the symbol of superiority.  White men know inherently that the stronger the genes in the Black woman; the more it benefits his offspring.

This is about white genetic survival.

So where does this leave Black America?

Let me tell you, I have never been stupid–even when I had an excuse to be.  I see things clearly, objectively; and I am not naive about anything in life.  And what I see is the glaring reality of just how much white people insult the intelligence of Black people.  This photo is promoting anti-Blackness!

How so?

Black people have nothing to gain from interracial unions.  We are inherently genetically dominant. What this is promoting is our enemy’s way to weaken and eliminate the Black family through genetic manipulation.

Not falling for it.  Not eating the apple.  Don’t want to drink from this bar.

We are not designed to be weak, Black people.  White people are WEAK!  And they know it. How else can they destroy us?  They’ve tried everything; but they are the ones who ended up in crisis.  They are at negative birthrate.  And I find it almost to be a divine sentence on them for their behavior and hatred on this planet.

At this time, we have to analyze everything that is being promoted in our community. Not all of our people are alert, wise or conscious.  Therefore, those of us who truly do see the BIG PICTURE, we have to check our enemy.

At all times.  By Any Means Necessary!

Dr. Umar Johnson Talks Man to MAN about Interracial Dating/Marriage…


For many years, this topic continues to dominate discussions.  I’ve written numerous articles on it.  And I really could GO THERE!  However, when I did, it was always typical: a group of Black men, mainly those guilty of this, always seemingly tried to hack the discussion–and per usual, the Black women that responded would be angry and unrepentant in their opposition to it.

However, it’s very different when a man weighs in.

Dr. Umar Johnson is very blunt about how he feels on Black issues.  He is unapologetically BLACK!!!  And after listening to the video; I felt that he hit on some very important points.

So, listen to it, and I invite rebuttals.

Biracial People Who Love To Tell Us What They Are Mixed With…


I’ve got Indian in my family“…We all have known this person.  You made the mistake of complimenting their hair and you got this response.  You looked at them quizzically and then just chose to walk away…not saying what you really were thinking.  The sad truth here is that only 5% of African Americans can claim Indian ancestry and the hard truth here is that there were Indian tribes that owned slaves.

What I have been noticing for quite some time are the number of Black people who seem to think that it’s some badge of honor to tell people that they are mixed with Chinese, Russian, and Black.  Really?  Say something in Chinese or Russian then.  And are you African American, African or Jamaican when you say Black?  It becomes like a game of Guess.

So many Black people have developed such a low self-esteem complex, they need to attach themselves to a group of people that they esteem in order to feel good about themselves.  Subliminally, it’s like they are saying…’I’m almost white.’  And they know it.  I’m not going to spare anyone’s feelings.

Let’s just be real: many people of mixed race know that being biracial is like being in a secret society; they have access to both sides.  They operate covertly but for those who are discerning, it’s very clear they know exactly what they are doing when they say the things they say.

Today on Black Twitter, there was a young biracial lady who posted a picture of herself and labeled it, Black, Russian, and Czech.  I responded, “People who need to dissect their ancestry have low self-esteem.  Does a proud lion need to call itself a tiger?”  I’m waiting for the response.

There are some Black people who actually feel that biracial people are more attractive and I guess those who are of this lineage, will try to play the race car to their advantage, using both sides to win favor and acceptance, but in regards to African Americans, it is a scary tactic of Divide and Conquer extending from the global system of White Supremacy, that is consciously used as a weapon to further oppress Black people from loving themselves.  The system of White Supremacy must destroy the one thing that threatens its white genetic survival: US.  It’s psychological warfare.  They want us to hate ourselves in order to negate Black love and unity.

And I’m just waiting to see what happens when you raise Black children to believe they have been extended  White Privilege because one parent happens to be white.  The real world is waiting for them.  For such people, I dare them to ask those white people what they say when Black people aren’t around.

When you hear biracial people trying to up their ancestry mixtures, they’re talking in code to white people (validating their white supremacy) and us (demeaning the part of them they secretly hate).  Saying, ‘I’m mixed is just another way to say: I’M NOT BLACK!

It’s up to us to call them out and not be concerned if they are offended.

Self-respect is more powerful than any nuclear weapon.


Promoting Interracial Love to Black Women…

Can’t believe a Black man wrote a book about this:

The system of White Supremacy is hard at work these days.  For at least the length of the Obama presidency, people have been hating on Black women. Such paternalism.  Wow!

If some of you have been paying attention, you’ll notice many social websites marketing IR dating to Black women.  Really…hhhmmm… One I found even had the audacity to advise Black women to find love in Europe

Why are people so concerned with who Black women date and marry?  I asked this question when thinking about this topic.

Racism and white supremacy has been ingrained in this society to the extent, white people still feel they have to tell us what to do.

But what about a Black woman involved with a non-Black man.  It’s her choice, right?

That’s what we tell the numerous Black males who date outside, but for Black women, being single is not of liberation; it’s a conviction of sorts.  People assume nobody wants us–not even our own men.

I took the liberty to search the web and find some articles that are addressing this issue:

Honestly, I never knew it was so hard for Black women to find men.  Hell, all of my life, I’ve been approached.  I’ve never once felt undesired and if I were single, that’s my damn choice.  I don’t lay up with just any man and there is a time in life when we need to be alone to reflect and grow spiritually.

When I hear people make comments as to what they perceive to be the reason why many Black women are single, my reaction is one of annoyance more than anger.

Black women do not need to be told who to date or marry.  Most Black women date and marry Black men and have BLACK CHILDREN.  Obviously we aren’t infertile, as are many white women nor desperate.

The only thing I can say is that Black women can date or marry whom they choose and if some decide to remain single–that’s their damn business.

The last time I checked, Black women did not ruin the economy and we are not terrorist killers.

If they can’t control us, then I guess it’s assumed that they must control our wombs.  Why?  Because of the fear of white genetic annihilation.  That’s right–we have the power to destroy white people, simply by having MORE BLACK BABIES.  And this must be stopped.  It’s about survival.  We are a threat to them. The system of racism was designed for the survival of a small minority of people who classify themselves as white.

Psychological warfare is real.  And all of the things that we’re seeing is a part of that system of White Supremacy: Neutralize us–than remove us as a threat.  It’s all part of that.

So, if you see an advertisement somewhere that is promoting interracial love unions for Black women–rip it down.

The only reason Black men and women aren’t marrying each other, is because far too many have believed the lies of the white controlled media who convinced them not to.  It’s all about provoking self-hatred in our people.

This is all a matter of chess.  And we need to learn how to counter our opponents correctly.


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