Get Out?! I Never Went In…

Natural and proud

Everyone is talking about the movie, Get Out.  Directed by Jordan Peele.  I haven’t gone to see it and I’m not really anxious to either.  Why?  It’s really old news.  Jordan Peele is getting rave reviews for this movie that really is about passive-aggressive racism that many Black people have endured at various times of their lives.  The symbolism of Get Out is that white folks “act nice” but they are truly evil to the core. And white women are not to be trusted-ever!

Uh.  Yeah.  Slavery and Jim Crow didn’t convince Black folks of that?

But what about people like myself, who’ve always been hip to the duplicity of white folks. They’re as fake as plastic floral arrangements at a brunch.  Set strategically on the table to create a certain atmosphere or create a visual, implied to project a particular reality that does not exist.  They’re not real flowers.  Just a projection.

But here’s the kicker, with all of the warnings of the movie, Get Out, its director, Jordan Peele, is married to a white woman. Huh? So, what’cha, sayin’, bruh?  That’s a double standard.  Your life isn’t your advocacy.  How are people supposed to interpret that?  Would you listen to someone pitching Vegetarianism but eating at Longhorn every day?

This is a simple one for me. Gonna be direct and brief. I’m not attracted to white men. And yes, I’ve seen some who I thought were attractive over the years, however, when it came down to really asking myself, “would I….” The answer within my soul has been…HELL NO! As a Black woman, I’ve evolved tremendously, intellectually, and spiritually. The bone honest truth is I find white people offensive to my existence. Their presences is a blemish to our relevance and importance on this planet. Do Black people ever think about how much time we’ve wasted with these genetically deficient, morally vacant, repulsive, parasitical, EVIL, reprobate, reptilian brain, fragmented thinking, vapid, miscreants?! Our narrative gives them relevance. Everything about them is constructed from lies. Their history is a nothing more than propaganda–they’re not who they proclaim to be. Superior? At what? We completely dominate them in any arena. Yet, these impudent creatures have the audacity to call us inferior. They stole our history and identity. To control the lie, they confiscated all the information so that it couldn’t be edited. But we are natural geniuses and we’ve broken the code.I don’t wanted anything to do with these people. No. Not me. They disgust me to the core.

White women are coming after Black men for one purpose: To aid white supremacy!  Love doesn’t have a damn think to do with it.  White men are using Black women’s bodies to feel more masculine.  It’s a corporation.  You work for it.  YOU no longer exist.  Everything you do is for the corporation.

Frankly, white people are truly some of the most intrusive, annoying, and culturally vacant miscreants on this planet!  They truly are cultural vampires.  They truly are the living dead. If that’s what you settled for, than you have been brainwashed; and are no longer of relevance to the Black community.

For any Black person that was ignorant enough to get involved with a white woman or white man.  You got played. The mental death you have suffered is irreversible.  You chose it.  Suffer the consequence of sleeping with the dead.

As for myself, I offer this warning to white folks, I want nothing to do with you.  Leave me alone. You’ll never infiltrate.  I will hurt you.  I feel nothing for you. The only worth you have to me is what I want–POWER!  This is what I desire.  And if you annoy me further; I promise you, The only thing that’s going to make me act right is to give me what I want! Any hesitation, I’ll take EVERYTHING you got!



The Music of Bob Marley is The Remedy For Our Trying Times…

This weekend, one of my aunts was laid to rest after an unexpected illness.  I’ve been thinking about a lot of things lately and today, Bob Marley came to mind.  His music means so much to so many people around the world.

Redemption song was based on slavery in the new world.

Does this not sound like what we’re feeling subliminally?

Bob Marley was a unique individual as well as an inspired artist.  He used his music to educate, empower, and protest the powers that be.

In light of everything happening, I chose to post one of his last concerts before he passed away in 1982.

Watch, grow and listen.


They Keep “Mistakenly” Killing Black Men!!! Enough Of This Shit!

Image result for terrence crutcher

***Right now…I’m listening to Fear of a Black Planet.  That album came out almost 30 years ago and its message is as relevant today as it was in 

What’s going to be the tipping point?

Yesterday, a live stream video went viral showing a local Tulsa, Oklahoma man, Terrence Crutcher, being gunned down by a white female officer, later identified as, Betty Shelby. He was unarmed. He wasn’t a threat.  His car has stalled in the road and he was walking toward the police for help.  The police recorded video, with audio, exposed one of the officers in the helicopter stating after Terrance got out of the car, that, “He looks like a bad dude.”  Well that “bad dude” was coming home from class.  That “bad dude” was a father. That “bad dude” had a twin sister. That “bad dude” sang in his church choir.  That “bad dude” had a wife who is now in pain after having to understand the senseless manner in which her husband died.

Image result for betty shelby

The reactions on line were angry but many kept asking the question: “When is this going to stop?”

This is exactly why Colin Kaepernick is protesting.

So, another Black man was “mistakenly” killed?

No one is that stupid.

We see what is going on.

It’s becoming an epidemic and demands a counter response–violent if necessary.

These are legalized executions of Black males by white led police departments.  And I’m not hearing anymore of the typical response, “we feared for our lives.”


The problem is not your fear but opportunity to carry out legalized killings of a population of males that threaten white supremacy the most!!!

There are so many images of this, it’s literally become like a sick inside joke for police departments as to how they respond to these orchestrated killings.

From children to man in wheelchairs.

On the same day, a man in North Carolina was shot and killed for carrying a book.  Per usual, the cop said that he “thought he had a gun…”

No one is hearing this any longer. Even celebrities are speaking out about this.

The time has come, Black people.  We are THE ENEMY of White Supremacy.

Are we going to let them keep killing our people and do nothing or are we going to FIGHT? Do Black Lives Really Matter?

The choice is yours.

As of today, another Black woman plans a funeral.



The White Bitch!


I’ve been thinking about a lot of things and it just keeps going back to this.  I’m a nice person—most of the time but of late, there is a bit of an issue that I need to get off of my chest: it all started while listening to the Tom Joyner Morning show in 2014.  I was getting ready for work and Tom interjects a strange story: “A woman and her boyfriend arrested for soliciting a dog for sex on Craigslist.”  I stopped.  I thought I was hearing things.  A dog?  Who in the world would do such a thing?  That was my initial reaction.  However, the forensic investigator in me led me to do some research. This just couldn’t be true.  So I thought.  A couple of days later, I went to Google and input the exact words that came from Tom’s mouth.  I waited.  Then…there it was.  A young blond white chick looking ever so casually into the camera.  No embarrassment.  None sadness.  Just a blank, I don’t care stare.  Here I was, an African American woman, looking into the face of the white goddess who apparently has a dirty little secret that her white skin shields from the public.  No one would dare think that Snow White is humping a St. Bernard. This led me to deal with some real issues that are never exposed.  I wanted revenge on the cunt.  That’s what she is to most Black women—although, of course, political correctness, veils the disdain.

Anyone that stoops to this level shouldn’t even be considered a woman. Thus, I began to take notes on the white goddess.  I studied her and took mental notes.  Everything I saw; I memorized. Her lies would be revealed.

It’s only right.

Ask any Black woman anywhere, the title of this blog entry would resonate.

Black women have been attacked for over 400 years—our womanhood denied.

The white woman has enjoyed her power at the benefit of us—white privilege her shield.  And she was marketed as pure, untainted and virtuous but oh!  That was such a convenient myth.  It was a damn lie!

And I’m going to expose her.

There will be no secrets kept. For it is time to defrock this little freak and make her face the judgment of those women who’ve suffered the brunt of racist white males who had the audacity to insinuate her as the standard of femininity and beauty.

I spit.

This is the story of how white women lost the right to be women in a Black woman’s eyes.

This is a woman of color’s revenge tale of the White Bitch!

The first queens of this planet were BLACK!  And such women will not bow to something whose ancestral origins are from a cave.

Once and for all, I alone, am going to free all Black women from the racist hypocrisy that has given this freak of nature a title that she does not deserve.  White Privilege is the only reason why she matters.

Thus, this is a confrontation on the enemy from a woman of color, myself, who has had enough of the lies.

*A book is planned on this very issue.  It will be so provocative and unapologetic; Amazon might have to shut down from demand.  WILL BE ANNOUNCED!!!

We Will Kick Your Ass, CraKKKa!

Family, first and foremost, I’d like to give God the credit for giving me the gift of speech and the written word.  His power and wisdom is what guides me through most of what I write.  Although I do not wish to cause pain to anyone with careless words, it is with absolute conviction that I use words as a weapon against those who are sociopathic in their speech and actions against my people.

Black people are the salt of this earth.  We are the glue that binds all humanity.  Our indignation is not that we are to be worshiped but that we are the creation of the most high who is worthy to be praised.  If you hate our Blackness; than you have a problem with God.

I’m tired of Black people apologizing, rationalizing, and galvanizing reasons to capitulate to an enemy who quite frankly, doesn’t mind using violence on our people.  Yes.  I’m talking about white people.  They think they can do whatever they want and then tip-toe away, facing no retribution for their harassment and hatred.

That is going to end TODAY!

Once upon a time, I remarked to a friend: The day you stop fearing your enemy, will be the day you defeat your enemy.  That’s real talk.  I’m tired of Black people acting like wimps whenever they are in the presence or are confronted with blatant racist actions from white people.  It’s ridiculous.

There has to be a code of righteous conduct.  Do white people exemplify that?  Even using the word, righteous, connotes Love.  Do white folks love us?

The very nature of the question is preposterous, given light of today’s behavior, exhibited with abandon by white males.  THEY ARE EVIL!!!  They don’t change!!!

This is just crazy. All of it. I’m just tired of white folks and their “ish. Seriously. Living in Georgia has literally turned me into some kind of gangsta activist. These people are beyond loony. Most white people are one egg short of a dozen. Just about every single craKKKa you meet down here is on some kind of medication for either a psychological, mental, emotional, or multiple personality disorder. INSANITY! Completely. I’m literally at the tipping point of knocking the hell out of one. When you go to a Wal-Mart, and feel like you have to move about the store as you grocery shop, like a Ninja in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, it’s about time to get out of dodge.

This is not a joke, family.

The audacity of white folks to presume after all of the violence they’ve inflicted on us, that we are to be good “Knee-grows”, smile for the camera, pray and acquiesce to their abuse.


You can pray.  You can march.  You can protest to the high hills but the only thing white supremacy fears: is the loss of finance or the loss of life.

Being nice to them is not a remedy.

Put a hand on me, I’ll crack your skull open like a cantaloupe. Family, my mama taught me that manners will take you further than money, but these craKKKas in Georgia will make you forget you had home training. I’m all for transcending Niggah tendencies in the metaphysical sense, but if one of them puts a hand on me; so help me God, a S.W.A.T team will have to be called to get me off their ass.

And this better be the attitude that Black people have.

When I was growing up in Chicago, the first thing you learned was to defend yourself–you better.  Even the perception of weakness could be dangerous.  One didn’t live in fear, you walked as FEAR.  People don’t respond to flaccid edicts that promote civility.  When you’re in a jungle, your ass better be ready to face whatever the environment dictates.

STAND UP like men and women and DEMAND RESPECT!

It’s about time to get serious about fighting white people!

When people see that we are not going to tolerate their behavior and will do what needs to be done…By Any Means Necessary; it will stop!

The Big Payback Coming For White America!

Black people have seen the hand of God literally exposing our enemy to the core of their being.  Every racist intention is being uncloaked for all the world to see.

Our POTUS has been one of the weakest in history.  His ambivalence to address racism and confront its perpetrators more sternly, beginning with the Tea Party, literally created the environment in this country today.

I’ve been reading a lot of commentary since the Dallas shooting.  White folks are mad and scared now. They want to talk.  Let’s try to bring the races together.  It’s all bullshit.  No one wants to hear any of it.

Lord have mercy!!!

I knew something else was about to happen. And before any self-righteous soap box commentaries, I have to say that this is the result of dismissed and approved racist evil within the police departments across this country that is coming back on them. You can’t start killing innocent citizens based on “suspicion”, code talk for “minority”, and then holler when bullets come back on you. Disrespect reaps this kind of violence. It’s all about perception. This is reciprocity. Logically, if you keep pulling a wolf by the tail, don’t holler when it bites your ass. There were laws placed in this universe by Almighty God that governs all life–no one is above them. However, it seems only white people aren’t getting the memo.

Adding to this, having the nerve  to wonder why this country is so disconnected.

White people don’t know how to treat anyone…then get upset when others react to their behavior.

Black people and other minorities are tired of defending our humanity to something whose ancestors dwelled in caves.  Yet, proclaiming their superiority over those who were here before they were even a speck on this planet.

The current state of events right now are a direct result of racist white males in this country acting out their pathology, yet, arrogantly expecting to get away with acts of terrorism by default of White privilege.

My definition of white supremacy in a nutsell: A genetic defect expressing delusions of grandeur.

Yet, these psychotic people have gotten addicted to the forgiving Knee-grows who forgave Dylan Roof for killing 9 people in a church.

I watched the town hall meeting on race relations with President Obama on July 14, 2016 and frankly, I’m tired of Black people capitulating to white fear and paranoia. We’ve been pacifying them for over 100 years. If white people want to solve the race problem, stop projecting their hate onto Black people; and look in the mirror, asking themselves: “What part am I playing in the race problem?”

Being Black is not a crime, it’s an honor.

To White America: You wanted a war.  Now you’ve got one.

Things don’ changed.  And I do mean…FO’ REAL!


BREAKING NEWS!!!  Baton Rouge!  7 officers shot, 3 dead, 4 wounded.

The Dallas Shooting: Vengeance or A Warning From God?


What happened on Thursday night this past week  in Dallas, was a shock and a tragedy, yes.  But let’s get real.  Everything that has happened in succession after the death of Trayvon Martin, provoked this event.

The imbalance of justice is blatant.

Dylan Roof killed 9 BP and was taken to Burger King by cops. Micah Johnson was blown up by a robot.

Divine Reciprocity is real.  The universe is only giving back to humanity what is put out by human beings–and that also includes white people. The 5 police officers that were killed, are merely collateral damage of a greater spiritual war.  Everyone on the news have been trying to talk neutrally in order to provoke thought and introspection of our nation to “heal the racial tensions” in this country.  And as I sat there analyzing what was said, the prevailing thought for me was the real issue in this county are RACIST WHITE MALES.  Yeah, that’s right. All of this was provoked by the actions of these type of men and the hypocrisy that keeps masking the real truth of injustice in this country is casually being swept under the carpet because our society just doesn’t give a damn.

Our enemy practices The Art of War.  Many of us don’t realize how powerful this book is within the halls of the elites.  It’s mantras have become quoted as much as biblical scriptures among the powerful.


“If your enemy is stronger than you, he must be infiltrated and destroyed from within by getting him to turn his lethal might upon himself…”

That particular statement is very poignant in review of everything that is being promoted by the media of late regarding the violence against African Americans.

This afternoon, I received this message on facebook from Dr. Phil Valentine regarding the current state of our people and events impacting our lives:

Black Lives Matter was formed by 3 Black females … Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors and Opal Tometi (alleged to be ardent supporters of the Gay/Transgender alliance, members of the socialist/communist-oriented “Democracy Alliance” organization, and lesbians as well – having already defined themselves as “Queer Black Women”). How did this organization suddenly become so UNQUESTIONABLY “relevant” to us? More importantly, where did this organization get its funding, and why does the media exclusively turn to ITS “leaders” to get the Black community’s narrative for “social justice”?

Well Fam; here’s the list of “backers” funding YOUR ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement. (See pics below)

(1) Rob McKay, heir to Taco Bell, is said to be the main funding conduit to the Black Lives Matter movement through his “Democracy Alliance” (DA) organization (alleged to be a communist/socialist inspired front). Combined donations to the groups from the DA organization now exceed $500 million…
(2) Multi-billionaire George Soros contributed over $30 million in seed money.
(2) According to Essence magazine, Google gave $2.35 million in grants to activist organizations addressing the “racial injustices that have swept the nation.”
(4) Hedge fund billionaire Tom Steyer—who raised hundreds-of-millions of dollars for the presidential campaigns of both President Obama, and now Hillary Clinton. Total: 78 million
(5) Billionaire Michael Bloomberg – 27.7 million
(6) Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook erected a huge “Black Lives Matter” sign at its Menlo Park headquarters on the 8th, just hours after the Dallas “shootout”. Hmmm… 

All of these people are white.Are you getting the picture yet? If not, I’d normally say give it time and it will all eventually come “into focus”. But you DON’T have time. There are forces embedded within your community, along with the media images that favorably support their tactics and goals; forces that you have UN-critically accepted as being “on your side”.

What I’m saying is that these people have infiltrated our community with the intent of doing harm, under the guise of “being our ally”.

Micah Johnson was formerly an Army Reservist.  But he had grown angry over the violence that has been killing so many innocent Black males. The deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile were added to the list of the fallen innocent of victims who were guilty of being Black in the wrong place.  He had a right to be angry.  But something deeper in him stirred him to action.  And then it happened: 12 people got shot at a peaceful protest against the deaths of the two men this past week, and now, 4 white men and 1 Hispanic man are dead.

Micah was angry with white people and specifically acted out his rage on them.

Some would say, what goes around comes around.

But what I say is that violence against Black people will not change the white man’s fate. He is being eliminated from this planet and rightly so.

It’s sad that 5 cops died but how many lives were taken by cops?

That’s what needs to be the control thought.

And again, Micah Johnson is just collateral damage of this war.

God is talking.

We better start listening.