WTF?! Kendrick Lamar Has Arrived!


Good Afternoon.  Or whenever you read this.  Today…I am in a state of “awe.”  Yes.  By now.  You’ve already heard about and listened to this album.  Aptly entitled, DAMN.  It’s Kendrick’s Lamar’s latest release.  And I have to say, as a new fan, this young man has earned his spot as the G.O.A.T.  No argument.

As an artist, it is one thing to have a hit album.  But when you keep topping yourself, you’re not just another entertainer, you are a genius.  And Kendrick Lamar has a vision and purpose with his music.  His passion and his love for what he does spills into every track on this album.

I have to be honest, my first introduction to Kung Fu Kenny, came by accident in overhearing a discussion about the Grammy’s.  This person was awestruck by Kendrick’s performance.  Honestly, I really wasn’t expecting much.  Given that I had stopped listening to rap after Tupac and Biggie died.  Curious, I decided to Google it anyway,  although that I didn’t watch any awards shows any longer.  I checked it out, and I have to tell you, it blew my mind.  Needless to say, I watched it many times.  It moved me on that level.  The last time that happen was when I watched Michael Jackson’ Emmy nominated performance of Billy Jean and Prince’s performance of Purple Rain on The American Music Awards.  Kendrick was in a different league, forcing EVERYONE IN HIP HOP to raise their game.

That’s what true artistry does.

I’m listening to DAMN as I write this. And I’ll listen to it some more.  It’s that good.

If you haven’t listened to this album, MAKE SOME TIME to do so.

You’re listening to a legend in the making.  Saying that, I wonder what Tupac Shakur would say…


How the CIA Changed black Music; And the Way Black People Think!


Music is the most powerful form of communication in the world.  Those who perform the various genres of sound, have a gift to sway the masses; and the government is very concerned about that.  So much so, they have gone out of their way to control not only artists; but also to infiltrate all aspects of media.

To understand this, we have to go back, again, to slavery.  During slavery, it was common practice for slave masters to outlaw the use and practice of the African drum on plantations.  Why?  Because they were aware of the drum–its  mystique and power.  As well as its many uses. They were very concerned about this.  Truthfully, they were afraid of the ability of our music to empower and mobilize the people.  And this is the reason why rap music was really targeted.

How did we go from Fight The power to Fuck Bitches and Get Money?

The White Oligarchy has tremendous power and along with U.S. Intelligence as well as the CIA; they all want to control the Black masses because we are the biggest threat to them.

The largest opponent of these tactics are socially and politically conscious musicians.  These type of artists can get to people’s minds with their lyrics and their hearts with their music.  Marvin Gaye’s, What’s Goin’ On is a great example of that. Powerful album–even to this day.  This is what makes the ruling classes nervous:if we start thinking too much; we’ll interfere with their control over us.  These type of artists can affect people’s opinions and stimulate ideas.

Rap artists, such as Tupac Shakur, were considered a serious threat.  Tupac by far was one of the most prolific artists of his time.  His Black Panther roots most definitely had the government worried. So much so, they started using the same tactics that were used against the Panthers and other Black Nationalist groups and leaders.  Many remember the shooting of Tupac at the Quad Studios in New York.  When Tupac went to prison, he began getting anonymous letters stating that it was Biggie and Sean Puffy Combs who orchestrated the shooting at the studio.  Prison guards and inmates were telling him the same thing–total strangers.  Tupac didn’t know who to believe.  Honestly, he really didn’t know what was going on.  And then…the East Coast/West Coast feud started.  Escalating to the deaths of two of the most gifted musicians of our time.

“The reason U.S. intelligence was doing this was because Tupac Shakur was already a national Black leader. He was head of the New African Panthers at the age of 17 and 18 years old. That group was active in 8 cities nationwide. They were replicating what the Black Panther Party for Self Defense was doing. His mother, Afeni Shakur was a Harlem Panther leader.”  So when Tupac got a record deal, they began to watch him very closely.

There were other artists that were also targeted: Bob Marley, Jimmy Hendrix, Nina Simone and Sam Cooke were all targeted as well.  The CIA were responsible for the attempt on Bob Marley’s life in 1976.  Read the article below for more information on that.

Many of you remember when NWA were sent that infamous letter by the FBI after they released, F*ck The Police. They were talking about what was really happening to young Black males.

The power of Black music was such; it had to be contained.  During the rise of Hip Hop, corporations saw its power and began to buy out all of the rap labels. They started signing rap artists that weren’t political.  That’s when rap stopped being socially conscious and turned into what it is today: A MESS of self-hatred, ignorance, and gross promotion of violence.  These corporations literally began to control who could get rap deals and who could not.  This was all done to control the way people think.

I’m sorry to burst the bubble of some, but honestly, there is an attempt by those in power to keep their power by any means necessary.

What is sad here is that it’s becoming quite clear to assess that the real culprit behind the deaths of Tupac Shakur and The Notorious BIG actually was instigated by the CIA/FBI.

The most dangerous thing about Black people is the ability of those who make music to influence the world consciously.  To a people with no conscience; this is a weapon of mass destruction.

Reference article:

They Killed Our Brothers; And Now It’s Blowing Up!

Black ferguson revolts

Our history in this country is one of hardship and triumph.  Black Americans were birthed from African people who were kidnapped and herded like cattle onto ships; taken to foreign lands and enslaved–forced to build empires, paid no wages, brutally treated; but taught to worship a white Jesus as a mental enslavement buffer to ease the pain of watching white children who never worked for the wealth they inherited from Black labor.

This is the story of Black people.

It makes one angry, yes.  We have a right to be angry.

I’m sitting near a window typing on my computer; the sun is bright, I’m surrounded by beauty but there are complex, multi-dimensional images going through my head.

The bodies of Black people were chatteled.  They were beaten, maimed, even killed.  Evil permeated those plantations, binding God’s first people.  The abuse inflicted on the bodies of Black men and women, angered our creator, but he allowed it in order to fulfill his will.  We persevered through it all. Our ancestors were forbidden to read.  Some more clever slaves would sneak books and learn how to read through strategic manipulation at times.  One of my favorite stories is that of Frederick Douglass who would trick the white boys into teaching him to read if he would win at the childhood games.  His story is legend.  He was one of the first pioneers that ushered in the Black Nationalist era that would soon come.  For those of you who have never read the autobiographies of Frederick Douglass, I urge you to do so.  Powerful reading and so many lessons for Black men to learn.  His life has inspired millions.

Then came Jim Crow.  White folks were so scared of Black economic power after the slaves were freed.  That first generation birthed the first Black middle class in less than 50 years.  It scared white folks. They had to do something, thus, they created laws that stopped that progress.  Racism became structured–infused into the channels of justice; creating injustice on a people, simply because of their skin tone.

Alas, the Civil Rights movement, made Jim Crow null and void–the illusion infused.  But the reality is slowly creeping back into consciousness and what do we see?

We have paid the price in blood, sweat and tears.

In 2015, we have witnessed a new lynch mob being mobilized to get us back in check after the election of a Black president in 2008.  And what has Obama done for us.  Absolutely nothing.

The domino effect of young Black men being killed by the police has become a weekly scene on the news.  But now, one of their own was brutally cut down. A deputy from Texas was pumping gas and a Black man by the name of Shannon J. Miles, walked up to him and shot him 15 times.  Of course this was reported by the white media as a tragedy; quickly demonizing the shooter.  But was this Karma reaching back on the police who’ve taken as many Black lives in recent months?


White people are so scared right now.  So scared, their fear is what is fueling the rise of Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential race.  He’s saying what many white folks, particularly white males, think.

As the late Tupac Shakur rapped over 20 years ago: “I see death around the corner”.  The days of the white man are numbered.  Their demise is already set in place.  Nature has selected them.

It’s starting.

You take a life; you must replace it with your own.  This is Cosmic Order.

How Rap Musicians Are Being Manipulated to Aid In The Destruction of Black Males…

Honestly, I stopped listening to rap music after Tupac died.  Even then, rap music was becoming very malevolent and hard–no way out mentality, kill, kill, kill.  That was the message.  When he created Thug Life–it became a movement, and…it cost him his life.

Today’s rap is not what I grew up on.

When you look at the violence in certain areas of the Black community, young Black men are dying every single day.

Everyone is paying attention to the homicides in Chicago, but not paying attention to other parts of the country.  Violence has no preference where it comes from.  It’s created by oppression, ignorance, and self-hatred.

White males seem to think it’s open season on Black men–given recent high profile killings that have stirred this nation, most recent the murder of Michael Brown.

But can we be honest?

What’s fueling this?

“Jails in America are being privatized.  And are now on the stock exchange.  Basically, you don’t build a hotel unless you expect occupancy.”  ~Louis Farrakhan.

There is a conspiracy with record companies to produce rap music marketed to the Black community as a marketing channel to provoke the violence and behavior that will twists the minds of the targeted group whom these investors desire to fill those prisons.

This is Satanic.

But rappers are being manipulated to create beefs with their words with other rappers in order to stir up the attitudes of those who are most likely to commit acts of violence that promote law enforcement to militarize against young Black males.  It’s a set-up for the destruction of young Black males.

You think this is a joke?

Pay attention to this video:

Police departments are literally being issued military type weapons as a measure of defense for this war that is being manipulated by white males who sit in board rooms and concoct evil machinations to kill Black males. They have a desire to kill Black males.

What happened in Ferguson, MO is just a taste of what the government and these men who own these prisons want to happen.  White men have been conspiring for ways to kill Black males since the slaves were freed.

Since the days of Woodstock, the Federal Government has known that music can be used to control the masses.  And rap music is literally being used to hypnotize young Black males and programming them through such manipulation to hate and kill each other.

It’s a conspiracy.

And before you try to write this off, just pay attention to the headlines of late for clarity.

The way the people responded in Ferguson, brought the attention of the world to the violence being directed at young Black males.  It’s barely been 2 years since the Trayvon Martin murder, then Jordon Davis, now Michael Brown, and 2 other incidents (New York and Los Angeles) within a week of each, around the same time Michael Brown was murdered that garnered national attention, and provoked the attention on this issue.  And these deaths are just a fraction of what is actually happening around the nation.  The only difference?  Those murders weren’t conveniently videotaped.

It’s time for Black people to get off of their asses, stop making excuses for what is happening in our communities and open our eyes to the true reality.

There is a price on the heads of young Black men.


Because white men fear them.



We Still Miss Tupac!

I’m blessed that I witnessed the life and death of one of the greatest talents that ever came into the Hip Hop scene.

From the beginning, I knew that Tupac was special. Had had “the gift”. He had the “It Factor”. All eyes really were on him and still are even in death.

I chose today to play the postumously released album, Makeveli.

He is gone, but not forgotten.

The other video posted is just words from people who missed him so much; they still think he’s alive.

Sorry, but Tupac is no longer of this world.

Tupac: Me Against The World [Full Album]

Good morning, Mates.

It’s hard to believe it’s been 17 years…

Last night, I watched Tupac: Resurrection for the very first time and the memories that started to surface in my brain just imparted the impact this young man had on not only Rap; but Tupac was a revolutionary in his own way. He brought attention to things in his art that needed to be confronted and talked about.

When this album came out, I was managing a record store. I’ll never forget how the album redeemed Tupac who had been going through many legal problems, including imprisonment when it came out. The album debuted at Number 1.  It was one of the most anticipated albums of the year.

I thought I’d post the full album today for those of you who slept on it…to be reminded of the genius we lost the day Tupac died. His death was a tragedy, but his art will never be forgotten.

[Bopping my head] *Memories*

And we miss him still.

Tupac: All Eyes On Me

This was the album that put the late Tupac Amiri Shakur on the map.  It was a highly anticipated album, being that it was his first release off the Death Row label.

Boy! Did it deliver. Not only did it seal his place in rap; it was an instant classic and literally pushed Death Row into the mainstream, as well as unleash the raw talent of Tupac to the world.

His death on September 13, 1996 will be a day mourned forever, but Tupac will never be forgotten–and the album title literally became prophetic.