Trump’s Subliminal Message: MAKE AMERICA WHITE AGAIN!!!



“MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!” This has been the campaign slogan of Donald Trump since entering the presidential race.  However, quickly, others heard differently: He’s feeding into the fear of white folks who are truly starting to realize they are declining as a population–and fast.

Well, in the latest news, Donald Trumps support is surging ahead of the other GOP candidates but also, he’s gaining support from hate groups, including: Ku Klux Klan, Neo-Nazis, Skinheads, and everyday Bubbas drunk on Miller and Budweiser beer.

This past week, Trump alleged that he doesn’t know who David Duke is after he offered his support of Trump.  Really?  Wow.

Trump entered the race declaring that he wanted to stop illegal immigrants from entering the country–reinforcing our borders, only to be topped off by demanding that Muslims be banned from entering the country all together, in the wake of the attack in San Bernardino, CA.

Many far right-wing groups, hailed him as a “glorious leaders, creating memes of his image, with the words: Make American White Again!

Is this the message of Donald Trump?  Well, he better start examining his speeches and take deep thought of what he’s stirring up in this country.

Shooting in Leawood Kansas

April 15, 2014 – FRAZIER GLENN CROSS, JR., also known as F. GLENN MILLER, former leader of the White Patriot Party, is charged with capital murder and first-degree murder for the shooting deaths at Jewish locations in Overland Park on Sunday, April 13, 2014. PICTURED: 1989 – Gainesville, Georgia, U.S. – White Patriot Party KKK march through Gainesville. (Credit Image: © Robin Nelson/

They hear him loud and clear.

White power making a resurgence in this country is going to be met with violence and resistance that our law enforcement officials are not prepared to handle.

Donald Trump is using dangerous tactics that are going prompt reactions of dark forces he can’t even fathom.

Like energy attracts like energy.

Even, author J.K. Rawlings chimed in on Trump’s image: She said that  Trump was worse than her fictional villain, Lord Voldemort.  She wrote on Twitter: ‘That anyone in America would even CONSIDER voting for this rabid coyote leaves me speechless.’

Have people been paying attention to all of the metaphysical alignments of certain events that are literally ushering in a shift in not only consciousness but the Laws of reciprocity are being provoked as well.

No man is above God’s laws.

We are only 3 months into the year and we have been inundated with reports of police officers being attacked and killed all over the country.

Whatsoever a man soweth; that shall he also reap. Galatians 6:7.  HIS WORD is being masterfully validated by human machination of the day and the response of Holy beings on this planet, reacting to the children of Lucifer is going to be very interesting indeed.

Donald Trump’s faith has been challenged by some of his former running mates.  Well, as this progresses, we’ll soon see if Mr. Trump is ready to face the hate he’s stirring up.




Acting On The Presumption of Intelligence…


I don’t allow whites on my blog.  But today, I responded to a white man who seems to think that Black people will just have to accept the fact that without white people, we can’t do anything.

However, I let his post stand so that others would respond to him.

Today, I choose to speak to white folks in general who have the same attitude as this misinformed Caucasoid:

Any Black person in America can tell some story  of a white person trying to insult their intelligence on some level.  Even Black professionals tell tales of how white coworkers often talk down to them–even while having more education than them. It’s ingrained in whites from birth that they are supposedly more intelligent than Black people.  However, from my interactions with whites over the years, and particularly while now residing in the south; white people are not that intelligent, if one is to look at emotional intelligence and not conceptualized views of it, as is promoted by the white media. They are not more intelligent.  What they are basically are products of a media system, designed by white males, who market image and other brainwashing techniques that project a certain psychological and visual aesthetic of a valued paradigm they wish to convey about themselves. It’s not substantive.  White people have developed their attitudes and thought patterns through their associations with other white people who think like them.

I simply say this: If white people are so intelligent, why are they the only people on earth who have to be rescued from mountaintops?  White people seem to have a pattern for participating–even to the point of death, in activities that are physically harmful.  Surely, intelligent people should know better than to walk through the desert without sandals and no access to water.

White people only assess their intelligence based on their psychology of themselves not through actual evidence or scientific examination.  Basically, many whites look at others with a microscope while looking at themselves with rose-colored glasses.  Their innate pathologies prevent them from seeing or understanding anyone else’s point of view.

But Black people see the truth.

In 1996, the white population reached negative birthrate. And given the position that “we’ll always need white folks”; my rebuttal to that in regards to nature, not so. White skin is a result of a genetic defect (you can’t produce melanin). You see, white people have always acted on a presumption of intelligence. White people, in their your grand whiteness, have assumed that every race on earth can’t do anything without their participation. That is historically incorrect and based on an attitude of pathological narcissism. Through their psychic affinity, all of what makes up White America was created. But I pose this question: Where was the white man when the foundations of the earth was created? When the white man appeared on the earth–emerging from caves, 100,000 years of history had already been completed. Civilization began in Africa.

It is very clear that many white people have never heard of Black Wall Street. Blacks had only been freed from slavery for 46 years and were quickly becoming an economic threat to white supremacy. Something had to be done to impede it. The economic success of these Black people scared whites so much, they resorted to violence to stop it.

Black people don’t fear white people; many simply don’t over-stand just how weak white men really are. White people became who you are because of KNOWLEDGE SUPPRESSION. Using information and misinformation as weapons of psychological warfare against Black people and other people of color in order to oppress, handicap, and destabilize those groups in which you felt would impede the economic empires you built from the labor of poor people. White people can’t compete with us fairly, thus, you bend the rules to your favor, strengthened by white supremacy, and extended privileges based on your white privilege. This is what has caused so much destruction of many people of color. We have had to adopt to a paradigm that was meant for our destruction; it was meant to keep us below the ceiling of our potential.

Ever heard of Universal Law? Innately, white people are evil people. They have no spiritual consciousness and this is why you have been selected by nature and God for extinction. Their actions on this earth have been judged and this is your sentence.

If they didn’t fear Black people; there would be no need to hinder this population for their survival.

That is coming to and end.

There are higher laws in this universe and they apply to white folks as well. Like it or not.

Guerrilla Media: The Counter to Disinformation…


If your mind isn’t right; your spirit can’t be either.

Some of you may have noticed the urgency of many of my blog entries of late. There’s a reason for that.  I’ve been on a different mind frequency, and honestly, I’ve had to unplug from certain energies that I felt were counterproductive to the truth and to the empowerment of Black people.

In a nutshell, we are being challenged by many forces out there.  Spiritual, mental, physical, social et al.  It’s like God is stirring up our people for a reason; like an eagle that stirs up its nest.  We have been called to this universe for a reason.  Black people are the gatekeepers of consciousness.  It is our responsibility to check those dark forces that are causing great spiritual imbalance on this planet.  Black people (the conscious man) have been asleep.  White people have bamboozled the minds of the world into thinking that they created civilization.  That is a lie.  However, instead of caring about this, many Black people have only cared about materialistic things; getting the Benjamins, but not the power and land to become a sovereign nation.  We’ve learned many slogans; but how many even over-stand values any longer?

Many Black people actually believe we are a cursed.  That can’t be further from the truth. Who’s lie have we been living?  We are the first man and woman of this earth. That means we are the parent-race.  And it is our responsibility to brings things into discipline.  If we are out of control, so goes the planet.  Everything in this universe is under Universal law.  White people have given a false impression of being the architects of civilization.  That is an outright lie.  They have only been relevant for only about 500 years.  This is a very insignificant amount of time, however, within this amount of time, this enemy has caused irreparable damage that may take millions of years to correct.  But we are the parents of this universe.  And we allowed this to some degree.

The matrix responds to any threat and adapts itself.

So the question is: Why haven’t we adapted?  Why haven’t we advanced?  Why aren’t our minds evolving, Black people? We’re supposed to be higher than a lower, reptilian-brain, reactive thinking Neanderthal.  Are we being held hostage or have our own behavior kept us locked down?

In 1999, I took the name Truthangel and took the journey into the world of cyber in order to reach minds.  When I started, there were many issues impacting society, most of which, had nothing to do with the spiritual uplifting of Black people. Remember Multiculturalism?  White folks created this false doctrine to enlist people of color into more mind-control propaganda designed to twist our minds and further their agenda to destroy us as a people.  They actually wanted people to believe that we all were one, racism was dead, and we were now accepted.  Thus, it was ok now to marry some white people, but what they didn’t tell you was that the “illusion of inclusion” was a set-up.  They aren’t going to change the lives of Black people; their purpose was only designed to create a false reality so they could further their White Supremacy agenda and stop Black innovation and intelligence.

We have to be more intellectually agile.

We have to tap into our Dark Matter Consciousness.  What is this?  The virtual field we perceive as consciousness is essentially neutral in composition until * induced by an emotionally driven intuition spurred on by the imagination. A melding dynamic is generated between the two forming a finely mixed image (idea) within the symbolic parameters of this emotional impression. In essence, with every thought there is an accompanying emotion and with every emotion a complementary thought, aka kama manas. This hybrid event appears as a natural outcome of the multitude of subtle frequencies generated as result of both light and dark energy and matter emerging from within the depths of an unknown quantum ocean.

* This is Being-ness in motion. It could also be interpreted as “becoming”.

The media is the greatest tool of the enemy and many of us watch too much television.  It is designed to misinform and is controlled by white males.  Our greatest enemy knows secrets. Are they sharing them?  No.  Knowledge is power. Their only goal was to stop Black power. And far too many Black people watch television, taking in images that are designed to manipulate our thinking and retard our growth.  Stop buying into it.  We must control our own image.  Create new media forms.

Social media is taking off and many have seen the power of BlackTwitter.  BlackTwitter has become a force; even forcing mainstream media to look at how social issues can be driven and motivated by our participation of thought, reaction, and conversation on everything from race to politics. In a nutshell, BlackTwitter is the power of collective BP; armed and dangerous with smartphones and killer wit!  White people have taken notice of this and literally, BlackTwitter is changing the flow of news and conversation just simply because of young Black people taking a stand and using this forum to speak OUR TRUTH to the world.

Dr. Phil Valentine speaks on this. Check out many of his lectures on Youtube.

We are the consciousness of this universe. It is time for us to unplug from a system designed to kill our light.