A Warning to White America: The Black Warrior Queens Are Coming For You!


Over the course of 20 years, I’ve studied a lot of issues and had to read a lot.  Racism is a problem that can only be stopped by destroying the biggest culprits of it: The White Man and The White Woman.  Both have employed hatred against darker skinned people around the word and inflicted emotional, psychological, mental, physical and spiritual anguish on innocent people that has had tremendous impact on Black people in succession throughout time.

As a Black woman who loves and cares about my culture and people; I take it absolutely personal.  Those who have followed my blog over the years, and those who knew my from Blackvoices, my words have always been sharp and deliberate.  They are weapons of destruction against the evil force that created White Supremacy.  The audacity of it is repugnant to my senses! On Twitter today, I announced that I  Am The Biggest Threat to White Supremacy That Ever Existed!  There is nothing supreme about “whiteness” in nature.  Everything that is vibrant and healthy has color.  White symbolizes inferiority or a deficiency.  And this is Caucasians personified.  They are a sick people, genetically, mentally, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually–The Walking Dead.  And we, the Original People of this planet, have had to endure this monster.  But now, I am having clear visions of an end for them that they are not anticipating.

Indulge me…

In Africa, African women played very significant roles in every area of society.  They also were powerful and fierce warriors.

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Candace or Kandake was the name given to any Queen or Empress of Ethiopia by the Europeans, and these great woman were seen to be wives of the Gods or the living God!

Candace of 332 BC has a particular story that still should stand tall today. Despite the lack of knowledge of these Queens this legend made it’s way out.

Her actual name was said to be Amanirenas. She was blind in one eye due to losing it in a battle with the Romans. She was known to be a fierce, tactical and uniting leader.

Alexander the Great had reached Kemet (Ancient Egypt) and was gearing up to battle into Ethiopia. Alexander never fought Candace though and there are a few accounts as to why.

Tengaged rounded up these two accounts:

The wildly accepted view one given by Chancellor Williams who wrote ” The Destruction of Black Civilzation” is that upon hearing Alexander the great coming Empress Candace, or Amanirenas, gathered her black troops, lined them up across the first cataract along with herself and stood on top of two African Elephants on a throne and waited for Alexander to show up. Alexander the “great”, didn’t want to chance a loss and give up his undefeated winning streak. He definitely didn’t want to lose it to a woman so once seeing the black Queen on her Elephants and her black armies along with her, Alexander the “great” halted his armies at the first cataract, and turned back up into Egypt. Once he saw the deadly military tactician in all her glory and her black army with the latest iron weapons, he decided against an invasion and turned around.

The Dahomey Amazons or Mino was an all-female military regiment of the Fon people of the Kingdom of Dahomey in the present-day Republic of Benin. They existed from the 17th century to the end of the 19th century. While European narratives refer to the women soldiers as “Amazons,” because of their similarity to the semi-mythical Amazons of ancient Anatolia, they called themselves Ahosi (king’s wives) or Mino (our mothers) in the Fon language.

The Ahosi were extremely well trained, and inculcated with a very aggressive attitude. They were ferocious fighters with a reputation for decapitating soldiers in the middle of battle, as well as those who were unfortunate to become their captives.

You see this trait in Black women today.  Yes.  When we get angry, we take souls!

The current condition of this country leads one to envision such action as being necessary to return stability back to our communities. For we are dealing with an enemy who will not capitulate and seems to act on presumption of the true nature of Black people.

Life has taught me that you can’t be nice to white people–you have to hurt or kill them.

The Black woman was the first mother and queen of this planet.  We are natural protectors of our people. And if threatened, we will not hesitate to defend our people, by any means necessary.

The Black Woman is the secret weapon among our people and when it is time; warrior queens will come against our enemy as they did in ancient times.

This is the offense, White America is not prepared for.

I smirk at this thought…





Black America vs White America: Alien vs Predator; Only 1 Species Can Survive!


Remember Alien vs Predator from 2004?  Two of the greatest cinema creatures of all time in a battle of survival.  Only one could survive.  Whichever one, humanity would lose.

That was Hollywood.

Let’s look at the reality of the premise of this movie.

Our humanity has been attacked by a race of people who by all accounts are nothing more than a genetic defect.  We are the original people of this earth; and this invader from the Caucasas Mountains of Europe, has literally been a thorn in our side; struck with greed, envy, and malice, at the splendor of Africa.  The genius of African minds are the true architects of Europe.  White Neanderthals knew nothing of organized civilizations.

We all know the history of our people.

Slavery interrupted 100,000 years of evolution of our people.  It retarded us in a strange land.  But when our ancestors were freed; in less than 100 years, we built our own society (Black Wall Street) and again, the white man became envious and scared. So, they formed mobs, and burned it down.  Then Jim Crow laws were enacted to hold us down so this type of economic progress would never happen again.

That act in and of itself, did not destroy us. Black Wall Street was rebuilt in 5 years.  What really destroyed it was integration.

The illusion of inclusion was yet another ploy to detract and fool Black people into believing that they were being accepted but in reality, it was to neutralize us.  Remember Multiculturalism?  Then, the promotion of interracial marriage to Black people.  Then, they changed the census, to add different racial categories.

Made people go, hmm…what was the devil really up to?

Let’s speed up to current topics of today.  Since April, there have been 3 innocent Black people killed by police: Freddie Gray, Sandra Bland, and more recently, Sam DaBose.  We’re still trying to heal from the Trayvon Martin murder by George Zimmerman in 2012.  All of these people, with exception to Trayvon, were killed by cops.

There have been many of us penalized simply for being Black among white people.  I wrote about the ladies thrown off the train in California for of all things, laughing too loud.  Even our presence is offensive.

So much is happening every single day, I literally feel as though there is a war going on and just how many more casualties will there be?

We are at war!

Everything from Michael Brown to the Charleston Massacre is our enemy trying to destroy our humanity.  Our lives don’t matter to them.  There is a genetic war being waged on us because white people are dying–literally.  They are at negative birthrate and they know it.  Thus, they have to get rid of us, who are the biggest threat to them genetically.  Our genes are the strongest of all races.  The white man fears this.

They have come to their end as a race/species and nature has selected them for elimination.  Given the suicidal nature of white people in general; they are trying to eliminate us as they too must face their own demise.

That’s not God’s will is it?

I’m sick of playing with these people.

I’ve never been impressed with white people. All of my life, I’ve looked at them as though they are beneath me. Why? Because intrinsically, I knew they were not who they claim to be when left to themselves. What they are basically, are sad, lonely, self-hating, genetic defects, who either take irresponsible risks with their lives (jumping from planes without parachutes) exhibiting various forms of self mutilation, or killing themselves out right. Nature has been trying to eliminate them since the Bubonic plague; and it’s time for the original people of this earth to take nature’s cue and assist in cleansing this earth of these alien demons from this planet.

The premonition I see has our people finally seeing the divine justice being given for the inhumane injustices we’ve suffered at the hand of this evil humanoid.

We all know what happened at the end of the movie and who won:

So shall it be for our people!

And What Will Be Our Response?

Hueygunmontage (1)


Every single day, there is something challenging us.

If it’s not what it’s being said about us, it’s direct confrontation on our culture.

We are in a state of emergency whether people want to believe that or not.

There have many days in which I envision some kind of attack, and what our response will be.

Dr. Umar Johnson, noted Clinical Psychologist and lecturer, has stated publicly that the government is creating disturbances on purpose as some kind of “test run” on the public.  And why is that?  To impose Martial Law on Black people.  Basically, to have a reason to wipe us out.  That’s always been the plan of the white establishment.

Everyone has been protesting.  I saw an image yesterday of those who marched on Ferguson last year and I can only wonder what will be the follow-up.  Will they implement a strategy and plan of attack to achieve their goals? And just what are they?

People are so quick to join the bandwagon, but no one ever checks to see if the brakes work before the crash.

We are a people divided.  No one can agree to a separate agenda to rally around.

All of the players are out for themselves and could care less whom they use to achieve notoriety.

Black people are a mess right now and or enemy knows it.  They just keep intensifying their tactics, just to see how we’ll respond, and frankly, it’s very clear that many Black people aren’t prepared for such an onslaught of attack.  They know it too.

We are not a community anymore.  More than any other group, Black people practice radical individualism.  I got mine…you get yours.  That’s the mentality, and just look at where it’s gotten us: we no longer talk to our neighbors.  We don’t help our families. Everything we do has a price.  And just what do Black people invest in?

Still yet, we blame white folks and white supremacy for all of our downfalls.  Is it really their fault totally, or should we bear some accountability?

The basic truth here: Many of us are afraid to confront white people.  And this has been a major weakness, so much so, white men have become arrogant in their disrespect towards our women and children.

Psychologically speaking, a person who is willing to be disrespected in order to be accepted, is a person who has little self-respect.

So what do we do?

We gotta close ranks.  We have to stop tolerating cowards.

Everything we are is because of what we accept.  And it is simply unacceptable for Black people to keep condoning the disrespect on our community and people.

I’m not afraid to fight.  The images in my mind are violent.  There is an immediate responsibility that needs to be charged here.  If freedom means that I must sacrifice who I am in order to protect my enemy’s feelings, it won’t happen.

In the immortal words of Dr. Martin Luther King: “If peace means accepting second class citizenship, then I don’t want it. If peace means keeping my mouth shut in the midst of evil and injustice, then I don’t want it. If peace means being complacent and accepting the status quo, then I don’t want it. If peace means being passive, then I don’t want it. If peace means a willingness to be exploited and humiliated, then that’s the kind of peace that I don’t want—-DR. KING (from his speech in Louisville Kentucky , 1956)

Until the Black man, the Black woman, and the Black family is unified, there will be NO REVOLUTION!