White Men Are Coming For Black Queens!



Are Black men really woke in this current generation?  Are you really?  Well, you better start thinking about something that many of you have probably never considered: White men are trying to conquer Africa again but not with war, through marriage.  Sound familiar?  It is the same way Africa was conquered in ancient times.  Being a matriarchal society, power transcended to the Queens.  Well, given the status of many Black woman–being the most educated in the country, by gender and race; white men have figured out a way to destroy Black male power–THROUGH HIS WOMAN!

The current white population is at negative birthrate.  They are dying as a species–around the world.  It is only natural for any dying species to mate with another species in order to preserve its genes.

Black women are the first mothers of the earth.  To have a baby with a Black woman is equal to being close to God.  So it is out of self-preservation that the white man is seeking out the Black woman’s womb!  Only SHE can revive him.

But this is bigger than Black and white.  It’s metaphysical; and judgement has been made! The white man MUST GO!  And the process has begun:

This topic was inspired, actually, in a piece I read online about a white guy who only dated Black women but hated Black men.

Here is the actual article:


Hhhmmm..could this be the apricot of what is driving their hatred for Black males?

A few days ago on Facebook, a topic was posted regarding Halle Berry being in a relationship with another white man.  The comments were pro and con but got heated when a white male began making comments that white men, like him, were taking all of the good Black women from Black men.  He further stated that Black women find white men a great catch–as if we aren’t selective.  Now I interjected my comments, as well, in support of Black marriage and love.  Other sisters were also coming against this demon with a quickness.  But his arrogance and insistence was truly a reflection of the privilege these people are infected with.  He truly felt he was entitled to the best Black women available and that he had never been turned down by a Black woman–Ever.

Contrary to popular belief of some Black males, Black women do have good sense and when it comes to family and community, we don’t play!

For many decades, Black men have insulted, disrespected, taken for granted, dishonored, and abandoned Black women.  Yet, Black women have pleaded their undying love for the Black man–as they should. For intrinsically, we know that only the Black man is our genetic equal–and he was made FOR US exclusively.  We are unapologetic if we confront anything that denigrates our genetic royalty.

White people are not human.  And if anyone understands genetics, Black men nor Black women should be laying up with them–and certainly not having children with them! But!!!  Interracial marriage is up over 400%.  It’s widespread.  But it’s not the answer for racism.  Nor compensation for generations of oppression and inequality.

One of the things I’ve noticed, and it just came to me as an epiphany…But whenever Black people have lowered their standards; they seem to attract white people.

To over-stand what that means, one only has to examine the negativity that being in relationships with white people provoke in Black people.

I’m praying for Black people to get over their Stockholm Syndrome.  Only then will this cord be cut.

The Black family is the highest symbol of Black Love.  And when Black men and women demonstrate that love; it is this energy that heals the community!


This truly is…BLACK POWER!


Judgement soon comes:

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17 comments on “White Men Are Coming For Black Queens!

  1. qnubian528 says:

    @I found this video of this BW is sickness,she is hitting her pregnant stomach with a hammer because these sick swirlers BW are trying to convince to abort black male babies and leave the female ones! This is really sick! Oh my God!
    I don’t believe that WM who will leave WW ass for a BW ass? Really? These BW think this way are fool! This is happen when black people don’t read and study history books!
    I will never forget how many times WM called me a n***ger and monkey! They call this is LOVE?
    WM are evil and demon creatures,they created white supremacy only for keep black people under their feet,don’t love BW or black people period!


    • Truthangel07 says:

      White people are parasites and nature is removing them from the planet. They are dying worldwide. The process of elimination has been ongoing; and taking up speed at this current time. Just look at everything impacting them right now: Opiod and heroin epidemics, combined. Suicide epidemic. Alcoholism. They’re being judged by God. It’s done.

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  2. qnubian528 says:

    That picture make me vomit!
    WM make me sick to the stomach and I don’t know how BW can married and have children with these nasty demon creatures!
    They have RH(RHESUS MONKEY) they share their DNA with monkey,and they are by nature racist! Who want have kinds with a people who have monkey DNA?These kids are half human and half monkey!
    All my life they annoyed me so much,I can’t tell you being harass,stalk and verbal abuse from these nasty monsters just because you don’t want have them as husband!
    Today they still doing with me although I am no longer a single woman! I am no afraid to show them that they make me crap!
    WM hate BM as WW hate BW for the same reason,WM has been always jealous of BM because BM are the real Alpha man,he is more powerful than WM not only physically but above all reproductive level,this thing has always made them crazy!
    I don’t understand how these black people allow these parasites to use them as does with the toilet papers?

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    • Truthangel07 says:

      Unfortunately, some of our people are stupid and must perish along with them. I can’t waste any more of my energy trying to educated people programmed to self-destruct. We must now allow nature to destroy what needs to be destroyed in order to cleanse the earth. White people are parasites; they’re not human. And we’re already seeing the process of elimination beginning…They haven’t even seen the worst of it yet.

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  3. These devils make me sick! They hate to see black love. They are jealous of our precious melanin. They want us to see interracial sex as a progressive move. It could be nothing further from the truth. We are HUE-mans and they are man-kind. We are the Original man and woman on the earth. The rest are ALL sub-species of African people. Interracial sex means death and destruction for our race. Just more confused mixed/biracial people being made in the process. I hope sistas are not falling for this great “white knight” bullshit. And brothers need to stay far away from these genetic recessive female cave beasts. Thank you for another great post Truth Angel. Keep up the great work and stay on the righteous path.

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    • Truthangel07 says:

      Always, Kushite. And thank you for always supporting my blog–it is appreciated. I’m not one of those Black women who is looking for The Great White Hope. I am a wise Black woman, who is proud of who she is and will not settle for a white man simply out of reactionary fear or low self esteem. Many Black women today are in search of The right Black man; but there are those weaker among us who think that being the object of affection of a white man is the ultimate status symbol. They’ve confused lust as some kind of desire and basic want for them. It’s only out of their base nature that they want to mate with Black women, given their negative birthrate status. The two greatest needs of all men is to mate and to eat. Black woman are the DNA blueprint for HUE-manity. It is sad to see so many young Black women being bamboozled by the media in thinking that interracial marriage is an advancement. The media is playing on the psychology of our people–again. Sadly, many just will not get the memo.

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      • That’s why I post against interracial marriage. I can see their agenda a mile away. That’s why we must educate our people on this sick propaganda. We are brainwashed to love them and hate ourselves. This is a war of the mind. WE must decolonize our minds and get back to dignity,self respect and black love. That is the true answer.

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      • Truthangel07 says:

        In The Destruction of Black Civilizations by the late Dr. Chancellor Williams, he urged for us to DECAUCASINIZE! And I believe that is the turbulence we are experiencing at this time. The old information that was put into our ancestor’s minds and passed down through the generations, is being annihilated by THE TRUTH! It’s being found everywhere! The Black MAN is the Original Man! WE ARE GOD’S CHOSEN PEOPLE! And He is coming to avenge us; as the Bible prophesied: We are coming to know who we truly are.

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  4. August Noone says:

    Please correct me if I am wrong. It would only take two generations of interracial coupling to wipe out black people. Not the gene itself, just the blackness on the surface. The children from these couplings could easily be passed off as white. I think this is what former South African president F.W.Both was alluding to. So if you look at it that way, then yes, this is a serious problem.

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  5. Well Truth, I was listening to this debate from a white,guy & he said that whites will always have control. He said that whites have a technology far beyond other races comprehension & that they kept it from the masses. He also said that when whites do fall,it won’t happen anytime soon. Your thoughts? If I remember, the Roman Empire said the same thing.GOD is putting his hands on the US & the European continent & it’s not coming back. GOD BLESS

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    • Truthangel07 says:

      Famous last words of all fallen nations. They always think their invincible–then, A Hannibal, Ghenghis Khan, Attila The Hun, et al, comes and shuts them down! I believe something very horrible is coming for White America. We’re already seeing the process with the negative birthrate, suicide, heroin and prescription drug epidemics–simultaneously. And adding alcohol addiction. Nature is not playing with them.


  6. Truth, I forgot to tell you that the cop that killed Tamir Rice was fired, 2 years after the fact.My hometown Cleveland leads the nation in opioid overdoses. GOD is coming for them. I will watch the video & comment tomorrow. GOD BLESS

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  7. Well,Truth interesting article. I agree that black men have fences to mend. Yes they have done their worst to bw,on the other hand ,I have to agree with black men that have constantly complained that black women has passed over a lot of good black men for black men who they now complain about. If you look at youtube videos Black women are promoting their Swirl movement,whereas black men are promoting their SYSBM agenda, with both camps not backing down. I agree with Negress & Cynthia G, that interracial marriage is another way to keep White Supremacy. As a matter of fact ,former South African president F.W.Botha stated that fact. Some of us will get it, some of us won’t. Hollywood & the media through tv shows,movies & commercials are promoting interracial relationships with the process of telling bm/bw they are better off w/o each other. I’m not worried though, for some reason GOD will show his true power.GOD BLESS

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    • Truthangel07 says:

      This is a response to behavior, Seven. Neither is correct. Both are acting from a darker part of themselves that has not been healed. Mental enslavement is real. Any wise Black person, who has pride in himself/herself, has better sense than to mate with a troglodyte. That is backwards genetically. However, a confused mind can’t see the reality of their choices; and everything they do births destruction. We have to change as a people. And that begins inward.

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      • I agree. My mother said, that the Russia HIV epidemic will permeate the rest of the European continent. Both groups want to leave the black community, I will gladly pack their bags. They have no idea that the black community is growing, the buying power is growing. The white community on the other hand is going backwards with European continent in disarray. My mother said that the Arab is going attack wp everywhere, including the US. I just pray for our people. GOD BLESS

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      • Truthangel07 says:

        Everything they’ve done to US is being done to them. They just don’t over-stand that metaphysics and divine reciprocity are tangible responses to human behavior and consequences of choices. There is no where they can run. Nature and karma have joined forces. This is a hit! It’s over for them!


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