OMG! Imitation of Life: A Real Life Case!


Today, one of my friends posted a video from an old Judge Maybelline show from a few years back.  I watched it, and I was floored.

Do you guys remember the old movie Imitation of Life about a mulatto girl passing for white, trying to hide her Black identity, all the while her mother, a Black housekeeper loved her, even though in her denial of self, she rejected her time and time again.

There were two versions. The first in 1934 and the other in 1959.  Most people prefer the latter.

Examine the description of the plot of the movie:

Lora Meredith (Lana Turner), a white single mother who dreams of being on Broadway, has a chance encounter with Annie Johnson (Juanita Moore), a black widow. Annie becomes the caretaker of Lora’s daughter, Suzie (Sandra Dee), while Lora pursues her stage career. Both women deal with the difficulties of motherhood: Lora’s thirst for fame threatens her relationship with Suzie, while Annie’s light-skinned daughter, Sarah Jane (Susan Kohner), struggles with her African-American identity.

There really were people who passed.

I’ve heard of some of the cases over the years but never took the time to really get into the lunacy of self-hatred.  It’s a crime of nature in some ways.  God made us the way we are. That’s not any reason to hate one’s self if the Creator

Loving one’s self is a personal decision and I abhor anyone who doesn’t love themselves.

This is the seed of slavery and its mental effects on people of color.

All mother and daughters have issues. However, I will stand before the Queen of England and give my mother praise. She raised me to be who I am today. I’m not the richest woman on earth but my life is wealthy because of the standard my mother set before me. I walk talk with the best of them and whenever I walk into a room; my self esteem is so high, everyone in that room would want to be me. That’s GOOD PARENTING.

Anyway, I’d like you all to watch this video and comment.

As with what happened at the end of Imitation of Life, there is a similar conclusion.

It’s sad.

You can’t raise your children to be Black and proud if the images they see don’t reflect that.



What If There Were No Black People?

Last week, I asked this question in one of my groups on Facebook.

Anyone who is truly conscious can answer this question but what about those who are mentally enslaved?  Many do not even realize the depth of the question and thus, express their ignorance through dismissal or empty responses not guided by true thought.  People truly reveal how illiterate they are most often, when they are silent after being asked such a poignant question.

A friend of mine whom I debate with on the regular, responded to the question.  He was somewhat ambivalent.  He responded to me: “The origin of man is debatable.   I take nothing for granted and can only base my beliefs in fact not what someone taught me in a book. History has been altered over the years and manipulated so I ?question everything. Although I do believe we were created but as to who was first, second and third is not relevant as it applies to today to me. I’m here, I’m blaque and until our creator deems it necessary to eliminate man as a whole and reveal truth, I’ll be walking in faith and will continue to focus forward. So this is not a debate for me.”

We went back and forth for a few minutes and I challenged him to research what I had asked then get back to me within one week.  After chiding me of why no one was responding to the question, he declined.

The lack of responses had more to do with those not truly knowing the significance of their own existence as relates to the question. Their lack of responses is paramount to how many have been so mentally enslaved; the audacity of the question confuses them.

Many abated the question outright in the group.  It didn’t totally stun me but it is disheartening that so many Black people are oblivious to their importance genetically to the entire human race.

To not know the answer to this question is the equivalent of Black on Black crime in my mind.

White men have done a tremendous head job on our people.  Literally.

The answer is right in front of us.  I’m not calling people ignorant out of animosity. But this question, in and of itself, is the foundation of humanity. Seriously. It’s paramount to our entire existence. This question is one of the most important questions that could be asked to anyone in this world.

Do Black people know who they are?

Some will have to study for this one.   It’s a deep question.

For those who have taken the time to learn Black history, it’s a no-brainer.  However, it goes even deeper than what Black people have invented.  Literally, this is a question as poignant to every single human being on this planet, as to their own existence.

Who among us is cognizant enough to answer the question?


The Dark Skin Behind The Mask…


Colorism is back.  In all its ugly forms. The shade of Black you are determines what level of acceptance you receive today.  Many thought this had died after the 60’s but that was all covered up when the late multiculturalism convinced many among us that race no longer mattered.  We all were safe now from the big, bad, white hooded, masked racists who terrorized Black people in old times.

But that was all a lie.

White people are evil creatures who inflict many mental wounds of people of color and I was thinking today of just how deep it reaches.

Malcolm X once asked: “Who taught you to hate yourself?”  He highlighted this in this timeless speech in 1962.

The only reason this matters is because many Black people are psychologically programmed to hate themselves. Mental enslavement is a disease that can only be cured by self-love. You learn to love yourself from your parents.

At the end of the day, what you think of yourself is the only thing that matters. I’m honey-complexioned and don’t feel marginalized because of my skin tone. I do have female relatives who are dark-skinned, as we all do. Yes, I’ve witnessed firsthand how colorism impacts our people.

Black people are too concerned with what white people think of them and this is where the problem lies. Why does it matter to us what they think? A white person trying to dictate beauty standards on Black people is the equivalent of a cat trying to teach a dog how to bark. Their opinion should not even matter.

The ignorance that white people project on Black people is innately them projecting their own self-hatred onto us. What they demean about us, in truth, is knowing that Black people are what they can never be: THE ORIGINAL PEOPLE OF THIS PLANET.

Our Blackness is our blessing. Their white skin is a curse. That hate that Black skin because it is a constant reminder from the creator of who was created in HIS image.

White people are at negative birthrate right now. World wide, the white population will be cut in half in less than 35 years. This has caused fear of extinction in as little as 100 years. What does that say?

Our skin is melanated gold. Our brain and body can’t function without melanin. Melanin is the chemical key to life itself. It is the major organizing molecule for living systems.

We are the only beings on this planet that have the power to create another race–other races cannot do that.

The next time any white person tries to inflict their mental sickness onto you for having dark skin, remind them that it’s because of the component of that dark skin that created ALL LIFE.

What this says is the BLACK LIFE DOES MATTER because without out it; nothing would exist.

We are the world!

A Big Butt Does Not Get You A…HUSBAND!


Thought for the day: You know, many young Black women think having a big butt is going to make a man stay. It does not. Your behind is just an appendage of your body. It does not replace a mind and a heart. Women who think like this, treat their bodies like something that is to be used and disposed. When a man chooses a wife, I assure you that your butt is not on his checklist of qualities that will make him CHOOSE you to be the ONE he wants to spend the rest of his life with. He wants a woman that is “special” and treats her own body with respect. Not like one who uses hers like an ATM machine to get what she wants. A real woman knows that having a big butt is a result of genetics and nature but her self worth is far more valuable than her behind.

This was on my mind today. White women think cosmetic surgery will make them the new US. It’s appalling; and I had to speak bluntly to young sisters as well. We’ve got to advance our consciousness beyond physicality.

When Vanity passed away (Denise Matthews) I remembered how the young guys used to drool over her. They’d go crazy whenever they saw her. But Vanity was a very sick person. She also was not a woman that young guys could see who would become destroyed by drug addiction. She found Christ after almost dying from drug binge over 21 years ago. When a guy only looks at the surface, he doesn’t have a clue that this woman is going to change before his eyes over time. And if he wasn’t paying close attention to what was inside of her, that monster within her will consume him.

Again, in reference to Denise (Vanity); Prince spoke about the duality of the true person, Denise, and then the alter ego: Vanity. The latter was very much aware of her natural beauty. She knew she could get any man that she wanted–and reminded him of that. She was wild, vain, and selfish. They were going to get married but split up before Purple Rain came out. She was supposed to be the lead. I wonder what made him change his mind about marrying her. She was his female twin. Perhaps it was the split within her soul that almost killed her at a young age, but God has mercy. The damage that was done to her body was severe: When she was taken to the hospital on that fateful day, her blood pressure was 250/90. She had a heart attack and a stroke. She lost her sight and her hearing. She lay on a hospital gurney begging God to save her life. He heard her. The person that she was, had to die in order for the new Denise to come forth. There are many Vanities in this world. And as such, many Princes who see the monster within and make a clean get-away before being consumed.

Young Black women increase the numbers of the unmarried, unloved, and single mother rolls.  Why aren’t they marrying the men that get them pregnant? And what does this say about how Black children are being raised in the home?. Such low self-worth comes from a generational mentality.  Something was passed down subliminally to the child.  And our communities crumble from broken homes.

Yet, young Black women think having a big butt will change it all…but it does not.

A young Black man who worked at my local Wal-Mart, told me of a young woman that he observed, whom he said was extremely attractive, being approached by another guy.   He asked her out. The young man told me that she told the guy that she’d go out with him only if he’d buy her some $400 dollar boots. For real.  Sad. She’d done that before. That’s why she said it. I’m sure she found a sucker to buy her something before.  This child was taught to do this.  Someone set the example that it was ok.

My mother would have killed me if she even thought I was carrying myself like this.

Is this what our young women have come to?

(And the violins begin to play….)

Using an analogy, When it comes to men who take advantage of young women with this mindset. As many know when going to any restaurant or cookout: When you’re full…you burp, then get up and leave. That’s pretty much how it is.\

It’s time to WAKE UP, ladies. You represent all of US.  The Black woman was the first female God made.  You are the standard of femininity.  LOVE YOURSELF.

Don’t treat your body like a garbage dump.

My Black Is Just Too Strong!


Strong minded Black people scare those who live in glass houses. Our thoughts are like nuclear bombs to the ignorant and kryptonite to those who are afraid of the truth. We are the gatekeepers of consciousness and unapologetically BLACK. This Black woman seeks the bold, fearless, and conscious, who are tired of tolerating people who like walking the fence. This is not for thin-skinned folks. It’s for those who know that BLACK LIVES MATTER.

Like many here, I’m just tired of wishy-washy KNEE-grows who aren’t fighting for us. They’re making negotiations against us in order to receive favor from our enemy–at our expense. It’s time to disrupt this agenda. What do you say?

When I was much younger, someone just put it very simple to me: “Whenever you get too close to toxic waste; you will get contaminated.”  This is very true.  It’s the same as birds of a feather…just more profound.

We get exactly what we settle for.  And just what have Black people settled for?  Well, for starters, welfare.  It was designed initially to help families get through the Great Depression but by the 70’s, it became a tool of mass destruction on the Black community when white female social workers (feminists) convinced many Black women who were struggling financially, to get on the roll as a means to bring in extra income.  But as with any type of help from whites, there are strings attached: You could only qualify if there was NO MAN in the house.  And thus, the war began between Black men and women. When fathers left, our communities began to cripple. Then young Black males started bringing in drugs.  Then the killing started.  And now, we have a community at odds with itself and still suffering from an identity crisis.

Who are are leaders?  Really?  Is this a valid question today?

I am hard press to think of any figures that are pundits on major news stations who actually have their ear to the grapevine of the community and actually communicate boldly to the white media just exactly what Black people are even talking about.

Black people have got to stop expecting white people to wake up to racism.  They are not ever going to admit to being guilty of using it to oppress us and frankly, could care less if we know that many are.

As such, the so called, Black leaders of this era are living in a hazy dream world expecting that one day we will all wake up and white folks will apologize for their evil and crimes against humanity, finally seeing the light; and thus, making us their official besties for life.


Who believes that?  Wake the hell up!

James Brown said it best: “I don’t want nobody to give me nothin’.  Just open up the door and I’ll get it myself.”


And this is the mentality that Black America must have.  It’s time to stop being beggars and become bold innovators (as our ancestors) and become the STANDARD of civilization as our ancestors once were. We are the descendants of great leaders, thinkers, visionaries, kings, queens, artists, athletes, and forward progressionists who challenged novel conventions and did what others couldn’t even dream.

I’m not waiting for White America to change.  My hope is to see Black people stop being predictable in our reactions.  Stealth in our pursuits.  And more strategic in how we respond in this society.

I BELIEVE that we are the greatest people on earth.  It’s time we start acting like it.

I know who Black people are.  We are the only race of people who have been through slavery, abuse, oppression, hatred, and death, but still yet, we are the only race that sang Amazing Grace.  We never blamed God.  Satan had a plan for our people but we refuse to give him victory over us.

God has brought judgement on our enemy already.  His population is dying out.

Being Black is not the problem.  Believing being white solves them is the real problem!


Barack Obama: He Was Not The Dream!

This morning when I signed onto facebook.  Two friends of mine commented on a post I created a few days ago in my group Pandora’s Box regarding Barack Obama’s indifference toward the Black community.  Per usual, they were cheering.  One of them had the nerve to tell me that I am entitled to my opinion (You damn right!) but that she concurred with the other one.  Got an attitude about what I said–tried to talk down to me.  Handled that real quick and unfriended her ass.  You don’t belittle the host of any group and expect not to get checked. I bluntly told them both what I thought…and here is what I said:

The view I have on Barack Obama is because I feel that many Black people hook on to negative cliche’s and then accept them subconsciously. I also have information about Obama that many BP aren’t privy to. He’s not who you think he is–and as I said, I’m not a fan and I’m looking at him objectively.

First and foremost, if you look at his record, he’s done absolutely nothing for the Black community. Who was impacted the most economically during his tenure as POTUS? The middle class has almost disappeared. Who lost the most jobs? Who lost the most homes? Who’s dying in the streets right now. And what did we get for our votes? The chasm between rich and power is growing wider and wider. Who’s being affected more?

You can keep taking on this attitude of “deference” when people criticize Obama. I won’t back down from my stance. You like the polish. You like the jazz. You like the GQ facade but underneath that is a man who obviously is not hearing or caring about Black people, our issues and uses the default of: “I’m not just the President of Black America.” Oh, who implied that? Not us. I certainly didn’t expect him to morph into a modern day Malcolm X. But we sure as hell have a right to demand our piece of this pie.

Such behavior is called risk aversion.

We contribute to this country like every other group. And quite frankly, this man has some explaining to do. I’ll even go further: Barack Obama doesn’t care about Black people. And I’ll tell him that to his face. This is not about the tired cliches about his “blackness” per se, but it has everything to do with the aspect of his leadership. He has POWER but he’s not using it. That is stupid!

After this many years in the white house, we should expect more. I voted for him and a few years ago, I introduced myself to him when I took issue with the manner in which he spoke to the Morehouse class of 2013. It appeared as though he was talking down to them instead of speaking with affirmation and encouraging as one man to other young men who will be entering various levels of power.

Like many, I grew tired of these lectures.  And I told him about it.

I’m an intelligent woman and I can tell the difference between someone talking “to” me as opposed to one “talking at” me. Obama is a coward to me because he refused to work for change within the institutionalized racist systems.

As far as I”m concerned, Obama is nothing more than just a brown front for White Supremacy. He ain’t done a damn thing. And the change I can believe in has not become a reality under this administration. The only thing that really has happened is that he gave a pass to white folks for changing enough to put him in office but as for Black America, we can kiss his black ass.

We got played.

And that is my opinion, indeed.

Was that clear enough?


Beyonce’s Lemonade Is Too Bitter For Some….


Take a listen:

This morning, God woke me up, I gave thanks, then started out my day.

Honestly, I was still thinking about Prince.  Why?  Just couldn’t grasp it.  I have a lot of questions too: why didn’t he leave a will?  Did he leave a will?  Who’s gonna get his money?  What will happen to his music?  Why did he die all alone in an elevator?  So many questions that no one can answer but God.

And I prayed again…thinking about my mother, who’s been battling many things in the last several years, but has been blessed to see her 77th birthday this past April 19, 2016.

Got a lot on my mind…yet, the sun is shining and I’m gonna get to the next item in my thoughts.

Piers Morgan, the annoying British white man gave his opinion of Beyonce’s new album and pissed quite a few people off:

Well, it didn’t take long for response from US:

Piers is entitled to his opinion but again, we have yet another white MAN who just doesn’t get it.  So allow me to expound on why Beyonce made that album…

A couple of months ago, Beyonce surprised everyone with her Formation video.  Released just before she was to perform at the Superbowl, the video sparked tremendous reactions and clap-backs as to what she meant.  Hailed as a masterpiece, critics were intrigued but there were a few who got upset about Beyonce’s Black Power message and celebration of her Black roots. And Beyonce responded to those people beautifully….

download (11)

I have to admit, I have not been kind to Ms. Beyonce over the years.  I’ve said it on this very blog that I felt she was shallow, empty, and was void of personality or passion.

Perhaps Bey has been paying attention to what people have been saying all of these years and after giving birth to her daughter, Blue Ivy, life changed for her: she’s a wife and mother now.  Whose been through some things and who actually is watching everything that other Black people are watching and she’s got something to say about it.

Again, Beyonce surprised us all and dropped the video, Lemonade, causing quite the stir. In it she discusses infidelity, hinting at her husband, Jay-Z’s affair with an unnamed woman.  This line from Lemonade, “Becky with the good hair…” got people buzzing.   Some thought it was Rachel Roy now, it appears now, it is Rita Ora.  Remember the fight in the elevator?  Is this what made Solange go off on Hova?

The album, Lemonade dropped a few days ago and is already number one.  In my honest opinion, it is a reflection of a new Beyonce. She’s awakened.

Every waking moment of my life, I can remember a song. If I hear certain tunes, memories are invoked. I feel that Beyonce is a mature woman now. Her mind is different. Lemonade is a just a reflection of that growth. She made it very clear that this song is for Black woman. Beyonce has now become a woman. And she’s singing these songs FOR YOU.

That’s my take.