Cut The Check!!!

ūüõĎ First of all. Do not call me a POC. I am a Negro! Black and Proud–365! I don’t know the meaning of self hatred or low self esteem. Every person that I know from my culture, were raised to be somebody. A standard was set. We did not live to fail.

On this course of thought. I was motivated by the link below, which was spoken by a young woman, who basically, summarized the talking points of most Black folks in under 3 minutes.

America was built by kidnapped African slaves. 465 years of free labor created empires for generations of white folks that they now take credit for; as if their ancestors toiled for centuries.

Such arrogance is what angers my people. We demand this debt paid in full to us! No more talk!


Taking A Break…

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To all of my followers.¬† I apologize for the length of time that I’ve communicated with you but I have been very busy of late; and just haven’t been able to blog as much as I’d like.
There is a lot of things happening in the world right now.¬† Black Panther has become the highest grossing movie of the year–smashing all kinds of records.¬† Kendrick Lamar just won a Pulitzer for his album, Damn.¬† And Beyonce now owns Coachella with her “So Black! So Fierce!” performance.
Our world is ever changing.  And I am paying attention.
Gonna take a little time off.  But when I come back.  I will have a lot to say.
Ciao for now.

The Last Lie Ever Told…


Must watch:

Part 2:

Yesterday, along with millions of people in this country, I was stunned by the Today Show having some white man on live television, revealing the above image on the left, as being the image of Nefertiti–mother of King Tutankhamen. Immediately, social media erupted.¬† The bust looked like some white woman from Maine who was used in an art class.¬† They choose Black History Month to do this?¬† Oh.¬† There is an agenda here.

White people are a pathetic race. Their redundancy is an indicator that they have come to their end. What an indictment on a race to be so mentally inferior, they have to steal the identity of another people, in order to justify their existence.

5000 years ago, when white people were wandering around in animal skins, the ancient Egyptians were building the pyramids.¬† With absolute precision–earthquake proof; and lined up precisely with magnetic north, getting the whole job done in 20 years.

What mighty people were these?

It completely debunks white supremacy.  Which is why the LIE of who the ancient Egyptians were, have been co-opted by racist white archaeologists and scholars within the last century.

But why?

I guess, when you’re at negative birthrate.¬† Are genetic recessive; and your origins are from the caves of Eurasia, I guess one could look at this as a twisted kind of self preservation through identity theft. But! The ancient Egyptians were not European!

White people are an insecure people.¬† They have an innate need to place themselves in history at its greatest periods in order to justify their proclamations of superiority.¬† But wanting to be “important” versus being relevant to facts, hints at a deep level of group sociopathy and and insanity, more so than actual clarity.

Simply put, white people were not the architects of civilization.¬† BLACK PEOPLE WERE!¬† If white people descended from Egyptians, don’t you think it would be in their DNA?

White people are natural haters.  They tried to rewrite history with lies and cover-ups.  But science is deeper than that.  And the more they dig; the BLACKER the planet gets.


There is no dispute!

Get over it!

New Year. New Me!



Hey, Everybody!

I’m back!

Sorry I’ve been off the blog for a while but I needed some “me-time.”

I’m refreshed now. And I’m looking forward to sharing more thoughts, insights and education that will help us all evolve.

So. What do I see on the horizon? Well, there will be many changes coming for our people.  I see things shifting in our favor and a new consciousness and empowerment being birthed within us.

We can’t lose sight of all of the realities that are around us. But we also must not become fearful and hopeless.

There are many spiritual forces at work and we have to be cognizant of that.

I just wanted to touch bases with you.

Keep your head up.

Stay tuned.

My Blackness….


From the waking sun to the setting of the moon.¬† I am cognizant of my existence on this plain.¬† My ancestors are alive in me and whisper in my ear.¬† “Do not ever forget.” I can’t.¬† Every time I look in my mirror.¬† I’m well aware of my blackness.¬† It’s not just a skin color; it’s the essence of knowing where time began.¬† It’s acknowledging that thought, language and innovation began with those who were born from the darkness. Sculpted by God.¬† The stars know our name.¬† Galaxy children.¬† Born to fly with the angels.¬† We are divinity in the flesh.


A song echoes through my soul.  Music is life.  It gives me joy.  And never ending hope.

I lost a really good friend last week.¬† I was sad.¬† He knew me from way back when.¬† Memories of grade school go through my mind.¬† Not many of us are blessed to have friends who knew us before we “became” who we think we are.¬† They knew us before we started living to other folk’s expectations.

That’s why I stayed away from the “special folk.”¬† You gotta sell your soul just to get through the door.¬† There’s nothing on this earth that could afford to me.¬† God’s price of my existence can’t be measured by man’s feeble definition of worth.¬† I am a King’s child.

When you vibe from the universe and your mind takes you beyond the Milky Way.¬† What else is there than can surpass the heavens? I think of the speciality that is within me.¬† Really, how do you define uniqueness wrapped in the extraordinary? I’m not from here.

And Erykah Badu sings about an orange moon, I’m wondering if it’s really blue.

What is Blackness?¬† What really is it?¬† It’s not just a skin color.¬† No.¬† It’s space.¬† It’s beyond the galaxy.¬† It’s deepness.¬† It’s mystery.¬† It’s undefinable.¬† The sun is the only thing that is close to its power.

Whatever it IS. I am it.




Who Killed Kenneka Jenkins?


On Sunday, September 10, 2017, I got up early to cook Sunday dinner, as I always do.  In the meantime, thinking about the coming Hurricane that was ensuing.  It was eerily still that morning.  But having been in a Hurricane (Matthew) earlier in the year; this was typical.

Later, I got on Facebook and checked my messages. ¬†About an hour into talking back and forth between friends, there was a story trending. ¬†Someone had placed a video from Facebook live of some girls in a hotel outside of Chicago, IL. ¬†I saw the name Kenneka Jenkins, found dead in freezer, in a newsfeed post, multi-window attached. ¬†I was intrigued and went to check out the video. ¬†Honestly, I couldn’t gather anything from it but apparently, Kenneka had went out with these friends and went to a party at the Rosemont Hotel outside of Chicago, IL. ¬†During the video, a girl with red hair extensions, later identified as Irene Roberts, was going live while in the room on Kenneka’s best friend, Monifah Sheldon’s phone. ¬†She put this on her Facebook page. ¬†Later on she deleted it. ¬†Like everyone else, I was trying to decipher what was happening. ¬†Within hours, the video went viral; and a host of internet detectives began to weigh in.

Was Kenneka set-up?

I’ll post the videos for you to analyze below.

Original video:




Guy From Hotel Tells What Happened:


Audio Breakdown of Video:


Whatever happened to Kenneka, her best friend let her down. ¬†She was just 19. ¬†The sad part of this was the fact that she thought her friends had her back. ¬†They failed her. ¬†All of the people that were in that hotel–and knew what was happening, need to be tried as adults and imprisoned.


This child deserves justice!!!




The Return of Black Gods

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Black people!!! It’s time for a new revolution. The old is passing away; and things are stagnant because no one is being creative or bold. People of African blood are CREATORS! American culture is rooted in Black progenitors of style and ingenuity. From art to fashion; academia, science, mathematics, poetry, music, dance, literature, cinema, sports, et al. We MADE our mark–and set records. Black culture has been the heartbeat of this country. Its rhythm, the pulse that gives it life. I don’t know about any of you, but it’s time to stop living other people’s despair.

We are the Illuminated Ones.  The first people who knew and talked to God.  We must get back to our true selves.

If you have been following this Caucasoid, parasite, you are living backwards. ¬†You’re seeing a devalued view of your innate state. ¬†We are not like them and should not be mixing our genetics with them.

For those who over-stand breeding, you can change the genetic structure of a species, simply by interfering with it’s reproductive system. ¬†You don’t breed a thoroughbred with a donkey. ¬†This would completely degrade the offspring of the thoroughbred. ¬†You don’t mix dominant with recessive. ¬†But that is exactly what has happened to many Black people in this oppressive and abusive relationship with the white man.

God made us to be his crown jewel. ¬†Everything began with US. ¬†He gave us strength, knowledge, talent, spirituality, and wisdom. Our consciousness operates at a high frequency, allowing for us to communicate with Him. ¬†But many of you lost contact with the Creator–and that’s why your lives have been disconnected.

The white man has plotted to kill you. ¬†And everything that you’ve been through was designed to destroy the God-MAN inside of–YOU; and cut off your relationship with our Father in Heaven. ¬†He is the power source; and it’s time to allow him back into your life if you want to BE the Men you were designed to be.

The greatest revolution that could change everything…Is to have the audacity to force society to stop living a false narrative that had been scripted for us to lose!

We already won! Start living and acting like it!

I’m gonna feel good regardless.

How To End Racism…

As a man thinketh; so is he.  Proverbs 23:7

How to End Racism?

White Supremacy can only exist through Black Inferiority. Raise your Consciousness not your fists!

I don’t care anything about racism. I WANT POWER! It would be a mistake for anyone to think their affection equals that.¬†What am I saying? ¬†My thirst for power won’t end.¬†Power is attained only through steady focus and successful maneuvering. Arrogance is the enemy of those in power. ¬†White people are beyond it.

Many Black people are too forgiving and too spiritual to over-stand what I’m saying. You have to crush an enemy. I’m not praying for anyone who is threatening my life. Our speech is always in a mentoring tone in response to their hatred. That is not¬†intelligent at all. Would you try to motivate a psychopath? That would imply that a psychopath has a conscience. They do not. Thus, how do you stop one? We are where we are because of our inability to understand the nature of our enemy. They can’t be redeemed and thus, deserve no empathy, prayer or forgiveness. This is a matter of life or death. Period. When we shift our thinking; there won’t be anymore use for marching or begging for we will do what must be done without apology.

80% of warfare is mental. Wars are won before they’re fought.

When I thought of posting this, I thought of my innate perceptions toward WP. Honestly, I don’t have anything to do with them except at work or through indirect social interactions. I have no desire for their company otherwise. I don’t¬†fear them and I’m not passive when I encounter them. With that being said, I am not impressed with them very much in general. Many Black people have the opposite perceptions; and I think this is why they have been in power for so long. When you have been raised to know your history, cultural heritage; and have been raised among very strong people that look like you; your view of the world is very different.

I have been telling people that for ages. The way the media and movies displays us and makes people feel. When they see us they see gang bangers and hoes, when they see them they see wealth, power, good, trust worthy, etc… They portray us as evil and no good in every situation they can. They have created false stereotypes … We also still suffer from after effects of slavery .

Exactly! And this is where the battle is. The late Dr. Amos Wilson stated in one of his lectures decades ago that when those first Africans encountered WP; they were stripped of their identity of themselves. Through mental enslavement–which is truly witchcraft; they were robbed of the knowledge of their own culture and heritage and given false doctrines. These incantations were ritualized visually as well as through speech. In effect, being Pagan by nature, WP were using demonic influences of domination and oppression to kill the consciousness of the Africans in order to have complete control of them mentally, spiritually, as well as physically. ¬†Day by day, those poor souls were taught to hate and loathe themselves. ¬†Not even over-standing how important they were to creation. ¬†And being made to feel worthless by a genetic recessive parasite nonetheless.

Thus, the counter must be for us to reclaim our full identity and not concern ourselves with the reaction of our Oppressor.

The time has come for Black people to free themselves from the mental enslavement that still holds many captive today.  We must EXPOSE OUR ENEMY!  Have NO MERCY!  And know the absolute TRUTH of who were are as a people; and reclaim our narrative.

We can’t control how someone thinks but we have absolute control on what we react to.