Everyone…Have a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving!


Got my cooking done last night–I started on Sunday.

Family and community is what this holiday is about and I have fond memories of the love that was always shared over a plate of good food.

I am so grateful to God for all of his blessings in my life.

To everyone: May you have a wonderful Thanksgiving; and don’t forget to share a plate with those that are not with their family or those who are in need.

What you do for others, always comes back.

To you and yours, very truly, I say…

HAPPY THANKSGIVING from The Mind of Truthangel!



When Black People Stop Accepting Lies…


For several years now, I’ve centered myself around new areas of knowledge that not just speak to the Black Experience but to our consciousness and elevation as a people, reporting education that is relevant to our existence, not just our status.

Everything that has been happening to us is to get our attention and motivate Black people to push-start the new revolution that is about to happen to this entire world. Things are about to change; and our enemy is scared. They are trying to manipulate events to dis-stabilize their end–but it’s already set.  It’s written in the stars and Holy men know that God is about to correct some things on this planet–where you stand on the side of his mercy, matters absolutely.  For he will repay all according to their works.

We have been violated on so many levels by our enemy and I just don’t understand why so many of my people just don’t get it.

Do people even understand what the colors mean of the Black Nationalist flag?


My blog is somewhat of an open diary of sorts of what I think on every social issue that impacts my community.  I don’t apologize for speaking the truth about what is on my mind nor how I dissect, examine, and diagnose those things in my environment that affect me and my community.  Simply put: I LOVE MYSELF and I LOVE BLACK PEOPLE.  We are so awesome and there is almost a child-like impetus to let the entire world know that–without explanation.

As I’ve told many of you before, I’m humbled and honored that so many HEAR what I’m saying.  To those who don’t know what I’m talking about and scream offense: they are probably guilty as hell of the very things I speak of.

Frankly, I just don’t give a damn; and will not waste my time becoming an apologist for our enemy.

We know what time it is, Black people.

It’s time to OPEN OUR EYES and SEE what many of us have tried to run from.

Please listen to this important message from Dr. Umar Johnson.  It speaks volumes of what is really going on:

The Black Queen! Respect Her or Else!


When you look into the eyes of most Black women, the power that is in those eyes is real.  So powerful, some can be brought to fear  and tears when gazing into them.  That power comes from the inner knowledge of being the earth’s first mothers and queens.  From the womb of a Black woman, ALL HUMAN LIFE evolved.

Black women have been indicted for their strength.  We are the only females on the globe that outperform and are more educated than our male counterparts.  However, the difference in Black women is that we do not use this to emasculate Black men.  It is necessary for us to be high achievers because it makes absolute economic sense to do so.  But the “strong” preface is what really gets to many and their seems to have been a campaign of sorts, meant to indict and weaken, this formidable representative of female power. We have to face sexism, racism, and heterosexism.  We have to handle business when there is no man around; Hell! Bills still gotta get paid.  Black women have a very strong work ethic–we have highest workforce participation but often, many have to work 2 jobs.  Oh, well, we gotta eat.

The Black woman is not a whiner; she moves with the wind, handling each issue and problem with divine energy; and commands respect because of her ability to master any and all tasks with the mentality and attitude: “the job must be done“–with excellence of course…no excuses.

We get this strength from our fore-bearers.  Most of us have strong mothers and grandmothers who set the examples for us.  The were not spoiled and pampered.  Many had to work right alongside their husbands, farming, while often having to work other jobs to make ends meet, as well as raising their own children.

My mother and grandmothers fall into this category.  However, I was raised to believe I can do anything.  Never once did anyone ever say to me that I couldn’t achieve something because I was Black or a woman.  Just the opposite.  My late godmother wouldn’t even allow the word “can’t” to be spoken around her.

Most Black women don’t really have an option to not be strong; it comes with our territory.  Our men and boys face daily assaults and threats on their lives.  Our enemy–the white male and his female counterpart, bask in their tactics to keep us at war with each other so that it weakens the Black family.  We have to stay mentally acute, aware, and prepared for engagement, if necessary, to defend our communities and people. This is a reality we live every single day.  There is no one to fight for us, unlike our white female counterpart, and this is the catalyst of THE STRONG BLACK WOMAN!

This is what many white women find out when they make the mistake of testing a female that is far superior to them in just about every single area. I am not saying this from vanity, but affirmation. It is what it is.

But let us examine where this power in Black women came from.

History has been controlled by the European male for over 500 years, and if one did not have the benefit of libraries, encyclopedias, and well-learned Black Scholars over time, we’d never know the names of Black queens who not only ruled with absolute authority, many fought right alongside the men against the enemies of Africa.  Some of their names are known, others are not, but what is most definable is that the strength of Black women has a definite origin and legitimacy.

I will not entertain any thoughts that inhibit me from being the woman God envisioned the day he made me.

And this is what Black women must embrace as well; for we were designed with purpose.



Listening to Earth, Wind and Fire on a Sunday Afternoon…


I woke up this morning feeling blessed.  I said a prayer of thanks to the Most High; and then went into the kitchen to start cooking my Sunday dinner.  Yeah.  I cook early.  Sunday dinner is holy to my family and it’s never neglected.  Anyway…I had to leave out to run errands around 9:45 a.m. and I was greeted by a beautiful sun.  At a little before noon, I got on the computer and checked in to all of my social media hang out spots.  While I do this, typically, I love to listen to my music on Spotify.   Today, Earth Wind & Fire is my choice–and it is taking me back, back, back, to a time when music mattered.

The music really had me reminiscing about memories revisited.  Going all the way back in time to when I remember everything that would make me the person I have become today.  One of my favorite memories is this one: while visiting a neighbor/friend, Adrianne one afternoon, two of her older sisters had went to an Earth Wind & Fire concert and both just couldn’t hush up about and raved about how great they were. They were so excited.  We both looked at them as if they were crazy–we were just little kids.  Her sister, Gloria, pulled out album–and I saw this staring back at me:


8 dudes who looked way to old for a 5 year old to care anything about…but it had my attention.  This was the cover to Earth Wind & Fire’s, Open Our Eyes album.  Gloria couldn’t wait to play it.  She hopped around, doing dance steps as she bopped her way to the record player.  She put in the album. I grabbed the album cover and studied the faces a bit more…as Adrianne and I waited for the music to play.  I liked the guy on the far left; he was kind of cute I thought.  Adrianne didn’t say anything.  Well, the music played.  And from the first track (MIghty Mighty) of that album, I was hooked.  I really don’t know what happened, but the music grabbed me.  Devotion just took me away–to a place far away…where nothing else mattered but the feeling of the moment you had been captured in.  Every year of my life, I can literally remember an EWF song.  The hits just kept coming.

And just who was this band?  Where did they come from? No one looked liked them or sounded like them.  They were, precisely, Philip Bailey (vocals, percussion; born May 8, 1951); Larry Dunn (keyboards; born June 19, 1953); Johnny Graham (guitar; born August 3, 1951); Ralph Johnson (drums; born July 4, 1951); Al McKay (guitar, percussion; born February 2, 1948); Fred White (drums; born January 13, 1955); Maurice White (vocals, kalimba, drums; born December 19, 1941); Verdine White (bass; born July 25, 1951); Andrew Woolfolk (sax, flute; born October 11, 1950).  Brought together by the creator to illuminate the cosmos with music obviously sent to them from some far way galaxy with the intent to uplift the spirits and minds of the masses.

“Earth, Wind and Fire drew from various streams of black music, synthesizing soul, funk, R&B, pop, gospel and African styles into a polished, precision-tooled approach. During the latter half of the Seventies, the band issued a string of albums that changed the face of black popular music, linking thrilling music with uplifting messages of racial pride, African consciousness and spiritual unity. A large and visually resplendent ensemble, its members often wore colorful African robes. The group was known for employing magic tricks (often directed by the late Doug Henning) in their elaborate late-Seventies stage shows. Even so, the anthemic power of “Shining Star,” “Serpentine Fire,” “Getaway” and numerous other crossover hits proved that Earth, Wind and Fire’s music could stand on its own.

The group was founded by Memphis-born Maurice White. His father was a doctor, and his grandfather was a New Orleans honky-tonk piano player. White studied at the Chicago Conservatory, then became a session drummer with Chess Record from 1963 to 1967. He recorded with Muddy Waters, the Impressions and Fontella Bass, among others. After leaving Chess, he played with the Ramsey Lewis Trio, from 1967 to 1969. He then formed a band called the Salty Peppers with Wade Flemons and Don Whitehead. They signed with Capitol Records and released two singles: “La La Time” and “Uh Huh Yeah.”

“White then moved to Los Angeles and invited his brother Verdine, who played bass, to join him in L.A. In 1971, they formed Earth, Wind and Fire. The name was derived from Maurice White’s astrological sign, Sagittarius, which does not have any water signs. The group’s original lineup included Maurice on vocals, African kalimba and drums; Verdine on bass; Whitehead on keyboards; Flemons on electric piano; Michael Beale on guitar; Phillard Williams on percussion; Sherry Scott on vocals, and Chester Washington and Leslie Drayton on horns. The band signed with Warner Bros. Records and released its first album, Earth, Wind and Fire, in February 1971. That November, the band released another album, The Need of Love.


“After that second album, Maurice White reconstituted the band, retaining only Verdine from the original lineup. The group also left Warner Bros. and signed with Columbia Records. Earth, Wind and Fire’s second Columbia album, Head to the Sky, came out in 1973. It reached Number 15 the following year, and included two hit singles, “Evil” and “Keep Your Head to the Sky.” Then, in 1975, the group released what would become its breakthrough album, That’s the Way of the World, which yielded “Shining Star,” a Grammy Award-winning Number One hit on both the pop and R&B charts. Earth, Wind and Fire’s conquest of the Seventies continued with an unbroken run of multiplatinum albums: Gratitude (1975), Spirit (1976),All ‘n All (1977), The Best of Earth, Wind & Fire, Vol. 1 (1978) and I Am (1979).

Over the years, Earth, Wind and Fire has won numerous awards and honors. The band has been nominated for 17 Grammys and has won six; it has been nominated for 12 American Music Awards and has won four. In 2002, the group won the BET Lifetime Achievement Award, and the following year, the band was inducted into the Vocal Group Hall of Fame. In 2011, Earth, Wind and Fire received the Legend Award at the Soul Train awards show, and Maurice White and Philip Bailey have received honorary doctorates from the Berkley College of Music.”

Today, Earth Wind and Fire have changed faces but the original band definitely made a mark on myself, and Black music forever.

Now, take some time to listen to what I already know…

Reference: https://rockhall.com/inductees/earth-wind-fire/bio/

Black People Need to GET ANGRY!!!


Our children are getting killed or violated by white cops, and you have people trying to keep us all calm.  For what?  If you messed with a bear cub, do you think its mother will be cuddly toward you.

Hell no!

Stop being polite to the enemy!

Get radical.  Get mad.  Go postal, if necessary. But damnit!  Stop responding like scared little chickens, and show our enemy with absolute force that: WE WILL KILL THEM!  By any means necessary.  If they continue in their actions.

Today, it just seems that Black people have lost their backbone.  And this is why white folks keep messing with our communities.

Let’s go back to the late sixties, and early seventies, we didn’t play. “TELL IT LIKE IT IS!!!” That was the cultural norm back then.  And we let go.

In the community I grew up in back home in Chicago, no white person dared insult anyone. Why? Because they were not given the license to do that by the Black people in the community through quiet or subliminal acquiescence.  They were proud people.  Intelligent, articulate and wise.  My neighborhood was self-reliant and focused on empowerment for all. When you visited my neighborhood, you saw very attractive Black people who kept their homes and yards immaculate. The children were well cared for, smart, and weren’t used to being called Nigger or being chased home by white kids. Hell no!  It wasn’t tolerated.  The Black women in my community were considered the most beautiful in the county.  Yes!  Black beauty was a norm there.  Black power was the example, not just a slogan.  Many of the residents were not only employed at good corporations, there were plumbers, electricians, military veterans and active members, policemen, fireman,building contractors, very active in the school system, entrepreneurial, and family oriented. The Black men that lived there were strong fathers, who raised strong sons.  There was no breakdown of family; most of the children that lived in North Chicago, IL came from 2 parent homes.  And white folks who made the mistake of disrespecting anyone in our community, found out quick that we were not going to play around with them.  We were Zulu in our mindset.  Militarized, organized, and unapologetically African.

One of the reasons why white people have been taking pot-shots at our community and people is because of COWARDICE that is perceived.  Europeans are innate bullies.  But what I learned as a child was that when you get in their face–and I do mean, nose to nose; show them that African warrior inside who is ready to go to war with them; they will back down. Intrinsically, they are scared of Black people.  They are weak and powerless against us physically, thus, when you do what our elders don’t want us to do, ACT LIKE MEN and FIGHT for what you love; ignorant white people who are prone to racist behavior benefit from our inaction.

Stop being afraid to get angry!

Righteous indignation is not a crime.  It means you’re intelligent.

Black power is unapologetic!

Is Lee Daniels Helping or Aiding Black Gendercide in the Black Community?


When Empire first aired, creator, Lee Daniels, stated openly in an interview, that he wanted to blow the lid off the issue of Black homophobia in the Black community.

I read the article and I juxtaposed this with the lectures I had been listening to from Dr. Umar Johnson, Dr. Phil Valentine, and other conscious teachers, about how their has been an attack on Black manhood these days by the white power structure.

So, I had to ask: How is Lee Daniels helping or possibly aiding and abetting this?

I’m nowhere close to being naive about sexuality and relationship issues in the Black community: the DL issue is not that far long gone but really…what side is Lee Daniels on?  Yes.  He’s a man.  Yes.  He’s Black.  However, he is an over homosexual who seems to think that the only think that matter to Black people are who’s sticking his dick in another man’s ass.

Gender doesn’t matter to him. Nor does anatomy. It took a man and a woman to create him.  Yet, he acts like this is an optional reality.

Black people have a lot of issues currently that are far more important: the economy.  Jobs.  Education. Debt. Unemployment.  Politics. And most important>>>SURVIVAL!  Yes.  Just staying alive.

Lee Daniels believes that homophobia in the Black community is the culprit for DL men and men who hide their homosexuality.

I don’t think he sees the big picture:

The term, “gendercide” actually refers to the systematic assault and murder against victims due to their gender identity. And this is the reality of life after feminism.  So, how does feminism play into gendercide?  Basically, crazy white women, particularly, lesbian white women, began to promote misandry as a response to their anger and rage at white males.  Yes. The hatred of males became the backbone of the feminist movement.  And white women began to promote this message by employing Black women.  Why us?  Because we had always been the backbone of social and civil rights in our community.  Some naive sisters really bought into feminism; and I’ve spoken about it on this blog, however, the joke was on us.  These crazy white women convinced some Black women they didn’t need Black men anymore–they chose welfare and kicked their man out of the house to collect a check.  Next>>>they decided they didn’t need to get married any longer, but still have children.  Some of those children were Black male children.  What male standard was there for them to follow? There was no one but mama and other single women.  Thus, the effemanization of young Black males began.   As long as that welfare check came, who needed a daddy or husband. Well, a generation later, those unwed mothers are now grandmothers to grandchildren who have no family values, no fathers, no security, and NO JOBS.

How can those with daughters, expect a son-in-law, when this is what is becoming of Black manhood?


You got played, sisters.

These crazy white bitches used you to further their agenda and all you got was a community empty of strong Black men.

And this in and of itself, works in tandem with White Supremacy.  How, because it weakens the greatest threat of a white male patriarchy, BLACK MEN!!!

What happened to the white feminists? Many are grandmothers–they never left their husbands. They are securely retired, living in paid off mansions, and going to college graduations and tea parties, laughing about how crazy they were when they were young.

This is not about what  I think; it’s a collective message and perception that is being packaged, priced, and sold,but to what consumer? What is Black culture? Answer me that. What are the foundations and basic beliefs of our people?

Black church, Black pride, family structure and strength has always been part of our roots and that won’t change. If something is being packaged and sold doesn’t mean that a real consumer will buy into it. “Buyer Beware

Lee Daniels needs to get served!

For Whom Does The Bell Toll? For Them or US?


My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge. “Because you have rejected knowledge, I also reject you as my priests; because you have ignored the law of your God, I also will ignore your children.  Hosea 4:6

You know, each and every single day, as I watch the news, it becomes like a box of chocolates: you just never know what you’re gonna get.

White racism has made it’s return, or should I say…it’s been swept from under the carpet in full view of the world.

Black men all over America have become the targets of stone-racist white cops, and being tried in a system of white jurors, high on white privilege and Adrenalin, as they are given legal nooses to hang some Niggers by proxy; carrying out subliminal lynchings, just so “they don’t have to fear for their lives“, as they smile while handing the judge that white piece of paper with a GUILTY verdict written in red.

This the reality in light of having a Black president.

An irony or oxymoron?

You know, I swear…every time I look at the next situation that causes our community to react, I think of the many conversations about race that I initiated on my old Alma-mater, Blackvoices over 15 years ago. Back then, people didn’t want to discuss racism. It was all about the bling-bling, celebrity news, superficial nonsense, Black intellect had died–ignorance was on fire in many of those forums. Nobody wanted to discuss the hatred that was still being inflicted on Black people socially, on the job, and subliminally. Remember Multiculturalism?  It was being marketed all over the place. Everybody started calling themselves, “mixed or biracial.” Interracial marriage became the new Black. The census allowed this in 2000 for the first time in its history but no one asked why. The Big why was that in 1996, the white population reached Negative birthrate. In the year 2000, Hispanics became the largest minority, surpassing Black people.   And the white media played this up. Why? No one saw the sinister intent behind all of this: To create division in the Black community by creating the illusion of inclusion and making Negroes believe that racism didn’t happen anymore.  This covered the true reality of a declining white population; and infusing the original people of this earth to participate in the boosting their numbers, albeit, theoretically.  We were now all the same.

It almost worked.

The art of war is deception; and our enemy has mastered Military Science.

There were so many issues that many tried to infuse into the daily discussions on the new racism but everyone was asleep.  Those like myself, who never slept on the Oppressor, were called The Soul Patrol.

It was well known that whites were planted on those websites–even paid to disrupt conversation of serious topics. Many would actually report certain people on those websites for their comments, causing many to be censored or banned.

Anytime a white person tries to befriend a Black person; it’s not because they like you, they are trying to uncover your thoughts and actions and have a proper counter.

Many Black people got their degrees, nice cars, SUV’s, stock options, and told the Black community and Black issues to kiss their black ass.  They took pride in being middle-class; uppity and proud, turning their nose up at their people–and having the nerve to crack ghetto jokes.  Then, in 2008, the economic structure was threatened, those same Negroes got laid off; and as karma would have it, those ghetto Negroes honked at you while you were standing in the unemployment line.

Frankly, some Black people allowed themselves to get played.

People in high places care about what Black people think. The prevailing fear is that we can destroy everything built by White Supremacy if we actually start  and organizing. Since the days of Cointelpro, our government is on high alert of this happening.

And then, Trayvon Martin got killed–and everyone finally woke up!

Many deaths later, the intensity has built up and everyone now wants to march and protest this and that. The signs were there but you chose to ignore the warnings.

My question to you today, all of these years later: Why didn’t you heed the warnings of the messengers before all of this happened?