Gendercide: The Persecuted Penis Dr. Phil Valentine….

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Greetings, Brothers.

For several months, I’ve been learning from the mind of the great Dr. Phil Valentine, Metaphysicist.  He is very deep and  his lectures, I can only say, take your thought process above and beyond the stratosphere of intellectualism.  The man makes you really THINK about what you assume you know.

This lecture pertains to men.

What does the term gendercide mean?  Well, if some of you have noticed the agenda of the LGBT community, one would think that men have stopped procreating for the sake of love-making with other males.

Phil is talking about this, as well as many things, to help us all understand the socio-political, cultural, and spiritual meaning of this anti-male society and how men should respond.

So, without further ado, I present this lecture: The Persecuted Penis (Parts 1-15)

Part 8

Part 9

Part 10

Part 11

Part 12

Part 13

Part 14

Part 15

*There are 6 more videos (select on Youtube video roll) if you’d like to continue through the lecture…*

I Don’t Care If Whitey Gets Mad!

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Come on…we all know the Bob’s, Paula’s, Eilleen’s, Tim’s, And Dan’s; white people with a purpose to make everyone think they are not racist.  They talk to you “about nothing” at the water cooler, in the break-room; they’ll share their homemade this or that, and even want to talk to you about whatever chit-chat is on their mind.  Oh, no…they’ve never…nor would they ever…use the N-word–at least not in your presence, but what if they hear other white people say it?  Do you think they “raise awareness” of the cosmic insult of it on Black people?  Basically, are they white when it’s right, and only down when there’s a lot of brown around?

Baby, let’s get down to brass tacks, shall we.  I am a blunt bitch!  I say it like I mean it…and I mean what I say.

I come in contact with these kind of white people every single day.  I moved to Georgia in 2004 and let me tell you, it’s just been comical how these southern craKKKas try so damn hard to repent through cultural appropriation and the most extreme: the number of southern belle’s who now have beige and tan children calling them mama.  These broads spread their legs like jam and walk around like they are holding a prize stallion or something.  And just to think, when I was a teenager, I can recall all the white girls talking among themselves about having blond babies with blue eyes.  But those were the days…. (channeling Edith Bunker).  These women have no idea what is happening to them.  White men have betrayed them again and are killing themselves or becoming gay.  What are white women to do?  So now, they have been straying over to the hood to conquer Black men; thinking that if they can’t be worshiped by white men, then they’ll give up the punanny to weak-minded Niggers and make them believe they are now accepted by White America.

What a farce.

These bitches are now becoming the fastest growing segment of single mothers and what a drop down for the former belles when they have to pull out that EBT card to pay for their groceries.  Yes, bitches!  You ain’t special no mo’!  Just go to any club; they chase Black men down like they have $100 bills glued on them.  And expose the real truth: Black men don’t have to rape white women–they want to get smashed!


Black women are getting degrees and are laughing all the way to the bank as so many white chicks have been reduced to selling food stamps.

Retribution is a motherfucker!

White people are scared and angry that they are losing the survival game.  All of the things they’ve done to people of color are coming back on them; karma is a beeeeyyyaatch!

Don’t care if you get mad, whitey.  It’s about time you get what you deserve!  Nature is paying you back for how you’ve treated other living beings.

We’re laughing at you.  You’re supposed to laugh at clowns.

Take a bow, craKKKas.  Take a muthafuckin’ bow!

My QUEEN SPIRIT Is Now Awakened!

At times during the day, I have visions of monarchy, of myself, standing boldly, with supreme authority, as I render justice on those who have violated my kingdom.  I show no mercy.  There will be no reprieve.

My people have been abused and violated by a mongrel, genetic mutant, that has somehow, cleverly managed to seduce the world into believing that one, it is human, and two, that it is even more superior than our Creator, God.  This beast dwelled in caves and descended from the Neanderthal man.  He is not Homo-Sapiens, as my people are descended from.  He violates my spirit, and I now must destroy this beast before he does anymore damage to us or the earth.

They dare speak to me.  I never asked for their opinion.  So devious in nature they are, they create reality, imitate what they haven’t constructed or imagined, then have the audacity to claim it as their own invention?

I’m enraged!  My anger and judgement has been stimulated.  I have not pity.

Every move I make is with swift precision, and deliberate intent, to trap this rat, that steals the valuable resources of my kingdom.  I want him badly.  He is not something to be pitied, but to be regarded as a pest, and unwanted thing, that needs to be exterminated.  I am the deliverer of the justice that my people have cried out to God for.  There is no escape for this rodent; it’s life is worth nothing.  I hate it.  There’s a malevolence in it that repels my favor.  I can’t tolerate its existence.  IT MUST GO!

The Laws of the Universe are on our side as a people.  Nature has now declared war on the rodent.  It can no longer be tolerated. For this creature has contravened God and his judgement is now upon it.  Oh, his wrath!  HIS TERRIBLE WRATH upon his enemies.  He mocks their calamity.  He ignores their cries.  HIS JUDGEMENT is terrible!

This beast dared to enslave my people.  He took our culture and language and contaminated the minds of geniuses with his primitive mind, and malevolence.  Its actions were of a bestial race with no true intelligence nor sign of any evidence of the God spirit within.

A separation must be enforced.  We have been unequally yoked.  I am giving the order to remove this smudge from the feet of the people.  For this thing has no business even trying to walk in our shoes.

This beast is evil and must now be destroyed.

The Queen has spoken.

I’m Out to Kill White Folks!


Does this title disturb anyone?

I really don’t care.

When people start getting on my nerves, I GO THERE!  Ya feel me? I’ve been living in the state of Georgia for over 10 years (can’t believe I stayed this long) now.  From day one, I knew that I’d have close encounters with southern white craKKKas; and I mentally prepared myself, however, I tell you, it’s one thing to read about ignorant white trash and elitist southern Oligarchy families, but it’s a whole other bag when you come in contact with them every single day.  It’s not pleasant for the casual Negro, raised in the north, and spoon fed Black Nationalism from the age of 5.  They somehow seem to think that smiling at us and saying “Good Morning” is a gesture to make themselves not appear to be racist. Bastards!  Some even have the audacity to tell you “Have a Blessed Day.”  However, just take a stroll to the nearby Wal-Mart and you’ll get a real taste of southern in-hospitality.

Oh, what to do…what to do.

Secretly, I’m already leading a race war in my mind and killing these hypocritical bastards by the thousands. I’m looting, burning down shit, and stringing up Klansman with blood-stained sheets, no Tide in sight to clean them; I dare one to even holler, as I render 400 years of rage on their asses.

Oh, Lord.  The Devastation!  I’m out for REVENGE!

I don’t like them and agree with nature; THEIR ASSES HAVE TO BE ANNIHILATED!  Oh, yes. The Law of Karma has caught up with them.  In 1994, the white population reached negative birthrate( more white people died than were born).  Meaning…by the year 2070 or sooner, for the very first time, white people will be the minority in America.

And all the people said: HALLELUJAH!  HALLELUJAH!  HA-AH-LE-LU-JAH!

Can you imagine if my words were read on CNN?  Don Lemon’s ass trying to translate African anger to white Motherfuckers who assume too much shit about things they have not tried to understand, yet, living in fear of mysterious dark phantoms they think are coming to kill them.

But is it just an illusion?

You see, Black people have culture, but white people only have fads or “lifestyles.”  They aren’t attached to anything, that’s why they’re always copying us–watching us, trying to figure out this thing that we have innately. They’re trying to turn our culture into a fad, reintroducing it, re-packaged, diluted, and totally unrecognizable, like Rap music today.

Stay away, CraKKKa! Don’t even think about getting near me.  I’m loaded and dangerous.  I’ll hurt ya.  I won’t be nice to you–I’m not in the mood.

We better get a real grip on the TRUTH, people.

We have been unconscious for too long…and it’s costing us lives.

My life nor my soul is up for sale; and you can be damn sure I’ll do a Shaka Zulu on any white Motherfucker who thinks they can enslave me without resistance.

Protect what is precious.

Our culture is too valuable to be reduced to a commodity.

And that’s just how it it is.

No apologies for this message will be forthcoming.

It is what it is.



You’re Being Used For Your MELANIN!


Earth to BLACK PEOPLE of the planet!!!

I’ve been doing a lot of studying of late. If you have been paying attention, my blog postings are not as frequent as in the past, but, when I do post, there is a deeper message being communicated.  Why?  Because, we need to have some serious inspection of a lot of things, one being, the constant pursuit of those in power to control us, and destroy who we are, including our history, culture, and identity.

Does this sound crazy?  Well, it’s not.

Many people today are a confused mess of ignorance, to be used, manipulated, and destroyed, by those people who are completely looped into the Matrix, with desires of warfare, that humanity is not even prepared to deal with.  It’s called: Mass Mental Manipulation.

One of the things that many people don’t even think about is why there are certain messages being transmitted to us daily.  You know what they are.  Just sit and watch television for more than an hour and the images that roll on that screen can range from telling you how to spend your money to how you raise your children.  Are they good messages or bad?  Do they educate you or confuse you?  How do you feel after seeing those messages?

A common theme today, if one is observant, is the promotion of interracial images that are to communicate: “There are no differences.  We are all one.”  Really?  Are we?  Let’s examine this for a moment.

The dialogue 15 years ago was Multiculturalism.  The advancement of thought of a One World Cultural Identity.  Come on…we all knew it was bullshit, but this was part of our language at that time.  I never bought it. Why?  Because, I’ve been Black too long, and you can promote a message, but who was controlling it?

White people are forever trying to come up with ways to control people of color.  From the days of Kemet to now, white people have been trying to steal our identity by means of biological and psychological warfare. Everything that you’re experiencing is being controlled and manipulated to create an illusion and deception in order to stop our advancement on this earth.

A few sentences ago, I mentioned the term, interracial.  This one is now the new form of pushing an agenda of genetic advancement. How is that?  Well, for those of you who are aware of current news, in 1994, the white population of the earth reached negative birthrate.  That literally means: more white people were dying than being born.  Before or by the year 2070, white people in America will become the minority for the first time in this country’s history. So what is causing this population deficit?  Biologically, white people are gene recessive–they can’t produce melanin, which is a significant component of reproduction.  This link fully defines the importance of melanin:

Melanin is ESSENTIAL for the efficient performance of all of the body’s natural functions. Essentially, melanin is the fountain of youth, and all life production .  Without it, one will die.  And nature has selected Caucasians for extinction because they are genetically weak.  White skin is a genetic defect.

White people have known this for a long time.  White Supremacy is all about white genetic survival.  They know they are dying as a race.  The push in the first beginnings of this country was to keep Black people separate from them for fear of “race-mixing” as they called it.  They knew that a Black man having sex with a white woman would literally be the end for all whites, so, they devised schemes and machinations of segregation, instituting laws to justify their fear of a BLACK PLANET so to speak.  It was all simply the white man acknowledging what biologist have proven: they can’t produce other races and the Black race is the parent race.  They need us to survive.  They’ve now figured this out.  This is why they tan–risking cancer, just so they can get what their bodies can’t produce: MELANIN.  But it’s aesthetic.  It’s not real–just an illusion, and as all illusions do, the tan will also fade away.

In nature, if a species is dying, it will literally mate with a stronger species in order to transfer and preserve its genes.  Thus, the push to promote interracial relationships is really the pathetic attempt of whites to preserve themselves IN US.

A sick convergence of existence if ever I’ve heard it.

Love doesn’t have a damn thing to do with it.

To borrow from the Stewart Synopsis, I’ll further: This is why we need to continue our crusade to decolonize the minds of the original genetic template (black people) to see through the nonsense propagated by white people to flatter themselves.  Total ignorance can be fought with knowledge.  A more recent tactic white people use to appease themselves is the “Implicit Association Test.”  They have devised a means to make it seem as though white people are supposed to be the most desirable people on the planet and that everyone wants to be like them and be around them.  If you can see through the nonsense, then you will know what I mean.  Would you want to be around a bunch of paranoid genetic defects with psychological problems and with intermittently inferior genes?  In a nutshell, black people, being the original genetic template are the only fully NORMAL people on the planet.  White people are albinos (recessive genetic defects) and other ethnicities are merely admixtures in between.”

No healthy minded Black person on this earth should ever feel inferior to a white person.  Black people are the Genetic Black Parent Race.

And this is the real reason white people, particularly white females, are mating with us.

Don’t believe the hype.

Time To Know Who Barack Obama Really Is…Dr. Phil Valentine Lecture (Videos)


Dr. Phil Valentine, if you’re not familiar with him, is one of the most popular and “deep thinking” lecturers out there.  He is a Meta-physicist, Mathematician, Educator, Moor Scientist, Kemetan Teacher, radio talk show host, free-thinker, lecturer.  Phew.  He’s loaded in the brain department and I feel that it is time for Black people to learn about some things are not known to the mainstream–and certainly not packaged to educate us.  In a nutshell, Dr. Phil Valentine literally has decoded White Supremacy.  He sat at the feet of the revolutionaries and nationalists in order to get the truth about the mystery about HISstory.

This particular video selection has to do with our first African American President.  Who is he?  We think we know, but do we?

So, if you have some time, these videos are long (3:34:40), but they will enlighten you:


Another Deep One!  

*****Stop Being Played (Operation Mind F$ck)*****

Run time (3:45:15)

Famous Black Celebrities Who Secretly Hate Being Black…


Link: Link:

The latest…Raven Symone endorsing racist comments by fired Univision personality, Rodner Figueroa, who said that the First lady looked like one of the characters on Planet of The Apes.  The irony?  He claims he’s biracial.  As for Miss Raven Symone, she was recently on the view defending him, shocking the View hosts, including Rosie Perez, who said that she’s Latina, but even she found it racist.  Who would dare refer to the timeless class of First Lady Michelle Obama?

michelle-obama-toast-AFP (1)



What’s been happening?

Have many people noticed the number of Black celebrities that seem to be hell bent on expressing to the world just how unhappy they are in their skins?  Lil’ Kim, Tiger Woods, Niecy Nash, Lil’ Wayne, Nicki Minaj, just to name a few.  Even being brazen enough or unfortunate enough to be caught red-handed using bleaching cream.  We’ve all used it to even out our skin or make blackheads to disappear, but to continue to use it, hints at something far darker within a person’s soul.

hqdefault (12)

It’s the price Black people and other minorities have paid from being victimized during colonialism, slavery, and Jim Crow.  And to think of how so many white people literally risk death to have what we have: MELANIN.  It really goes to show just how much ignorance is still being passed down in Black families about skin tone.

All I can say is that it’s a parent’s job to esteem their children. When you hate what stares at you in the mirror; it’s like giving the finger to God–YOUR CREATOR!

My mother always told me that I can do whatever I put my mind too. She’s always encouraged and pushed me to achieve. I’ve never once been ashamed of being born Black, and I don’t have tolerance for Black people who have self-esteem issues. When they make stupid comments to white people or the media; it reflects badly on all of us.

Some of them make me so ashamed, I’d love to have a big conference to not only “out them” to the Black community but to also show them the door–find an island somewhere to take their self-hating asses, then pray for a Tsunami.

Does that sound harsh?

Sorry, but I’m just speaking my mind…and I’m fed up with this weakness.

These days, it seems like everyone is taking pot-shots at Black people, but when Black celebrities “ditto” the ignorance of racists, they are not “for us” they are WITH THEM. And it’s time to call them out!