Formation Video: So…Did Beyonce Find Her Blackness?

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The Video:

Ladies and gentlemen.  As you have just witnessed, Beyonce Knowles–“Jigga-girl”, wife of Jay-Z, etc., etc., suddenly become BLACK before our eyes. Or has she?

A day before the Super Bowl, Beyonce released her video, Formation in which she audaciously quips, “I got hot sauce in my bag”.  This child has been a force of nature since she ceremoniously left Destiny’s Child (in which we had been prepared before the last album).  Her rise was swift and the hits just keep coming.  What is Beyonce?  Is she human?  Is she a clone of something inhuman?  Or…is the child just gifted and ambitious beyond comprehension.

This video single has caused quite the stir.  Everyone is debating it’s meaning.  The Black power themes of the video provoked hand clapping and Hootie-Hoo’s for those worried that all of those blond wigs was making that child turn into a Barbie doll mannequin void of anything that reminded us that she has African roots at all.  She really does eat corn bread and collard greens.

She twirls on her haters…and thus, is this the emergence of the new Beyonce Knowles–Carter?

For those of you who’ve read this blog from the beginning, know doggone well I have not been a fan of Ms. Knowles or her Jigga Husband.  They’re worth over a billion dollars together but what in the hell are they doing with their wealth if they’re not trying to help they’re people.  They weren’t always rich; well, Jay wasn’t.  He was a drug dealer back in the day in Brooklyn. But Ms. Beyonce grew up pretty privileged–her daddy being an executive and all. She truly lived the life of a BAP (Black American Princess) with all the accouterments of the Black Elite.  What does this child know about poverty, hunger, bad education, low expectations and such?  Really?

I studied the video intently, watching it numerous times.  I’m like that when I’m doing research.  I’m in search of a person.  You know…a being with feelings, personality, intelligence, and spirit.  That’s been in question in reference to Ms. Beyonce.  These things seem to be amiss–at least in the old Beyonce.

Has Ms. Beyonce become CONSCIOUS?

That remains to be seen.

Some people feel the video is a cheap exploitation of the Katrina disaster.  Where was she with all of this 10 years ago? Is she just capitalizing on the Black Panthers and Black Lives Matter movement or does she really care?

As a footnote: There is a scheduled protest boycott of Beyonce from white people offended by her Superbowl performance in front of the NFL headquarters on February 16, 2016; which marks the 50th anniversary of the Black Panthers.

This is what happens when you your “so called” white friends penalize you for not being silent on race/racism.

So many questions, but one has to give credit to the timing of this woman.  She made a calculated move–knowing that this would cause controversy.  But where have we seen that kind of political moxy before?  We haven’t seen anything this political and artistically brave video wise since Madonna.

Beyonce was absolutely: UNAPOLOGETICALLY BLACK!

Hhhhmmm…Me thinks Ms. Beyonce might actually have a brain after all.

Borrowing a line from the formation video/song: “You know you that bitch when you cause all this conversation.”



2016 Superbowl Performance! Did she slay?

Waiting To Exhale…All These Years Later!


Remember Waiting to Exhale.  It was a highly anticipated movie that would go on to become a social phenomenon.

Last night, I watched it.  I hadn’t seen it in years. As I watched it, I remembered a different time in my life, being so young, waiting on that “right guy” to convince me to be his forever.  But then, the next day, thinking, really?  What if I get tired of him tomorrow? Our friends go through ups and down with men and we’re there for them when it falls flat.  We all want to be happy.  But the trick is to remain that way after the euphoria dies down and you have to look at the real person.

Love is quirky.  Relationships take work.  Cliquing with the right person, seems as difficult as some of us thinking we can build a rocket by just reading a book or watching a video on Youtube.

To this day, we haven’t seen a movie with as many Black actresses achieve so much commercial success.

But I remember going to the movies to see this and it was so refreshing to me visually. All of the actors were not only attractive but the scenery of Phoenix, Arizona was different and refreshing for a Black movie setting.  Visually, it was a beautiful movie–no question, and then…the soundtrack.  Everyone from Mary J. Blige, Chante Moore to Chaka Khan, brought such life to the scenes in the movie.  And we can’t forget them can we?

We love these women from the start.  They remind us of people that we know.  Everything about them is relatable, yet, not stereotypical.  As the movie tagline goes: “Friends are the people who let your be yourself–and never let you forget it.”  So true.  However, what translates most profound about these 4 friends is that they love each other, and are there for each other through thick and thin–with a glass of wine nearby of course for the deep stuff.

Who can’t remember the classic scene of Angela Bassett’s character, Bernadine, taking a torch to her husband’s ish; after leaving her for a white woman:


Sisters across the country howled at this scene.  It just embodied so much frustration that many felt at that time.  Many had been through the same thing.

What Waiting to Exhale truly transmits is the necessity of female friendships.  It’s absolutely necessary to be there for each other.  No matter who we are or what we do, we all got stuff to figure out.

Within the last 6 years, I’ve been reunited with so many childhood friends and my best friends, who’ve known me since early childhood.  It’s been refreshing reminiscing and talking about old times.  Like the ladies in Waiting to Exhale, we’ve all been through our fair share of drama, but we’re still here.

One of my facebook friends, posted this on her timeline today: “People look at me and think I’ve got it all together, when deep down inside my shoe is eating my sock.”  She looked very sad in the photo.  I don’t know what is going on, but I posted this as my response to her: Girl, I’m stealing this for my latest novel. Seriously, Sharmin–it’s gonna be ok. I watched Waiting to Exhale last night for the first time in years. That movie is still so relatable today. No matter who we are, we all got stuff to figure out. It will be ok. Pray about it…and keep it moving, girl. Don’t allow anything negative to live in your life or mind–rent-free.

And on that note, I leave that as a message to all here who are going through anything that you think is insurmountable.  Don’t let it be your kryptonite.  You are more than your circumstances.

The sad passing of Whitney Houston in 2011; the message of the movie just seems even more profound of not taking our friendships for granted.

With the closing scene of them being in the car together, as the movie ended, the ladies all took every thing in stride; and at the end of it all, it’s their friendship that truly was the hallmark of everything they each had been through.

hqdefault (13)

Remember that.

“WhiteSplaining”, Again?…SPARE ME!


What is “whitesplaining?”   The term might throw the casual urbanite off but it literally is a term for white folks who love to give their paternalistic view of something they’ve never experienced or for the persistent white folks who love to apologize for their stupid, racist behavior when they get caught.

Basically, I’m tired of it…and I’m going in on a recent event that took place at a high school in Phoenix, Arizona.

The above girls were suspended from Desert Vista High School in suburban Phoenix were suspended after using gold tape to spell their slur with two letters marked out with asterisks during senior picture day on Friday.  Six members of the senior class of Desert Vista High School in Phoenix, took a photo after posing for their yearbook class photo spelling out “Best*You’ve*Ever*Seen*Class*of*2016.” Some of the girls apparently got together later with the bright idea of standing together to spell out the n-word and posted it on SnapChat. –

See more at:

Apparently, as you can see with the smiles in the photo, doesn’t it remind us of something else whenever white people expose their innate evil?


The girls thought it was funny…however, after the photo was posted, first on Snapchat, then made it’s way to Instagram, it caused a firestorm of controversy and outrage, calling for expulsion of the girls via an online petition.

One of the girls, Rachel Steigerwald, the young women in the photo wearing the letter R, attended a rally with civil rights groups outside the school on Monday where she apologized for her actions but said that she isn’t racist.

And so it goes…this has become commonplace for white people in this country.  They do something racist, then do a 360 and “apologize” for their actions, expecting a smile and an empty, “I’m sorry…” will make it all better.

Give me a damn break!

This was intentional racism and she can take her apology and wipe her racist ass with it.

You know, it’s ridiculous for this type of thing to continue to happen…but it does.  There seems to be some subliminal prompt among white folks, particularly since this is the last term of Obama; that attacking Black people is fun.  And the typical ignorant whites among us will per usual, find a reason to act out their sick, sociopathy on our community.

The irony here is that President Obama visited this high school just two years ago.

When I was growing up, no white person dared disrespect or insult a Black person–that ass would have been kicked with a quickness–and they knew it.  However, the lie of inclusion and multiculturalism, diminished that sense of self-preservation in our community; and many foolishly allowed a wolf in the house.

Now we’re being inundated with outlandish behavior and actions from whites that have literally taken the lives of innocent Black people.

This was hateful.  Pure and simple. There’s no excuse for it.

The latest news is that there was actual sympathy for the girls in social media from many whites.

How nice…White Privilege always protects the guilty among them.

I don’t know what will happen to these girls, but it is apparent that there is a serious problem in Arizona.

Racism won’t take a break until white folks are held completely accountable for their hate.




Stacey Dash: Black America’s Worst Nightmare…


Many of you by now have heard the Fox News clip of Stacey Dash commenting her opposition to Jada Pinkett-Smith’s video of her choosing to boycott the Oscar’s due to, for a second year in a row, of having all white actors/actresses being nominated; although there were Black actors whose performances should have been considered.  Apparently, Stacey took position with this; stating that there shouldn’t be a BET, BET Awards or Image Awards; and there shouldn’t be a Black History month, juxtaposing the debate of integration not being practiced if shows like this still existed.


Earth to Stacey, but there have been non-Black people given BET and Image Awards, hun.

But of course, BET had the last word…

Could somebody please tell me what the hell is wrong with Stacey Dash?  Really?

In 2013, she angered many withe her endorsements of Mitt Romney and Paula Deen. Apparently, Stacey Dash seems to have some type of infectious cultural crush on white folks; and just doesn’t care that her statements over the years have made people question what her problem really is innately.

I wrote about Stacey around this time; giving my opinion of her being asked to join Fox. My sentiments at that time were my puzzlement of her giving views about a community that obviously, she’s not involved with.

This woman was married to 3 white men.  Although she did have relationships with 2 Black men; and a child by one of them, it’s very clear that she seems to have some inherent lust for white males.  The picture above was from a tweet she made to Mitt Romney when he ran for president. It caused an ire on Black Twitter.

This by far…is one of my favorite tweets about Stacey, and so apropos:

Frankly, I think Stacey might have actually been one of Zimmerman’s supporters during the Trayvon Martin murder trial.

We shouldn’t be too shocked. She’s Damon Dash’s cousin.  But…they no longer speak.

Everyone has been weighing out on this, but I really am going to have to say that perhaps Stacey should look in the mirror of who the real enemy is.

Ya think…

Check out this video from Roland Martin who just put the icing on the cake in rebuttal to Stacey’s comments:


He tore her up and spit her out…

Lord, Please Don’t Let Me Hit This White Bitch!

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You know, I’m so tired of trying to humanize my community and my people to a species of people who are not aware of just how depraved they are mentally and spiritually. It’s exhausting that Black people take minutes out of their lives to explain their experiences to a group of people, who think it’s natural to kill their own families, have sex with animals and children, create shows about their depravity (hoarding, strange fetishes, eating disorders, et al); and never think to realize that the people they have tried to oppress (Black people); are the original people of this earth and if it were not for the genes of African people; they wouldn’t even exist.

Black people are 100% HUE-MAN. I’m just going to tell it like it is. In 1996, the white population reached negative birthrate. In less than 35 years, this country will be a majority–minority country for the first time in it’s history. I feel there is a significance to that from a divine standpoint. The earth is cleansing itself of everything that is obsolete and genetic annihilation is the response to the hatred, degradation, disrespect, and violence that white people have inflicted on this earth. They are not owed any apologies. Frankly, many should thank God that Black people are not serial killers like them. We are better than them; and that’s why they hate us.

What I want to talk about today is how white women and their insecurity displays itself whenever they are in the presence of Black women.

Oh, let’s just open up this can of worms.

How many times have some of the sisters here endured stares, glares, and snarky comments from white women who seemed to be intimidated by you–even when you were not paying attention to them.  They expect to be validated–even by strangers.  Some have the nerve to intrude on your conversations as if their opinion matters–who the hell was talking to them?

The audacity of White privilege just keeps on ticking like a Timex watch.

Now, I can handle myself in any situation verbally or physically if need be, but I get this a lot, particularly now since moving to Georgia in 2004.

White women are weak.  And they know it. Black women, even in our silence, holds true power and they can’t figure that out.

A few days ago, I witnessed a situation at my local Wal-Mart an African America cashier enduring this.  I was in the 20 items or less line when three white women, who I have to say, reminded one of the Witches of Eastwick movie. As white women age, it’s strange how much they resemble witches.  And these 3; dressing up for Halloween would be an oxymoron.  The cashier politely instructed them to keep their large items in the cart so she could scan them with her wand; and to put up the smaller items for her to bag.  Well, first, they looked at her as though it shocked them at how authoritative she was.  She wasn’t being rude; she was keeping control of her line and knew her job.  There aren’t any belts on those counters, but the 3 Bitches of Confusion got in a little tizzy–started mumbling under their breath, getting attitudes; making snide comments. One stomped off like a 7 year old and sat on one of the benches in the area and sat their with her arms folded. For what?  The cashier didn’t even respond to them.  Her demeanor indicated power to them and they couldn’t handle it.  Wow.  Really?

What did the child do?

You know, I’ve been through this.  Over a year ago, one heifer got a mouthful.  Just walked into a convenient store to pick up some snacks and literally had to endure a white chick who apparently was having a case of  mental irritation and thought she was going to take it out on me.  At first, I didn’t react, but when she got sarcastic after I asked a simple question, I let her have it.  I wasn’t in any mood for some insecure bitch and her issues that day.  She learned what happens when you mess with a grown woman with a large vocabulary.

You get tired of this shit every single day.

And don’t even get me started on when a Black woman walks down the street, dressed to the nines, the hate stares she gets from white women.  Black women have a natural sense of style.  Hair weave was just hair until Black women made it art.  We are fashion.

Most days, I ignore it, but on some level, when I do have a reaction, it’s because I’m human and I’m tired of being the subliminal target of a species of women who only matter to white males when they need a jump-off.  Other than that, their lives don’t mean much to them and they get bitter.

Remember that scene in the movie Obsessed with Idris Elba and Beyonce? White women actually got upset that Idris dissed the white chick and chose his woman over her.

White women are pitiful. White men are the result of this, in my opinion.  I mean literally. Think about it…they were burned at the stake during the Salem Witch trials and during the Inquisition, many were brutally tortured. Who is the number one victim of serial killers?  How many have been sexually abused by males in their families?  How many raped by so-called boyfriends? It’s no wonder these bitches have so many disorders.

The audacity of a Black man being true to his BLACK WIFE; and being so deeply in love with her, no skinny, shapeless, flat-ass white chick could break their bond, no matter how she tried.

It’s not my fault they got the raw end of the genetic stick.  Being a defect has implications, yes.

The fuckery for this “she-thing” to expect a Black queen to acknowledge something whose ancestor’s beginning was from a cave.

No matter what we do, Black women have an energy that envelops their environment.  Our ancestors were the first mothers of this earth and queens.  From the womb of a Black woman from East Africa–ALL LIFE came.  We are the beginning…and WE are the future. We carry that within us.

Comparing a white woman to a Black woman is like comparing a child to an adult.

Don’t hate me because I don’t esteem you.  You could never be me–even if I gave you instructions.

You’re not my creation nor is your identity my responsibility.


B01WIcxIcAAXr-u (1)

Something in me is in a state of war.  I want to fight.  Every single day, images of battles and guerrilla combat flash within my mind.  Am I going crazy?  Hardly.  What I am is a Black woman who is hearing the war drum; beats from the ancestors of long ago who looked into the future and knew that one day, their people would be taken to foreign lands, forced to labor for a savage, genetically defective enemy who by definition, is not even a human being. However, when the life and dignity of a people are challenged, a declaration of War is eminent.

The humanity of the Black man has been questioned.  Is it any doubt he is a HUE-man? Why is this even a doubt?  Someone stole his identity.  He was framed.  And now, he’s forced to reclaim his heritage and honor.  But the bastard that took his profile refuses to admit his guilt, so now, it is necessary to fight for what is rightfully his.

Is there any brother out there who is tired of negotiating with white males to cease and desist?  Are there any who have a plan of a attack to take down this opponent and without mercy?  *Channeling Willie Hutch* Are brothers really gonna work it out?

A woman has much power when influencing the mind of a man; and I am urging Black men to start organizing, strategizing, implementing an offensive plan, like the great Shaka Zulu did to destroy our enemy.  He was a general.  His tactics are studied today by special forces in our U.S. military.  Can we learn something from him?  Shaka Zulu invented guerrilla warfare.  The British were scared to death of him.  This was one African ruler who had vision and was skilled in the ways of men.

And so must Black men do as Shaka did.  No more excuses.  It’s time to devise a plan of take-down for this enemy. He has been a thorn in your side from the moment Europeans left the caves of Eurasia, entering into rich lands and wealth they had never seen when they set foot in Africa.  Those African people were too civilized to realize that these barbarians would be appreciative of their hospitality.  They allowed them in without inspection and generations later, they’re wealth would be looted and their people led out in chains.

The idiocy!

You can’t allow a snake into your house and not expect to be bitten.  For a snake is only acting out of its nature.  Petting it will not tame it.  For it is designed to be exactly what it is: a predator.

And that is what the white man is.  Stop negotiating his right to life.  You know what you must do, Black man.  I urge you to employ the wisdom of one of their own: “If an injury has to be done to a man it should be so severe that his vengeance need not be feared.”  ~Niccolo Machievelli

You have become dynamically involved in your own destruction because of the influence of your enemy on your psyche.  You must kill him!  Why?  Because nature demands it.  Stop giving him the ammunition to destroy your humanity.

You are Black.  You are the beginning!  You are Life!  You were the first kings!  God made you in his own image.  How dare anyone insult who you are!  There is no doubt about where human beings came from. Your presence on this planet was designed.

And I affirm that with boldness!

For I am unapologetically BLACK!

As Rome Fell In One Day; So Shall White America!

Watch this video to fully comprehend the title of this blog entry, people.  Take your time to meditate on what you see.  For this video highlights ALL of the sickness that is in the souls of white folks.  We know this as evidence of the very same behavior and treatment toward our people.

So what does this mean?  It means that JUDGEMENT is coming to the white race; but this time, there will be no do-over.  Their time is up on this planet.

As I pondered what topic to write about, the prevailing thoughts of White Supremacy still linger in my mind.  White people have basked in this for so long; they don’t have the capacity to comprehend that “their version” of history is not only packed with lies and convenient untruths; it is so absolutely offensive to the TRUTH of our history–it must be confronted.

The late James Baldwin famously wrote:

“I will state flatly that the bulk of this country’s white population impresses me, and has so impressed me for a very long time, as being beyond any conceivable hope of moral rehabilitation. They have been white, if I may so put it, too long.  They have been married to the lie of white supremacy too long.  The effect in their personalities, their lives, their very grasp of realty, has been as devastating as the lava which so memorably immobilized the citizens of Pompeii. They are unable to conceive that their version of reality, which they want me to accept, is an insult to my history, a parody of theirs and an intolerable violation of myself.”

Whenever Black people talk about race, the first thing that happens whenever a white person…mind you, somehow intrudes in the conversation, they try to dismiss what is being discussed. Then, they try to discredit either the source or originator of the discussion, and third, they take no time to attack the intelligence or mental state of anyone who dares challenge the ethos of White Supremacy.  And the cleverest trick of all; these miscreants, flip-the-script, and make themselves the victims of Black racism.

*Clearing throat*

Uh, we’ve seen this at every turn after every single incident of white cop violence on our community within the past year!

What white supremacy + white privilege; fueled by WHITE RACISM does is allow white people to dictate and control the topic on race without acknowledging their responsibility for the state of oppression that resulted from their actions and behavior on Black people.  White supremacy has been the ruler over everything that has impacted our people negatively.  It’s insidiousness directly aimed at destabilizing Black people in order to justify white progress.

An example of this would be the actions of Europeans and their North American cousins, using white racism and hatred that became the genesis of the maladies of crime, poverty, miseducation, image control (demoralization) of darker people around this world.  Of course, white folks love to paint themselves as being honorable pioneers who came into uncivilized lands and made them great.  But at what price?

Indeed, as relates to history, it is very clear that white people are inherently psychotic.  Gross narcissism, extreme arrogance, denial, non-empathetic, sadistic, malevolent, and Satanic is the true description of white people on this planet.

I guess one can only summarize that their continued dismissal of their mental defense mechanism is one of an ongoing cognitive dissonance.

Europe exposed the inner depravity within the Caucasian race.  They are spiritually void of a soul.  There is no good in them–NONE!  One has to examine the mental state of any group of people who take pleasure in hurting people simply for the color of their skin or physicality.  This is CRAZY!

And how dare they attack the humanity of my people when it is a known fact that they are not fully human.  WE ARE!  Black people are 100% human.  Yet, this late bloomer, who originated from the caves of Eurasia has enslaved God’s first HUE-MAN.  We are the beginning of ALL LIFE.

We’ve all met the white person, to ad nauseam, who loves to exclaim that they don’t see color.  *Rolling Eyes*  Yes, they have been born into a society and raised in a White Supremacist system all of their lives; but they have become quite adept at disclaiming ownership of a little bit of your humanity–your identity, and arrogantly and quite casually, think they are paying you a compliment.  Why should one have to deny who you are in order to deal with you?  Many Black people naively assume that white people that protest with them are “down with them.”  Oh, my dear children.  A word of caution to those in the Black Lives Matter movement right now: when police really start cracking heads and locking people up, those so called, white allies will turn and run faster than a stripper can drop her G-string.

A snake will always shed its skin but its nature will never change.


White Supremacy is a sociopathy passed down from one generation to the next–a genes are passed down.  Even if white children are not taught to hate Black people and see them as people; however, it is a matter of the entire socialization that they are exposed to outside of their homes, political, cultural and normal “American cultural regularities” in which people of all races and nationalities are born and bred which normalizes, validates, and requires the mistreatment of Black people.

Will there be some punishment for being abused by this low, reptilian-brain, fragmented thinking, genetic defect?

Something is coming for White America–on this I am sure.  They have done much evil and God’s Holy Word says that ever man shall reap according to his works.

Well, my dear brothers and sisters, as what happened to Rome; so shall it be the fate for this demon that founded America.

And I for one will show them no sympathy!