And What Will Be Our Response?



Every single day, there is something challenging us.

If it’s not what it’s being said about us, it’s direct confrontation on our culture.

We are in a state of emergency whether people want to believe that or not.

There have many days in which I envision some kind of attack, and what our response will be.

Dr. Umar Johnson, noted Clinical Psychologist and lecturer, has stated publicly that the government is creating disturbances on purpose as some kind of “test run” on the public.  And why is that?  To impose Martial Law on Black people.  Basically, to have a reason to wipe us out.  That’s always been the plan of the white establishment.

Everyone has been protesting.  I saw an image yesterday of those who marched on Ferguson last year and I can only wonder what will be the follow-up.  Will they implement a strategy and plan of attack to achieve their goals? And just what are they?

People are so quick to join the bandwagon, but no one ever checks to see if the brakes work before the crash.

We are a people divided.  No one can agree to a separate agenda to rally around.

All of the players are out for themselves and could care less whom they use to achieve notoriety.

Black people are a mess right now and or enemy knows it.  They just keep intensifying their tactics, just to see how we’ll respond, and frankly, it’s very clear that many Black people aren’t prepared for such an onslaught of attack.  They know it too.

We are not a community anymore.  More than any other group, Black people practice radical individualism.  I got mine…you get yours.  That’s the mentality, and just look at where it’s gotten us: we no longer talk to our neighbors.  We don’t help our families. Everything we do has a price.  And just what do Black people invest in?

Still yet, we blame white folks and white supremacy for all of our downfalls.  Is it really their fault totally, or should we bear some accountability?

The basic truth here: Many of us are afraid to confront white people.  And this has been a major weakness, so much so, white men have become arrogant in their disrespect towards our women and children.

Psychologically speaking, a person who is willing to be disrespected in order to be accepted, is a person who has little self-respect.

So what do we do?

We gotta close ranks.  We have to stop tolerating cowards.

Everything we are is because of what we accept.  And it is simply unacceptable for Black people to keep condoning the disrespect on our community and people.

I’m not afraid to fight.  The images in my mind are violent.  There is an immediate responsibility that needs to be charged here.  If freedom means that I must sacrifice who I am in order to protect my enemy’s feelings, it won’t happen.

In the immortal words of Dr. Martin Luther King: “If peace means accepting second class citizenship, then I don’t want it. If peace means keeping my mouth shut in the midst of evil and injustice, then I don’t want it. If peace means being complacent and accepting the status quo, then I don’t want it. If peace means being passive, then I don’t want it. If peace means a willingness to be exploited and humiliated, then that’s the kind of peace that I don’t want—-DR. KING (from his speech in Louisville Kentucky , 1956)

Until the Black man, the Black woman, and the Black family is unified, there will be NO REVOLUTION!


The Rebirth of African Heritage.


This morning, I’ve been listening to the drum music of the Burundi tribe in Africa, and I must say, the rhythms going through my spirit and soul right now, are better than coffee.  The thunder I feel is like the sound of marching…my body responding in obeisance.

Culture is a powerful thing.  African Americans have been one of the most influential groups on American culture within this country’s history.  Our music, intelligence, food, athletes, creativity, art, fashion, speech, even the way we talk, has influenced this country.  Whatever we do–it gets copied.  Frankly, Black culture should be patented.


I am proud to be an African American.  There’s never been any doubt in my mind of how special we are as a people.  And I honestly feel that we are the greatest gift that God gave to this world.

W.E.B. Dubois once remarked, “Would America even be American without Negro people?”

That’s not an unreasonable thought at all to question.  Slavery built America.  Our strength as a people is enviable.

Everything is pointing back to Africa.  Africans are the true architects of civilization.  Our ancestors were advanced and Europeans copied what they discovered in Africa.  They just put their signature on what our people had already invented.  Then, they created a lie…that continues to this day as them being the progenitors of civilization.  That is biologically and genetically impossible.  Read the link for more clarity:

Our developments and contributions were stolen by white people.  The system of racism allowed them to do it.

However, in this day and age, the internet is allowing people to research information as never before, and everything that has been discovered in archaeology within the last 30 years, all point back to Africa.

Our Black ancestors are the parent-race.  It all started in Africa.

Thus, I say to many here, it’s time for our people to reclaim our history.  It is the only way we can truly be free.

White Supremacy is over!

Black Women Just Keep Rising…


Yesterday, the sun seemed to shine a little brighter when I read an article indicating that Black women are ranked #1 in both gender and race, as being the most educated group in America.


When I think about how many of us have to deal with not only sexism, but racism, in a country, and world, that does not often validate our worth, accomplishments, and value.

The stones they throw at us daily may slay us; we still keep rising.  Our HATERS just make us GREATER!!!

I’m already uppity, now it’s off the chain now.  I hooted, tooted, hi-fived, “liked, “shared”, “Pinned”, posted, and tweeted this news.  I just let loose.  Yes I did!

Do some of you remember that Newsweek article about 12 years ago that had Black women on the cover, acknowledging the success of the sisters in academics?  However, though we know we are some of the baddest women on earth; we will not be used by white people to further their assault on Black women.   Many sisters acknowledged and were humbled by the accolades but were quick to note: we will not use this as a hammer to bash Black men upside the head.  In other words, we will not be the white man’s bitch, in his continued assault on the men in our race.


I’m so proud of Black women.  Not just because of academic success, but for the continued demonstration by a younger generation, to uphold the values of their mothers and grandmothers.

We are phenomenal women.

So where is the press release?  This is Black History being made.

Some are wondering if this will change the perceptions of Black women.

Who gives a damn.

If Black Twitter has shown America one thing, Black people know how to get the word out.

And I’m doing just that!

Toot your own horn, Black women!

You not only have shown America how we still keep it together and focused in a hostile environment,but we are natural born achievers, baby, and not just babymammas as the media loves to project.

As the late Maya Angelou’s poem stated: WE ARE PHENOMENAL WOMEN.

Yes we are!

Left With No Patience!


War is who your government tells you who your enemy is.  Revolution is when you figure it out for yourself.”

That through it all, Black men and women who are conscious, know what is really dividing us.

Black women are not the enemy of Black men.  And Black men are not my enemy!  We were made for each other, and our response to each other should be to act as a bridge, not a barrier.

Within the past year, I’ve been doing a lot of deep thinking.  Often, I look around my community and pose serious questions as to why things are the way they are in the Black community.  How did we get here? Why do we think this way?  Can we change?  When will it get Better?  So many questions…they provoke serious inspection through acute observation, and finally, one day, the answer comes.  Unexpectedly, but right on time.

The forces in America have our attention divided between so many issues: crime, politics, social issues, gender issues, economic, and spiritual.  What messages can be inspired to get the attention of the masses, one thinks.

I don’t worry about this, I just want to be understood.

Black people are being attacked on all fronts, and I don’t think it’s a coincidence–it’s by design.  There are people in this country who really want to destroy us.   They fear our power–and unity, and this has been where the true battle has been.  So, if you are them, how do you achieve such machination?  What weapons do you use?

Mental enslavement and psychological warfare is being employed on the Black community. The inherent psychological weaknesses are allowing our enemy to infiltrate our community and divide and conquer us through the tactic of the illusion of inclusion.  They want us to believe that “We like you now–we want to sleep with you–you can come to work at our prestigious institutions–we’ll even allow you to play golf–just don’t talk about Black issues…and we’ll accept you.

Now, how dehumanizing is that?

But a lot of Black men and women have fallen  for it.

The allure of being accepted by the superior group has jaded the thinking of some of us and we must “out” these people, and destroy them if need be.

Serious times call for serious measures.  During such times, one can’t be a friend, for your actions are deliberate, and your purpose is very clear: The enemy must be destroyed!

Black people must think seriously about our course of action because I, and many, who are ready to fight, simply cannot settle for walking the fence any longer.

This battle WILL BE FOUGHT!  With…or without you.


What Am I Going to Say?

17-who-am-i (1)


Listening to Tical by Method man. It was released in 1996.  “I come to bring the pain.”

Sometimes, I listen to music when I write.The beats literally go through my body, acting as drums, when I’m typing, and thinking, feet tapping, head bobbin’, yeah, I’m deep in thought.  Spitting out sentences, my verbs and adjectives, act as bullets, being shot with high powered intellect, with intent to penetrate the brain.

Images in my mind match the rhythms, right now, I envision myself a drum major leading a regiment of cadets, “March!  March!  March!”  With absolute precision, legions of dedicated warriors obey my command, stone-faced, serious, and with purpose.  They have a job to do, and have no fear.

I ain’t no joke.  I’m real, and so motivated to provoke the rage of the THINKERS, cultural antagonists, and verbal instigators, who know how to use words like weapons that provoke creative rage.

The machine is real.  It’s programmed to destroy those that look a certain way.  The mind that programmed that machine is in the head of our enemy, who lives to kill anything good that can come from those whose ancestors once ruled this earth.

Am I talking in code?  Is my riddle too puzzling?  Do the metaphors I choose, and allegories I tell, misconstrue public opinion?  I really don’t care.  I enjoy being the iconoclast.

Yeah, that’s me. Ms. Goody-goody, who’s too cool to care why people don’t like people that look like me, but all too eager to tell them what they can do with it.  I laugh my laugh, each time one of my zingers hits like an unexpected gab in the guts of my enemy.  Love seein’ ‘em sqirm, trying to run for cover, screaming, and fearing for their lives.

The bully never has a proper response when the one he violated turns the tables, and thus, unleashes karma, and holy terror on his ass.

Words hurt.  This I know.  And I use mine like a Japanese Katana sword.  I hope they cut deep and the wound becomes infected.  Because I’ll keep swinging that blade with absolute purpose until my enemy gets the message: I WILL NOT BECOME YOUR FRIEND.  YOU WILL NEVER BE MINE!

*Music fades out*


Hip Hip’s White Invasion…


Rapper, Macklemore he was nominated for seven Grammy awards at the 56th Annual Grammy Awards, winning four awards including Best New Artist, Best Rap Album (The Heist), Best Rap Song, and Best Rap Performance (“Thrift Shop”).


Hip Hop began on the corner of Sedgwick and Caldwell in the Bronx in 1973..  And from there, those Black MC’s and dj’s that would become pioneers and legends, unlike any music genre before it; Hip Hop grew, and literally transformed culture and media.

But has anyone seen the fame of Hip Hop today?

Rapper Macklemore took home a Grammy last year as best rap album, along with two more.  Honestly, I don’t know anything about this cat, but his face is now synonymous with what some consider to be the future of Hip Hop–white.

This is a travesty.  They had nothing to do with creating the art form at all.  Most white kids couldn’t tell you anything about the genesis of Hip Hop.  To them, Eminem was the beginning.

A few years ago, rap legend, Scarface made the following prediction: “Hip-hop is hip-hop,” he said. “And it ain’t going anywhere, you know what I mean. The face might change in 25 years. You know, hip-hop’s gonna be white in 25 years. It’s gonna be all white kids. No moreit’s gonna be like rock n’ roll. To find a Geto Boys record in 25 years is gonna be rare. Some of you don’t even believe that shit. You better fuckin’ believe it.”   He was pissed off about the state of condition of Rap and Hip Hop for years, and was trying to sound the alarm.


Are people in the Black culture hearing him?  particularly those Black rappers that are dreaming of big money, fame, and status, on the likes of rappers in the beginning of the genre?

I’m at an age where I can proudly state that I was privileged to be a witness to some of the greatest rappers and rap groups of all time, from the Sugarhill Gang to Snoop Dogg, Tupac, and Biggie Smalls, however, those were the good old days. Rap today is in a sad state.

I saw the decline almost 20 years ago.  And it hasn’t gotten any better.

There was a time when whites weren’t tolerated in Hip Hop–remember Vanilla Ice?  He had a hit record, but the rap community said, HELL NO!.  He was a joke.



Whites who rap, are mocking Hip Hop.  They say stupid things, and what they rap about has no relevance to what Hip Hop is about.  White privilege has allowed them access in a genre that truly does not respect them, but yet, like Rock music before it; their skin tone is the only credibility they need to be sold to white kids.  And that’s what it’s really about.  It’s easier to sell white rappers to white kids than it is to sell a Black rapper to them.  And these white owned record companies know this.

However, the responsibility must fall on those Black artists that didn’t handle business and allowed this to happen.  Squabbling among each other, beefs, and disrespect toward other MC’s, allowed this breach.

Your enemy had been watching all along.

And now, you face extinction, because you weren’t on your post.

Yes.  It’s horrible that yet again, white folks are trying to steal something that we created, but you know what, you can’t exactly holler THIEF!  When you held the door wide open for the culprit to get in.

The quality of the music has been absolutely sub-standard–every artist that has come out in the last 10 years, mainly from the south, has sounded the same.  They hire singers to bring out their tracks–or sing wack over their music, same beats, same themes, nothing ever changes.

This is a wake up call, playa’s.

You better hear this message because if this becomes a reality, 25 years from now, white kids will be rapping to music that they had nothing to do with in creation, but everything to do with in conquering one of the greatest–most original musical genres, since our fore-bearers creation of jazz,  ever created by Black people.


Bobbi Kristina…The Signs Were Already There!


You know February 11th will be the 3rd anniversary of Whitney’s death. How strange that this happens at this time–literally, the same manner. I prayed for her this morning. It’s in God’s hands now.

The eeriness of the events in which surround this situation are heartbreaking.

However, like many of you, I pose the same questions: Why in the hell is this child living alone, given her vulnerability?  It’s bad enough to have one parent on drugs, but both, Bobby and Whitney were on drugs.  Steps should have been taken to ensure that proactive measures were implemented to assist Bobbi Kristina.

They knew that this was coming.  I thought Aunt Pat was supposed to be looking out for this child.   She was “supposed” to be looking out for Whitney too.”   This woman only seems to come into the picture after the fact. Bobbi Kristina was 19 when her mother died, but the history of the family made her so vulnerable. She needs to be around family–not left to her own devices. This girl truly was conditioned to be what she is. There were drugs found in the home; and she is using. I usually can be hard on drug/alcohol addicts, but this child doesn’t have a “normal”. Drugs were so constant around her; it’s the only norm she knows. Bobby Brown shouldn’t be made out as the scapegoat, but at the same time, he most certainly is the reason his daughter is like this, and I hold him totally accountable.

From what is being reported now, She has been moved to Emory Hospital in Atlanta, which is the best hospital in the city for neurological conditions.

Friends and I have been talking about this and the only thing most of us can come up with is that this child’s life has been injured for life.  She’s the product of dysfunction.  There is no such thing as innocence, as hers was stolen in having 2 parents who abused drugs.

We can’t judge her.

They named the guy on the local news where I am in Georgia.  His name is Maxwell Byron Lomas and he was recently arrested on drug charges.  He was a friend of Bobbi and Nicks, we can only assume as to why, given his choice of profession.

The latest news is that Tyler Perry has offered his home for Bobbi to recuperate–given she survives this.

Doctors have not been very positive as relates to her general psychical recovery, however, they can only give a prognosis–they’re saying she may not walk or be the same.  Doctors are limited in what they can do, God is not. Bobby Kristina needs to find Jesus–or suffer the consequences. Life is not promised to anyone–and it’s important to make the right choices each and every single day. I don’t know what the outcome will be for this child, but we can only pray that if God delivers her from this; she owes it to him to live better and serve him.

I will continue to pray for her.