Beyonce’s Lemonade Is Too Bitter For Some….


Take a listen:

This morning, God woke me up, I gave thanks, then started out my day.

Honestly, I was still thinking about Prince.  Why?  Just couldn’t grasp it.  I have a lot of questions too: why didn’t he leave a will?  Did he leave a will?  Who’s gonna get his money?  What will happen to his music?  Why did he die all alone in an elevator?  So many questions that no one can answer but God.

And I prayed again…thinking about my mother, who’s been battling many things in the last several years, but has been blessed to see her 77th birthday this past April 19, 2016.

Got a lot on my mind…yet, the sun is shining and I’m gonna get to the next item in my thoughts.

Piers Morgan, the annoying British white man gave his opinion of Beyonce’s new album and pissed quite a few people off:

Well, it didn’t take long for response from US:

Piers is entitled to his opinion but again, we have yet another white MAN who just doesn’t get it.  So allow me to expound on why Beyonce made that album…

A couple of months ago, Beyonce surprised everyone with her Formation video.  Released just before she was to perform at the Superbowl, the video sparked tremendous reactions and clap-backs as to what she meant.  Hailed as a masterpiece, critics were intrigued but there were a few who got upset about Beyonce’s Black Power message and celebration of her Black roots. And Beyonce responded to those people beautifully….

download (11)

I have to admit, I have not been kind to Ms. Beyonce over the years.  I’ve said it on this very blog that I felt she was shallow, empty, and was void of personality or passion.

Perhaps Bey has been paying attention to what people have been saying all of these years and after giving birth to her daughter, Blue Ivy, life changed for her: she’s a wife and mother now.  Whose been through some things and who actually is watching everything that other Black people are watching and she’s got something to say about it.

Again, Beyonce surprised us all and dropped the video, Lemonade, causing quite the stir. In it she discusses infidelity, hinting at her husband, Jay-Z’s affair with an unnamed woman.  This line from Lemonade, “Becky with the good hair…” got people buzzing.   Some thought it was Rachel Roy now, it appears now, it is Rita Ora.  Remember the fight in the elevator?  Is this what made Solange go off on Hova?

The album, Lemonade dropped a few days ago and is already number one.  In my honest opinion, it is a reflection of a new Beyonce. She’s awakened.

Every waking moment of my life, I can remember a song. If I hear certain tunes, memories are invoked. I feel that Beyonce is a mature woman now. Her mind is different. Lemonade is a just a reflection of that growth. She made it very clear that this song is for Black woman. Beyonce has now become a woman. And she’s singing these songs FOR YOU.

That’s my take.


OMG! Prince Is Dead!




Good Afternoon, Everyone.

I hate to give bad news…and I’ve waited to get confirmation but it has been confirmed that Prince Rogers Nelson has died at his Minneapolis home.

This was originally reported by TMZ but has now been confirmed.

As you all know, it had been reported that Prince’s plane made an emergency landing in a Chicago suburb.  Apparently he had been sick with the flu.

I can’t believe this…Doug Banks was just buried last Saturday now this?

Why are so many celebrities dying so close together?

It’s only April…

We all have to go one day but all I can do is give my condolences to one of the greatest entertainers/musicians the world has ever known.

Seriously…I’m hoping this is a rumor, but I don’t think so.



*This is the very night that Prince became a Superstar. One of his greatest performances.

Prince BIO:

My diary: Been on a Roll Checking White Racists!!!

images (9)
At the beginning of this year, I kept a year-end promise to hand down the almighty SMACKDOWN on anyone that vexed me in the new year.  Be it family, friend, enemy or the typical idiot who thinks that everyone is clueless, doesn’t read, and has the intellect of a gnat. I’m in full Ninja-mode and I’m not playing with folks right now.  Especially white folks who insist on playing ignorant on their racist behavior these days.  I pity the fool that has to be educated…THE HARD WAY!!!
Such was the case this past Friday (4/15/16) on a naive supervisor who made the mistake of thinking that I would cower when being a given a mid-term performance review, in which I questioned her on one of her observations. Like Beyonce did with her Formation video, I completely caught her off-guard and slayed.  I spoke bluntly to my supervisor about the racist behavior I’ve witnessed at my company in the 10 years I’ve been there. She told me that some of my clients think I’m not “friendly” because I look stern and “don’t smile” enough. When she said that to me, it was like a bomb went off and I looked her straight in the eyes and told her point blank: When white people say things like that about Black people; it’s like talking code: as with white police officers saying, “I feared for my life” in reference to a Black person to justify shooting them. Just because I’m not smiling does not indicate I’m not friendly, it simply means I’m focused on what I’m doing.  I went in. The look on her face was priceless. I wouldn’t let up. I told her point blank how white customers disrespect the Black agents and you know what happened next. *The fumble speech* “Well, I don’t tolerate that sort of thing…ya-da–ya-da-yada.” Bitch, save it!  I cornered her. Don’t ever try a Black woman on that shit!
Anyway, I’ve also been very busy online in other discussions and I took some time to also educate some people on Youtube, many of who are white, who like to drop the occasional race bomb on Black folk.
I wasn’t having it.
April 16, 2016
Commented on video:
 Sorry, you’re not new to this. Been talking about this for a long time–even talked about it in depth in my 2011 novel, A Journey Into The Mind of a Black Woman: In Search of Black Men Who Live With Purpose (On Amazon). Frankly, I really feel that white women are a product of white sociopathy. White men have used white women as pawns–even in Europe. They hate their own women because her womb is dead. Black women have never been asleep to this she-wolf. It’s from the womb of a white woman that the worst serial killers, rapists, terrorists, and sexual deviants in history. Let’s just tell it like it is. Where do all white people come from? CAVES. Her depravity is innate. They are not human–they are sub-human. Black WOMB-man BIRTHED ALL LIFE. And don’t expect any Black Queen to ever show deference to a thing that would have sex with a dog. Stop talking about these women as though they deserve any level of respect. The joke is on ALL of them. The vagina of the white woman has become the Apocalypse–the greatest genocidal weapon for ALL WHITE PEOPLE that has ever been used on Caucasians throughout history. Nature is a mutha. The Bible said it best: Whatsoever a man soweth (does), that shall he also reap (divine reciprocity). It’s name: Negative Birthrate. All thanks to the white woman!!!


April 20, 2016

*In response to: Ricky Pastille

Stupidity seems to be a trait or white racists.  First and foremost, nimrod, it’s very clear that not only are you informed of rational truths; it would also seem to be…yet another example of just how fucking ignorant you people are.  Arrogance is not a sign of intelligence.  Had you really investigated, you’d know that WHITE WOMEN are on welfare more than minorities, sweetie.  Also, WHITE PEOPLE abuse welfare more.  I’d like to also add as an aside: Currently, the white race is at negative birthrate.  It is so severe, not only will you be the minority in this country; but the entire European continent will also undergo a major birth depopulation.  Count this as the divine hand of God paying back the evil and hatred that “your race” have perpetrated on this planet.  When you take life; you must replace it with your own.  You’re a genetic defect, and simply put: Your genes are your biggest enemy.  Black people have the strongest genes on earth and every time I look at a white man, the Law of Nature is the ultimate payback for everything white people have done to people of color on this planet.  YOU DESERVE TO DIE!!!

April 17, 2016

*In response to racist narrator, Nationalism4Life

You people are at Negative Birthrate. Stupidity seems to be a common trait among white bigots, so let me school you! First and foremost, white people didn’t create Black people, Motherfucker! Your asses have recessive genes. You appeared on this planet 100,000 years after civilization began–and just what do you think happened before you got here? Caucasians lived in caves in the mountains of Eurasia, sweetie. You’re not human–You’re Neanderthals genetically. Black people are 100% HUE-MAN. That’s what “human” means, miscreant. HUE–as in color. There is no race on this planet that comes close to that, which means, BLACK PEOPLE ARE THE PARENT RACE. You know, it’s so hard to do actual research, thus, a “monkey-brain” has to educate a meat-head who hasn’t mastered the ability to conquer his ignorance through reading. You are not a superior race. What you are is a low, reptilian brain, fragmented thinking, bestial, soul-less, neurotic, pathologically depraved, suicidal, genetic defect!!! BTW: What is a monkey brain, Caucasoid?

August 20, 2016

*In response to this video

White people share genes with the Rhesus Monkey. How interesting, given their inclination to refer to Black people as monkeys. Another TRUTH about these genetic recessive defects being exposed!

Commented to: Dave Matthew

You know something, I am always amazed how white motherfuckers find their way to niche channels like, Dahwah’s, yet, profess white supremacy. If your women look so good, why the hell are so many of them getting face lifts before the age of 35? Redundant idiots. Every one of you must read from the same handbook. Typing the same foolishness. Whose fault is it why white people are at negative birthrate. Seems like like those supposed good looking white woman wanna be with every thing, including dogs, but not with a white man. Ahh…damn. *And the guitar keeps playing*

Commented to: Michael Carr

Tell me something? Why are over 30, 000 white men killing themselves every year? Why are middle class white men and women killing themselves? Why is the white population at negative birthrate? How do you make a race, craKKKa? Can you tell me? European CAVE MEN appeared on the earth 100,000 years after civilization. Where did you get knowledge from? There are more white woman on welfare and white people abuse welfare more but yet, you continue to believe stereotypes about Black people to make your sorry ass feel better. And my last question, craKKKa: Why are white women fucking dogs? Can you tell me? *And the guitar keeps playing*

It’s quite clear…I don’t hold back.

I urge all here to do the same when faced with this type of ignorance.

Silence is unacceptable.

White People are Scared To Death!

Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.  Galatians 6:7

Today is a beautiful day and I am busy handling some business but in between my chores, I went on Youtube and ran across this video.  As I listened to it, I could not help but to smirk at the fear, arrogance, and self-pity of the narrators, talking as if POC’s, as all minorities are called today, are the enemy and are conquering them like invaders.


Am I missing something?

Do white people remember how they treated people of color on this globe?  For that matter, do they remember how European countries warred against each other century after century.

One of my followers said it best:

“Truth,I was watching The Color Purple the other day.  Ms.Celie said it best.”What you done to me,I’ve already done to you”.No good will come to white people until they do right by us.Well here is the results of their evil deeds,despite taking money out of public schools, Blacks are enrolling in college at a higher rate.The CIA brought drugs into black communities to destroy it.As we speak white people do drugs at 5 times the rate of black people. White people are using prescription medicine and over medicating themselves on pain killers at a 10-1 ratio vs blacks.White people alcohol and suicide rates are at a 7-1 ratio vs blacks.Their drug use is going to leave their women with a low egg count and white men impotent.Do black men and women who are going out of their way to date white people know these things.What I find funny,is that the Justice system still wants to lock black people for drug use,while this government wants to use our tax dollars to build jails for black people and rehab centers for white people. Another judgement is coming to this country and I won’t shed a tear when it gets here.”

What you do to others comes back to you in equal measure.  Everyone understands this except white people.

Well, when God has tried to get your attention through various teachers, messengers, prophets, and ministers, and you still refuse to stop your behavior, nature will then enforce God’s laws.

What’s going on? Nature is handing out JUSTICE for all of the evil white men have perpetrated on this earth on people of color. You reap what you sew. There is a cosmic intelligence in this universe and you are receiving what you’ve caused to happen to others. Stop acting as if you don’t understand your own history and behavior toward people of color on this planet. Anyone that participates in genocide–when you take life; you must pay with your own. Poor white people. Your genes are the cause. Stop crying. It was inevitable.

Extra:  People are rejoicing over this news…

Straightforward Black PRIDE!!!

Today is a good day. Each morning when I arise, I take some time to say a prayer, giving thanks to my Creator–God.  After that, I prepare for my day.

These days, I am contemplating moving.  Physically, yes, but also, spiritually.  My consciousness is rising and I am eager to see what this does to me intellectually.  You see, when your conscious-man begins to elevate, so does your thinking.

Been in Georgia…going on 11 years now.  Didn’t think I’d stay this long.  Where I reside, a lot of people from out of state are moving here.  People like the little town I reside but I am feeling that I must move on to bigger things.

This morning, I’ve been listening to Dawah Israel Youtube video commentary on everything dealing with Black people.  He’s raw.  Unap0logetically Black–and so original; the mold was stolen.  But he can’t be duplicated.  Well, as I’ve been listening, Dawah made a statement at the beginning of his videos that caught my ear, and thus, the title of this piece was born.

What I am feeling today…is complete pride in who I am, my people, my culture, and our destiny on this planet.

The media would have us believe that every Black person on this planet is dying and in despair.  That’s not true.  I’m sitting by a window typing this blog and the sun is shining.  I feel good and have hope for tomorrow.

But…that’s the lie “they” push.


Because white people are running out of time.  And they want to take everyone with them. They are dying off.  Currently at negative birthrate, they are scared for they know, this means their end–at some time in the near future.  It’s that severe.

We don’t care.  Many are rejoicing at the news.  Me.  I’m ecstatic.  Elated.  It’s like wind blowing through my hair; the draft lifting each hair strand like a waving flag.  And I salute the Almighty for paying revenge on the infidels who gave him the middle finger, bastardizing his name, serving his enemy with pride; and he countered: using science and genetics to destroy their evil ass.  There is a cosmic intelligence in this universe and NO LIVING THING is above his laws.


The joke is on you, CraKKKa.

And the people you tried to destroy…are telling you to kiss their black ass.

(And the guitar keeps playing…)




When A Real MAN Speaks, Shut Up and Listen!

He has a business too:

You know…I was thinking about what I wanted to blog today and serendipity made it easy for me.

Beyonce and Kendrick Lamar have started something!

People are really evaluating their behavior of our people as well as those in the culture who have willfully participated in self-hating through dating/marriage of “other people” outside our community.

A friend of mine posted this in a group I host.  And all I can say after listening to it was: YES!!!  

This is what I’ve been saying for years.  But it just makes a more profound impact to hear it coming from a handsome young brotha who told it like it was–and so intelligently might I add.

Thus, I’m taking the time to share this with the world.  As a testimony to the love and power of Black love in an age when we’re being inundated with images that are contrary to Black family and unity.

To all the kings here: Lift up your queen so that you can both walk tall…




A special message from Ray Lewis:

Black Pride…White Tantrum!

You know what I’ve been noticing lately?  White people seem to have a problem with Black folks who love themselves.

Well, where I grew up in Chicago, this was normal.  As was with cultural pride of all the other ethnic/racial groups in the city.  It was never demonized.

However, those whites who do have a problem with Black people celebrating the richness of our culture, typically are those who have been raised in majority white communities and have been fed stereotypes from images on television.

The white pride that is demonstrated is not one of celebrating their ethnic origin but its one that is delusional and lacks humanity at the expense of people of color. It is seperatist, nationalistic, neo-Nazi and imposing some warped sense of  racial superiority. Basically, it’s insanity. More boldly, it is an oxymoron wrapped in vincible ignorance.  It is that same white pride that birthed the Ku Klux Klan.  This pride is based on hatred and doing evil against innocent people.  It’s inhumane.

Black pride is not evil.  It is a celebration of our culture and affirms our identity through participation of creativity and upliftment through song, poetry, art, dance, social movements, and traditions.

Black people are not interested in dominating any group.  Black people desire to exist without interference and live in harmony with nature and others on this planet. This is the true character of those of African descent.

White America’s current temper tantrum at the advent of the new Black Pride being demonstrated is more out of arrogance of the lesser group affirming themselves in the face of their dominance.

They are dying as a race.  They are currently at negative birthrate and steadily declining. The world is becoming less white and more people of color.  In less than 100 years, it is safe to conclude that possibly, white people could become extinct all together.  What they feared is already upon them.

When Beyonce’s Formation video dropped, it slapped the hell out of White Supremacy. She gave them the middle finger all the while twirling and “slaying bitches” as she eliminated the proverbial presumption of those whites who still insist that Black people want to be like them.


We are better.  Always have been. Always will be.

That is what is becoming clear to them.