When You Show White People How Depraved They Are…


Ever since I posted the pictures of the white woman having sex with the dog; white people who were offended, have, per usual, tried to tell me that many Black women “do it to.”  No they don’t.  Black women are not crazy and many can’t stand the smell of dogs, much less to have one fuck them in the vagina.

Now, as for prostitutes, there’s not telling what they may do for clients, but I’ll tell you…the men who want that are always, WHITE MALES.

Bestiality’s origin is completely European in origin.

http://www.goddiscussion.com/46035/bestiality-or-zoosexuality-in-sacred-culture-paleolithic-origins-of-animal-form-portraiture-of-deity-part-1/  White people are always depicted in scenes involving “zoo sex” as it’s called.

Black people don’t fuck dogs.  Not that I know about.  It’s not practiced.  Black people know that animals are not human and they are not to be used for sex. You don’t see Black men and women writing about having sex with dogs in either fiction or non-fiction.  There are no art illustrations of people of African descent engaging in oral, anal, or vaginal sex with animals. We don’t fantasize about it or make jokes about it.  Basically, it’s something “white folks do.”  And we are not wrong are we?

So, again, white people try to project their depravity onto Black people, instead of facing the truth about the abominations that Europeans have practiced for centuries.  Check Greek and Roman history.

White people, by their very nature, are depraved, and it’s high time that many face the truth about the sickness that is deep within them.

I won’t apologize for the post.

The white folks were upset–even trying to elude to the fact that I was a racist and completely out of line for saying such things about them.  Oh, how they get pissed when their sick asses are exposed.  I banned every one of them–I don’t want to hear it.

Anyone can research what I posted.

Bestiality has and is still practiced in much of Europe. Germany (the most depraved), Norway, Denmark, all over the United Kingdom.



There are many more, all authored by white men and women.

What kind of mind fantasizes about this shit?

White people are imploding and their entire race is being exposed for just how sick and deeply entrenched in lasciviousness they are.

No one made any of those women have sex with dogs.  They wanted to.  White men are just as guilty.  His bitch is just as disturbed as he is.  Put a leash on her and WALK her to the park for all I care.

Black people, it’s time to make the white man and his bitch get the hell out of our communities and eradicate this bacteria in our culture.

It’s one of the reasons why interracial relationships with white people should be stopped.  To think that a child being birthed from the womb of women who had a dog penis in it.

I’m Whoopin’ White Folks Ass!


Are you gettin’ that, CraKKKas?  I’m going to bring TERROR to your psyche on a level many of you have never seen.  And each of you who try to get onto my blog, I will take pleasure in your deleting your words–and IGNORING your humanity, as you have done to people of color all over the world.

You’re getting your just deserts.  And I for one say, IT’S ABOUT TIME.  The earth is tired of you people, and that’s why you’ve been SELECTED for extinction.  Yeah, you’re at negative birthrate; your populations are declining world wide.

Do you now over-stand why I’ve been so heavy in my blog topics?  The posts that I created over a 2 year period were just icing on the cake.  Now, I’m EXPOSING just how sick you people are: bestiality, cannibalism, homosexuality, bisexuality, lesbianism, pedophilia, necrophilia, Satanism, Wicca, et al.

Everything about white people is low.  They even eat human waste.  Sick.  They’re all over the damn television preaching their malevolent doctrines of human degradation.  Look at Europe’s history. It’s genetic in these people.  They’re entire history is built on chaos, hatred, domination, oppression, and slavery.

For over 400 years, they have demonized our race and projected their depravity onto us.  They value nothing.

Black people commit crimes, of course, but most of the time, it’s based on economics.  The crimes white people commit, border on evil. They are Satan’s spawn.  His minions on earth to reak havoc on the melanated people, in order to weaken us spiritually.  It won’t happen. God is on our side.  And he’s declared judgement on Caucasians.

I won’t be passive.  I just won’t.

All of these shootings by police of young Black males, it’s very clear that racial hatred is still the cocktail many whites prefer to drink.  They just won’t let it go. And why do white men hate Black men–the real truth?  Because Black men have the ability to wipe their asses out.  White women are literally fucking dogs.  They want to fuck anything but THEM.  Why? White skin is a genetic defect. They are products of genetic inferiority and it’s the females that carry the fetus; it must come from strong genes in order to have a chance at survival.  White males have passed on nothing but sickness and disease to their women; now, nature is predisposed to eradicate a genetic weakness.  They can’t produce melanin either.  And that is the proverbial reason why they are being selected out of the gene pool.

The lie of white supremacy: that something recessive could create something dominant (US) is nature–backwards.  They didn’t make us.  We are the parent race.  And when a child steps out of line, you sometimes have to whoop his ass.


So, that’s what is happening right here on this blog. I’m using words to beat the living hell out of these melanin deficient monsters. Everything said is discipline being given on a group of people who’ve been out of control…way to damn long.

MAYWEATHER vs Pacquiao FIGHT…What’s With The Racism?

To imagine…I started my morning listening to none other than Public Enemy.  The real prophets of rage.  Given the group’s militant socio-politically geared raps; I find it totally apropos as I respond to recent events regarding the Floyd Mayweather fight.

With all the things going on right now with police violence against Black males, I was shocked to learn of the vicious hatred hauled at Floyd Mayweather for his win against Mannie Pacquiao.  Asians and Latinos were equally vile:

https://storify.com/latinorebels/latino-twitter-gets-all-racist-after-mayweather-wi  From whites:


For what?

Were they not paying attention to the fight?  Or were they hoping that their champion would rise above the odds and pull a big win?

I don’t know…I didn’t have any interest in watching the fight.  Mainly because quite frankly, I’ve paid about as much attention to Floyd Mayweather as a nudist would at a fashion show.  He just didn’t interest me much. You’ll have to understand the reason for that: I’m a child that grew up watching Muhammad Ali on regular television and for me, he is the only GREATEST. However, I was prompted to write this piece, after being informed of the above tweets about Mayweather.  It’s just very shocking but also tells a tale of how white racism has poisoned the minds of all minorities against each other.

As I read through the tweets, the hatred was very clear.  But for what?  What have Black people done to these people? Does it even matter to ask?

Frankly, Floyd Mayweather does not owe anyone an apology for his success.  He earned it all.  And if Latinos, Asians, and white people have a problem with it, don’t get mad at him, hate their DNA.

This is why Black people won’t, don’t, and will NEVER support legal immigration. Some are finding out for the first time, just how racist many Latinos are. I’m not surprised, given my education while growing up in Chicago, as well as studying this behavior for over 20 years. We have nothing to prove to these people. They stood on the sidelines when Black people fought for civil rights. How dare they or any other group disparage and attack us for being what we have always been: GREAT. Yes! I said it. We are not a people who is accustomed to mediocrity and whenever we have accomplished anything in this country or in our history as a people; it’s been with absolute commanding of talents and gifts given to us by the most high God. Haters are gonna hate, but as far as I’m concerned; it’s not going to change the reality of being natural architects of accomplishment.

Our ancestors built the pyramids. What the hell else do you expect from one of the descendants?

Jade Helm 15. Military Takeover…Is It The Next Course of Events?

maxresdefault (1)

For about a year or so, I’ve been doing a lot of studying and listening to lectures.  There is a belief that everything that has been happening in our urban communities is not at all coincidental.  Many have suggested that the government is behind many of these acts and are literally preparing to takeover states if necessary, implementing martial law, in order to justify killing civilians.  And just who lives in urban areas?

With the back to back killings of young Black men–and the hostile reactions of the communities they lived in; Is this a “test run” to implement this plan?

Are we being played?

Watch this video and then comment.

So Apropos….What’s Happening, Brother?

MarvinGayeSuspect_Dies_Baltimore.JPEG-01b3c_c0-199-4709-2943_s561x327Protesters March Over Death Of Freddie GrayFreddie Gray Protest in Baltimore

Baltimore Protests…Familiar?

Classic “Live” Performance: 

If pictures are worth a thousand words, I’ll allow all of you to fill in the blanks to the photos posted.

What are you feeling?

The Very Nature of White People is Pure Evil!

Why are white people always looking to Black people for knowledge?  Why are you always following us?  What is it you are trying to figure out about Black people?  Do any of you know?  Because for Black people, you are all lost; and can’t find your way to what many Black people intrinsically know (spiritual enlightenment).  You’re a dead race–and nature is annihilating you every single second.  The Laws of Karma are demanding some serious payback for the evil of white men–and their women and children are going to pay the ultimate price.  You all deserve it.

What is evil?  Evil is when someone knows what is good and chooses to act polar opposite of that which is pure and right.

These days, I, like many of you, have lost my patience with our un-melinated, hueless-man.  He thinks that he is God.  He is above reproach, and we dare not think anything less.

Well, based on history, and countless actions in our own lifespans would indicate just how “sick” white people really are.  In my honest opinion, I feel that they are truly the most psychologically, mentally, and spiritually disturbed people on this planet.

We’ve been seeing a lot of violence in the media of young Black men being killed by white police.  And the reactions from whites, typically, is very self-righteous in defense of the police, and demonizing the Black victim–even when innocent of any crime or action. Why?

What is this in these people that casually dismiss their own historical violence against people of color? When have Black people caused wars?  When have Black people instigated hatred and division among people?  When have Black people tried to suppress religious expression?  Every damn week, there is a white man or woman guilty of killing either their spouse, having them killed, or outright, killing their own families.  It seems to be normal for white kids to kill their parents. White teachers, especially white women are constantly guilty of pedophilia. What color and gender are most serial killers?  How many people have died because of crazed white men and young white kids going crazy and acting out their problems in mass shootings? And don’t even get me started on racial profiling. Black people can’t even go into a department store without some white M’fucka “assuming” they are going to steal; even when using their own debit card to purchase items, they’re guilty of it because in their minds: How can a Black person afford to buy all of this?  This card has to be stolen!

They are so busy watching Black people…but mind you, even when the signs were obvious, they couldn’t catch the 911 terrorists and stop one of the worst atrocities since Pearl Harbor on our society. Black people are tired of the casual and convenient psychopathic dismissals that white people defer to when challenged on their behavior vs OUR COLLECTIVE ACTIONS.  They are allowed to be individuals, we on the other hand, have to keep it in check–we’re not allowed to misbehave.

White privilege gives is the card that ALL white people carry and like American Express, they never leave home without it. It gives them entitlements that open doors and give them protection that most people of color don’t have when going up against certain realities.

They love to say we’re whining…it annoys them when we speak out about what they do…and it angers them that we know so much, so, it’s like talking code. In a nutshell, Malcolm X said it best: “All White people are racist and their vary nature is depraved.”  Yes. That’s true.

To be quite blunt, to solve racism, there is only one solution: White men must be eliminated. White men are the architects, marketers, exporters, importers, and perpetrators of all racism.  Their behavior is out of balance with nature and I truly feel deep within myself that white people are truly evil and incapable of acting humanely.  With them gone, it will be a very different world,  indeed.

And now, nature seems to agree.  Literally, white people are at negative birthrate.  White males have lost 65% of their reproduction ability.  White females make up only 2% of the world birthing population; and are the most infertile.  Cosmic Order dictates: that when you take a life force; you must replace it with your own. Nature will act as a vacuum to annihilate genetic weakness or disturbances on this earth.

I cheered when this news was released and all I can say: They deserve it!