Maybe Black Men Should Wear Lions Skins So They Won’t Get Shot!


On July 31, 2015, there were two stories trending: The shooting death of Sam DaBose in Cleveland by a Cleveland police officer and then another: The killing of a beloved lion named Cecil in Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park by a Minnesota Dentist after being lured out of his protective habitat by him, then shot, and beheaded (for trophy).  White people have literally been in an uproar over this, but not such reaction to the countless stories of innocent Black males who’ve been killed by white police officers.  This story broke on the same day that the Cincinnati police officer was indicted for the shooting death of Sam DaBose.

There is currently legislation being enacted by the United States Senate that is going to be presented to the United Nations. The United Nations?

Apparently, there has been global outrage over the senseless killing of African wild life.  I can understand that, but there has been senseless killing of Black people in America for over 400 years that hasn’t sparked this kind of outrage.

As a Black woman that has been observing the current events that have been impacting Black lives, first, while growing up in Chicago, and the systematic murders of young Black males since the casual and senseless slaying of Trayvon Martin in 2012; I have to question, what the hell is wrong with white folks?  I mean really?


These people get all up in arms over the killing and abuse of animals, but say nothing, even with proof, of innocent Black lives taken.



I love animals. The lion is the symbol of the motherland.  However, it is circumspect to see this type of misplaced outrage over a creature (who is not the first lion killed for sport) literally being immortalized with memorials and pictures all over the media about the value of its life.

Are not Black lives valuable?

Many politicians and celebrities are quick to denounce the dentist and pay reverence to the dead lion.  Not many are willing to speak out against the senseless violence and killings of young Black men and women at the hands of mostly white police officers.  Clearly, a sick double-standard exists.  Another glaring example of the strange duplicity in the minds of white people.

“I hope that #WalterPalmer loses his home, his practice & his money. He has already lost his soul…” tweeted Sharon Osbourne on Wednesday.

Even late night host, Jimmy Kimmel choked up at the discussion Cecil death on his show and described it as, “a disgusting tragedy.”

There truly is some kind of strange disconnect.

Writer Roxane Gay asked on Twitter to ask if black people would get more concern if they dressed like lions.

“I’m personally going to start wearing a lion costume when I leave my house so if I get shot, people will care,” she posted.

You know, maybe she has a point.

Dr. Phil Valentine: The Intellectual Malcolm X!


This man right here…has got to be the intellectual version of Malcolm X.  His teachings have literally increased my consciousness, to the level, that my writing has even been elevated, energized, and become more acute.

Who is Dr. Phil Valentine?  Dr. Valentine is originally from the island of Trinidad and is the founder, director and pastor of the Temple of the Healing Spirit; Self-Healing Education Center, The Institute for Self-Master; and just recently, The University of Kemetian Sciences. A certified member of the International Association of Counselors and Therapists (I.A.C.T.) He is a metaphysicist, certified herbalist and one of the deepest lecturers/teachers out today.

If you’ve seen this man either in person or watched one of his many videos on Youtube, you must agree with me when I say that he is absolutely gifted in the manner in which he breaks down information and translates that information on a metaphysical level.

I’ve been watching his lectures for about a year now and I feel as though I’ve been changed.  The first one that I watched, “Stop Being Played” is masterful.  Currently, I’m watching Book of The Earth Parts 1-6.  His videos date back to the early 90’s, but he’s been at the forefront of African Spirituality since the 70’s. The man is literally a walking scholar.  He’s read over 3000 books; can break down any material, to the point, you’d think he was present when Moses took the Ten Commandments directly from God.

This is literally the type of teacher/college professor you wish you had.

Everything that I’ve learned about from Dr. Valentine had me thinking very deeply about the reality of what I’ve experienced, as well as what those in power want you to think is happening.

There is a sinister plot by our enemy to destroy us.  That is not a joke.

Dr. Valentine and those in the conscious community are code breakers.  They have literally decoded the motives, actions, and literature of our enemy, to the degree, they are considered as dangerous as terrorist killers.

Did you know that AIDS is a hoax?  Did you know that vaccines can kill?  Why is there a war on Black males?  Do you over-stand how food is being used to control us?   Do you really understand White Supremacy? Dr. Valentine schooled Black people about what was going on decades ago before anything happened, and literally, events today are proving him right.

I’ve learned a lot.  And I invite you all to get tapped in and elevate your consciousness for our enemy is masterful and we need to be vigilant to know his ways.

Dr. Umar Johnson: The Strong Message That Is Getting Skewed!


Full Story:

By now, I’m sure, everyone has heard of the stripper scandal that Dr. Umar Johnson was involved in last month.  If you haven’t heard of it, then I’ll briefly fill you in:  A woman, calling herself, of all things, The Conscious Stripper, exposed the good doctor, after he went on the Roland Martin show in June, stating that he, a single father of 2 children, was celibate.  Uh-uh.  Not according to this woman.  Apparently, Dr. Umar Johnson has a thing for strippers, and got it on with this woman more than a few time.  They mostly met at hotels.  If it is at all possible to offend a stripper, apparently, Ms. Conscious, got upset because he only would take her to hotels to hit it–never out to fine restaurants, as one would do with a nice date.  Right?  To get even, this woman decides to air out this piece of information on social media, exposing Dr. Johnson and making many question his work.  Because of this situation, he lost a one million dollar donation that would have helped him to go ahead with the purchase of a school to open his Frederick Douglass Academy for boys.

Well, if one wants to be treated like a lady; ladies don’t swing from poles for a living.

But seriously, those who follow Dr. Johnson, such as myself, only object to how he handled this situation.

I don’t expect the man to be sex free if he’s single, but this little tryst might have cost him his dream.

One of my friends on another site, put it this way:

Okaaaayyy, I’m about to say some things that might piss off some of the menfolk, oh well too damn bad, if it doesn’t apply to you, let the shit fly, and if you don’t like it, feel free to SCROLLLLLL ya asses right on past my post. :rolleyes:

 Now, let me get to my damn point… :woe:

“….$1,000,000 million dollars would’ve allowed us to either acquire the Christian college in the south, or with the fundraiser donations already in hand, put us extremely close to matching the $2,000,000 pricetag on St.Paul’s (if the gov’t didn’t buy it first)….”[/b][/i]

And there you have it, folks

Black men (I could care less about other races of men, and again, if it doesn’t apply to YOU, let the shit fly), are some of the dumbest mawfukkas on the planet. 

(See Exhibit A…..Umar)

Here we have a brotha who is well respected and regarded in the community, who threw away a golden opportunity for some rank ass cooch, in the form of a SKRIPPA, who from jump, revealed early on, that she wasn’t exactly a “virtuous” woman,  THEN turns around and fronts like he didn’t know and pulls the “I was DUPED” card.   Please.  He knew what it was and what she was, by his OWN ADMISSION, they were not dating, not in a relationship, just banged her out in some hotel.  WELP, look what his lack of dyck control get him…..a possible one to two MILLION dollar loss.  Lack of dyck control got him in this mess. 

Now…..let me comment on this trick.

This LACK OF CONSCIOUSNESS trick did NOT have to put this shit out for public consumption.  What happened behind closed doors, should have STAYED behind closed doors.  But NOPE, she CHOSE to put it out there for all to see….knowing this man’s rep in the community, and knowing it would had the potential to hurt his rep.  IF dude is telling the truth, that it was just a few nights of pleasure, and didn’t make any stupid promises he couldn’t keep, she should have kept her mouth closed.  It’s OBVIOUS she felt she had nothing to lose by putting this messy mess out here….IN SPITE of the fact that she is mother to some kids, who depending on their age, probably read or heard about her involvement in this foolishness and Vickery.  But hey, I guess trying to stick it to Umar was MORE IMPORTANT to her, than her kids hearing about it.

Some of y’all men act like fools over some cooch.  Y’all are too giddy over it, to take a minute to engage in critical thinking, and to take a minute to think reason analyze and assess these situations, BEFORE taking stupid risks you KNOW have the potential to mess up your situation.  Some of you fools have caused the break up of your families, lost well paying jobs and positions, even risked your health, for some ho.  Then when the smoke clears, then y’all wanna point fingers at the ho, and make yourselves into innocent “victims” who were duped into diggin’ out these chicks.   Y’all too stupid to stop and ask yourselves, “what is HER motivation…..will she use this shit against me…..and how will it affect me and/or mine, long term?  Nope, y’all just dive in head first (no pun intended), then cry “foul” and play “victim” AFTER the fact when your business is all in the street.

So yet another negro has been outted.  And its HIS FAULT because HE put HIMSELF in the position he’s in.  Don’t know how this will affect him, and his cause long term….but I don’t feel sorry for him or any man who insist on being led by his dyck.

Stop being led by you dycks and unscrupulous women.  Most times, no good will come of it.   But y’all won’t listen, and somewhere in the near future, we will read about yet another simp who got caughit up, and will be whining about it, while the trick is posting screen shots of tweets, emails and pics, that WE don’t need to see.

So, in Honor of Umar, I present him with this award, because he is soooo deserving of it.”


When I read what she wrote, all I could say was: I have been following and learning from Dr. Umar for well over a year or more; have great respect for his mind, boldness, and courage, but this isn’t the first time he got into this kind of mess.  And, he’s had run-ins with people in the Conscious community (Haters), also, by his own admission, there are government ops following him wherever he goes. so, it should have clicked in his mind: THIS MIGHT NOT BE THE RIGHT THING TO DO.

Believe it or not, I tweeted about this in BlackTwitter.  Would you believe that this ConsciousTrick had the audacity to threaten those of us discussing this issue (that she exposed to the media) with a lawsuit if anyone said any unfounded things about her.  Huh? :confused: I quickly challenged her and clowned her ass.

Umar really is gonna have to just chuck this one as a lesson learned.

A few minutes of pussy is not worth losing a life-long dream.

I hope he recovers from this…

Who Killed Sandra Bland?


On July 13, 2015, my day started out routinely as it always does.  Later in the day, I, like many of you, learned of the story of Sandra Bland.  Apparently, she was found hanged in her cell, 3 days after being arrested for a routine traffic stop.

Sandra lived in Chicago with her family, and she traveled to Waller, Texas to get a job at her Alma mater, Prairie View.  Where she graduated in May of 2009.  She was hired to work at the school’s agricultural department and was elated, according to her sister.

Months earlier, she posted on Facebook that she suffered from depression and post traumatic stress disorder.  Her family said that they didn’t notice any despair in her demeanor of late at the time of this incident.

“At about 4:30 p.m. on July 10, Bland was driving a silver Hyundai Azera south through Waller County on FM 1098, near Prairie View A&M, when a state trooper, Brian Encinia, pulled her over for said was for failing to signal a lane change.”

And that’s where this story hangs.

From the start, I was suspicious.

The video that has been released of the arrest, Bland’s voice can be heard very clearly.  She protests how she was treated and tells the officer arresting her that she can’t wait until this goes to court.

Over the next couple of days, Bland called her family, asking for help to raise money for the $5,000 bail.  She told them that she thought her shoulder and arm may be broken.  The last time she was seen alive, was around 7:00 a.m. on July 13, 2015.

Waller County authorities have asked for the Texas Rangers and FBI to help investigate what happened.  Bland’s family has asked for an independent autopsy.

Here is yet another case involving the death of an African American–now a woman, who has ended up dead, for a simple traffic incident.  She joins, Trayvon Martin, Jordan Davis, Eric Garner, Michael Brown, Freddie Gray, and so many more, who ended up tragedies for mundane reasons.

There’s no excuse for it.

As an African American woman, I’m not going to tolerate Black women being violated and murdered by white males.  Even the hint of that makes me want to hunt down some M’fuckas to kill them swiftly.

We are not animals!

I don’t know what happened to Sandra Bland.  But I’m using my blog to spread her story–as well, as to DEMAND JUSTICE for her life.

She could have been somebody, but now, we’ll never know.


Racism Will End When White Men Are Eliminated!


America is a colonial power. She has colonized 22 million Afro-Americans by depriving us of first-class citizenship, by depriving us of civil rights, actually by depriving us of human rights. She has not only deprived us of the right to be a citizen, she has deprived us of the right to be human beings, the right to be recognized and respected as men and women.” — Malcolm X (April 8 1964)


There are some trending realities of late that have motivated this latest blog entry.

As you all know by now, there was a KKK rally in South Carolina to protest the removal of the Confederate flag.

I’m listening to Eightball & MJG (Remember them old heads).  Yes.  A little playback from back in the day, when rappers from down south started to make their mark in the music game, talking about one dimensional ish, only logical to the minds of Black males who lived in small southern towns, trying to make sense of their marginalized lives where white folks with old money played them like puppets; assuming they were too stupid to know they’d never be allowed to be better then them, no matter what they tried.

Why do some Black people still live like this I thought…as the grooves went through me, the images of the latest headlines still ran through my mind like a mental leader-board.  My thoughts got darker.  And then…a bold one came to my mind: WHITE MEN MUST DIE!  

Yes, I thought.  This is what must be done.

Things are never going to change until this reality is confronted and executed.

White men are the real problem.  Concentrated whiteness. Concentrated privilege and power.  Concentrated wealth.  The entire white male power structure is designed to create chaos and failure in any non-white person from the start.  The energy that Black folks have used to try and measure up to this system has been fool-hearty. There’s no true progress; just labor and talent being offered to an oppressor at bottom rate;  who has convinced you to assist in their plans of destroying your own people.

The dream of the sixties is not working now.  Nothing really changed.  It just got re-fined.  Racism became a myth to some. Clueless little lambs bought t-shirts and began chanting meaningless slogans, imploring that because white people openly had sex with them; now, there was progress.


Anyone who has been on this planet the last 50 years, knows full well that the entire American system was created by and for white people.  The loophole of slavery and the impasse it created; only entangled matters, after former slaves and their descendants started demanding freedom and equality.

The change that is needed today, must come from the realization of who are enemy truly is.  And we know who that is.

White males are the leaders and progenitors of racism.  They hold it up with pride and purpose.  Racism is the gun used to conquer and dominate non-white people, and has been profitable and formidable, as it has been structured into every fabric of the economic, political, social, and judicial systems of this country.  Institutionalized racism steals for its own perpetuation at expense of people who create what corporate America packages and sells to the rest of the world, not even thinking of paying residuals or reparations with interest to the true inspiration of these American empires.  Black creativity have made many white people rich.

And yet, ghettos still exist, while white kids are sent to the best colleges, allowed this by fortunes of white men, who used Black labor to their advantage.

I’m tired of weakness. Too many Black men have been killed because of this system, and as a woman–a proud Black woman at that; I demand a response.

If the attitude directive today is to end racism; then the discussion must get real and get to the heart of the matter. White men are the problem.  And when this is truly confronted, the correct action should and must be taken.

Who will be the courageous men to do what needs to be done?

The Race War We Fight is Subliminal…


The Hate Stare

Race.  It is the construct of our experience in America.  Racism.  It is the reaction of a people who had a problem with our natural state of being, and created experiences to imprison and oppress us, simply based out of fear and construction and projection of elemental thought patterns designed to control our lives.  “We are nothing more than a projected point of reference of white males.    And being a limited point of reference, the boundaries of our potential was created by them.”


“The projection of the hypothetical (you) becomes the point of potential. Every act is followed by a countering act. This is squaring.  In the material realms of illusion, the active expression of the ego to achieve what one believes to “be” their circumference of potential and the attempt of one’s projected illusion of the self.  And illusions solidified and supported, by the activity of thought and it’s control over the elemental’s.”

Yes. This is metaphysics

Dr. Phil Valentine’s Book of Earth (1-5) deals with this in depth.  It inspired this topic.

We need to get real about racism in this country and the war we are truly fighting is subliminal. Let’s just be honest. Every Black person in America has to have interactions with white folks, but often, those interactions have been difficult, but what are we really reacting to? A friend of mine who is also a blogger on Word Press, created this topic a while back. I think it’s very honest, and speaks volumes, of this silent battle that Black people have been going through with white people every single day.

How many times can we count being stared at when out in public and we have encounters with the Caucasoid?  We’re just grocery shopping or out at the mall with friends, and suddenly, the “stare-down” begins by them. The stop what they are doing and literally watch you like you’re a member of ISIS, intently memorizing every move you make; subtly waiting for the moment of the “ambush”, to get into your space, and find out what this Negro is about.  The interaction is always intrusive and annoying.  Tell the truth, your first urge is one of defiance.  You want to confront them, but then…you here your mama in your head, and STOP before you have to be escorted out of the premises.

And why should we always being the one who has to use self-restraint.  Is it our reaction to the presumed White Privilege that might prompt the cops to accuse you of being the aggressor instead of the one who was the agitator in the first place of this subliminal offense?

What in the hell are we reacting to?

White people will never admit their racist thoughts. One has to be clever to get it out of them.  I know how to do it but many poor Negroes try to deflect racism with “being nice” to the silent hatred being projected onto them.

We captivate them for some reason.

It’s annoying as hell.

Have Black people ever thought that we are living an illusion that we allowed?

It is scientific fact that our genes are dominant and all life began in Africa. The Motherland is the birthplace of all civilization, yet, we have been trained to believe that a “thing” that emerged from a cave 100,000 years after that civilization, created the masters and creators of mathematics and science?  They are genetically inferior to us, yet, we have allowed them to dominate us (higher thinking beings).

What trickery is this?

Conversations are being stimulated once again about race and racism but the truth of this matter is that Black people have the power to destroy racism simply by knowing and choosing to stop the insinuation of white inferiority into how we think about ourselves.

“What are the basic emotional signatures that we use to construct the  emotional vectors of our thinking?”  Fear.  White men created fear in us; and this alone has been the foundation of our lock-down.  We must separate from this thought pattern. Having NO FEAR.  The elimination of it is most definitely the answer to changing our state of being right now.

Black power begins the moment we KNOW that our thoughts have been the catalyst to our current reality.

Donald Trump, Illegal Immigration, And…THE TRUTH of it All!


Listen to this:

Well, well, well, just look what a little candor can do for one’s presidential bid. This past weekend, Donald Trump actually attracted over 10,000 people in Arizona as the key-note speaker after his well publicized comments about immigration literally created real reactions that exposed what many THINK ABOUT but aren’t bold enough to talk about.

Let’s be real, we all have our views, including African Americans.  When have we ever championed immigration?

Donald Trump spoke his mind and opened up the floor for everyone to talk about this elephant in the room.  His comments were not unlike many of those who speak with friends and family; it just shocked people to hear someone actually say what was on his mind–uncensored, unafraid, and with such boldness.  He never backed down.  And now he’s second behind Jeb Bush in the polls.

Controversy sells and it definitely got the voters attention.

I grew up in Chicago, and much of what he said is factual, just overstated to some degree. But I will contend that even in my old neighborhood, many homeowners resented seeing many Mexicans moving in to the community, often having multiple families living in one house.  This put a gross burden on the community and schools system.  They weren’t paying taxes for the number of children in the home.  This also plays out in healthcare as well.  Many Latino and Chicano immigrants are not educated and there are criminals among them who come to this country.

How many times have we heard people talk about this?  African Americans are not fans of illegal immigrants.  When this issue began to hit the fan during the Bush administration, no many of us protested against it.

The Dream Act was supposed to be the payback from Obama to Hispanics for voting for him.  However, giving amnesty to one group and denying citizenship to others, (Haitians) is a double standard. Haitians are always viewed in a negative way but Hispanics are packaged a little differently.  And we see the disparity don’t we?

Let’s be real, many Americans, particularly white Americans, side with Trump.  Many do believe that illegal immigration leads to crime.

Did you know that many Mexican elites actually agree with Trump?  Mexico is not exactly a place of social equality and there is a caste system there, as well as prejudice.  Those who are educated and wealthy in Mexico, could care less about the poor and often, the illegal immigrants that leave, are often forgotten about. The greatest divide in Mexico is that of class.  Many of the elites know that Trump was speaking the truth of what many of them say in secret among each other.


Mexican Elite

So who’s mad again?

As for illegal immigration, the TRUTH is glaring in the face of the Republican candidates.  The people are starting to get behind Trump.  A lesson to be learned indeed. Say what you want about the man; but he’s not afraid to speak his mind–even at the expense of other people’s feelings.

We know what Trump thinks, but will this help him win the Presidency?