Well, My Birthday Is Coming Up…And I’m Just Peachy!


A generation ago, a child was born to Ms. Annie P.and Mr. Isaiah E. in the wonderful Peach state of Georgia.  I was born at 10:20 a.m. on a Friday.

Yes, ladies and gentleman, I have a birthday coming up in 4 days, and you know what?  I’m not even stressed about getting older.  It’s just never been my bag.  OK.  I’m not 24 any longer, but I’ve taken good care of myself and could hang with many.  When I was a young thing, I was a shop-till-you-drop, type of chick.  I lived to be fashionable–the ultimate Fashionista to the bone, but I didn’t have a clue of my destiny yet.  No, I’m not bragging, just stating the truth.  I’m not one of those women who’s shy about how I feel–uh, the blog…ha.  You know it.  But anyhoot, I’ve been thinking about a lot these days and I have to tell you, I’m just grateful to be alive and vigorous.  As you all remember, I had gotten sick earlier in the year and came very close to death. But God said, “Girl, really…you ain’t ready for that, yet.” So, he gave me another shot at living–and I’m not even feeling sick.  For that, I’m eternally grateful to the creator for his benevolence and mercy in my life.  I’m nowhere near perfect, but I haven’t killed anyone–well, maybe with my sharp tongue and mouse, but hence, I digress…

Life is a precious thing and I don’t take it for granted at all.

Listening to Ms. Anita Baker right now…”I’m giving you the best I got…baby.”  Hey.  *Snapping fingers*  Y’all wanna jam with me?

I was thinking about birthday parties.  You know, I really don’t celebrate a lot but I remember having a birthday party when I was 7, and one of my God sister accidentally put salt in my birthday cake.  All I can say, it was truly a sweet and sour surprise when I bit into my cake.  And then, there was my 23rd birthday party that my mother threw for me, uhm, with a slight caveat: next to some relatives, my grandparents and cousins, most of the guests in attendance were HER FRIENDS. The food was spectacular though.

I put on my facebook timeline what I wanted.  I can’t wait for the responses.  My short list for birthday wishes could only be met by a real baller or a generous donor.  I’ll wait…you never know. Hey!  IT’S MY BIRTHDAY.  And I’m totally open for surprises.  I love books, shoes, fashion, hair adornments, make-up artistry,food, cooking, art, oh, let me just stop, we’ll be here forever.

Most important, I love life and I’m so grateful that I can reach all of you….as I do.  It means the world to me.

So, as I await my birthday, I’ll just settle for being so happy and blessed  as I age.


The countdown begins…July 8th, here I come!!!

Like An Eagle Stirring Up Its Nest…Is God Trying To Tell Us Something?



“A great eagle with powerful wings sits besides you. He’s always seemed grand as you’ve watched him soar over you. He’s lovingly provided for your needs and tenderly cradled you under his wings. Today, he has a different agenda.

Suddenly, with his powerful talons, he begins digging, dislodging all that made your life comfortable. “Ouch!” you exclaim, as newly exposed thorns prick you. Then with ease, he rises straight above, furiously beating his wings. The raw power stirs everything around you— and sheer chaos erupts. You hold on for dear life, watching as all that comforted you flies away. “Why are you doing this?” you cry.”

The title of this thread speaks to my belief that there has been a spiritual component behind everything that has happened to us of late.  From the Trayvon Martin tragedy, Zimmerman acquittal, Jordan Davis, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Walter Thomas, Freddie Gray–sparking the Baltimore riots, The pool party incident in McKinney,Texas, the strange case of Racheal Dolezal; and more recently, the Charleston Massacre, do you think God is trying to tell us something?


There’s a reason for these things happening at this time.

For years, Black people have been asleep at the wheel; and even though people were blowing horns to get our attention, you didn’t realize you were about to crash until you saw the oncoming truck coming straight at you.

Let’s be real, there’s been a lot that the Black community have allowed to happen to our communities and we must take responsibility for it.

That’s how I feel things are right now.

When I started on Blackvoices in 1999, many of the issues that are in discussion today, I was talking about then, but no one wanted to hear it back then.  Everyone was caught up in celebrities and bling-bling, intellect was dead, people were money hungry and spiritual-less–they didn’t want to hear anything about God and as far as race goes, remember multiculturalism? Ha.  I laugh now, but back then, interracial dating and marriage were being touted as the new normal–racism was dead, blah-blah-blah.  Even Black people were saying that it wasn’t the sixties no more–put down the signs.  And the self-hatred was off the chain.

When an eagle stirs up the nest; it’s telling its young: Things have been comfortable for a time, but you have powerful wings, and the time has come for you to use them, little ones.  And literally, a mother eagle will topple their young out of the nest if necessary for over-standing of this point.  However, as they drop, the mother eagle swoops down under them and carries them back up with those powerful wings, only to repeat the process until that baby eaglet starts flying on its own.

There’s a new thing that we must do, Black People.  As I said before, Black people are the gatekeepers of this universe. Our spirit can change nations and the world.  It’s time for us to MOVE to a higher light.

We are being urged by events because for many,it’s been hard to get our attention, thus, it took certain types of stimulus to make us see the BIG PICTURE.  It’s Time for change.

Take That Damn Flag Down!


Once upon a time, I heard a preacher say that there are 3 types of people in this world: Those who make things happen. Those who watch things happen. And those who wonder…what happened?

As you all know, the recent Charleston Massacre has lead to a movement to have the Confederate flag taken down.

The debate has garnered much protest and activism and is now up to the legislature to make it a state wide decision to take down the flag permanently.

Well, Saturday morning, a group of concerned activists took matters into their own hands.

“The Confederate flag was removed from a pole on the South Carolina capitol grounds early Saturday morning by activists, but state employees returned the flag to its position not long after the incident.

An activist group claimed responsibility for taking the flag down. Witnesses said two people were arrested by authorities almost immediately after one of them scaled the flag pole on the north side of the State House grounds and pulled the Confederate banner down.

The Confederate flag has been at the center of a debate in Columbia for the past week in the wake of the racially motivated massacre of nine African-Americans in a Charleston church.

Activists calling themselves “concerned citizens” said in a news release that they removed the flag about 5:30 a.m. Saturday. A woman identified by the group as “Bree” climbed the pole and pulled the flag down, the group said.

“Deciding to do what the SC Legislature has thus far neglected to do, the group took down the symbol of white supremacy that inspired the massacre, continued to fly at full mast in defiance of South Carolina’s grief, and flew in defiance of everyone working to actualize a more equitable Carolinian future,” the group said in a news release distributed to the media about 6:30 a.m.

The Confederate flag was removed from a pole on the South Carolina capitol grounds early Saturday morning by activists, but state employees returned the flag to its position not long after the incident.

An activist group claimed responsibility for taking the flag down. Witnesses said two people were arrested by authorities almost immediately after one of them scaled the flag pole on the north side of the State House grounds and pulled the Confederate banner down.”

Bree has become somewhat of a superhero of sorts, even inspiring many celebrities to tweet about her bold act.
All I can say is that this is the kind of change I can believe in; and I had to let you guys know about it.

Guerrilla Media: The Counter to Disinformation…


If your mind isn’t right; your spirit can’t be either.

Some of you may have noticed the urgency of many of my blog entries of late. There’s a reason for that.  I’ve been on a different mind frequency, and honestly, I’ve had to unplug from certain energies that I felt were counterproductive to the truth and to the empowerment of Black people.

In a nutshell, we are being challenged by many forces out there.  Spiritual, mental, physical, social et al.  It’s like God is stirring up our people for a reason; like an eagle that stirs up its nest.  We have been called to this universe for a reason.  Black people are the gatekeepers of consciousness.  It is our responsibility to check those dark forces that are causing great spiritual imbalance on this planet.  Black people (the conscious man) have been asleep.  White people have bamboozled the minds of the world into thinking that they created civilization.  That is a lie.  However, instead of caring about this, many Black people have only cared about materialistic things; getting the Benjamins, but not the power and land to become a sovereign nation.  We’ve learned many slogans; but how many even over-stand values any longer?

Many Black people actually believe we are a cursed.  That can’t be further from the truth. Who’s lie have we been living?  We are the first man and woman of this earth. That means we are the parent-race.  And it is our responsibility to brings things into discipline.  If we are out of control, so goes the planet.  Everything in this universe is under Universal law.  White people have given a false impression of being the architects of civilization.  That is an outright lie.  They have only been relevant for only about 500 years.  This is a very insignificant amount of time, however, within this amount of time, this enemy has caused irreparable damage that may take millions of years to correct.  But we are the parents of this universe.  And we allowed this to some degree.

The matrix responds to any threat and adapts itself.

So the question is: Why haven’t we adapted?  Why haven’t we advanced?  Why aren’t our minds evolving, Black people? We’re supposed to be higher than a lower, reptilian-brain, reactive thinking Neanderthal.  Are we being held hostage or have our own behavior kept us locked down?

In 1999, I took the name Truthangel and took the journey into the world of cyber in order to reach minds.  When I started, there were many issues impacting society, most of which, had nothing to do with the spiritual uplifting of Black people. Remember Multiculturalism?  White folks created this false doctrine to enlist people of color into more mind-control propaganda designed to twist our minds and further their agenda to destroy us as a people.  They actually wanted people to believe that we all were one, racism was dead, and we were now accepted.  Thus, it was ok now to marry some white people, but what they didn’t tell you was that the “illusion of inclusion” was a set-up.  They aren’t going to change the lives of Black people; their purpose was only designed to create a false reality so they could further their White Supremacy agenda and stop Black innovation and intelligence.

We have to be more intellectually agile.

We have to tap into our Dark Matter Consciousness.  What is this?  The virtual field we perceive as consciousness is essentially neutral in composition until * induced by an emotionally driven intuition spurred on by the imagination. A melding dynamic is generated between the two forming a finely mixed image (idea) within the symbolic parameters of this emotional impression. In essence, with every thought there is an accompanying emotion and with every emotion a complementary thought, aka kama manas. This hybrid event appears as a natural outcome of the multitude of subtle frequencies generated as result of both light and dark energy and matter emerging from within the depths of an unknown quantum ocean.

* This is Being-ness in motion. It could also be interpreted as “becoming”.

The media is the greatest tool of the enemy and many of us watch too much television.  It is designed to misinform and is controlled by white males.  Our greatest enemy knows secrets. Are they sharing them?  No.  Knowledge is power. Their only goal was to stop Black power. And far too many Black people watch television, taking in images that are designed to manipulate our thinking and retard our growth.  Stop buying into it.  We must control our own image.  Create new media forms.

Social media is taking off and many have seen the power of BlackTwitter.  BlackTwitter has become a force; even forcing mainstream media to look at how social issues can be driven and motivated by our participation of thought, reaction, and conversation on everything from race to politics. In a nutshell, BlackTwitter is the power of collective BP; armed and dangerous with smartphones and killer wit!  White people have taken notice of this and literally, BlackTwitter is changing the flow of news and conversation just simply because of young Black people taking a stand and using this forum to speak OUR TRUTH to the world.

Dr. Phil Valentine speaks on this. Check out many of his lectures on Youtube.

We are the consciousness of this universe. It is time for us to unplug from a system designed to kill our light.

I Will Not Be Civil In The Midst of Terror!


Emmanuel AME Church in Charleston, SC.

My eyes are WIDE OPEN and I know what I see. I AM MAD! I’m not in the mood for any leaders or authorities of any kind, getting on national television, calling for calm and peace. We are under attack. Since the Zimmerman acquittal, there has been a Domino Effect in violence against Black males and people in America. It has barely been two weeks since the Rachel Dolezal mess, McKinney, Texas before that, and the Baltimore riots were just a few weeks ago.

This is beyond coincidence.

As a conscious woman who has been speaking out against the very issues that have been impacting the Black community ever since President Barack Obama was elected.  It started with the Tea Party, then the birther issue, and one after another, the Republicans started talking in code to their mostly white base; and like clockwork, the attitudes and behaviors in whites became bolder and bolder. Not even fearing any kind of response as they directed their hate and fear, first, onto our POTUS; and now, on the Black community.

The worst type of Black on Black crime are for Black people to respond apathetically or not at all when any Black person is threatened.

President Obama’s perceived weakness and cowardice to speak on issues of race, racism, and the impact on Black people, have literally given white people an attitude of invincibility to commit acts of hatred on Black people randomly, and not expect to be held accountable. I HOLD HIM TOTALLY ACCOUNTABLE! And the U.S. Justice Department better start doing their damn job!

Apparently, there was a page on facebook in support for the shooter, Dylan Roof Storm in the Charleston, Massacre. A few of you here have reported the page. Yesterday, it was taken down.

I’m not in the mood right now for “peaceful protesting.” Our people are being persecuted. I’ll say it publicly: I have 0-Tolerance for Cowardice at this time.

In 1849. the Great Harriet Tubman escaped slavery, and for 11 years, she returned 19 times to the south to free  slaves to the north and sometimes into Canada.  Harriet was a brave woman.  It was even stated that she had no tolerance for weakness; threatening even to shoot slaves that showed any form of cowardice.  She is most noted for this quote, “I freed a thousand slaves I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves.”

If only they knew they were slaves.

And that’s where we are today. Many Black people still are psychologically attached to the sons and daughters of slave masters.  Praying to a white Jesus that are prolific in many African American denominated churches; it’s a subliminal submission to admonish that if Jesus is white; then white people really should be worshiped.  A sick  irony and mental breakdown of consciousness of not only the truth of who Christ really was, as well as acknowledgement that there were no Europeans in the Bible.

NO MORE! There’s been a breach in the temple; we let the enemy in without a security check.

Conscious Black People, It’s time to do what needs to be done.  We are the gatekeepers of consciousness and it is the responsibility of ALL BLACK PEOPLE to maintain spiritual order on this planet.  The cowardice that has been tolerated; is no longer acceptable.

Get off your knees and FIGHT the enemy!




Do You Take The Blue Pill or Red Pill?


Choose one…

Remember the Matrix?  Morpheus to Neo: “What you know, you can’t explain.” Classic movie. The scene that inspired this title was the scene in which Morpheus presented to Neo the choice of taking either the red pill or the blue pill.  “This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill – the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill – you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes.”  Powerful line. Made us all think about what we’re really accepting as truth. Many people love the lie: That we’re all the same. If we just work hard, we can have whatever we want.  Just get a good education, and you’ll be successful.  Well, the truth is, life is not equal.  And neither of these is a real formula for success. Sometimes hard work pays off, then there are times when hard work enslaves one to a particular class; never allowing that individual the perks that are given to some, because by the nature of their birth; having the right parents entitles them to whatever they desire. No, hard work is not a solution; it’s a credo.

First, the beginning of slavery is the realization that someone must tell you what to do.  You need a leader.  When you become dependent on that type of mindset; it sets the foundation to be controlled.  You stop thinking for yourself; expecting someone else to always have the answer.

Freedom is slavery and slavery is freedom.  When you demand freedom, you frighten the slave-master.

Our educational system is a sham.  Its construct serves two purposes: 1.) to further empower the elite; and 2.) to create a future tax base through the pursuit of higher income.  Income tax was instituted as a means to control the labor of the people. Thus, they must have cattle.  And that’s where we all play into this system.  By pushing the illusion of having “that higher degree” they are literally provoking insecurity in students to continue their education so that they can participate in this “fake success”, but in reality, the pursuit of that success only creates more debt; in having to obtain more loans (paying interest); obtaining credit cards (debt+interest over time); that pacifies the allure of getting the brass ring so deeply, one is not even conscious of the financial bondage being allowed to control your life.

One of the greatest slave tactics began on the day you were born.  The economy collapsed in 1933. Really, the country was bankrupt,and America was sold as a corporation; the New Deal was a scam. In 1933, because of this, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt created the Maternity Act–making it mandatory for everyone to have a birth certificate who had a child. A bond was placed on your birth certificate and it was sold to the International Bankers–they own everyone in reality. If you haven’t separated yourself from your supposed “straw man” than you are state property. That’s why we pay SSN taxes.  A U.S. Citizen is really a “straw man” Anything you do in commerce is not predicated on the flesh and blood person. It is an artificial corporate entity, known as the “straw man.  Through the 14th Amendment and through your SSN, this is the beginning of the U.S. citizen.  Did you know that the United States is not really a country; it’s a corporation. In order to have control over us, the United States Government had to create an artificial entity, also knows as a corporation, to extend their power to the flesh and blood man. In a nutshell; we’re getting screwed.  Honestly, it seems that The New Deal was really a raw deal.

So basically, A U.S. Citizen is only a corporate fiction that only exists in the Matrix. The United States government only exists in name only…

I suggest you over-stand HJR192:


Yet many don’t realize this.

Wake up and KNOW THE TRUTH!

Reference: I highly suggest you get this book, Pawns of the Game, by William Guy Carr, first published in 1954 that explains in detail what I talked about.


The Charleston Massacre! A Sign From Ra For Black People TO DESTROY THE EVIL IN WHITE AMERICA!


I woke up this morning…prayed, as I always do before I leave the house; got dressed, and left to run errands.  It was already getting hot.  My initiative was to stir early before it got too sticky.  When I got in town, I made one stop then went to have some breakfast at McDonald’s.  After ordering, I chose a seat in the TV room; and watched the news on the big 50 inch.  *Breaking News* as I began to eat, the images flashed before me: CHARLESTON MASSACRE! NINE DEAD.  Police say, “It’s a Hate Crime.”  I stopped eating. Rage went through my body.  I had to get to my blog A.S.A.P.

All over social media, this story is trending.

The gunman apparently sat down and listened to the service, then shot 9 people in cold blood.  They had been praying.  What kind of evil walked in that church? Killing God’s people in his house??? This craKKKa just committed suicide! There will be a spiritual response!

South Carolina succeeded from the union>>>sparking the Civil War. This shooting is symbolic. A WAR is about to happen in America!  And I have 0-Tolerance for cowardice.  I will not be civil.  I will not be a “peaceful protester”.  It is time for ACTION and RESPONSE.

Ever since the Zimmerman trial and acquittal, there has been a domino effect in the amount of tragedies that have happened to Black people.

What will be the response of Black America!

There will be people among us who will call for peace and civility.  Civility?  Why are Black people expected to be civil when there have been 3 separate incidences of violence against innocent Black people within one month?  It’s stupid to even suggest it.

I’m not afraid to fight!

This is a wake-up call, Black People.  It’s beyond a coincidence.

As people go about there lives, this story is just yet another in millions, but it is particularly specific in the nature of subliminal hatred that is being directed at Black people in the wake of an African American president who has shown how weak he is; and this translated a message to whites.  His refusal to speak truthfully and strongly about racism in whites and this country, has given them an attitude of invincibility to do us harm; expecting no accountability. The hand of God is pointing in his face now!


What will be the response?

I do not give a damn who I offend!  I’m offended!  And I have 0-Tolerance for Cowardice at this time. GET OFF OF YOUR BLACK ASSES AND FIGHT FOR YOUR PEOPLE!!!

*Update*  The killer has been apprehended.  His name is Dylan Storm Roof.