I’m Not Singing And Holding Hands With a Group Of People Who Don’t Recognize My Humanity!


Shoot a Black person.  Shock white people.  A call for peace occurs.  Memorials are planned. Then…everyone holds hands, sing We Shall Overcome; and then it happens again.

Hasn’t this become the scenario?

It is…and reflective of how white people are all of a sudden, starting to feel free about showing their bigotry, I hate to say it: because of these cop killings, and our lack of aggression in response. Would you pray for someone who killed your child? I’m not singing and holding hands with a group of people who don’t recognize my humanity. Funk that!

We are a people with a long history on this planet and we’re being treated as though we are trash collectors by a group of people who are nothing more than a mistake of nature.

I will not bow down to a low, reptilian brain, genetic defect.

Our lives matter!  Without us on this planet, humanity would not exist.

It is time for Black people to start over-standing this point.  Our ancestors were first to CREATE, THINK, and CIVILIZE this planet.  And these sub-human, Caucasoid’s dare brand us as monkeys?

The time has come to stop giving white racists a hug, telling them you’ll pray for them, and falling to our knees, asking God to forgive them. This attitude needs to die in Black people.  It’s sick and ridiculous.  An intelligent human being responding c correctly to their environment perceives what is being done to them.

Hell, just last week, a group of Black women got thrown off a damn train for of all things, laughing and having a good time on a California wine train.  It’s like…”Just snicker one time, Nigger.”  Really?  So sorry that happy Black people upset white people so badly; they get treated like gun toting terrorists.

Here’s the story:


One of my friends and I were talking about how Donald Trump has surged in the polls for the presidential race for 2016. His slogan is Make America Great Again.  While on Twitter today, someone tweeted that subliminally, it sounded like what was being projected was, “Make America WHITE Again.”  So apropos. And I totally agreed. What is happening now is that the REALITY of white America is making Trump a hit. He is saying what they haven’t been allowed to say since Obama has been in office. They’re basking in “victimization” now. He attracted over 30,000 people in ALABAMA. They hate northerners. But…he’s got their attention.  That’s something to think about.  Even infamous David Duke is giving him praises.

There is a certain attitude in white people right now. And it serves me to educate Black people of this: You teach people how to treat you; and we have to stop being comfortable with terrorists, to the point, we subconsciously begin to collude with those who want to destroy us.

I will not allow this in my life!


The Opinions of White People Will Never Matter More Than Those of Black People on This Blog!ox Ne


Today, I was reviewing the various responses to the blog and I must say, I have attracted a lot of non-whites lately.  What usually separates them from those of my followers, typically, start out aggressively telling me how racist this blog is and how offended they are.


Just take a listen to this segment from Fox News from a guest, mind you, having the nerve to complain how hard it is to be white:


White privilege must be a mutha!

Well, you know what? I DO NOT GIVE A DAMN if I offend any white person or others who just DON’T GET IT that Black people have a perspective about life, social issues, and see things from a different lens than they do.

The audacity to insinuate your arrogance and demand that what I discuss in someway esteem you.

Who the hell invited you to this blog?  You came here with intent but typically, as with most whites, you assume that Black people aren’t intelligent.  You read the words of the topic at hand, but don’t possess the ability to empathize with the person reporting on the realities they face, so typically, as we’ve seen in history, white folks use Cognitive Dissonance in their actions and responses; and make it their mission to dehumanize, disqualify, nullify, or invalidate our reality or truth; in order to justify their behavior toward us.

I’m quick.  I take no time to assert an offensive and set them straight immediately.  There are times I will edit my responses more than once; just too make sure I said exactly what I was thinking, handing an intellectual smack-down that will never leave their psyche.

We all have to put up with so much from white folks, not just on the job, but even on a subliminal level.  No matter where we go; we have these confrontations.  It’s never neutral.  There’s always a war or the threat of it.  And as people who are raised from birth to “be ready” for any and all challenges one could face, even just walking down the street; Black people are always in a state of engagement with the enemy.

These Caucasoid’s that find their way over to my blog when they Google; it is annoying to the fullest how even when intruding in your space; there is some arrogance at play in the mind of whitey.  They instantly expect “service” in someway. This is my blog, gottdammit!

One of the greatest mistakes many white folks make is to assume that Black people aren’t intelligent.  And for the life of me, I’ve never understood how they assume we are unintelligent when they are the ones who literally jump off cliffs without a parachute.

Anyone that has ever had to attend meetings or events with an interracial audience, whenever the discussion of our experiences come up, white folks have some damn opinion that exposes their racism and ambivalence toward the issues of people of color or BLACK PEOPLE, specifically.

Well, you will not get a pass here.  Their white privilege card is not accepted here.  And never will be.

White people give themselves the privilege to be seen as individuals. They only understand their worldview on issues that permeate society.

Certainly, any Black person that thinks opposite of what they do, gets branded. Right?

Oh, well…for that.

However, I’m not changing a damn thing on this blog to accommodate white folks or any others who come here with the wrong attitude or liability of ignorance.

Had a run in with a white person lately?  Well, look them in the eyes and tell them how much you just don’t give a damn if they’re uncomfortable.  You live in it every single day.

Welcome to the reality of Black America!

The Success of Straight Outta Compton Proves: We Can Become An Economic Threat To White America!


Everyone has heard of the 1 Trillion Dollar buying power of Black America currently.  That will grow to 1.7 Trillion by 2017. Do Black people realize what kind of power this is?  When we get determined to spend our dollars; it’s a rap.  Our dollars are literally funding this economy. Did you know that Black people own the most smart phones of any demographic group?


The things that have been going through my mind: So many are out here crying for racial justice but hell; we’ve been trying to friend an enemy too damn long who only wants to control or destroy us.  Bump that.  It’s time for Black America to wake the hell up.

A real man thinks ahead. His family will never have to suffer when he thinks of their financial future.

It’s time for Black people to start thinking entrepreneurially.  We are a juggernaut waiting to happen.

When I look at the success of the Straight Outta Compton Movie, it shows just how powerful our dollars are and we can bankroll our own communities with unity. Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, and Eazy E’s widow, all produced the movie.  They told their own story.  They convinced Universal Studios to back the movie.    It’s going to make a ton of money.  NWA spoke for my generation of what was happening in the inner city. Little did they know how much their musical impact would change the music industry.  This movie has something to say.  The realities of 1988 are just as relevant today as they were then.  It refuses to apologize for its truth.

The reviews are in: Straight Outta Compton did $60.2 Million dollars over the weekend.

Everyone is talking about the movie.  It’s a smash.

NWA made history and the movie chronicles that.

Can this be the catalyst to something bigger?

I think that there is a buzz among many in the Black community for us to become more economically strong as we have been in the arts and sports.  It’s time for the bold, talented and innovative among us, to consider investing in each other and building a stronger entrepreneurial base.  We have made other groups rich from our buying power.  It would be a very big mistake for us not to take aggressive action and exploit new areas to build our communities and reignite old ones.

The power is within us to be the people we have envisioned.

Dr. Martin Luther King had a dream.  We can make that dream come true with economic goals that are reachable.

What Is OUR RESPONSIBILITY in What Is Happening To Us?


Today, I’ve been on Twitter and it’s kind of quiet today. So, I went to YouTube and I’m watching The Red Pill and Blue Pill discussing: Minister Louis Farrakhan, Economics Boycott, and Race Wars.  The discussion has been around the our responsibility in what has been happening to us.  I listened intently. And…I have to agree with what they’re saying.

I took the liberty of posting some tweets that spoke volumes of the reality of the Black community being somewhat responsible for a lot of what has been done to us.

The basic question is: Where is the fear?  Why do white people have the temerity to kill Black people in 2015 and not fear any consequences?

Frankly, the only answer I can come up with is that we’ve allowed them to think it’s ok.

Within the last 40 years, what has really happened to the Black community? We’ve gone through hell, but we always had each other. Our families were in tact, so we weathered the storms. However, around the late eighties, Fatherlessness, AIDS, crime, violence, and crack cocaine began to rip our communities apart.  Yeah.  I think it’s time to just break it down: Drug dealers have been the biggest terrorists in our community.  Next to them, Black males who have lost their souls; began to degrade, and strip their own people of dignity, power, and wealth.  They brought death into our communities, selling cocaine, heroine, and crack, distributed from whites, willfully helping the enemy do the exact damage they had designed for our people during slavery and throughout the history of this country.  They then worked on the women.  How many millions of Black women were decimated by Black men, filled with so much self hatred; they allowed criminals to define their womanhood, stripping them of the title of woman–replacing it with BITCH; then furthering the assault in having homosexual (DL) sex with other men, going home to those women, and then giving them AIDS.  Let us not forget the countless lives that have been lost of brothers being killed by brothers. Black on Black crime–an extension of the inner turmoil of self-loathing.  And we want white folks to value our lives?

How many Black Gangs have joined Black Lives Matter? Huh? How many are ready to Ride or Die for real?!?!  Always acting hard on wax. Posing, trying to be tough. Where were you when Zimmerman walked?  You have not carried yourself in the manner that commands respect and incites fear in the response of your oppressor.  If they kill one–and we do nothing. Do you really think they won’t kill a 1000 and expect the same?

Hell, the Mafia struck fear in people and that’s why no one messed with Italians.  They loved their own.  That’s what made them powerful.

We have to understand that our enemy has memorized The Art of War.  Many of us, just quote it.  They want to destroy Black males and are not even trying to hide that fact any longer. The sad part: White men tricked Black men to assist in their own demise as a people.

Let me address the term Nigga and how it’s being commericalized around the world.  Who do you think are the ambassadors for this movement?

“Nigga” does not emanate the God in me. Thus, I will not answer to it nor allow anyone to call me that.

So why don’t whites fear disrespecting Black people any longer? White people react to Black fear. We have been the bridge that White Supremacists use to hurt us.  Fear becomes an intention. That which you fear…finds you. You create YOUR FEARS.  They assume we’re cowards.  We run. We die. Hands up. We die. Frankly, the only appreciated among us are the passive Negro.

How do you reconcile Black Lives with a generation that’s only concerned with Meek, Mill, and Drake?

So people are shocked that now, nature has turned the tables, and Black men are getting shot and killed.  More like, a threat is being removed.  Analyze how nature sometimes acts as a vacuum.

Do we dare analyze the truth here:  When you take life; you must replace it with your own.  And many Black men are guilty as hell.

No. I’m not trying to put Black men down. I’m telling the truth.  Every time a Black man gets killed lately; I think of the pregnant women who sold their babies back in the day to get a hit of crack.  How many lives were lost from overdoses? The families that were destroyed. The communities decimated from drugs and violence.  It’s unforgivable.  There must be a cosmic response, thus, the life of Trayvon Martin is just one of the sacrifices that has been made to atone for that one death.

What is pathetic is that people have died all because they are enslaved to a weed.  That’s were drugs come from…

One decision of an individual can have corporate consequences.

We have been lethargic, Black people.  Plain and simple.  We bought the lie.  We drank the nectar of liars who hated us and we destroyed each other so they’d accept us–and WE’RE THE ORIGINAL PEOPLE of this earth.

Yes.  I have to ask this question today: What is our responsibility in what has happened to us?

Black people need to MARCH ON white folks; and stop marching for something out of emotion. FIGHT BACK!

Before you choose your leaders and question God, reconcile this: If you’re not prepared to fight or die for what you’re preachin’…GET THE HELL out of my face!

Black Women Going Natural…Liberation or Just Another Trend?


When I think of the times my mother would have me sit on the floor to do my hair, which was very long and coarse, parting it, greasing it (Royal Crown), then putting in the ponytails with the colored twist bands or barrettes.


Memories of those times are synonymous with the culture of Black women.  Our mothers always made sure to keep our hair neatly combed or press, thus, we learned at a young age, that hair, was a very important beauty feature of a woman. However, it was also infused in us very early on that there was something wrong with our natural hair.  Mothers like mine, who got tired or just too busy to do our hair, often started putting kiddy perms in.  That resulted in many of us suffering hair loss and damage to our natural hair that would last a lifetime.

I was blessed to have long hair.  Everywhere I went, people asked me if my hair was real.  They wanted to touch it–run their hands through it.  I never understood the fuss, as not having any vanity whatsoever of the length of my hair.  It just was peculiar how Black folks, particularly Black men acted whenever seeing a young Black woman–any Black woman, no matter what age, with natural long hair.  There was a value added to it; people were always awed by the sight of long hair. This would become a long-standing experience that has lasted to this day.

In its natural state, my hair is curly and wavy.  After years of doing my hair, my mother simply got tired and decided to have a perm put in my hair by a friend of the family who was also a beautician.  When I think of the time it would take this woman to do my hair; I cringe.  I swear, I’d leave the house at 8:30 a.m. for my 9:00 a.m. appointment, only to get there, and have to wait for her to get in the mood to do my hair.  Honest to God, she’d have me sitting in the kitchen, while she cooked breakfast sometimes, then start doing her laundry; then, tell me to go downstairs in the basement, where her salon was, and she’d be down shortly.  Ok, hours would pass–literally, I’ve been waiting on this woman for several hours. When she finally touched my head, it would be damn near noon.  This would be repeated over and over and over.  I was 12 when I got my first perm.  By the time I entered high school, I went back to natural.  My high school years were a time of fashion and beauty exploration. Freshman year, I decided to trim my hair–I wanted a flared look.  Then, people started calling me Farrah.  I experimented some more, cutting it into what would eventually become the geometric look (ahead of my time).  I would wear my hair up (like women did back in the forties) then create other styles.  There was no telling what I’d do to my hair.

However, I am here to tell you…right  here and right now.  I NEVER, EVER, EVER, HAD A JHERI CURL!  Couldn’t stand the drip.  And those damn plastic hair bags people used to wear. This, was not cool to me.  And don’t even get me started on that flaky mess that you’d see in people’s hair if they didn’t wash that head.  Yuck.  Terrible.  The extremes Black people went to just to have a curl.  This period truly exposed just how much value Black people put in their hair.


And Black women…we are some of the largest consumers of hair care products in the world.  From braids, locks perms and relaxers, and now hair weaves; adding on: hair care products, beauty salon visits, etc., this adds up to a 9 billion dollar industry.  Companies fiercely compete for the attention and dollars of Black women by infusing insecurity with desirability of having European hair; it fuels a sickness that is helping many Asians send their children to college.

Today however, there is a movement in Black Women.  Many are going natural.  Love some of the looks.  As always, Black women are the most creative when it comes to hair:




I’ve been natural for over 30 years, but I stopped pressing my hair within the last 8 years.  And my hair is the healthiest it’s ever been.

I’m glad and very supportive of the new attitude and movement among my sisters, but I wonder, is it really a liberation for many or just another trend.

Only time will tell…

Bobbi Kristina…Everyone Failed You!


Right now, I’m playing one of the legendary Whitney Houston’s songs, I Look To You. The video is especially haunting given the circumstances of the tragedy that took her life.  It is a beautiful, ethereal video.  That voice is still strong.  I haven’t listened to Whitney’s music for several years.  I’m a little emotional…frankly.

Bobbi Kristina Brown was found face down in a tub in her Atlanta town home on January 21, 2015.  Apparently, she was under the influence of drugs. Her boyfriend, Nick Gordon, was the last person to see her alive. For 7 months, she lay in a coma. On June 26, 2015, her only child, Bobbi Kristina, died in hospice care.  She was laid to rest on Monday, August 3, 2015.

When Whitney died in 2012, it shocked the industry and the world.  That voice–that beautiful, God-given talent, forever silenced.  Her funeral was broadcasted live; it touched many who watched, and reminded people of just what was leaving this earth.

Now just barely 3 years later, her little girl has joined her in death.  A sad end to a life that was barely lived.

Bobbi couldn’t bare the loss of her mother.  It gutted her…as she remarked to someone.  Every day was a a struggle for her after her loss.  She searched for comfort but found none.  So, only knowing how to numb her pain instead of learning to gain strength so she could move on, she turned to drugs and alcohol.  That’s what she learned from her parents.  Let’s just be real…Bobby Brown and Whitney are as much responsible for her death.  Yes, she made the choice to use drugs, but what was her alternative?  She had none shown to her.  They openly got high and drunk in front of their child.  Parents are the first teachers.  But when both parents are dysfunctional; what does a child do?

Right now, I’m a little teary-eyed.  Seriously.  I’m playing I Look to You over and over as I right this, drawing inspiration for the words to this piece.  I’ve shaken my head…trying to understand everything that has played out over the course of time before Bobbi’s death, and I just can’t make any sense of it all.

The families (Browns and Houston’s) have been fighting each other.  There was a fight that broke out with Pat Houston and Leolah Brown at the memorial service in Atlanta on last Saturday.  Tyler Perry and security escorted Ms. Brown out in which she gave an impromptu interview with reporters, indicating, that a war was about to start.

Leolah Brown talks with media members outside the church hosting a funeral service for her brother Bobby Brown's daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown, Saturday, Aug. 1, 2015, in Alpharetta, Ga. She said she was angry because Pat Houston was speaking at the funeral. Pat Houston is the sister-in-law and former manager for the late Whitney Houston. Bobbi Kristina, the only child of Whitney Houston and R&B singer Bobby Brown, died in hospice care July 26, about six months after she was found face-down and unresponsive in a bathtub in her suburban Atlanta townhome. (AP Photo/John Bazemore)

Leolah Brown talks with media members outside the church hosting a funeral service for her brother Bobby Brown’s daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown, Saturday, Aug. 1, 2015, in Alpharetta, Ga. She said she was angry because Pat Houston was speaking at the funeral. Pat Houston is the sister-in-law and former manager for the late Whitney Houston. Bobbi Kristina, the only child of Whitney Houston and R&B singer Bobby Brown, died in hospice care July 26, about six months after she was found face-down and unresponsive in a bathtub in her suburban Atlanta townhome. (AP Photo/John Bazemore)

But truthfully, a little girl, barely 22 years old is gone.  We’ll never know what she could have accomplished or who she could have grown up to be.

My heart goes out to Mrs. Cissy Houston in the tragic loss of not just her legendary daughter, Whitney Houston in 2012, but also in losing her grandchild, Bobbi Kristina, just a few years apart. May God give her strength.

Maybe Black Men Should Wear Lions Skins So They Won’t Get Shot!


On July 31, 2015, there were two stories trending: The shooting death of Sam DaBose in Cleveland by a Cleveland police officer and then another: The killing of a beloved lion named Cecil in Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park by a Minnesota Dentist after being lured out of his protective habitat by him, then shot, and beheaded (for trophy).  White people have literally been in an uproar over this, but not such reaction to the countless stories of innocent Black males who’ve been killed by white police officers.  This story broke on the same day that the Cincinnati police officer was indicted for the shooting death of Sam DaBose.

There is currently legislation being enacted by the United States Senate that is going to be presented to the United Nations. The United Nations?

Apparently, there has been global outrage over the senseless killing of African wild life.  I can understand that, but there has been senseless killing of Black people in America for over 400 years that hasn’t sparked this kind of outrage.

As a Black woman that has been observing the current events that have been impacting Black lives, first, while growing up in Chicago, and the systematic murders of young Black males since the casual and senseless slaying of Trayvon Martin in 2012; I have to question, what the hell is wrong with white folks?  I mean really?


These people get all up in arms over the killing and abuse of animals, but say nothing, even with proof, of innocent Black lives taken.



I love animals. The lion is the symbol of the motherland.  However, it is circumspect to see this type of misplaced outrage over a creature (who is not the first lion killed for sport) literally being immortalized with memorials and pictures all over the media about the value of its life.

Are not Black lives valuable?

Many politicians and celebrities are quick to denounce the dentist and pay reverence to the dead lion.  Not many are willing to speak out against the senseless violence and killings of young Black men and women at the hands of mostly white police officers.  Clearly, a sick double-standard exists.  Another glaring example of the strange duplicity in the minds of white people.

“I hope that #WalterPalmer loses his home, his practice & his money. He has already lost his soul…” tweeted Sharon Osbourne on Wednesday.

Even late night host, Jimmy Kimmel choked up at the discussion Cecil death on his show and described it as, “a disgusting tragedy.”

There truly is some kind of strange disconnect.

Writer Roxane Gay asked on Twitter to ask if black people would get more concern if they dressed like lions.

“I’m personally going to start wearing a lion costume when I leave my house so if I get shot, people will care,” she posted.

You know, maybe she has a point.