I Feel No Obligation To Make Whites Feel Good About Themselves…

Somewhere between the lines of political correctness and reality; there appears to be somewhat an arrogant attitude and presumption that prevails among some whites, that Black people have to be nice to them because the Civil Rights Act, after all, couldn’t have passed if many whites in this country hadn’t supported the cause.  This alone should somehow give them a pass when racial issues come up.


How many of them died for the cause?  Yes, some got hurt, but the it was Blacks who had to dodge bullets, dogs, and water hoses.   Many went to jail.  Some had their homes set on fire or bombed.

What I’m getting at is that White people are not owed any type of gratitude because of their involvement in the movement.  Quite the contrary.

Black people have been conditioned to be passive and obsequious whenever whites show any interest in our causes.  We are not to make any statements that remind whites of the 450 years of terror our ancestors endured nor are we to become belligerent, hostile or caustic in our speech or manner.  Hhmmm…that sounds like; even to liberal whites; Black folks are still to act docile, respectful and humble in the presence of whites, albeit that deep down; most Black folks would love to beat the sh*t out of most whites on any given day.  They are not accustomed to hearing the truth spoken about them unapologetically.  White liberals are the worst.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking since the Trayvon Martin murder case and protests that are going on.

The Black voices that rose up to speak out against this tragedy are really folks who are just FED UP.  They were fed up with the hypocrisy of White America.

White folks love to insinuate how much race issues have subsided, yet in the span of a year, there are pending cases that involve race.  Many of the victims were Black and the assailants were white.

Who’s zooming who?

Let me just be even more blunt: White folks have not, cannot and seemingly will not face up to this very truth: They are innately evil and as Malcolm X said in the sixties; many of them are depraved.  It’s just not in their nature to act civilly toward people of color.

When the Civil Rights Act was passed; yes, it struck down institutionalized racism; but racism of the heart and mind are passed on…and keep on ticking like a Timex watch.

I’ve never been that naive in my life to believe that singing a few unity songs was going to change white people.

Black people need to understand, here and now, that those who are Caucasian; have a unique history in this world. What does their history show? It shows a people obsessed with moneydominance (only the strong survive), powergreedwar, and the use of fear and misinformation as tools to control what they conquer. This is absolutely the truth.

And it’s just a matter of intelligence for those Blacks, like myself; to come to the conclusion, based on current history of my generation, regarding Caucasians, that these people are pathological in their behavior, and it’s is just pure lunacy to expect them to act with spiritual, moral, and brotherly love toward other races of people.

It’s just not in them.

Simply put: I don’t wear rose-colored glasses; and I just don’t trust them

That’s the real on how I see it and I have absolutely no desire or feel any obligation whatsoever to be nice to them.

Black people have been nicer to these people more than then deserve.

It’s time to end the minstrel show.


20 comments on “I Feel No Obligation To Make Whites Feel Good About Themselves…

  1. Sabrina says:

    I been sharing your posts in case you haven’t realized it. I agree with you on a lot of things. I posted a video of straight black pride activists standing up against homosexuality and this Caucasoid guy had the audacity to say black people are “stupid” and that we cry about discrimination but turn around and discriminate against gay people. I told him this, ”

    +Christopher Li-Reid Most of them are. They were “stupid” enough to help your people through the dark ages, teach you how to bathe, actually use soap, walk on two legs, and civilize you (2 times). I’m surprised anyone would even sleep with you guys. Do not come on my post; inserting your white privilege and non-relevant opinion on our reasons to be against something that goes against our cultural values. Homosexuality is a European thing, it has nothing to do with us, Afrikkan men has always put their women on the pedestal and honored her while you guys were in the caucus mountains beating on your women and they were busy getting it on with monkeys and dogs which explains animal porn. We are not “crying” about discrimination, it’s been happening for 524 years. This is not something that recently happened, You guys set up unfair playing fields because it helps you guys survive. You guys know why you guys do the things you do. You guys can’t co exist with us. this is not rocket science. We are against homosexuality in the black community because it’s not natural. Do not insert your privilege on my post again” after I sent the message, I reported his comment as hate speech against a race and he replied back with some bull about me not knowing his race. It’s obvious that he is a suspected white supremacist. Like, black people are educating other black people about the gay agenda, this is their conversation, not yours.

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    • Truthangel07 says:

      All white people are inherently stupid and void of any spirituality, given their carnal and depraved nature. I don’t waste my intellect on them. They’re marked for elimination anyway. Game over!


  2. brown13 says:

    im east indian and i also HATE whites as they owe us reparations for the 1849 invasion ,thank god we kicked the british pigs out in 1947′


  3. Wow that was unusual. I just wrote an really long comment but
    after I clicked submit my comment didn’t appear.
    Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that over again.
    Anyhow, just wanted to say great blog!


  4. Adeen says:

    Well written post. I don’t feel any obligation to trust or like White people. They think they are superior to us in everyway and plus they are enemies. There is no use dating or marrying them.

    That is one of the reasons why I stopped commenting on Abagond’s blog because there is way too many White trolls and when I say I distrust Whites, I am called a racist on there. I thought Abagond was a site where Black people could go and discuss the issues that matter the most to us but the site has basically been taken over by White trolls and I hate that. I am convinced this man writes for White people not us.

    And why do Whites expect me to like and trust them? And I dislike and mistrust them like MANY people of all races and cultures just the same. I don’t trust Whites anymore than I trust people really.


    • truthangel07 says:

      This is the downfall of many Blacks who have blogs or websites; their mistake in using the presumption of inclusion as a means of entry to their sites. You control your environment–or at least you should. There is no way I’m going to allow any whites to come to my blog; change the course of discussion to suit them; and then have them systematically chase all the Black people away. That’s what has happened on way too many sites in recent years. And generally when this happens–THERE GOES THE SITE. Blackvoices in a good example of this.


      • Adeen says:

        Exactly, that is why if I made my own blog, I wouldn’t let any Whites on it. This is a Black website not theirs. I don’t see why they even comment on our websites.

        What are these Neanderthals’ obsession with us?


      • truthangel07 says:

        Can’t say, Adeen.

        But I’m sure, there will be white guys trying to hit on you since many of them assume they are the object of our affections.


        Black women still overwhelmingly prefer to be with Black men.


  5. You know I have been called racist almost everyday for the last year. Well, we all know it’s impossible for me to be a racist, but let’s say that I am a racist–if any one group of people have the absolute right to be racist it would be Black people.

    Most other groups couldn’t handle the mess we ignore on a daily bases.


    • truthangel07 says:

      My response to whites who dare try to call me or any Black person a racist; they can KISS MY ASS! Really, I don’t have to justify, apologize, or negotiate any type of settlement with them. Free Speech was a law designed by white men, but many white folks seem to think that only they have that right.

      They deserve death for the crimes of their ancestors. However, nature is exacting our revenge. In less than 30 years, white folks will be the minority in America for the very first time in this country’s history.

      That my dear…is GREAT NEWS. They deserve to die.


  6. mstoogood4yall says:

    There have always been whites trying to help that won’t change but they are in the minority. And not many of those willing to help would do what it takes . They do not deserve praise for it was their people that created all this mess. If they want to help and do what’s right they must humble themselves and not try to shut us up ,but listen. Many get defensive and will not help unless we hold their hand and protect their feelings. I have read their comments saying things like hey don’t say or do this as u might alienate some of us whites who want to help. No I will not sugarcoat the atrocities white ppl have committed as not to alienate the ones who say they want to help. No if u want to help, go lecture ur people about their discrimination, their lies, etc. I see most don’t want to help yeah they want to help alright, help to keep us quiet. These are the things a sincere white person must have if they really want to help:

    1. they must be humble
    2. they must listen
    3. they cannot complain
    4. they should not be offended when we discuss white supremacy and racism
    5. they must talk to other whites about their hate and call them out when they say racist things
    6. they must step back when we ask them let us solve certain things on our own
    7. they cannot say reverse racism
    8. they must know black ppl can’t be racist and there is no black supremacy
    9. they cannot dismiss our experiences with racism or try to say oh no it’s classism
    10. they should not expect anything in return for doing the right thing for righting a wrong they created
    11. they must tell us anything they know about how whites practice white supremacy and give us insight into their ways
    12. they must not interfere or expect us to allow them into our future black wall street.


    • truthangel07 says:

      The bottom line here for me is that the truth is a hard pill to swallow for most people and white folks HATE THE TRUTH. This is why there is a disconnect with us when it comes to listening to them or trusting them. Innately; they are liars.

      It’s very dehumanizing for a person to have to suppress a part of themselves in order to make someone else comfortable. I will not do that.

      Basically put: White people want inclusion with accountability. And as relates to what their race has done over time to my people; reparations is past due and if we don’t get what we want; WE’LL TAKE WHAT WE WANT!


    • Imhotep says:


      They will only help us if we are submissive to them. Trust none of them. At the end of the day, yt men will always want to lynch Brothas and sleep with Sistas.


  7. Where to begin to respond?! I think I am going to sing a unity song and calm down. That is what they are for, right? To numb the pain, and look the happy slave…


  8. Great post! Excellent points!


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