Steve Harvey…SHUT UP!


In 2012, Steve Harvey retired from comedy–I guess for good, after his book, Act Like A Man, Think Like a Lady became a national best seller. I remember scanning through it at a bookstore and kind of got snarky about what I read. It wasn’t anything that I hadn’t heard before and what really irked me the most was that this was coming from a man who had been married 3 times.

What did he really know about long lasting relationships if he hadn’t been in one?

While doing some Googling, I ran across this article quote that kind of summed up my feelings totally about Mr. Harvey.

By: Kirsten West Savali | Posted: April 5, 2012

“In a piece for the Huffington Post critiquing the approach of the author-comedian-relationship guru, Kirsten West Savali predicts that the only redeeming feature of his new film, Think Like a Man, will be the money it makes at the box office.

I don’t like Steve Harvey — yes, I said it.

To be more precise, since I’ve never met the man personally, I don’t like what Steve Harvey represents.

There is an arrogance — a barely sheathed tone of alpha-male superiority that permeates everything he spews from politics to relationships — that simply makes my skin crawl. In his controversial “book,” Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man, he presumes that women are so desperate to snare a man that they will blindly lap up advice from anyone with a pen and a publicist. In a deliberate attempt at adverse-feminism, he casts women as simple-minded huntresses who — with a simple fifteen-dollar literary weapon from Barnes & Noble — will be armed with the sophisticated techniques needed to catch our flawed masculine prey. To make matters worse, he has a consistent habit of illuminating the misogyny in the Bible for public consumption, as if the Great One himself parted the clouds and said, “Woman, thou shall be a lady in the streets, but a freak in the sheets … (((sheets))) … (((sheets))) … ”

Basically, Steve Harvey is annoying.”

I’ve watched him for years and can’t think of one time in which he made me laugh.

More precise, I’ve listened to his morning radio show a few times, and I get so tired of the sermons. He’s found God, so he thinks, and like all neophyte Christians, he thinks it’s his job to cast out demons, chastise, preach to, and sermonize all the hedonists that listen to his show ever single morning. It gets tired and it takes away from the format. He’s not playing Donny McClurkin, he’s playing R. Kelly, Mr. Bump & Grind himself, after his proselytizing. Really, man….

All I can say, if Steve Harvey can become a best selling author, talk show host, game show host, radio host, and pseudo-lecturer in the span of 2 years, we all should hire his publicist, because talent ain’t got nothin’ to do with it.

16 comments on “Steve Harvey…SHUT UP!

  1. Walt says:

    It is so sad that he puts himself up as a follower of Jesus. You can’t sit on both sides of the fence.


  2. rozzie23 says:

    shouldn’t we be supporting our “Black People” instead of tearing them down isn’t that what the White fokes do?


  3. I work with some Black women that worships this coon. They hang on his every word and can’t wait for the next. Steve Harvey is dangerous to the Black community that he sucks the blood out of. He spews bullshit advice and turn life into entertainment for a gang of single women looking for love. The only person that will come out ahead in this Blackpoitation reality show is Harvey. How the hell can people even stand to watch this muthafucka much less listen to anything he has to say. With that dumb ass blank expression he’s patented.


  4. Tyrone says:

    Any blackman that is self-confident will get negative blowback…Nature of The Beast! I wish most brothas would be arrogant like Steve vs. hating themselves as such. We expect perfection from celebrities, not realistic. I can’t go ham on Steve when the industry is occupied with dozens of coonish men who have no intangibles to speak of.


  5. I’m so sick of this man! He really gets on my nerves. I saw him in person way back in 1997. It was at a talk show called Vibe. Harvey was one of the guests for the show. He wasn’t even that big back then but he still had such a cocky full of himself attitude. I love this video! Brother makes some great points!lol


    • truthangel07 says:

      I thought I was the only one.

      Monday, I was listening to his morning show and per usual, he starts talking about how “you can change your life if…” Oh, Lawd! I was so irritated. I just turned the radio off.


      • You’re not alone. He as that effect on a lot of I heard during the Kings of Comedy tour he was jealous of Bernie Mac. People kept saying Bernie was the funniest one. I believe it too. Harvey seems like that type.


      • truthangel07 says:

        And Bernie tore up the Kings of Comedy. Hilarious. Classic. He made Cedric, Steve, and D.L. look like the Supremes. Get him his Mercedes, man. I just listened to that video you posted. Completely agree.

        Do you remember when Steve tried to get Bernie Mac fired from the film Charlies Angels? Because he was jealous of him and thought that he was the better actor.

        I just don’t like him…and the only reason why Steve Harvey keeps frontin’ in the Gospel industry is because Kat Williams literally forced his behind to retire from comedy. He would kill him onstage.


      • Katt got him really good! LOL!!!


      • truthangel07 says:

        Did you catch the apology by Steve to his audience for that show. Again, his High-Mightyness, thought that it wasn’t appropriate, and felt the need to give the disclaimer. Seems to me that most of the audience was filled with Kat’s fans.


      • Yeah Katt got him really good!lol


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