Dr. Phil Valentine: The Intellectual Malcolm X!


This man right here…has got to be the intellectual version of Malcolm X.  His teachings have literally increased my consciousness, to the level, that my writing has even been elevated, energized, and become more acute.

Who is Dr. Phil Valentine?  Dr. Valentine is originally from the island of Trinidad and is the founder, director and pastor of the Temple of the Healing Spirit; Self-Healing Education Center, The Institute for Self-Master; and just recently, The University of Kemetian Sciences. A certified member of the International Association of Counselors and Therapists (I.A.C.T.) He is a metaphysicist, certified herbalist and one of the deepest lecturers/teachers out today.

If you’ve seen this man either in person or watched one of his many videos on Youtube, you must agree with me when I say that he is absolutely gifted in the manner in which he breaks down information and translates that information on a metaphysical level.

I’ve been watching his lectures for about a year now and I feel as though I’ve been changed.  The first one that I watched, “Stop Being Played” is masterful.  Currently, I’m watching Book of The Earth Parts 1-6.  His videos date back to the early 90’s, but he’s been at the forefront of African Spirituality since the 70’s. The man is literally a walking scholar.  He’s read over 3000 books; can break down any material, to the point, you’d think he was present when Moses took the Ten Commandments directly from God.

This is literally the type of teacher/college professor you wish you had.

Everything that I’ve learned about from Dr. Valentine had me thinking very deeply about the reality of what I’ve experienced, as well as what those in power want you to think is happening.

There is a sinister plot by our enemy to destroy us.  That is not a joke.

Dr. Valentine and those in the conscious community are code breakers.  They have literally decoded the motives, actions, and literature of our enemy, to the degree, they are considered as dangerous as terrorist killers.

Did you know that AIDS is a hoax?  Did you know that vaccines can kill?  Why is there a war on Black males?  Do you over-stand how food is being used to control us?   Do you really understand White Supremacy? Dr. Valentine schooled Black people about what was going on decades ago before anything happened, and literally, events today are proving him right.

I’ve learned a lot.  And I invite you all to get tapped in and elevate your consciousness for our enemy is masterful and we need to be vigilant to know his ways.

4 comments on “Dr. Phil Valentine: The Intellectual Malcolm X!

  1. Blackking86 says:

    Thanks for sharing this. I’ve heard about this man a few years back when I watched Hidden Colors I.

    Great wisdom he has. I’ve also watched a few of his lectures on YouTube. I want to get that book of his, the wounded womb.


  2. A very intelligent man! I’ve learned a lot from him over the past ten years. I have about fifteen of his dvd’s.


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