Get Out?! I Never Went In…

Natural and proud

Everyone is talking about the movie, Get Out.  Directed by Jordan Peele.  I haven’t gone to see it and I’m not really anxious to either.  Why?  It’s really old news.  Jordan Peele is getting rave reviews for this movie that really is about passive-aggressive racism that many Black people have endured at various times of their lives.  The symbolism of Get Out is that white folks “act nice” but they are truly evil to the core. And white women are not to be trusted-ever!

Uh.  Yeah.  Slavery and Jim Crow didn’t convince Black folks of that?

But what about people like myself, who’ve always been hip to the duplicity of white folks. They’re as fake as plastic floral arrangements at a brunch.  Set strategically on the table to create a certain atmosphere or create a visual, implied to project a particular reality that does not exist.  They’re not real flowers.  Just a projection.

But here’s the kicker, with all of the warnings of the movie, Get Out, its director, Jordan Peele, is married to a white woman. Huh? So, what’cha, sayin’, bruh?  That’s a double standard.  Your life isn’t your advocacy.  How are people supposed to interpret that?  Would you listen to someone pitching Vegetarianism but eating at Longhorn every day?

This is a simple one for me. Gonna be direct and brief. I’m not attracted to white men. And yes, I’ve seen some who I thought were attractive over the years, however, when it came down to really asking myself, “would I….” The answer within my soul has been…HELL NO! As a Black woman, I’ve evolved tremendously, intellectually, and spiritually. The bone honest truth is I find white people offensive to my existence. Their presences is a blemish to our relevance and importance on this planet. Do Black people ever think about how much time we’ve wasted with these genetically deficient, morally vacant, repulsive, parasitical, EVIL, reprobate, reptilian brain, fragmented thinking, vapid, miscreants?! Our narrative gives them relevance. Everything about them is constructed from lies. Their history is a nothing more than propaganda–they’re not who they proclaim to be. Superior? At what? We completely dominate them in any arena. Yet, these impudent creatures have the audacity to call us inferior. They stole our history and identity. To control the lie, they confiscated all the information so that it couldn’t be edited. But we are natural geniuses and we’ve broken the code.I don’t wanted anything to do with these people. No. Not me. They disgust me to the core.

White women are coming after Black men for one purpose: To aid white supremacy!  Love doesn’t have a damn think to do with it.  White men are using Black women’s bodies to feel more masculine.  It’s a corporation.  You work for it.  YOU no longer exist.  Everything you do is for the corporation.

Frankly, white people are truly some of the most intrusive, annoying, and culturally vacant miscreants on this planet!  They truly are cultural vampires.  They truly are the living dead. If that’s what you settled for, than you have been brainwashed; and are no longer of relevance to the Black community.

For any Black person that was ignorant enough to get involved with a white woman or white man.  You got played. The mental death you have suffered is irreversible.  You chose it.  Suffer the consequence of sleeping with the dead.

As for myself, I offer this warning to white folks, I want nothing to do with you.  Leave me alone. You’ll never infiltrate.  I will hurt you.  I feel nothing for you. The only worth you have to me is what I want–POWER!  This is what I desire.  And if you annoy me further; I promise you, The only thing that’s going to make me act right is to give me what I want! Any hesitation, I’ll take EVERYTHING you got!




17 comments on “Get Out?! I Never Went In…

  1. philomage says:

    I’m going to be honest I got a lot from this film. I left the theatre shook because I was snapped out of the periodic sleep the pale faces lead me into from time to time.

    After I found out Peele himself was in the sunken place I felt it was more a cry for help. He couldn’t help but make this film, he himself is there! That’s another angle we could take ain’t it? Peace out.

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  2. Yeah, well, I bothered to watch it. My mom and I went. At first, I thought it would be a tv show and had no desire to watch it but than I read a comment saying if nobody watches this than you are not conscious so I went for the sake of seeing subliminal messages.

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    • Truthangel07 says:

      I’ve never been that detached. I know who my enemy is. Always have. This movie was for weak-minded Knee-grows who really believe white people are nice just because they smile at them. I’ve never been that naive; even when I had an excuse to be.


  3. Oh btw, despite the backlash on youtube, Black men marrying black women rose significantly in last couple of years.It’s a process Truth. Like my mother said everything that wp planned for us is having a boomerang effect & is having dire consequences on them.I waste no time on them at all. GOD BLESS

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  4. Truth I’m still overjoyed though: Saye Taryor tweeted that African has a growing space program. A black woman heads a political party in Sweden. Africa is slowly starting to control most of their resources,so I say we are on the right track. White women & men want relationships with us ,because that is where the power is going. You know when wp do something there is always a interior motive. GOD BLESS

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  5. Truth, I agree.As Jesus said to his disciples worry about your salvation in Heaven first. White Nationalists Bills are being shot down in Australia & New Zealand. Unfortunately we have a segment in our society : The black male vs black women hatred on youtube, who want nothing to do with each other, but they will lower their standards to be with wp. I say we cut them loose,too much time is being wasted on them & wp.My mother said that black buying power is growing, so we have no excuse not to take care of each other. GOD BLESS

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    • Truthangel07 says:

      I totally agree. The parasites among us MUST GO! They’re depleting us. Sometimes, you have to give people an ultimatum in order to force them to take a position on where they really stand.


  6. Let them swirlers really think that white amerika is really going to accept them.
    They are so being used.
    During slavery, white men raped blk women slaves to produce children, but only for one reason, to add more money to their property and ledger books. Thear children meant nothing to them. That is why they had no problem putting them on the auction block.
    So Black swirlers…hear this, u’ve bn sold to the highest bidder; ur relationships has absolutely nothing to do LOVE.
    Fools u are.


  7. Cara Blu says:

    “For any Black person that was ignorant enough to get involved with a white woman or white man. You got played. The mental death you have suffered is irreversible. You chose it. Suffer the consequence of sleeping with the dead.”

    I always said black people in IRs like to put on a front since ALL just ignore their partners racism and abuse. Black people act like zombies in these relationship and eventually succumb to their partners mindset. Way too many black people become white supremacist while dating/marrying a white person and that is the only way for racism to maintain and survive. Its exactly like the movie get out. Black women in IRs are like the black maid in the movie and BM in IRs are like the man who got shook from the flash of the camera.


  8. Truth , last month Minister Farrakhan gave Donald Trump a warning about bringing Federal troops to Chicago. Farrakhan said if there is any black blood spilled GOD will bring a vengeance to the US that has never been seen before. Farrakhan reference the snowstorm that hit the Saharan part of Dubai .There is a new report that wp with no high school diploma life expectancy is at a all time low. Their drug use is out of hand & did you hear that the Presidents of Greece and Turkey told African & Arab immigrants to breed a lot with hopes of taking over.The European collapse is already at hand. GOD BLESS

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    • Truthangel07 says:

      I’m aware of what Minister Farrakhan said. And someone told me about the snowstorm in Dubai (strange). God is talking to this world. And the demise of the Caucasian is at hand. Negative Birthrate and growing…


  9. ScejaMan says:

    “White women are coming after Black men for one purpose: To aid white supremacy! Love doesn’t have a damn think to do with it. White men are using Black women’s bodies to feel more masculine.”

    -This is one of the reasons I’m against interracial sex/marriage! These people are using Black bodies to support white domination. White females sleeping with dumb brothas without supporting the Black man’s agenda (Black nationalism) is not REAL LOVE. White males jumping into with sleepy sistas and still benefit from the historic abuse of the black womb is not EMPOWERMENT.

    Great post, sister! Assault these cowards and give them a middle finger! I would like to see your views on Asians. I saw a video of a Black woman being harassed by some Chinese thugs and got angry!!!! I don’t know why we Black men don’t place a death penalty over the heads of our women.

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    • Truthangel07 says:

      Everything happening right now is about the Black male. His unconsciousness and lack of self-love, disconnection from God and his community, has left many impudent and useless by society as well as his own people. Until Black men reconnect with God, atone for his behavior and heal his relationship with Black women, the death toll will continue to rise. God is talking to this generation as never before. People better listen.


  10. I haven’t seen this movie myself either, and to be honest, I don’t think I want to either. I’ve seen the trailer enough times and heard enough commentaries to know basically that it’s just another Jungle Fever flick with a pinch of horror. Which is what those Jungle fever relationships are, horror shows slowly reaching its climax

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    • Truthangel07 says:

      Kind of makes you wonder, doesn’t it? But as I said, why am I supposed to take this movie seriously when the director is married to a white woman. Hypocrites make lousy role models or teachers.


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