Does Raven Symone Need Prayer Intervention?


Father God, You are the master of the universe, Lord of all. As a human being on this planet, I acknowledge your presence and authority over all things.

Lord, as you know, there are many attacks that have been coming at the Black community and many lives have been lost from violence, simply for being who they are.

However, we are also under attack through the media; ironically, from those who look like us.

30 years ago, America fell in love with this cute little girl who stole scenes repeatedly on the Cosby Show.

images (20)

She then gained fame and wealth through her popular Disney show, That’s so Raven.


But what happened to her?

Within the past year, actress, television host, Raven Symone’ has made some very controversial comments:……/raven_symone_im_not_about_to_hire_y…/…/dear-raven-symone-colorles…

You know what they are. Her recent comments, again, have angered the Black community. What provokes the people is her blatant ignorance and ambivalence of what she is saying in the media. There is some kind of disconnect.

Many are tired of Raven Symone’ and want to banish her. Others could literally physically attack her for her idiocy. However, I see another issue that needs to be confronted: Raven Symone’ is lost. She has no depth of consciousness and really thinks that nothing really matters–not her heritage, her lifestyle nor her responsibility to speak with intelligence, as not to burden the Black community with her irresponsible commentary about us.

God, it is said that you have mercy for babies and fools. Well, the latter applies to Raven. This child needs some kind of intervention before she destroys her career.

And to further, when the Black community no longer tolerates you; the forces that be will be unleashed to take yet another soul.

You’re a merciful God.

Raven was created for a purpose but apparently is under some type of influence that has rendered her intellectually impaired.

Help this lost child…


19 comments on “Does Raven Symone Need Prayer Intervention?

  1. OMG!! I loathe this little willfully ignorant bitch. And please, no tongues will be bitten. What do you call an ass kisser of the lowest order? I don’t know about you, but from here on out they will be known as a Raven-Symone. Now, let’s talk about names and what they bring to mind. When I think of a Raven-Symone the only thing that comes to mind is sweet ass grape kool-aid, hot pickles, frozen bubble gum, lemonheads, banana now and laters, pumpkins seed, being grown on the sidewalk (the little girls on my block used to act grown when they played on the sidewalks) and mustard greens. What comes to mind when Raven-Symone thinks of the name Raven-Symone, not Black like them……and that’s it. See this little ungrateful hag has been hanging around Bill Cosby and the rest of them uppity negroes and forgot that she is indeed still a negro. Now, common sense would tell the average uppity negro to chill for a minute and let the country digest their last plate of bullshit. But you see this be one of them “new” uppity negroes with yellow skin and cat eyes. They are a bit hard headed these types, but trust in this; when that uppity negro wake-up call comes and the most high knows it comin’ I hope this dyke bitch survives it. I also hope somebody snatches that dead rooster off the top of head and that poison out of her mouth.

    One last thing, her father said, “She’s a grown ass woman making grown ass mistakes. We all have been guilty of this.” Of course, that’s his child and he better defend her, but the biggest difference is when she makes her “mistakes” it’s on national fucking television. She gives white people more ammo for their “that nigger deserves it” gun. I can see her in the corner with her white friends pointing and laughing at Black women as they walk by. Until she gets caught and then dragged up and down the street.

    Did I mention I loathe this chick?


    • Truthangel07 says:


      I think they heard this rant on Mars, Hung.


      However, I can’t argue with you.

      You’re right on every level.

      Raven Simone will get her wake up call and I hope it’s televised, as her comments have been.

      It would only be apropos.


  2. UUUU says:

    Half of ya’ll need an ass whooping, don’t know why ya’ll so emotional. Raven was raised not in the real world but the phoniest of phony: Hollywood, her mindset wouldn’t never gonna be right. She directly half-white, he ain’t even black, she is mixed, ya’ll really think these fools any better because they half-black, nah, they just as racist you think because somebody has sex or even married a black person they like the rest of black people or respect black culture, no they just got a relationship with one individual they know.

    Black Americans are so weak let white people difine us, knowing that literally nowhere else in the world directy biracial and multi-generational mixed (lightskin people) aren’t even considered black, they consider themselves, mixed go to Brazil, South Africa, Nigeria, Trinidad and Tobago ect., half them hate black people and make that shit clear as daylight but we let white people mix up who is black when we black people should have defined it ourselves, instead of con fusing us.


  3. Tyrone says:

    Something happened to her, this is what my gut is telling me. All these years go by, and we see a beautiful, multitalented blackwoman in her prime. And, she wakes up one morning with an entirely different worldview. Lord Knows the tribulations she had to endure in Babylon? Nothing entertaining about an industry that is okay with pedophilia, homosexuality, and rape. If I had a daughter, no way in hell I would be okay with her being in show bizness for obvious reasons.


    • Blackking86 says:

      Well said. People forget America is the modern day Babylon.


      • Tyrone says:

        We need to realize that Hollywood has no interests in entertaining the masses. The studios continually promote and celebrate the utter lie of white supremacy 24/7/365. This is the primary mission of the industry. I’m still amazed that so many in our race still hold onto some mythical fondness of visual deception. I watch Cable News, Discovery Channel, National Geographic, Investigation Discovery, and a few other networks. The rest of the channels i pretty much ignore. Why subject ourselves to endless amounts of bullshit that we know are lies and damn lies? In the literal sense, she’s a sellout for saying stupid ish. But, the negros in La La Land are the main culprits. I don’t know how sistas live and work in that type of environment, surrounded by a bunch of whitewashed negros. I would have snapped on a fool by now, being honest. With her and other sistas, i cut them slack to an extent. Hollywood is just evil to me in every way…It’s Demonic! Stay Strong Blackman!!!


      • Truthangel07 says:

        Ann Coulter shut Raven down on a recent viewing of the View. I found it so ironic, but absolutely apropos as a karmic response to Raven’s bullshit.


    • Truthangel07 says:

      Raven has been turned and I have said it before: Disney is part of the problem. Every single child star that has come through that business has in some way…ended up warped. Brittany Spears, Lindsey Lohan, Mylie Cyrus, and infamously, Raven Symone, have seemingly been “messed with” in some way.

      Liked by 1 person

      • TheOriginalBlackWoman13 says:

        I bet all of these young ladies have been forced to do evil things starting when they were children just to stay relevant in showbiz, but now they are adults and should no better. The things that I learned about what these people gotta do to make it in the evil entertainment business is mindblowing……..


  4. MsLj says:

    Bless her Jesus!


  5. Blackking86 says:

    She’s a sellout, case closed.

    Moving up in Satan’s world, you play by their rules or your out.


  6. Chrystal Emma says:

    No, someone needs to tear that ridiculous macaw weave off her head and beat some sense into her silly ass. I am tired of this sellout disappoint of a dragon heffa


  7. She will definitely be in my prayers. I hope she finds her way back…


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