Cross Me!…I’ll Smile, As I Watch You Fall!


Yesterday, I was reminded very subtly, that we must always be clear headed and prepared for the enemy.  For a snake maneuvers quietly, then waits in silence to strike.

That is how things are in nature.

One is always being reminded daily of our enemy’s plans and true intentions.  But let me just be blunt.  White people love to smile whenever they are doing evil.  For some reason, the sight of a Black person causes the casual Caucasian to respond with this mysterious arride that conjures images of white men looking satisfied as a dead Negro hangs from a tree.

I want to spit.

Don’t you ever dare think you can act on such prepositional bias!  Yes.  This Negress uses big words, craKKKas.  I see with sharp eyes–aiming a concealed weapon at your head.  I dare you to make my trigger finger itch!

How is it that we’ve lived in this country all of this time, yet we keep begging white folks to like us, validate us, bless us, LOVE US–yes!  Weak Negroes with too much pride in their talents and gifts but lacking the ability to connect with their own; seek the attention and favor of a suicidal, homicidal abuser.  It’s sick.

God knows that I’m not a hate-filled person but I have been forced to become a person that must respond to her environment, minus the religiosity that was conditioned into me.  Oh.  I love God.  I believe his Word.  And I want to do good.  But I can’t turn the other cheek right now.  The urgency of a proper offensive against this malevolent miscreant possesses my soul!

The time has come for a bold response.  NO MORE whining about what the enemy is doing.  White males are a problem!  And being nice is no longer an option.

So, what’s it going to be?

As for this decision, I will wait.

But for those who make the mistake of thinking that I’m a nice lady and I won’t mind if you insult her.  You don’t know me at all.  And as a snake finds out after eating a porcupine; the damage that you will incur from such an encounter, will most assuredly bring me joy.


White People DO NOT Have a Voice on My Blog!


Greetings, dear followers.

It’s been a long time since I did one of these posts but honestly, I’ve noticed that the trolls are trying to make a comeback; and I’m going to put up the warning sign so they know who’s boss around here.

First and foremost, I will not tolerate white bigots!  Your nationalist views have nothing to do with reality or my life.  And I will not waste time going back and forth with people whose only focus and motivation is to perpetrate a virtual war against those who do not share their recessive genetic deficiency.  There is nothing supreme about whiteness in nature.

Image result for White nationalists are stupid

Oh! But, what does truth matter to these people?  Their mental sickness make them fodder for ridicule.  Trying so desperately to brainwash intelligent people that white people created the world. They want us to believe that something genetic recessive created the Dominant>>>US!

Ha!  Puhlease…

Revisit Mendel’s Law, Miscreants!  You are a parasite to nature.  Everything you are is depraved.  You don’t have the ability to feel.  And your behavior is reflective of you innate sense of insecurity and weakness.

The only thing white people invented was the United States Patent Office.  The truth is coming out about what they didn’t do on a daily basis.  The lies are being uncovered in all areas; and the deeper they dig; the BLACKER it gets.

There is a decline among the white population.  It was reported in 1996 that they are at negative birthrate.  Literally, nature is destroying them.  White women are the most infertile in the world.  White people have the oldest population.  But it gets even worse. There is an addiction to prescription drugs that has literally killed over 60,000 white people in the past year.  Percocet, Oxycontin, heroin, and Fentanyl, have claimed many.  Among middle class whites, the addiction is so bad, 1 out of 4 whites are dying from it.  Heroin addiction is rampant.  Suicide epidemic–30,000 white males kill themselves every year. The mortality rate for whites with no high school education has risen 23%.

White America is imploding.

And I am not the least bit sad.

This is judgement!  Yes.  There is a God.  And he has watched the behavior of white men on this planet.  He sent warnings each generation but they were not heeded.  Many white people openly hated and mocked God.  No one mocks God.  Everything that is happening to White America is a result of the hatred and evil white men have committed against Black people and other people of color on this planet.

As the Bible says, you reap what you sew.  What goes around comes around.

My views on this blog are observations and interactions that I’ve experienced.  I care and LOVE my culture and community.  That is the purpose of this blog.

The opinions of white people are not wanted nor will be allowed here.  The only opinion that matters is MINE!

I’m On The Verge of Starting A Race War…


Well, in my mind anyway.

Frankly, a plethora of thoughts go through my mind from day to day.  They encompass every realm of passions that I have.

However, as relates to race, I’m having inner visions of being the catalyst or figure-head of some great mental expansion that provokes one of the greatest spiritual and ground wars on white people that the world has ever seen.

The hatred they have spread on this planet has made the whole earth sick.

Satan created them for this purpose.  His hatred is in them. Every thing they do goes against the laws of God and nature.  Nature is God’s right hand and any attack on it will be met with violence.

NO ONE is above the laws of this universe.  There is a spiritual intelligence and divine hand that is holding all of this together.

The earth is ridding itself of everything that is creating imbalance and impurity.

Many Black people sit and wonder…praying to God and asking why white people have been allowed to do so much evil on this planet. Where do they get their power?

The weather and events that have been occurring are not by accident.  They are responses from nature in conjunction to our actions on this planet.  We are being given signs from the Creator and he’s not playing.

Witchcraft, racism, pedophilia, freemasonry/Illuminati, television, texting, video games, sex,  et al.  We’ve become so distracted in this society by what is fake and unreal, the truth actually bothers people.  Hate has become the new gospel of the elites and their agenda to engross us is serious.  They seriously want to mind-control the entire population.  If you think that these people are not serious–the TRUTH would scare you.

But do not fear.

God is going to bring judgement on these people.  They are arrogant and believe they are invincible.  They feel they can do what they want with impunity.  That’s because they have not seen God’s power.  The Bible states clearly God’s hatred of the wicked.

Revelation 21:8 “But cowards, unbelievers, the corrupt, murderers, the immoral, those who practice witchcraft, idol worshipers, and all liars–their fate is in the fiery lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death.”

Galatians 5:19-21 Now the actions of the flesh are obvious: sexual immorality, impurity, promiscuity, idolatry,witchcraft, hatred, rivalry, jealously, outbursts of anger, quarrels, conflicts, factions, envy, murder, drunkenness, wild partying, and things like that. I am telling you now, as I have told you in the past, that people who practice such things will not inherit the kingdom of God.

This is an abomination to God. And those who practice the occult are going to see God’s power on a level that will bring many to their knees.

The power that white people have come from the darkness.  Many of the wealthiest white people in this country are all tied to the Illuminati.  Their behavior is indicative of those involved in the occult.  Racism is evil.  It is all about domination and control–it’s WITCHCRAFT!  It is demonic!  No one who practices witchcraft will enter into Heaven.

Thus, we must put on the whole armor of God and stand strong!

As I ponder many things…I don’t really know how God will use me in this upcoming battle but from what I envision; my role will be at the forefront.  And I will trust him no matter what.

Our enemy’s fall is at hand!

This battle will be fought and we shall be victorious!

God is on our side.



The Power of Words…

Death and life is in the power of the tongue… ~Proverbs 18:21

That one quote from the Bible literally is the paradigm of my mental fortress and helps me to understand just how powerful words can be.

When you attract the attention of people from what you say, at that very moment, it becomes your responsibility to speak with clarity and understand how what you say can impact someone mentally, spiritually, and emotionally.

Did you know that what you say can literally kill someone?  It’s true.

The words we speak can either be a tree of life, giving sustenance to those things that help us to grow or can be like a literal poison, killing everything that ingests it.  Words that kill can destroy friendships, marriages, businesses, communities, etc.  Words that give life can heal the deepest pain.

What you say also reflects what’s really in your heart.  We all know these type of people.  Giving a compliment at first, then in the split of a second, it gets flipped and sounds more like a back-handed criticism.  Bosses do this all the time.  Then there are those people who for whatever reason, just can’t seem to say anything positive at anytime.  Why is that? Link:

Recently, comedienne Joan Rivers died from complications from a simple endoscopy procedure. Her larynx became paralyzed.  However, for those who’ve been paying attention, Joan Rivers had become very irresponsible in the things that she was saying about and to people.

Jesus said in the Bible that we’d be judged by every word from our mouths.  We are responsible for what we say.

I take this very seriously when I write this blog.  I will never lie to anyone and I don’t just criticize without cause.  Everything that I write has a meaning and expectation for introspection from those guilty and those impacted by the behavior of others.

I’m not a monster.  I’m just and ordinary woman who cares about how people are treated.

Much of what you’ve read on this blog has dealt with racial issues.  And yes.  My words have been blunt.  However, they are not meant to be controversial, but the hardness of what has been written are merely symbolic to reflect the pain that has been endured by people of color.

Abusers never think about the pain they cause to their victims.

Please take what I say here intellectually.  At no time do I want to destroy anyone, I just want people to understand where someone else is coming from and THINK before you speak.

Every word that we speak matters.  And when you speak with that mindset, you’ll never have to apologize for what you’ve said.

What we say can be a prophecy of exactly what we expect, so as you expect to be treated with dignity and respect by others, use your words responsibly, and the world will respond accordingly.

Knowledge Is Power! Why Are So Many Black Folks Asleep?


Knowledge is power and information is critical.  Consider the source. This has always been a rule when receiving information. Anyone who can control your mind and the way you think, can CONTROL YOU.

However, as relates to Black people in the United States, negative information is not ever questioned by those who report the news, but those impacted by bias reporting and statistical information are damaged in ways that can not be understood in the mainstream.

Crime is universal, however, here in America, the image of the Black male is typically that of a criminal, suspect, drug addict/dealer or violent individual. However, when you put a lens of the recent activity of violent crimes, white males go under the radar. Reporting the truth seems to be subjective as relates to many forms of media.

Statistics are one of the most overused methods of understanding a group. White people love to preface their statements about Blacks with statistics, but anyone who has taken statistical theory can tell you that numbers can do not tell the WHOLE TRUTH and can reflect bias. Did you know that fake news is often reported with a particular agenda? Link: Fake News in the United States and how it being used against African Americans. – Assata Shakur Speaks – Hands Off Assata – Let’s Get Free – Revolutionary – Pan-Africanism – Black On Purpose – Liberation – Forum

Racism is the culprit of much of the information reported about Blacks, but the government controls the media and uses misinformation in order to dictate social policy.

Why is negative information always being directed at the Black community? It is deliberate psychological conditioning to make blacks think they are a powerless group through deplorable imagery with the agenda of brainwashing the community into thinking they are powerless to change their condition and must accept white dominance.

This is not a joke.

One of the biggest fears of the White power structure is for Black people to become a cohesive force politically as well as culturally.

I’d say, given the nature of behavior exhibited by some African Americans, it would appear that those who do not commit themselves to educating themselves about what is really going on, can’t understand why their lives are not fulfilled. They have been influenced by the media and are made powerless because of it.

The Bible says: For the lack of knowledge, my people suffer. Hosea 4:6

A truth many don’t empower themselves against.