The Rebirth of African Heritage.


This morning, I’ve been listening to the drum music of the Burundi tribe in Africa, and I must say, the rhythms going through my spirit and soul right now, are better than coffee.  The thunder I feel is like the sound of marching…my body responding in obeisance.

Culture is a powerful thing.  African Americans have been one of the most influential groups on American culture within this country’s history.  Our music, intelligence, food, athletes, creativity, art, fashion, speech, even the way we talk, has influenced this country.  Whatever we do–it gets copied.  Frankly, Black culture should be patented.


I am proud to be an African American.  There’s never been any doubt in my mind of how special we are as a people.  And I honestly feel that we are the greatest gift that God gave to this world.

W.E.B. Dubois once remarked, “Would America even be American without Negro people?”

That’s not an unreasonable thought at all to question.  Slavery built America.  Our strength as a people is enviable.

Everything is pointing back to Africa.  Africans are the true architects of civilization.  Our ancestors were advanced and Europeans copied what they discovered in Africa.  They just put their signature on what our people had already invented.  Then, they created a lie…that continues to this day as them being the progenitors of civilization.  That is biologically and genetically impossible.  Read the link for more clarity:

Our developments and contributions were stolen by white people.  The system of racism allowed them to do it.

However, in this day and age, the internet is allowing people to research information as never before, and everything that has been discovered in archaeology within the last 30 years, all point back to Africa.

Our Black ancestors are the parent-race.  It all started in Africa.

Thus, I say to many here, it’s time for our people to reclaim our history.  It is the only way we can truly be free.

White Supremacy is over!

3 comments on “The Rebirth of African Heritage.

  1. Udmaster says:

    Africa have a Great History and the aryan white know this.. AA people should start teaching their kids about Africa from the moors, ancient egypt, pharaohs, nubians, mansa musa, shaka zulu, usman dan fodio, Ancient Zimbeabwe kingdom, Ashanti kindom of Ghana, Queen Of Sheba who was black and ruled a kingdom beside Ethiopia etc
    Take them on a tourist tour to Fast Developing African Countries- Tanzania(mt. Kilmanjaro) Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Ivory Coast, Ghana etc
    A tour to these African countries will give them the great chance of Being A Majority in a Country..

    Develop in them the African Love and connect to A STRONG ROOT.


  2. Methinks to reclaim our heritage we must first admit we have one then study it. I’m sad to say that a lot of Black people think our history begins with slavery and ends with the death of Dr. Martin Luther King.


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