PIZZAGATE! The Scandal That Could Be Bigger Than Watergate!

I spoke about this during the election. It’s very disturbing. But if you haven’t heard of Pizzagate and how sick and sordid this is, you really need to check your priorities.

It’s so sordid, Facebook, Google, Twitter and other social media outlets, literally were blocking people’s accounts who dared even talk about it.  Mainstream media won’t even report it out of fear.  The powers that be are blocking all TRUTH TELLERS!

This is why Hillary Clinton didn’t get elected!!!

Research it on Google to get caught up. But here is Professor Griff speaking on it.

It’s so despicable; it could make Watergate look like a trite misunderstanding.

People need to start PAYING ATTENTION to what is going on in this world.

These things are happening right up under our noses.

The Bible Says that ALL secrets shall be revealed.  “For nothing is hidden that will not become evident, nor anything secret that will not be known and come to light.’  Luke 8:17


*Spread This News!!!*


10 comments on “PIZZAGATE! The Scandal That Could Be Bigger Than Watergate!

  1. Well Truth, somebody should let Tommy Sotomayor in on that considering he told Saye Taryor that Europeans are better than blacks, because we keep asking wp for stuff.If I remember correctly, blacks asked to be treated fairly,not different. He told Saye,that since whites have stolen from us,that makes them better than blacks. To,that I say,Tommy needs a wake up call.Despite European countries stealing from the African continent, with 14 African countries paying France to this day for independence from colonization,the European continent is BROKE.With unemployment rates higher than blacks in the US.Maybe Tommy isn’t aware of this, but can he explain how wp are better than blacks when wp are on welfare at a higher rate,and not only that,wp living below the poverty line will surpass blacks in the next 10 years,with bm being the dominant figure in the workforce, and people of color surpassing whites in the workforce by 2032. The average ww globally is barely making 1 child per family when they need 2.5 kids per family to survive towards to 2100.Ww are saying they’re having less kids, because it will be harder economically to take care.Negative birthrate.Btw did somebody tell Christelyn Karazin that black men got married at a higher rate than wm.Btw did somebody tell Christelyn Karazin that ww are now saying that wm is having a hard time maintaining stable families and stable relationships. And last,but not least did somebody tell Christelyn Karazin that by 2030,bm will marry at a higher rate than all the races combined.I thought bm had commitment issues.Have a great holiday Truth. I love you.Ms.Celie your words is on the verge of booming.GOD BLESS

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    • Truthangel07 says:

      All I know of Tommy Sotomayor is what people say about him. He’s an idiot–even white people know that. I’m not sure what his purpose is or what he’s trying to accomplish but if he’s mastered anything is to show the world that dumb N*ggers really do exist!

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  2. Great post Angel. I did some research on this Pizzagate nonsense. I did a post about it. I put up some information that Phil Valentine had about it.


    • Truthangel07 says:

      Hi, Kushite. HAPPY NEW YEAR! Sorry I’m so late getting back to you. I’ve been offline for about 2 weeks. But this is horrible. And it explains why I had such a negative feeling towards Hillary Clinton. That woman is truly malevolent!

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      • Thanks Angel! I hope you had a great new year as well. I hope 2017 is a very prosperous year for you and your family. I hope more black people get their act together and change their mindset. We have to be ready for the tactics of this beast. This year will be a bumpy ride for many of us.

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      • Truthangel07 says:

        Hey, man. You as well. I really don’t know what to expect, Kushite. I thought 2016 was going to be a great year and look at what happened. Do you think all of the celebrity deaths are suspicious? I’m not a conspiracy theorist but it sure looks sketchy…

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      • Yeah I’ve covered these deaths before. David Bowie,Natalie Cole,Prince,Muhammad Ali,Dr Sebi,Zsa Zsa Gabor,George Michael,Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds was a lot for one year. Many I believe are sacrifices for the satanic elite. They have been doing it for years. Carrie Fisher was known as Princess Leia in the Star wars films. So we had the death of a “prince” and princess???? Coincedence??? I think not.

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      • Truthangel07 says:

        Good point. I pointed this out subtly in a conversation on Facebook last week. People just don’t understand the lengths some go to for fame and fortune.

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      • It’s deeper than most realize.

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      • Truthangel07 says:

        Yes. Down the rabbit hole they go…

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