God is Warning This World!


“In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams.”  Acts: 2:17

Currently, as I’m typing this blog entry, I’m listening to a video on YouTube.  It is about people who’ve actually been to Hell.  God has been pouring out his spirit on the earth and if you go to the site, you will see many videos loaded up regarding frightening visions that God has been giving to regular people around the world–many of whom were not Believers.

I’ve been listening to many of these videos for about 3 years, doing research.  What I learned is that yet again, Biblical prophecy is being fulfilled.

Many people don’t believe in Hell.  Even some people in the church.  For God to have to pour out his spirit in this manner, means that we are in deep spiritual peril. This generation does not know HIM.  Everything that is being marketed to people on this planet,is the complete antithesis of what the Bible teaches.  But God is merciful and although many of these visions show the true horror of Hell; in his love, Our Heavenly Father is trying to save our lives.

I have an Atheist cop friend who is also a narcissist. He mocks Christ on his Facebook timeline and other Christians.  I’ve reached out to him but he is stubborn.  He has an older brother that is also Atheist.  Neither have any knowledge or understanding of Christ.  They are spiritually dead.  My heart grieves; and I pray for both of them.  I’ve asked God to intervene in both of their lives so that they will know HIM.  My  heart is heavy but I am also vigilant to pray for both.  Neither even know it.  God has moved me to do so.  And I obey. Wouldn’t you do this for your friend if they didn’t believe?

What are we to do when we see a generation of people who are going to Hell?  Young people are dying at record rates.  From drug overdoses, suicide, murder–even sickness that they shouldn’t even be afflicted with but they are not covered by God.

I am sad.  But I am more vigilant and I am asking those here, if you do not know Christ, to accept him in your heart and in your life.  Ask him to Cover you with his blood as well as your family and friends.  BELIEVE that HE IS!  It is your only protection and salvation.

But many of you reject salvation. You want your sin.  He offers you eternal life is you serve him…BUT YOU WANT THE LIFESTYLE OF THE RICH AND FAMOUS.  But!  This comes at a price.  Are  you willing to pay it?  With your life?

Who are the wealthy that you seek to emulate.  Do you know where they get their power?

The Elite are Luciferians.  They are controlling everything going on in this world.  We are yet again, being manipulated by evil men who are intent on destroying mankind for their own gain.  They are Satan’s disciples.  We absolutely must take them seriously. They are making plans to bring forth a new time in which all human beings will be enslaved to the wealthy people of this world who have sworn to carry out Satan’s agenda.  And to eat, you must take the mark of the Beast, 666. They want you to fear them.  DO NOT.  Fear only God.  For He is The Creator of You an all things and worthy to be praised.  He is mighty and knows all things. And He wants you to FEAR NO MAN! Keep your eyes on Him!

Powerful Testimony of Dr. Earthquake Kelley

Pray for your children!

For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?” Mark 8:36


Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump: There is No Difference!

Image result for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump

When I look into the eyes of our two presidential candidates, honestly, I see the same evil staring out of both of their eyes. They are the female and male symbols of white supremacy.  Regardless of which we choose, we’re just selecting a new overseer–not a savior.

The mandate that we have as a people is to select which one who is going to manage the aftermath of our First Black President, who did nothing for US; and that reality is what African American people must realize.

It’s been a battle for me deciding whether or not I’m going to vote.  I’m leaning to sitting this one out.  Everyone I talk with have been trying to convince me to go to the polls but for what?  I don’t like either candidate.

So what don’t I like about them?

Hillary Rhodam Clinton

When I look into the eyes of Hillary Clinton, immediately, the impression is that she is detached.  There is no emotion in this woman.  She is dead.  I don’t trust anything that comes out of her mouth and frankly, I feel that she is an inveterate liar and all of a sudden, she “knows Trayvon Martin?”  She’s met with the mothers of Black sons who’ve been murdered by racist police.  Putting on a show.  When the hell has she ever cared for Black people?  Under the Clinton administration, it was President Bill Clinton policies that brought about mass incarceration of Black men.  Called Black men “Super Predators” to set the tone and brainwashing in the media to dissensitize  the public–criminalizing Black life.  Now, she’s sorry.   On a moral basis, As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton was the biggest advocate for the assassination of Muammar Gaddafi.  She lied.  Saying that he was going to kill all of his people. No he wasn’t.   She personally orchestrated the destruction of Libya and the killing of Muammar Gaddafi.   She is a proponent of eugenics and is a big fan of Margaret Sanger.  That sent alarm bells through many in the African American community.  Margaret Sanger was a racist.  Her words exposed that.  Planned Parenthood has killed over 50 million African American babies and you have to wonder what kind of human being esteems such a person.

Donald “Da Donald” Trump

Well, let me get right to the point: I don’t dislike Donald Trump.  He’s very honest.  I can’t hate anyone for that.  And let me be clear, it’s not what Donald Trump said at the beginning of his campaign about Mexicans that opened up the hatred in this country; his brutal candor exposed what “we know” white folks say about people of color when they are among themselves.  And then…Pandora’s Box was opened.  White men in this country came alive.  They’ve been having a field day at Donald Trump rallies–feeling free to express all of the pent up bitterness, resentment, hatred and violence that lurks just beneath the surface of most of them.

Nature has been handing it to white people.  Currently at negative birthrate and growing, then, to top it off, there is a suicide rate of white males and females, high addiction to prescription drugs, heroin addiction and a decline of the white middle class has provoked an inner Neanderthal who’s had his feelings hurt, thus, giving rise to the subconscious psychopath that is now among us, stalking, provoking and killing our melanated brothers.

And Donald Trump is not trying to stop them.  Earlier in the year, he began to chant at his rallies:  “Make America Great Again.”  This was code-speak.  You know what he was really saying, family.  This was the command to white males in America to take this country back–no matter what.

There is a disturbing video by the New York Times that show Donald Trump supporters hurling profanities, violent threats, racist, sexist and ethnic slurs.

Donald Trump has also incited physical violence at many of his rallies.

Image result for Donald Trump racist rallies

What has been unleashed in this country?

How many more Black lives will be lost because of this type of hatred that we haven’t seen in this country since the last century.

Given all that is going on, for some reason, I’m not fearing anything because I believe in God.  I know that he is a God of justice and he is not pleased.  When God is not pleased, people and places start disappearing.

White America is cursed.   They are being exposed by the Creator and their evil is being viewed around the world.

You can’t keep doing these type of things to innocent people just to justify your existence on this planet. Nature has the final say in that.

Judgement is on White America.

This election will be the final outcome.

Happy Easter

No matter where you are…I’d like to wish you and yours a very Happy Resurrection Day, for this is the true meaning of this holiday.

We spend so much time buying candy and Easter baskets, giving praise to a bunny rabbit, many people have no clue of why this holiday is so very important.

For folks like myself, who grew up in the south or the Midwest, Easter was a very special time.

I have fond memories of rising up early to old gospel sounds from people like Mahalia Jackson, The Dixie Hummingbirds, Albertina Walker, Inez Andrews, Sister Mattie Moss Clark, The Mighty Clouds of Joy, The Clark Sisters, et al.  Smells of eggs, bacon, pancakes, French toast, hash-browns and sausage would fill the air.  There would be a heavenly and joyful presence and everyone prepared for the Lords’s Day.  Bright colors were the typical choice: various shades of pinks, lavenders, yellow, orange and white adorned the bodies of the mothers, grandmothers, and girls.  Pretty ribbons were always festive and creative, giving the various arrangements of styles in little girl’s heads.  The men were sharp.  The sea of big hats made Easter always seem like a parade as one arrived at church.  The Joy of the Lord was our strength.

Today, no one mentions what Easter is really about.  In this secular humanist world, it is all but side-stepped, as to the reason why Easter is celebrated: John 3:16, For God So Loved The World, That he gave his only son, for whoso believeth in him, should not perish.  Jesus died on the cross on Good Friday. Then 2 days later, he rose.  His sacrifice was God’s gift to save a dying world that was in danger of being lost to Hell.  The blood of Christ was the ransom that was paid for man’s sin.

The media has changed the spiritual meaning to one of just another day to shop for stuff.

I haven’t forgotten the meaning of Easter and although I love chocolate; it was not the Easter Bunny that died for me.


As Rome Fell In One Day; So Shall White America!

Watch this video to fully comprehend the title of this blog entry, people.  Take your time to meditate on what you see.  For this video highlights ALL of the sickness that is in the souls of white folks.  We know this as evidence of the very same behavior and treatment toward our people.

So what does this mean?  It means that JUDGEMENT is coming to the white race; but this time, there will be no do-over.  Their time is up on this planet.

As I pondered what topic to write about, the prevailing thoughts of White Supremacy still linger in my mind.  White people have basked in this for so long; they don’t have the capacity to comprehend that “their version” of history is not only packed with lies and convenient untruths; it is so absolutely offensive to the TRUTH of our history–it must be confronted.

The late James Baldwin famously wrote:

“I will state flatly that the bulk of this country’s white population impresses me, and has so impressed me for a very long time, as being beyond any conceivable hope of moral rehabilitation. They have been white, if I may so put it, too long.  They have been married to the lie of white supremacy too long.  The effect in their personalities, their lives, their very grasp of realty, has been as devastating as the lava which so memorably immobilized the citizens of Pompeii. They are unable to conceive that their version of reality, which they want me to accept, is an insult to my history, a parody of theirs and an intolerable violation of myself.”

Whenever Black people talk about race, the first thing that happens whenever a white person…mind you, somehow intrudes in the conversation, they try to dismiss what is being discussed. Then, they try to discredit either the source or originator of the discussion, and third, they take no time to attack the intelligence or mental state of anyone who dares challenge the ethos of White Supremacy.  And the cleverest trick of all; these miscreants, flip-the-script, and make themselves the victims of Black racism.

*Clearing throat*

Uh, we’ve seen this at every turn after every single incident of white cop violence on our community within the past year!

What white supremacy + white privilege; fueled by WHITE RACISM does is allow white people to dictate and control the topic on race without acknowledging their responsibility for the state of oppression that resulted from their actions and behavior on Black people.  White supremacy has been the ruler over everything that has impacted our people negatively.  It’s insidiousness directly aimed at destabilizing Black people in order to justify white progress.

An example of this would be the actions of Europeans and their North American cousins, using white racism and hatred that became the genesis of the maladies of crime, poverty, miseducation, image control (demoralization) of darker people around this world.  Of course, white folks love to paint themselves as being honorable pioneers who came into uncivilized lands and made them great.  But at what price?

Indeed, as relates to history, it is very clear that white people are inherently psychotic.  Gross narcissism, extreme arrogance, denial, non-empathetic, sadistic, malevolent, and Satanic is the true description of white people on this planet.

I guess one can only summarize that their continued dismissal of their mental defense mechanism is one of an ongoing cognitive dissonance.

Europe exposed the inner depravity within the Caucasian race.  They are spiritually void of a soul.  There is no good in them–NONE!  One has to examine the mental state of any group of people who take pleasure in hurting people simply for the color of their skin or physicality.  This is CRAZY!

And how dare they attack the humanity of my people when it is a known fact that they are not fully human.  WE ARE!  Black people are 100% human.  Yet, this late bloomer, who originated from the caves of Eurasia has enslaved God’s first HUE-MAN.  We are the beginning of ALL LIFE.

We’ve all met the white person, to ad nauseam, who loves to exclaim that they don’t see color.  *Rolling Eyes*  Yes, they have been born into a society and raised in a White Supremacist system all of their lives; but they have become quite adept at disclaiming ownership of a little bit of your humanity–your identity, and arrogantly and quite casually, think they are paying you a compliment.  Why should one have to deny who you are in order to deal with you?  Many Black people naively assume that white people that protest with them are “down with them.”  Oh, my dear children.  A word of caution to those in the Black Lives Matter movement right now: when police really start cracking heads and locking people up, those so called, white allies will turn and run faster than a stripper can drop her G-string.

A snake will always shed its skin but its nature will never change.


White Supremacy is a sociopathy passed down from one generation to the next–a genes are passed down.  Even if white children are not taught to hate Black people and see them as people; however, it is a matter of the entire socialization that they are exposed to outside of their homes, political, cultural and normal “American cultural regularities” in which people of all races and nationalities are born and bred which normalizes, validates, and requires the mistreatment of Black people.

Will there be some punishment for being abused by this low, reptilian-brain, fragmented thinking, genetic defect?

Something is coming for White America–on this I am sure.  They have done much evil and God’s Holy Word says that ever man shall reap according to his works.

Well, my dear brothers and sisters, as what happened to Rome; so shall it be the fate for this demon that founded America.

And I for one will show them no sympathy!




May Everyone Have a Happy, Blessed, 2016!


From the bottom of my heart…I wish you and yours a very wonderful new year.

2015 was rough.  Let’s hope and pray that things will get better.


I Will Not Be Civil In The Midst of Terror!


Emmanuel AME Church in Charleston, SC.

My eyes are WIDE OPEN and I know what I see. I AM MAD! I’m not in the mood for any leaders or authorities of any kind, getting on national television, calling for calm and peace. We are under attack. Since the Zimmerman acquittal, there has been a Domino Effect in violence against Black males and people in America. It has barely been two weeks since the Rachel Dolezal mess, McKinney, Texas before that, and the Baltimore riots were just a few weeks ago.

This is beyond coincidence.

As a conscious woman who has been speaking out against the very issues that have been impacting the Black community ever since President Barack Obama was elected.  It started with the Tea Party, then the birther issue, and one after another, the Republicans started talking in code to their mostly white base; and like clockwork, the attitudes and behaviors in whites became bolder and bolder. Not even fearing any kind of response as they directed their hate and fear, first, onto our POTUS; and now, on the Black community.

The worst type of Black on Black crime are for Black people to respond apathetically or not at all when any Black person is threatened.

President Obama’s perceived weakness and cowardice to speak on issues of race, racism, and the impact on Black people, have literally given white people an attitude of invincibility to commit acts of hatred on Black people randomly, and not expect to be held accountable. I HOLD HIM TOTALLY ACCOUNTABLE! And the U.S. Justice Department better start doing their damn job!

Apparently, there was a page on facebook in support for the shooter, Dylan Roof Storm in the Charleston, Massacre. A few of you here have reported the page. Yesterday, it was taken down.

I’m not in the mood right now for “peaceful protesting.” Our people are being persecuted. I’ll say it publicly: I have 0-Tolerance for Cowardice at this time.

In 1849. the Great Harriet Tubman escaped slavery, and for 11 years, she returned 19 times to the south to free  slaves to the north and sometimes into Canada.  Harriet was a brave woman.  It was even stated that she had no tolerance for weakness; threatening even to shoot slaves that showed any form of cowardice.  She is most noted for this quote, “I freed a thousand slaves I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves.”

If only they knew they were slaves.

And that’s where we are today. Many Black people still are psychologically attached to the sons and daughters of slave masters.  Praying to a white Jesus that are prolific in many African American denominated churches; it’s a subliminal submission to admonish that if Jesus is white; then white people really should be worshiped.  A sick  irony and mental breakdown of consciousness of not only the truth of who Christ really was, as well as acknowledgement that there were no Europeans in the Bible.

NO MORE! There’s been a breach in the temple; we let the enemy in without a security check.

Conscious Black People, It’s time to do what needs to be done.  We are the gatekeepers of consciousness and it is the responsibility of ALL BLACK PEOPLE to maintain spiritual order on this planet.  The cowardice that has been tolerated; is no longer acceptable.

Get off your knees and FIGHT the enemy!




Time To Know Who Barack Obama Really Is…Dr. Phil Valentine Lecture (Videos)


Dr. Phil Valentine, if you’re not familiar with him, is one of the most popular and “deep thinking” lecturers out there.  He is a Meta-physicist, Mathematician, Educator, Moor Scientist, Kemetan Teacher, radio talk show host, free-thinker, lecturer.  Phew.  He’s loaded in the brain department and I feel that it is time for Black people to learn about some things are not known to the mainstream–and certainly not packaged to educate us.  In a nutshell, Dr. Phil Valentine literally has decoded White Supremacy.  He sat at the feet of the revolutionaries and nationalists in order to get the truth about the mystery about HISstory.

This particular video selection has to do with our first African American President.  Who is he?  We think we know, but do we?

So, if you have some time, these videos are long (3:34:40), but they will enlighten you:


Another Deep One!  

*****Stop Being Played (Operation Mind F$ck)*****

Run time (3:45:15)